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Scrapbooking wake-up call :: Giveaway

scrapbooking giveaway
scrapbook page
Good morning! There’s a challenge coming right up to start the Saturday cropping, but first of all, a new giveaway! I have a big box of scrapping stash to send to one lucky commenter.

TO ENTER leave a comment on this post saying one thing you want to scrapbook today! Easy, right? But this is a Saturday only giveaway and it ends tonight (13th August 2011) at midnight UK time. The winner will be posted on Monday!

And don’t forget… participate all weekend long, share your work and comment for the chance to win a $100 shopping spree at Two Peas in a Bucket OR use code SHIPSL for free US shipping on a $35 order (non-digital, non-phase out product) this weekend only!


13 August 2011

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308 Comments for Scrapbooking wake-up call :: Giveaway

  1. Jo Says:

    I would be happy to scrap anything just at the moment – I seem to have lost the knack. But I have some great photos of the boys and their cousins which I want to scrap – to get down on paper some of the very happy memories from our summer holiday this year.

  2. Sabine Says:

    Just everything! I’m a very happy girl today and will spend the whole day with your challenges and scrapping. I will mainly use my brandnew photos from my trip to Norway and I have just finished the sticker-challenge! :-))

  3. Shannon H. Says:

    I have finished 2 pages today- I’m looking forward to getting more done today. I have so many pictures of my kids to scrap. Lots to choose from!

  4. Cathy Green Says:

    We have just come back from a lovely (if windy) camping holiday to Wales so I’m hoping to get a fair few of the photos from there scrapped today.

  5. Trisha H Says:

    Today I would like to scrapbook our summer trip to the mountains. I did a travel journal while we were there, but I want to scrap some layouts as well.

  6. Karen Says:

    Wahoo! I am so backed up, too many projects to name. But Probably a summer LO as it’s freshest in my mind!

  7. Diane Says:

    I already have the beginnings of the next layout (for the sticker challenge) on my desk but I would really like to scrap a heritage photo (or two?) today.

  8. Fay Says:

    I’ve just had a new packet of photos delivered so I’ve got lots of choice but definitely want to get a start on our holiday photos.

  9. Amy Ulen Says:

    Well, as it is only slightly past midnight, I’m going to bed, but my goal for Saturday is to finish the LO I started at a crop tonight.

  10. Karin Says:

    Would loke to start with an album about The Monkey Sandwich Band. an alias for my favourite singer. And à want to finisch some flippages.

  11. Carrie Says:

    Scrapbooking Flea Market finds and smash pages filled with ads of Markets I attended or plan to during this season. Thanks for the chance!

  12. Melissa Says:

    I have some photos of my daughter’s hockey rep trial that I had printed a few weeks ago that I want to get scrapped. I am so proud of her – she made the team!

  13. Natalie G Says:

    I want to scrapbook some of our holiday photos from last year!

  14. ArtJourney Says:

    I’d like to Scrapbook more about my mom today. I’m catching up with her story. Thanks for this weekend Shimelle

  15. Sheena x Says:

    I’ve got a page in my head i’d really like to make today featuring a photo taken on a recent trip to Cairo.

  16. ifa Says:

    I am going to scrap some photos of us whale watching of Cape Cod

  17. Amy N Says:

    Today I want to scrapbook my European vacation that we took last year. I hope that time allows it!

  18. Azimuth Says:

    I want to scrap some wedding photos…

  19. Alison Says:

    I would like to scrapbook some of my photo’s from yesterday as it was my sons 13th birthday and we came down to London and visited the Hummingbird Bakery for cupcakes. I didn’t take an awful lot of photos though!!

  20. wannabe rebel Says:

    Anything actually I haven’t scrapped much recently :(

  21. Wrightboysmum Says:

    I’m hoping to scrap my son and the dog and some Florida holiday photos. I’m hoping to get some challenges done as well.

  22. Jackie Ashton Says:

    I would like to scrap a recent photo of my son, taken this week for the Sticker Challenge.

