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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
Pow Kitschen Sink Necklace
This weekend, one commenter will win either a POW or KAPOW necklace from the amazingly funky Kitschen Sink Jewellery store.

KitschenSink jewellery and accessories is the result of Rowan Grant spending quality crafting time with her Grandma, a fascination of colourful branded toys and a desire to re-purpose mass-produced materials into handmade, wearable fashion treats. Very often, the jewellery features iconic comic images which have been repurposed into jewellery for you to make a statement. The designs, which are reminiscent of Lichtenstein, are perfect for pop-art princesses, Lichtenstein lovers and graphic novel geeks alike.

Kitschen Sink has a fabulous blog where you can keep up to date with the latest news and creations.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us who your favourite super hero is, or what your super hero name would be!

Entries close at midnight Sunday UK time and the winner will be posted Monday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!


02 December 2011

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57 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Thea Says:

    She’s not a Super Hero, per se, but I always wanted to be Catwoman as played by Eartha Kitt – purrfect!

  2. Mary M. Says:

    Oh my gosh, these are so COOL! =) I’m gonna have to say my fave super hero is Batman, just because I love the old 90’s cartoon and most of the movies. And he has not one, but TWO awesome theme songs! =)

  3. Ali M Says:

    My superhero name would be… Ali Von Hotness!

  4. Danielle Says:

    My fav super hero is Batman – the Christian Bale & Christopher Nolan one. And I still like Wonder woman. Thanks!

  5. Sarah H. Says:

    I have always loved Spiderman, but have recently discovered Green Lantern…the movie was great! Cool giveaway!

  6. cyndie Says:

    POW and KAPOW are Awesome necklaces!!! My super hero name would be SCRAP GIRLKAPOW

  7. lorien Says:

    Ohhh, this necklace is adorable! :)

  8. Joanne Says:

    Wonder woman all the way – I just loved everything about her and it helped I could relate to a dark haired super hero :0)

  9. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    My favourite has got to be Danger Mouse, reminds me of my childhood!

  10. Sonja Says:

    It’s very shallow but my fav is Thor at the moment especially when he takes his top off in the new movie lol.

  11. Mel Says:

    Oh, these are so fun! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    It’s not exactly inspired, but my super hero name is SuperMel – and you can meet my alter ego here ;)

  12. Kelly Shults Says:

    I would have to say Cat Woman is my favorite super hero, because she is fiesty and frisky! :)

  13. Jan Says:

    These are so cool! My son has always been a huge comic book fan. At the moment he is my superhero.

  14. So.Creative Says:

    Oh I love this style of necklace!! My fave super hero is catwoman ;-))

  15. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    Well, I kind of have a superhero name already — I participate in roller derby as an official, and my derby name is Tara Firma ;)
    My favorite superhero, though, is Wonder Woman. Of course!

  16. tesa Says:

    Oh!, Batman is the best, sure!.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  17. kim corona Says:

    this reminds me of when i was a kid and watched Batman on tv and they would put up the blurb boxes that had wham and kapow in them loved to watch the Batman show;]

  18. Linda Says:

    My favorite superhero is probably spiderman, just because kids are so cute when they try to imitate him, haha. Those necklaces are so cute, I’d love to win one!! I’m not sure what my superhero name would be… hmmm…


  19. Christine Says:

    My super hero is Captain America.

  20. bonitarose Says:

    my fave super hero is wonder woman.. she always looks perfect.. and everyone loves her! xo hugs thks for the chance to win!

  21. Teresa Says:

    My superhero is…not sure… I always liked Batman and Robin…but only the old ones with the true “POW” and “BANG”. That was true pop art on TV :).

  22. rockchickhelen Says:

    OMG those necklaces are sooo my taste, I love them, I hope I win! My favourite superheros are Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Shadow Cat from X-Men.

  23. peach Says:

    fave superhero is batman, my name would be Celestria


  24. Penny Says:

    Wolverine would be my favourite super hero mean, moody and all man.

  25. K Says:

    My fav superhero is rogue from the xmen

  26. Natalie Says:

    My Superhero name would be ‘The Magpie’ and I would be an international diamond thief. I would live in the Chrysler building, as it’s shiny and high up, and be surrounded by shiny, pretty things! I guess that makes me more of a villain though.. Always more fun to play a villain! Absolutely LOVE the necklaces. I’m a massive pop art fan, and hu-yooge comic book nerd. I need one in my life! Pretty please? :)

  27. Madeline Says:

    Always loved Wonder Woman
    Thanks Shimelle

  28. April W Says:

    How awesome! My favorite Super Hero is Wonder Woman. She makes me believe that women can be anything they want to be! – April W

  29. jimjams Says:

    My favourite super hero is Batman – just loved watching the program on Saturday mornings as a kid – Holy Jumping Jellybeans I’d like to win one of those necklaces! (Wearing one would embarrass my kids but do I care? No!)

