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Amy Tangerine Sketchbook :: Preview of the new American Crafts scrapbooking collection

amy tangerine sketchbook : a new line of scrapbooking supplies from american crafts
scrapbook page details :: amy tangerine scrapbooking supplies
If I could only scrapbook with the supplies from one collection this year, it would be the Amy Tangerine collection. (Admittedly, I might cry first. Because I really, really like mixing collections. But since this is an imaginary restriction, I’m going to try to keep the tears and tantrums to a minimum.) I love the colours – rich turquoise, ripe raspberry pink, avocado green – and the motifs are inspiring without being sickly sweet. Cameras, maps, handwritten affirmations. All things that rate highly in my book.

So it is with great anticipation that I look forward to Amy’s new release for American Crafts: Sketchbook.

meet amy tangerine
Think an updated, summery colour palette and a bit more freedom in the designs. With the tag line Splash some color on life (which you know I want to respell, but I’ll cope for today), this line promises an artsy twist, but still easy to craft with, no matter what your style, just like the American Crafts tradition. Sounds good to me. My intention is to use the two collections together, so I’m especially interested to see how they coordinate.

camera canvas sticker :: amy tangerine sketchbook sneak peek
But really I don’t know all that much more than you do at this point! Today you can hop through ten different blogs to get a peek at the new Sketchbook collection, and my contribution is this canvas camera sticker. Yep, I think I can find a spot for that in my albums!

To continue on the journey, head over to Jennifer McGuire for the next look. Once you’ve made the full circle, be sure to visit the American Crafts blog, for the chance to win the full Sketchbook collection. A pretty fabulous reward for a bit of crafty blog reading!

By the way… I will be covering Winter CHA right here on the blog – that’s the big craft trade show where all the new collections (like this) debut. The show opens on the twenty-ninth of January, and I’ll be blogging one brand at a time, so you can come right onto the show floor with me, except you can stay on the sofa and avoid paying nine dollars for a cheese sandwich in a convention centre. Sound like a deal? Awesome.


17 January 2012

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109 Comments for Amy Tangerine Sketchbook :: Preview of the new American Crafts scrapbooking collection

  1. amanda Says:

    That little camera is adorable! Every peek makes me more and more excited for the full reveal!

  2. BARB T Says:

    I am total agreement with Amanda on this. Heading off to the next peak.

  3. Jennie M Says:

    agreed. amy’s stuff was, hands down, the best release in 2011! can’t wait for this one!

  4. NinaN Says:

    I am loving this line!

  5. Laura Says:

    Love the canvas sticker. I think if we are “careful” about how we do it, I think the lines could be used together (crossing my fingers, since I have quite a bit of the first line bits to use!)

  6. KateT Says:

    I agree, I’ve loved Amy’s launch collection and it has fitted in so well with other lines too. Sneak peeks of Sketchbook are starting to look like another must have. Please make sure you order lots in for one of your classes this year like you did for LSNED (and then let me know which one it’s gonna be so I can sign up, lol!)

    ** Kate **

  7. nitasha Says:

    Love these peeks!

  8. Gina Lideros Says:

    WOW, love all the details in this line. Fabulous!

  9. abbeyviolet Says:

    I adored her fall collection and this looks similarly wonderful!

  10. Nicole N. Says:

    Love the texture in these!!!

  11. Char Says:

    Love the bright colors. Just gorgeous!

  12. Joaniebolognie Says:

    WOWZERS! I am in love this this line also!!! And might I add…you crack me up, I love your style of writing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Janice Aeschliman Says:

    Canvas, how cool it that!

  14. Ellie A. Says:

    My heart is skipping happy beats I already love all the peeks I’ve seen so far OH & YAY for you covering CHA I loved last CHA coverage you made me feel(ok us) like we are right along w/you! Can’t wait

  15. Ally Says:

    what a fun collection this is!

  16. So.Ceative Says:

    Can’t wait to see the rest of this new collection! Such a lucky girl to visit CHA!!!!