  23. kim Says:

    I’m really excited to scrap a few photos I took of my daughter and her friend getting ready 4 the school disco.
    Happy scrapping Saturday everybody :o)

  24. Sarah Says:

    I hope to scrap a photo of my DH and I from our 16th Wedding Anniversary yesterday :)

  25. Judith Says:

    I’d really like to get on with the wee album I’m doing for my DS’s 22nd birthday this week and participate in your weekend but I’m so busy. hopefully I’ll get to something this evening. Have a fab day

  26. Maribel Says:

    I want to start my new notebook. Well, I wish I can do it today…

  27. Elizabeth Says:

    I would like to scrap a photo from my cousin’s wedding. Not because it was a wedding but because it was my first wedding as the photographer. :)

  28. Leah Says:

    One thing I would love to scrapbook today is…a real photo on real paper! Currently travelling and with zero stash makes for a pretty uncrafty person, but I am doing my best with limited supplies. I am picking up some photo prints tomorrow so hopefully I can get them on some pretty paper and satisfy my crafty fingers!

  29. Gemma Says:

    I would love to scrap my sons fingerpainting pictures but have been trying for months but just cant seem to get it together so hoping i will find the inspiration i need today!

  30. Becky Brombley Says:

    I would love to get some holiday pictures scrapped from our recent trip to Cornwall.

  31. steffigo Says:

    Today I want to scrap our visit to Circus Krone in November 2010.

  32. Philippa Says:

    I would like to scrap the beautiful photos I have from my nieces 2nd birthday party. She has grown up so fast, so I feel an utter need to get her young days on camera, and to journal about the cute and crazy things that she does!

  33. Kirsty Riach Says:

    I am in the midst of scrapping photos of a canoe trip that my fiancé and his brother took around one of the lochs in Northern Ireland. Some great photos that need to be scrapped whilst the two of them remember the details :)

  34. lynn Says:

    I want to scrap some old seaside photos today if I can get the time.

  35. Jackie Says:

    I want to scrap some of the folder of photos that arrived this week using some new thickers I got on sale

  36. Wendy Miller Says:

    I am hoping to scrap with stickers tonight to enter the stickery challenge, I’m at work until late tonight so it really will be a challenge but I’ll give it a go :-)

  37. Mary Anne Says:

    I just want to make a dent in the boxs of photos back from when I had to print allllll the photos to see them. 1000s of them still unscrapped. A nice side benefit is that looking at photos of my teens makes me remember, when they are beng…well, TEENS, how sweet they were when little. It may just extend their lives a little because some days I could quite happily wring their necks! :)

    Mary Anne

  38. Catherine Says:

    I’m looking forward to scrapping the pics from camp bestival a few weekends ago! Lots of bright colours!! X

  39. Angelfish Says:

    I would like to scrap the rest of the photos from a holiday 3 years ago!

  40. Mel Says:

    I want to scrap some really old photos of greek holidays past and some our trip to the US last year. Can’t wait to get going today.

  41. Maria Says:

    I would love to scrap some of my pictures from our summer vacation to California!!

  42. Sarah S Says:

    Good morning, I’m wanting to scrap more photos of the holiday Mum and I had so that I can have the LOs printed and make into an album for her to keep as she doesn’t have any photos of that holiday yet xx

  43. Jenny Says:

    I’d like to scrapbook my main pages for my monthly pages I have been doing – either that or a photo of my son pretending to be a tree!

  44. Liz Says:

    Like Jo, scrapping anything would be a plus- I haven’t been motivated lately. But I do have it in mind to do a couple more pages for my ‘about me’ album.
    By the way, the two peas code works for us internationals too, at least in part- it will give you $5 off your shipping charges. Every little bit helps, right?! :)

  45. Ali Says:

    I have a bunch of old (pre-digital) photos which I have found hard to scrap up til now. I’d like to end this weekend having scrapped at least one of these photos.

