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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
Kates paper goods prize
This weekend, one commenter will win this ever so crafty set of chalkboard tags and pretty thank you card from Katespapergoods

Kate’s etsy store is full of stationery, greetings cards and pretty tags all of which she has hand painted. “My long time love for stationery and paper led me to open my little etsy shop. Although I studied Interior Design, I realized that I was also really passionate about painting and illustration. I enjoy all things paper and am happiest when I’m painting. I think hand-written notes are truly the best!”

You can read more about kate on her blog or follow her on twitter.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post describing the last thing you drew on a chalkboard!

Entries close at midnight Sunday UK time and the winner will be posted Monday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!


07 October 2011

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71 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Teresa L. Says:

    Lol. I probably worked some Math problem in school.
    Love the cute tags! Thanks for the chance.

  2. Nielouphar Says:

    Love her work.. The last thing I wrote was Arabic alphabets while teaching Quran to some ladies I know :)

  3. Mafswife Says:

    Oooh they are pretty! Last thing I drew on a chalkboard was my sons name for him to copy. He can now write it all by himself!

  4. Joanne Says:

    Great idea – I’ve not seen these before. Will have to check out. Probably a flower at centreparcs

  5. Ellen Says:

    Hihi, This is funney!
    I really like to draw, but chalkboard is something different… But I’m talking to much again (oops). The last thing a drew on a chalkboard was a pig with the cute little tail :).


  6. Claire W. Says:

    These are awesome! I don’t think I’ve used a chalkboard since school.!

  7. Onita Says:

    new follower to your blog! i love it!
    does drawing pictures outside with sidewalk chalk count?

  8. So.Creative Says:

    So lovely giveaway!!
    The last thing I drew on a chalkboard is a heart to say hello to my husband!^^

  9. Lena Says:

    The last thing I wrote:
    “Herzlich Willkommen” —- Welcome – when I made a scrapbook-class.

  10. Ezlie Perez Says:

    I wrote a “hello” on my mini board on my office door. =)

  11. Katy Hedger Says:

    Oww fab giveaway, the last thing i wrote on a chalk board was leaving school KT waz ere lol

    Thanks Katy x

  12. Dawn Says:

    The last thing I wrote was some numbers in the school playground years ago. Funnily enough I wanted to use a chalkboard I’ve been saving today in my son’s 5 month pictures but couldn’t find it. Really must organise my scrap stuff better.

  13. Madeline Says:

    It has been a while so i am thinking it was a stick figure to play hang man, loved that game

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Hmmm…maybe spelling words last year in my son’s classroom.

    These are adorable!

  15. Dawn Tavela Says:

    Kate’s items are all so pretty!

    The last time I wrote on a chalkboard was playing hangman and tic tac toe with my son!

  16. Mel Says:

    Oh, pretty! :) Gosh, chalkboard…. thinks hard My daughter has one and likes me to set maths problems for her now and then, so it was probably something like 153×27 :)

  17. Lisa Aukeman Says:

    Last thing I wrote on a chalkboard was a Happy Birthday message to a friend and then took a photo with it and sent it to her. Thanks for the give away!

  18. Liz Lee Says:

    The last thing I wrote on the chalkboard my hubby made for me a few years ago was “I Love my boys”.

  19. Alison Says:

    I reckon it was ‘thanks for having us!’ on the one my friend has in her kitchen!
    Alison xx

  20. Anne-Liesse Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! The tags and flowers are beautiful!

  21. Tinkersdamn Says:

    “Therapy helps but screaming obscenities is cheaper”
    I have a chalkboard mug and I write something different on it every morning. Serves as a heads up for the rest of the house!

  22. Elvan Says:

    The last thing I painted on a chalkboard was probably a mouse or a cat while playing “give us a clue” with my kids…

  23. Carol Chastain Says:

    the last thing I wrote/drew on a chalk board was our weekly menu in the kitchen…tonight’s dinner is Breakfast Pizza!

  24. JC Says:

    I think the last thing I drew on a chalkboard was “math sentences” with my kiddos!

  25. Carrie K Says:

    oh wow…i have no idea what i last wrote on a chalkboard…it was around fifteen years ago im sure!! those tags are TO DIE FOR!! love love

  26. Dana Says:

    Love those tags! The last thing I drew on a chalk board was my son’s name.

  27. Karrie Says:

    Cute tags! The last thing I drew on a chalkboard was a picture of my daughter falling off her bike. Sounds harsh, but it was meant to cheer her up after a nasty wipeout.

  28. Dawn F. Says:

    Beautiful giveaway. The last thing I’ve done on a chalkboard was help my daughter draw on her chalkboard 2 days ago. Thanks for the chance.

  29. helen Says:

    I love these tags – the last thing I did with chalk was drawing in the garden with my daughter – haven’t been near a real chalkboard in years!

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  31. pidgen Says:

    these are beautiful! the last thing i drew on a chalkboard was my name and the name of a little girl who drew my picture. i did that so i could take a picture and scrapbook what she had drawn! :)

  32. tape Says:

    Probably a syntactic tree…

  33. Maeghan m. Says:

    I practiced my signature on a chalkboard a bit ago… I forget how creative it feels just to do simple things like that!

  34. glee stormont Says:

    the last thing i drew on a chalk board was a countdown to christmas. Every year a teddy bear holding his own chalkboard for just this purpose comes out w/ the decorations.