  17. Johnna Moore Says:

    Looking forward to following you on the day of CHA. Love the canvas stickers, and the cameo of the girl so cute!

  18. Dana D. Says:

    The colors on this camera are amazing.

  19. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your canvas camera! Looking forward to seeing your CHA reviews!

  20. margie visnick Says:

    That little canvas camera is so cute!!

  21. Ruth Says:

    The camera is the perfect element for you to showcase ~ love it!

  22. Amanda S. Says:

    That camera is so cute! Like what I see of it so far!! Hope you have fun at CHA :)

  23. Marla H. Says:

    Love those canvas embellishments. That camera is adorable!!!!

  24. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Oh, I love this sneak! I’m hoping that what I think I am seeing is what I am seeing…and I can’t wait to see the rest of these!

  25. Lisa C. Says:

    LOVE the fabric brad!! And the camera is fantastic!

  26. Fleur Smith Says:

    Love the bright colors in this collection :)

  27. Christi Says:

    omg that camera is to die for…..totally loving this line.

  28. Claudette Says:

    Oooh, I’m loving the camera sticker!!!

  29. Linda E Says:

    That camera sticker is adorable!

  30. Anna Says:

    love the camera, glad to see she included it in this line too!

  31. Janet Says:

    OMG! I am loving what I see!!!!

  32. Kate Vickers Says:

    I’m loving this line!

  33. Melissa Says:

    Love the camera!

  34. Mia A. Says:

    I like!

  35. sophie J Says:

    The hop are so fun !!!! LOVE

  36. Michelle A. Says:

    that sticker is too ca-ute!! Love!

  37. debbi McKelvy Says:

    awesome collection and I love the sneek peeks at the beginning of this post! The canvas camera is really cool.

  38. joanne p Says:


  39. sherry Says:


  40. Heather Robertson Says:

    so cute – love the camera

  41. Maja Says:

    I love the whole collection, this camera is so cut!

  42. Mom of four great chippets Says:

    I think I have everything from her first line. Love love everything she creates and this sneak is so adorable, can t wait to see more?,

  43. Tanya Williams Says:

    So blown away by the canvas camera…I am so excited to see everything!

  44. grace c. Says:

    super cute!!! thanks for sharing! :)

  45. Nancy Says:

    Guess everyone is covering their bases just in case a little something is given away to a commenter on each stop in the hop. The bold colors Amy used in the collection are fabulous. And I adored your description of the collection, much better than AC’s.

  46. Melinda T Says:

    awesome sneaks! and i agree with you! amy’s line has got you covered!

  47. Kelly Malacko Says:


  48. Deb Says:

    love the vibrant colours

  49. jen Says:

    Awww, the camera sticker is adorable!

  50. Elaine B. Says:

    Really liking those bright colors! And the camera is too cute!

  51. Cherri Says:

    I agree – I love the Colors too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. Claire Says:

    Another super cute idea! Canvas, candy coloured camera? Genius! Looking forward to your CHA reports too.

  53. Mary Ann Jenkins Says:

    So very cute!! OMGoodness I want all of it!

  54. Mari Says:

    Love everything!! want it all

  55. Stephanie Patterson Says:

    This is fantastic.

  56. Renee Zwirek Says:

    So Pretty!

  57. Heather Leopard Says:

    Oh my, canvas!!!

  58. caz Hancock Says:

    I would say her line was my fave from last CHA release i still keep buying it, this looks amazing too :)

  59. Flavia Says:

    that bright pink is wonderful!

  60. Cynthia B. Says:

    The canvas camera is a great peek!

  61. Sandy ang Says:

    Everything looks cool so far. Off to see more.

  62. Vicki Says:

    the camera sticker is so adorable!!

  63. Vanessa Says:

    I loved her first line, and this one is shaping up to be awesome too :)

  64. KellyG Says:

    Love the colors, looks so fun!

  65. karenladd Says:

    Lovely bright colors for a fun collection! Can’t wait to see the full reveal!