  46. Chipper Says:

    Well i just printed off about 50 pages of photos to inspire me this weekend, and while I don’t expect to do them all (LOL), I would like to start on them. My goal today is to do at least 2 completed layouts as I am at work all day :-)

  47. Michelle Says:

    I want to scrapbook some of the photos I have had hear for months and haven’t scrapped yet

  48. Joanne Says:

    I just want to scrapbook something, Im not fussy, just anything would do :) I havent managed to make anything in a couple of months now so Im due for something! hehe

  49. Beki Norman Says:

    I am hoping to scrap more of my best friend’s wedding album as I want to give it to her for Christmas

  50. Rachel Says:

    Want to scrap about my son dropping out of Uni. Very painful but want to scrap my thoughts

  51. Scrapdolly Says:

    Morning eceryone – I can’t play tomorrow so today i want to scrap as many challenges as possible making pages for my California album. Done one so far – hope to do another 4!!!

  52. Tracy G Says:

    I’m looking forward to scrapping some old holiday photos – before the new ones get developed! :)

  53. mariangeles_spain Says:

    I’d love to scrapbook more pages for my baby nephew album, but I’m in the middle of a major reorganization and can’t get to my stuff… it’ll be worth it!!!

  54. becslb Says:

    I actually want to scrap a quote today but I have a pile of summer holiday photos as well!

  55. Hester Says:

    I want to scrap about my holiday to france this summer, just to start scrapping again is already wonderfull!

  56. Lisa Says:

    Good morning! I would like to scrap our trip to see Legally Blonde the Musical. It was such a fun night ~ lots of pink needed I think!!

  57. Donna Says:

    I’m going to scrap the remaining photos from our Florida trip four years ago so that I can make a start on the photos from this year’s holiday in Florida!

  58. Jane Says:

    You know having now spent hours helping my son get this school history assignment in some sort of order (no I didn’t do it for him but he needed help putting it together) I will be SO happy just to get anything scrappy done today.

  59. kathb Says:

    Im going to scrapbook today ! After Ive does the chores for elderly Parents. Think I may just scrapbook a photo of my lovely children by the beach earlier in the week.

  60. Susan T Says:

    Anything would be good – seem to have lost my mojo a bit, although these challenges have certainly inspired me and I have some photos from our holiday this year to get me started!

  61. Jules Says:

    I can’t wait to scrap some photos taken a couple of weeks ago at my bil’s – including some of his chickens!

  62. luluuk Says:

    Just back from a week at Center Parcs with my 3 boys – so they need to be scrapped!

  63. Sabine SR Says:

    Today I want to scrapbook my kids taking down a huge tree in our garden. And I do have the wedding pictures of my parents that need to go on a page.

  64. Caroline Says:

    Today, I really want to scrapbook some photo’s from my last trip to Malta. Scrapbooking has taken a bit of a back seat recently due to work, so I am using my 6 weeks off (never thought I’d be grateful for a broken leg) to do some much needed catching up. Although, before I start my scrapping, I have to go and meet the fella’s family for the first time :-0

  65. SarahLP Says:

    Today I would love to scrapbook some photos of me and my boys taken on Beachy Head yesterday.

  66. Rachel Shanahan Says:

    I really need to scrap the picture of Jacob turning 3 this weekend. I need to get them done as he turns 4 on Monday.

  67. Emma Says:

    I would love to scrap some photos of my holidays to Crete. I went in 2005, 2006 and 2010, and I’ve not scrapped a single photo yet!

  68. helen Says:

    Any scrapping would be a bonus – we have a guest (hurray) so none will be done ‘til next week (sigh)

  69. Susi Says:

    The first (and probably only) thing I want to scrap today is a photo of my son when he is the spit of his Grandpa (my Dad) who is no longer with us.