  30. Kristin Says:

    Superman for sure! I even had a Superman shirt I wore in high school. Super fun giveaway! :) hee hee, I’m cheesy I know. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. rach Says:

    Buffy is my favourite superhero, she’s so strong.

  32. Nelmarie Says:

    Wonder Woman of course :D We all have a W.W. inside….we cook, we care, we listen, we are wives, moms, we take kids to school, to the Dr,etc,etc and whole lot of things that I’ll never end to tell!!!

  33. Susan Jephson-Jones Says:

    oooh, great jewellery! Think my superhero name would be GeekGirl :)

  34. Ann Says:

    Wow, how awesome? This would be perfect for my teenage daughter who is Superman mad! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Carmen Says:

    I’m tempted to say I’d be Wonder Woman but with my figure it’d be more like the Blunder Woman character from the Russ Abbott show LOL!

    My favourite super hero… Mona the Vampire :)

  36. Alyssa Says:

    My favorite is Rorschach from Watchmen. But I change my mind frequently. :)

  37. Sarah Warmington Says:

    I am all about the x-men! Who could go past Hugh Jackman as wolverine?!?!?
    Love these necklaces – so super nerdy cool

  38. Antonia Says:

    Wonder Woman. I wanted to be Wonder Woman so badly when I was a kid in the 70s. Maybe I still do. Great necklaces – need to go and check those out as potential Christmas presents.

  39. Helene Says:

    Think if you would be Wonder Woman? Then you could ro anything, be everywhere and help everyone. So, if I should pock one superhero it would be her and it would be my name ;-)

  40. ninarsku Says:

    amazing necklaces!!! I love them! I like all superheroes but I’m pretty much old schooler, so I have to say Superman.

  41. Anne Says:

    Wow – these are amazing! Reminds me of the ol’ Batman show but my favorite superhero is Superman – he was my first. ;) Although, I have to admit I love mild-mannered Clark Kent with his glasses…

  42. kittyScrapper Says:

    Beautiful necklace. I am not sure he is a super hero, but Captain Planet…I am singing the theme tune as I type!

  43. Christina Collins Says:

    So, these are just about the cutest necklaces I have ever seen. Awesome giveaway! I would have to say my absolute favorite superhero would have to be Wolverine. The X-MEN series has always been a favorite of mine but when it all boils down to it – Wolverine is the best. He isn’t to OVERLY good but he still kicks bad guys’ butts!

  44. jessica c Says:

    I absolutely love those necklaces! Off to check out their blog!

  45. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    When my younger son Ben was a baby I used to make up stories of Superbaby tell my 7 year old – ah the adventures that boy got up to when we weren’t looking:-)

  46. Claire Says:

    I love Spiderman!! The first movie was just so awesome, too :)

  47. Carly Says:

    He isn’t typically considered to be a superhero, but I think that he is. I would love to be the Doctor from Doctor Who. He is always beating evil, bad guys just like regular superheroes.

  48. Jeanne Ann Says:

    What a cool giveaway! My teenage daughters would love those! My favorite superhero? Colosis

  49. Jo Says:

    Me and my daughter were having a conversation about this a few weeks ago because she’d seen an old episode of Batman at school and the class were laughing at the words like POW coming up on the screen. I showed her this post and she said she wanted that necklace :) My favourite superhero has to be Batman

  50. melanie Says:

    My name would have to be ‘Glitter Bomb’ the threat of that lingering rogue glitter stuck to faces and clothes has been bringing grown men to their knees in salty tears since time began. My husband \hates it like the Grinch!

  51. Stacey Says:

    My daughter would love this necklace! Super hero – kind of fond of Batman.

  52. tape Says:

    Can I say Chuck Norris? :D

  53. Kelli Smith Says:

    I saw your guest post on Ali Edwards site. I’ve been visiting your site everyday since then! Very cute prize today!

  54. KateT Says:

    Always been a fan of Wonder Woman!

    ** Kate **

  55. Sharon W. Says:

    Reading the text, before the photo loaded, I was wondering what KAPOW meant. POW was easy, Prisoner Of War. Funny, how different life experiences leads each one of us interpret what we see in different ways.

    Favorite superhero, Wonder Woman hands down! She was the first female superhero I was introduced to and is still my favorite.

  56. Jen Coen Says:

    My favorite superhero is Batman, but it has to be old school Batman, not the newer versions… like the old sitcom!

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