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10 Things :: January 2012

10 Things on the Tenth
scrapbook page
On the tenth of the month, a bunch of us share ten things. Any ten things. All different kinds of ten things. And you’re welcome to join us.

For January, I’m sharing my ten favourite scrapbook pages from 2011. At the bottom of this post, link up your own ten things on absolutely any topic you fancy, and click around to see other lists of ten!

And my ten pages… in order of when they were made, I do believe.
1. He is only somewhat mad, designed for Jenni Bowlin Studio and Ella Publishing. When we arrived home, the first few pages I made felt completely strange, like paper and glue was a foreign concept. This was the page that marked my turning point. Making this made me think happy things about crafting again. (See full page here.)

scrapbook page
2. Overnight Train, with a giant photo that still makes me nervous, having later found out The Boy snapped it by hanging out the side of the train. Designed for the garden at Two Peas, and one of my most popular pages there this year, but I like it more than the most popular. Go figure.

scrapbook page
3. San Telmo, one of just two scrapbook pages I’ve completed about the South American part of our trip. Designed for Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook class, and based on one of her sketches.

scrapbook page
4. Travel Well, a page designed for the garden at Two Peas, which ended up naming an episode of the Paperclipping Roundtable, when we got to talk about scrapbooking travel. Orange and turquoise: who knew?

scrapbook page
5. Seaside Hike, a scrapbook page with a bunch of mists and my favourite product from 2011: Foldies! Designed for Two Peas as a community challenge.

scrapbook page
6. Siem Reap, based on the sketch challenge I set the participants in the ScrapFactor competition, and one of the very first videos I posted here. Love the layers and circles and just the sheer number of ways you can use this sort of design with different supplies. Plus Cambodia. Sigh.

scrapbook page
7. On Stage, a layout and a half, with a rather special photo and lots of writing. Pages with that combination make me very happy indeed. (More details here.)

scrapbook page
8. Rock & Roll Romance, a funny little layout in that I really like it but no one else seems to think much of it. Maybe it’s because it’s a double page. Maybe it’s because no one but us thinks it’s funny that we crashed a concert to get a wedding picture. That’s okay. It has a special place in my heart even if no one else loves this layout.

scrapbook page
9. Inspiration Found, from a day of crafting with an absolute mess of stuff on my desk and just layering until I couldn’t layer any more. I love it, and in the end it was one of the pages I sent to American Crafts for consideration and they must have liked it too. Good times. (Full page here).

scrapbook page
10. Goodbye Australia, a page to close one volume of our travel albums, and featured in a prompt of Pretty Paper Party, an online class. (Though the class has finished its live run, it is available to be taken at your own pace at any time.)

Runner-up layouts include this project (my most-viewed project ever at Two Peas), any of the pages made for the scrapbooking with girl power post and the giant rose layout tutorial I made for the JBS newsletter.

10 January 2012

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17 Comments for 10 Things :: January 2012

  1. Tammy Says:

    Great list Shimelle! I love to take a look back at all the pages I created in a year and remember all the fun things I created. I loved Siem Reap. The perfect design to house lots of bits and pieces of embellishments. And I finally got some foldies too and LOVE them. Hope Sassafras turns up as a licensed artist soon and makes more! :) Happy 10th!

  2. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Love the lo’s Shimelle! Such great inspiration for the New Year!

  3. Sue Althouse Says:

    Loved the layouts and summary. I guess the moral of the story is do what you love, because trying to please others (with our crafty endeavors) will always be a mystery!

  4. jimjams Says:

    Have you added up exactly how many pages you made this year??? 10 gorgeous glimpses!

  5. jane Says:

    lovely layouts as always x

  6. Lucy Says:

    Loving the inspiration as always, I’d like a link to the rock and roll romance layout if you have it? I’m sure that was one I liked (the colours call to me!) but would love to check if you have a link!

    :) Beautiful layouts as always, makes me want to go and scrap!

  7. Cindy (aka Scrapcollectr) Says:

    I aspire to collaged scrapbook pages. I love the layers and getting lost in the process of dissecting them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Kimberlee Says:

    Your pages were such lovely eye candy. I’m sure you had a hard time picking just ten. Thanks for hosting!

  9. Cheryl M Says:

    Loved seeing all your gorgeous layouts, especially the ones with your handwriting in them. Makes me REALLY miss paper scrapping.

  10. Carolyn Says:

    Love the LO, a great look back at what you were making last year.

  11. julie weis Says:

    your pages are a feast for a scapbookers eyes!

  12. Julie Jeavons Says:

    OMG how embarrassing. I prescheduled my post and it is also my favourite 10 LOs of 2011.
    Am I allowed to say great minds think alike?
    P.S. will prob add link later 2nite – phone is not da best.

  13. rockchickhelen Says:

    Looks like i wasn’t the only one to post their 10 favourite 2011 layouts! ha ha

  14. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Wonderful layouts, I think I could choose 10 of your albums though! I think I might go for this next month, I couldn’t resist sharing my birthday list.

  15. Julia Says:

    How strange – I wrote my post last night and picked my 10 favourite scrapbook pages and here are yours! Sadly mine aren’t photographed anywhere near as arty! Thanks for sharing your faves x

  16. Nathalie Says:

    Great take on the 10 on the 10th for this month! I had fun coming up with a list of goals for mine :) Thank you for the inspiration – Always.

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