  70. jane Says:

    I would love to scrap a layout about what I’m loving right now

  71. Sarah Giles Says:

    Today I’m scrapping honeymoon photos … from 8 years ago! :)

  72. Mandy Says:

    I don’t care, anything would be fantastic, i’m a photographer and this is the first Saturday in yonkersville that I’ve not had a wedding or portrait shoot, once I get myself dressed I am heading to the kitchen, delving into these challenges and will not be disturbed until I have scrapped my little butt off :)

  73. rach - purplecrafter Says:

    I just want to try and do 1 page about anything. I’m really ill today so feeling gutted that I can’t do more but if I get 1 page done I will be happy.

  74. Suky Says:

    I AM scrapping today, going to a crop and taking my ‘Explore’ class papers with me. Have a great day with Shimelle, everyone.

  75. carrie Says:

    Good morning! I have a busy day planned but am hoping to get SOMETHING scrapped this evening, and it will be another photo from our holiday last year as I am trying to catch up with them!

  76. Emy Says:

    I’d love to scrapbook some of last year’s holiday photos, but as I’m getting ready for this year’s holiday, I’m not sure I’ll be able to squeeze it in!

  77. Angie Says:

    I seem to be quite on top of scrapping holidays, events, old family photos etc but I have a collection of random photos that I love but that don’t belong with anything else so I will be working on those “randoms” today.

  78. Vicki Says:

    I would love to find time to scrap anything at the moment! Being the school holidays I have done lots of things with my beautiful girls and have some fab pictures I’d love to scrap, unfortunately as I’m a Childminder this is also my busiest time :)

  79. Jenny B Says:

    Hmmm… I want to finish the LO I started, it has proper postal stamps on it! Get a photo order in and maybe even ‘lick’ a few of the challenges :) phew

  80. jenna Upson Says:

    i have a zillion photos of my little boy that i regularly scrap, but today i want to scrap a photo of a different subject other than him and me!

  81. Gayle Redhead Says:

    I have a billion photos to scrapbook and maybe, once I have made the huge amount of cards I have to do for all the birthdays coming up at the end of this month, I might actually get some time to scrap! Wouldn’t that be a novelty?

  82. Linda trace Says:

    We went to the park today and had a “picnic” (which consisted of muffins we bought on the way to the park ad juice we brought from home) according to my 3 y.o’s specifications. It was such a beautiful day, we had a great time. So I definitely want to scrapbook that today.

  83. Georgia Says:

    I’m wanting to do some graduation pictures of our granddaughter. Since she leaves for college this coming week, I’m thinking it’s about time!!!

  84. Alison Waller Says:

    I would like to scrap my wedding – having just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary I think it’s about time I knuckled down and did some layouts of the best day in my life and this template is just the thing to get my creative juices flowing!

  85. Naomi Says:

    My day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach last week – great fun!! But as I’m still here on holiday I can’t scrap until next week :(

  86. TracyW Says:

    I want to scrap some more photos of our 2009 holiday to the Isle of Wight – half way through them now but we move in 2 weeks and I need to get finished before then….

  87. Jacky S Says:

    Today I’m going to scrap my first meeting with a blog friend from the USA.

  88. Julia Says:

    I am still scrapping photos from our holiday in Florida two years ago so would like to some more of those. Plus I have a huge pile from photobox sitting on my desk staring at me!

  89. RenaJ Says:

    I’m currently working on an album for my niece about her last day at school and prom, and have hit a wall, so any of those photos would be good.

  90. Anne Lord Says:

    As it’s my son’s birthday today, I think a l.o. featuring him would be appropriate

  91. Sanna Says:

    I would love to scrap some older photos that have been waiting to be scrapped for a loooong time.

  92. Louise Says:

    I would love to scrap any of my many China photos, I took +1200 photos and feeling a bit overloaded with images and so much I want to convey, just to make a start would be great.

