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10 Things :: March 2012

10 Things :: March 2012
pumpkin cupcakes
On the tenth of the month, a bunch of us share ten things. Any ten things. All different kinds of ten things. And you’re welcome to join us.

For March, I’m discovering just how cold an old building can be, even when it doesn’t feel old on the inside. (Our new flat is a modern conversion of a school opened in the early 1800s.) All that cold is making me turn on the oven more and more, so about a ten things devoted to things I like to bake!

1. Pumpkin pie. Preferably from an actual pumpkin. I actually stick pretty close to Martha’s Recipe, but using fresh pumpkin always needs more spices, I find.

2. Pumpkin cupcakes. Let’s just get my pumpkin obsession out in the open from the start, okay? I could eat pumpkin every day and never get bored. Pumpkin-filled pasta is also one of my favourite things, but I don’t really tend to bake that, so it doesn’t make this list. Though a pumpkin lasagna could be baked and that sounds amazing. But I’ll leave it at just pie and cupcakes for this list.

3. Things that are exceedingly chocolatey. Like these cupcakes. And “this really simple cake”: , which I make whenever we stay with strangers (in a hostel or a shared house/chalet, etc) because it takes few ingredients and no equipment but always disappears in moments.

4. Rhubarb crumble. Seriously, rhubarb is fabulous, and I love how it makes the house smell when it’s in the oven. I don’t use a recipe for crumble because rhubarb really varies in sweetness so I taste as I go (which is half the fun) but this recipe is a good starting point if you need one.

5. Long Winters Cupcakes. Spiced apple cake and named after a favourite band, then baked for the band when they came to town, a story I never tire of telling. But seriously, music fandom aside, spiced apple cake is such a great mid-afternoon food in a cold house. If I’m just making it for home, I bake it in a loaf tin.

6. Alicia’s bread. Which she calls ‘Ann’s bread’ and I wonder if Ann attributes it to someone else? Speaking of a loaf tin – this is an actual bread that I bake as a loaf just for us or as gifts, or as rolls (in a cupcake tin) for a meal with company. It’s a yeast bread but it’s easy and fast and the end result is crazily rich and a bit sweet. If you manage to leave it a day without eating it, it makes a French toast that will blow your mind. You know… if you like fancy French toast, anyway.

7. Things involving Oreos. Like these. Because though I go through long stages of eating exceptionally healthy food, Oreos are the one weakness that bring me back. I cannot resist an Oreo. It’s ridiculous really. One day there will be an Oreo intervention. And it will fail.

8. Root Vegetable Pizza. Because it is made of pretty much all of my favourite things. Like sometimes I even add wedges of pumpkin. (Okay, maybe there will be a pumpkin intervention. IT TOO WILL FAIL.)

9. Crazy omelettes-turned-frittatas-or-something. Not quite quiche, but not made in a frying pan. The sort of thing you make from the random things in your fridge that somehow will work together, plus eggs and a pie dish. In our house, this often involves Jarlsberg, not unlike this.

10. Lately, a million things with mushrooms. I fall in and out of love with mushrooms, so I shall not have an impending intervention. But lately, mushrooms are on my good list, and pretty much any dish. Well… not cupcakes. But everything else.

So! What ten things will you share this month?

PS: I haven’t figured out the new oven enough to make macarons. Need to get brave soon though! I have promised someone I will.

10 March 2012

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23 Comments for 10 Things :: March 2012

  1. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to share my father-in-law with fellow bloggers and scrappers.

  2. Mary Buttons Says:

    Here is my 10 on the 10 a little tutorial

  3. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Lovely Shimelle :) I must try one of the recipes….

  4. furrypig Says:

    so many yummy recipes but couldn’t see the one for the really simple cake. DD loves oreos and cupcakes so I am hiding this recipe from her lol!

  5. Amanda Says:

    Is there a link for the “really simple cake”? I could do with that recipe!

  6. Melissa Says:

    Oh yummy! Makes me want to bake something today.

  7. Jacky S Says:

    Some gorgeous sounding recipes….might have to go and bake some cupcakes now!

  8. Natalie Says:

    oh wow, these recipes all sound so good. I will be working methodically through this list :) (p.s. i love pumpkin, too!)… (p.p.s. i’m curious about the “really simple cake”— is there supposed to be a link there?)

  9. Scrapdolly Says:

    Love this post Shimelle
    I had fun with my 10 page for this month x

  10. Tammy Says:

    OK, now I’m hungry for pumpkin and chocolate. And homemade bread. It’s chilly here today so I might just turn on the oven and do some baking today! Thanks for the recipes. :)

  11. Becky G Says:

    Mmm! Now I’m hungry and want to go and bake and I’m supposed to be eating less at the moment in preparation for our holiday!

  12. ConnieM Says:

    Oh I could get onto lots of trouble clicking on all of your yummy links!!!All lots wonderful!!

  13. Kirsty Says:

    Oooh, I love a load of new recipes. In fact, I often bake the carrot, cinnamon and orange cupcakes from your cupcake recipes and take them into school for the department. Or the tutor team. Or just the staff room. Once the assistant head even emailed me to say she’d tracked me down as the baker and thought they were awesome. If they promote me, it will be because of those cupcakes, I’m sure :D

  14. Mel Says:

    Yum they all look delish. I too am fond of pumpkin and sweet potatio.

  15. Mary M. Says:

    Next month will you do 10 Interventions That Will Fail? Because that really made me laugh. =) I am also a lover of pumpkin, it’s one of my favorite things about fall. Perhaps we should start Pumpkin Eaters Anonymous? But it would be less failed intervention and more sharing our fave recipes…and eating them at the meetings….

  16. Emma Says:

    I’ve never eaten pumpkin…. o_O

  17. jimjams Says:

    Some splendid looking recipes there – TFS

  18. Annette Says:

    Gorgeous photo. I have a pumpkin obsession too. Love the recipe in Ellie Krieger’s Food You Crave book. It makes it somewhat healthy too! Thanks Shimelle!

  19. Cheryl Says:

    Shimelle, this is totally off the subject of this post. I have just been reading old posts on your blog and was wondering if your older classes are still available.

  20. Tracey Says:

    Hi Shimelle! I’ve been reading you forever, and I’m a huge fan, but it’s our shared love of PUMPKIN that finally brought me out of my no-commenting shell.

    I grew up in a little Ohio town with a HUGE yearly festival devoted to all things pumpkin, and I have to tell you that you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten pumpkin chili, pumpkin burgers, and corn dogs with pumpkin sauce. YUM! I have volumes of special scrapbooks devoted to our yearly visit to the Circleville Pumpkin Show (a.k.a. “The Greatest Free Show on Earth”).

    Anyway, keep up the amazing and inspiring work that you do.

  21. MaryAnn N. Says:

    Your 10 things are Mine too! Wow how amazing is that? My mother has a wonderful rhubarb muffin recipe that everyone raves about…including me!

  22. Kim Thomas Says:

    Hi Shimelle. I love all things pumpkin too. Thanks for posting the links. btw, whoever wins the spot in Jenn’s stamping class is a lucky girl!!! Take care. :)

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