  66. conniemelancon Says:

    LOVE the camera!

  67. Carol Sheetz Says:

    Love this!! Gorgeous and FUN!!

  68. Doni Says:

    Everything looks so awesome!

  69. Monica Blain Says:

    uhh, that camera canvas sticker is adorable! I need to see more!!

  70. kristen Says:

    these colors are so fabulous! the camera motif is the best!

  71. ruth Says:

    hurray, i love your commentry on things, between you, ScrappyJedi and Noell at paperclipping, I will practically BE there! hehe. Are you going to be on the live paperclipping episode?

  72. Cheryl S. Says:

    Canvas embellishments…yay! Great for color and texture on a page.

  73. Cassi Says:

    yumm fabric camera sticker!!! love amy’s new line

  74. Candace R Says:

    you’re such a tease!

  75. cher Says:

    oh how sweet that camera is…well…all that I have seen is VERY sweet! on to the next stop..tyvm

  76. Karenajp Says:

    Love this canvas sticker and the bright colors !

  77. Amy Orvin Says:

    All of this is so neat.

  78. Maria Therese Says:

    Can’t wait until these hits the stores ♥

  79. Amelia Ng Says:

    Love that camera! Thanks for the chance to win (:

  80. Olivia Says:

    Such a fun collection! I love the magenta against all the other bright colours. Perfect for all sorts of occasions.

  81. Jeanne Says:

    I LOVE camera!! And I already picture this canvas sticker in my album.

  82. Carol Says:

    That canvas sticker is seriously cute!

  83. Donna Bryant Durand Says:

    so, so fun. LOVE the camera

  84. Kate aka stinkydudette Says:

    A canvas sticker?! A camera?! I’m sold!! Haha… Can’t wait to see the whole collection!

  85. ~amy~ Says:

    super CUTE!!!!

  86. alisyn Says:

    looks like fun! thanks for the chance to win :)

  87. Diana F Says:

    Love the camera! It is too cute and canvas to boot. Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. Jackie A xxx Says:

    love the colours x

  89. Andrea NIemeier Says:

    Oh I am so excited!!

  90. Penny Smith Says:

    LOVE her new line! The last one was my CHA fav, and this one will be too!

  91. Amanda Coleman Says:

    Fabulous! I love the little sewing machine graphic!

  92. Julie in Edmonds Says:


  93. Barb Ghigliotty Says:

    Your canvas camera is absolutely darling! I love the color palette and texture!
    Thanks so much for taking part in the “Hop”!!!

  94. deb pereira Says:

    Love anythin chevron!

  95. Gabrielle L Says:

    Oh wowza! Amy has done it again! I am definitely falling head over heels for each little snippet I see on the blog hop!

  96. Shawn Wenrich Says:

    loving everything I’ve seen so far!

  97. Jill Says:

    That camera is just awesome!! I am loving the colors in this line!! So bright!

  98. Laurie Says:

    This collection looks like it will be perfect for travel pages!

  99. Cristina Says:

    Thanks for the peek! That camera is indeed adorable!

  100. Erica Hettwer Says:

    Oh, that’s so cute!!!

  101. Lilie Says:

    Very nice camera. Can’t wait to see more of the embellishment line.

  102. Patricia Says:

    I think I could find a spot for that camera too!

  103. Amy Says:

    Love the camera! And that camera album she has is TDF.

  104. sharon in CA Says:

    camera sticker is adorable as is this entire collection…cant wait.

  105. Erika Bardo Says:

    I could put that camera anywhere. I would need 10 of them just to stick them everywhere I see fit. Adorable collection.

  106. allie.duckienz Says:

    I haven’t seen her last collection in NZ yet ans already there is a new one. YAY, can I say import :P

  107. Shannon Blinn Says:

    How cute is that little camera??

  108. christy sheffield Says:

    eeeek, a fabric camera!!! yes, yes, yes, I must have this.

  109. NICOLE Says:

    oh this is gonna be a fun collection, I just know it!

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