  93. kate Says:

    I would love to scrap my honeymoon photos. We took 3000, been back 4 weeks and I’ve made about 10 pages which I’m pleased with, still got about 2982 to go though! :)

  94. Louise Says:

    today i will scrap a holiday photo…I’ve scrapped the first one using your first sketch and intend to do another today – thank you xx

  95. Claire Says:

    We are on holiday today so I am snatching peeks at the scrap on my iPad in-between activities. We have taken some great photos of my daughter hanging out with her grandad. We live ten hours by plane apart so these special images need to be preserved. Especially the ones on the elephants!

  96. Ellie Says:

    Yesterday we took an Afternoon trip to one of our close by parks were we ended up being lucky to have the park to ourselves which meant I got to get my camera out and have fun w/ the kids and we had so much fun and ended taking over a 100 pics! So my goal is to use those pics over your weekend fun. Thanks so much for this fun & stash of goodies

  97. ninarsku Says:

    hmm. I’m going to scrap about our holiday and about my hometown. At least about those things! I’m planning to scrap all day! yey!

  98. shire Says:

    Good morning :)
    Today I want to scrap a layout with stickers from different collections for the challenge..I also want to use a special photo on that layout :)

  99. Liz Says:

    Today I want to start to scrap some of my summer holiday pictures – awaiting a delivery of the prints right now :)

  100. Kiala Says:

    I’m going to scrap about Thomas the tank engine :)

  101. Olivia Says:

    Today I plan to scrapbook our trip up the mountains in France :)

  102. Leslie Says:

    Today I would like to scrap some photos of rainbows that I’ve been meaning to do – they also fit in with the colour section of Explore so I’m hoping to use one of those layouts for inspiration.

  103. Caroline B Says:

    I’d be happy to scrap anything but took some gorgeous pics of my little one & my dad today collecting pine cones & I would love to get that page done.

  104. Kerstie Says:

    I want to scrap that blurry photo of my daughter and little fat dog asleep in bed, noses peeking out of the duvet – it’s a naff shot but I LOVE IT and want to bring out its snuggly warmth! x

  105. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    I will be working on some photos of a friends daughter and maybe even some from my wedding. Also have some cards in the list as well!

  106. Anso Says:

    I want to scrap more photos from our Tenerife trip :)

  107. Brenda White Says:

    Ive got to have a go at one of the challenges today and I’m currently working on a 40 years wedding anniversary minibook so I’ll hopefully get some more of that done too.

  108. anneberit Says:

    Today I plan on scrapping with a couple of photos from 2005 that I found the other day. I’d probably do it for one of your challenges. Can’t wait! :)

  109. Angie Gutshall Says:

    I’m scrapping my daughter’s baby pictures for my mom’s album. She doesn’t scrap but loves to look at them so I make one for her :)

  110. Lydia Says:

    Yesterday my vacation pictures came in the mail…so, afterwork..that’s what I’m starting to work on!

  111. Anne Says:

    Well, I managed to fall down the (15) stairs of the B&B we spent 3 days in. Hubby was kind enough to take pictures of my colorful bruises, so that’s what I will scrap this week-end, lol. xx

  112. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    I am now settling down for a day of crafting..and am looking forward to scrapping my new static caravan home, and the process of transforamtion.

  113. Val Thorpe Says:

    I want to scrap pics of my new baby Karma. I have seriously lost my mojo so I am going to have a go at the challenges and hopefully I will be good to go again. I love your work thank you for inspiring me. :D

  114. Carrie K Says:

    I want to scrap some birthday pictures. Mine, my nieces, a friends…lots of birthdays!

  115. Salamanda Says:

    A lo of T in the park including felt flowers and denim embellishments – at least that the current plan in my head.

  116. georgina Says:

    I just really really want to scrap photos from this year! LOL I feel so behind on my pages. This weekend challenge is just what I needed to motivate me

  117. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I’m so glad I came back from my hols today to see this in time! I’m feeling the need to scrap something about home today, something everyday. I love to go away but I sure love to come home again.

  118. Joanne Says:

    Just come back from a great holiday in Devon so some of those photos. Using some of my new border punches I have just treated myself to.