  35. Jenny A Says:

    Yikes it’s been years since I last wrote on a chalkboard! Lol! Thanks for a chance :)

  36. KateP Says:

    Oooh love love love those tags!How cool are they! The last thing I drew on a chalkboard would have been flowers when I was playing with my kids!

  37. Nancylee Says:

    2007, I think? From an old job where we used to draw something on a display board every morning. I would love to get back to it with those pretty tags. Love!

  38. bonitarose Says:

    I drew a note to my dear daughter when she was here with us.. xo

  39. Connie Says:

    Wow. Cool give away. I wrote on a chalkboard today in my classroom (quiz questions.)

  40. Tagati Says:

    Gee, the last time I even used a chalkboard had to be in high school (the 70’s) and it probably was an arithmetic formula!

  41. Sue Says:

    What a gorgeous giveaway.

    I did a line of teddy bears on my grandson’s chalk board yesterday, and he did scribbles over them. We love to sit together and draw at the easel. x

  42. scrappysue Says:

    Oh that would be a few weeks ago when I finished turning a rather ghastly metal door in my scrappy room into a chalkboard!

    Gorgeous giveaway, thanks!

  43. Leslie Says:

    Last thing I wrote on a chalkboard would have been a lesson outline in my teaching practice years ago, before whiteboards!

  44. Laura Says:

    the last thing i wrote on a chalk“board” – which wasn’t really a board but a little ceramic container like this one: – was “kakao ♥” which is german for “cocoa”. it’s autumn – it’s time for hot chocolate and staying at home, surrounded by beautiful things!

  45. Julie Jeavons Says:

    The last thing I drew on a chalkboard was my daughter’s name. It’s a bright purple chalkboard I painted on the cupboard in her bedroom.

  46. Denise Says:

    I’d love to win some of these- thanks for the chance :-)

  47. Marianne picinic Says:

    Beautiful tags. Thanks for the chance.

  48. HazelG Says:

    I’m guessing it was probably a flower as that’s all I can draw!

  49. JulieFrog Says:

    Another gorgeous giveaway!
    I can’t remember the last thing I wrote on a chalkboard, but I probably drew a cat when I was a kid! :o)

  50. IngeG Says:

    I draw every day on a chalkboard because I’m a teacher. :) Last thing I draw was a rectangle. Beautiful flowers.

  51. Shirley K Says:

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve used a chalkboard. For an assignment in high school maybe?

  52. Jaime Says:

    These are so cute. Thanks for this chance to win!!

  53. Lynn Wigren Says:

    Beautiful artwork! Thanks for the chance to win!

  54. Antonia Says:

    I don’t draw on a chalkboard but I did use blackboard paint on the wall in my kitchen and I have a very useful space on which to write things down. The last was, “Florence, no need to take the pork out of the freezer after all.” Well, you did ask!

  55. Mary M. Says:

    Wow, I can’t even remember the last time I wrote on a chalkboard. It was probably a chemical reaction for chem class. I need to get a cute chalk board for my house! =)

  56. Christen Krumm Says:

    Last thing I wrote on a chalkboard was this verse “Fear not, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help, I will uphold you with my righteous hand. Isaiah 41:10”

  57. Meghan Says:

    I’m a teacher so you’d think I’d have a great answer to this but I use a white board now! It has been years since I did anything with chalk, however, the last thing I remember putting on a chalk board in my classroom was the date!

  58. Lola Says:

    Hmmm…I mostly use a white board now but it must have been the ABC’s when my older children were younger.

  59. tiffany uk Says:

    Good luck whit you.

  60. Sarah Says:

    Loving those tages! The last time I drew on a board was about 5 years ago when my daughter had a little chalk board. It was probably something simple like a house or a flower but I really can’t remember. thanks for the chance to win! x

  61. torrita Says:

    A white board counts right?! It was a ‘welcome home’ message for my nephew who was returning from his first year in college!

  62. Pam Says:

    The last thing I wrote on a chalkboard was the schedule for our school day on Friday. Love those tags & all the other lovelies!

  63. Linda Trace Says:

    the last thing I wrote on a blackboard was ‘goodbye and thank you to class 1/2C” on my last day of teaching prac (like work experience when you’re getting your teaching degree). these tags are amazingly beautiful. I want to frame them!

  64. Lisa J Says:

    I drew on a chalkboard just last night. It was a message of congratulations to the newlywed couple at the wedding I was attending. Too fun!

  65. LizzieMade Says:

    Ah, the last thing I wrote/drew on a chalkboard, was “Someone Sweet is Turning Three”, for my gt-niece’s birthday party in September. I drew hearts and flowers round it. Her mummy stood it on the tea-table at her birthday picnic.
    Always pleased to see a fellow Etsian featured in someone’s blog post – yay for Kate!

  66. Jackie King Says:

    I use a chalk board to leave a ‘jobs to do’ list for my DH!

  67. Sanna Says:

    lovely tags indeed!!

  68. Manda Says:

    I drew (or tried to draw) a set of farm animals for my daughter – pig, horse, cow and sheep.

  69. r4 Says:

    When visiting these blogs that are written by the same author, he has a lot of followers.

  70. Wrightboysmum Says:

    These are just lovely. Chalkboard tags are a fab idea. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  71. Mandy Says:

    I remember playing school on a chalkboard but nothing since. Schools now use whiteboards. I love the tags though! So cute!


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