  119. sannika Says:

    I have an unfinished layout about my grandma’s school years on my desk. I hope I’ll be able to finish that and then scrapbook something totally different.

  120. wendy Says:

    morning Today i just want to complete 2 layouts this would mean that my Sydney album would be done xox

  121. Carolyn Says:

    Today, in fact all weekend I want to scrap some photographs from my recent holiday to Snowdonia.

  122. Danz Says:

    I really want to finish scrapbooking our photos from Disneyland Paris from March last year. :)

  123. Isabel Says:

    I would like to scrap a couple of my daughter’s summer photos…

  124. Juschka Says:

    I’m looking forward to finish a mini book I’m working on at the moment about a classic-car show with beautiful pics of our children.

  125. SmilynStef Says:

    Today I’m a cardmaking fool … lots of design team projects to finish for new releases … love it!

  126. Rebecca Says:

    lol – I want to scrap for every challenge you’ve made so far! At least get a start on them! :)

  127. Emma clark Says:

    Today I have already scrapped a pic that I never thought I would, of my pjs and feet! Pic to come when I get home. And now I’m gonna do something girly!

  128. tape Says:

    I wanna scrap a travel page! Or maybe about the party we had this Thursday that ended up being an all-nighter (I do have 2 pics of it)!

  129. Jean D Says:

    i’d like to scrap some photos of some lovely areas in our city

  130. Louise Says:

    I would love to sit down and scrap my new baby boy. He’s a week old and some of the photos of his first few days turned up this morning. Maybe when he’s sleeping later on I’ll get time.

  131. Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy Says:

    Today I would love to scrapbook pictures of the progress on our new home but since they are packed up I will settle for some fall projects instead.

  132. Christina T Says:

    I would like to scrapbook a couple of pages from my daughter’s high school graduation to finish her album. (Which is also my Explore goal this week :) I’m loving your scrapbook weekend-thanks for the chance to win!

  133. Amy M. Miller Says:

    I want to finish the layouts I started last week of 4th of July – from 2007. Oy.

  134. Steffi Says:

    I just want to finish an Mini about my babyboy who ist going to be a Schoolboy in a few weeks.

  135. Natalie Says:

    I have just one (or maybe two??) layouts to finish off photos from my 2008 vacation… I definitely want to finish at least one of them today!! We’re going on vacation to the same place this year, and I really want to finish the layouts before we leave!

  136. LisaE Says:

    I’m working on a two page layout of girls weekend from 2002. I’d like to get that completed today.

  137. Tara Says:

    I have such a pile of photos that I don’t know where to begin. I think I’ll start off the morning with some photos of the boys that are from last fall.

  138. Bekka Says:

    Today I would like to scrap! End of! I have a full day of teaching and then a possible trip out this evening … is it wrong to hope the trip does not happen so I can scrap instead?

    If I do get some scrappy time I have some lovely pictures of parrots from a recent Zoo trip that I am itching to play with …

    Here is to scrapping time …

  139. Laura Says:

    I want to scrapbook a goat standing on some stuff.

  140. Beverley Says:

    Today I am happy to scrap any photos but I am sure there will be some family photos in there somewhere, possibly of my nephew’s wedding.

  141. Jannette Says:

    I want to scrap some photos of us, my family, showing personalities right now. I was thinking about it a long time, today will be the perfect day. Thanks!!!!

  142. Angela Runkel Says:

    I hope to get day 2 of our summer vacation in Boston scrapped today. It’s the Freedom Trail, so there is quite a bit.

  143. julie Wan Says:

    Great way to spend a dull rainy Saturday, thank you

  144. katy Says:

    Well i would love to scrapbook a historic wall street piece with sepia pictures and pretend dollar embellishments… inspired by the current markets and the exam i just sat this morning on financial regulation and supervision. Knew there would eventually be a link between my boring day job and my passion for scrapping! X

  145. Debra E Says:

    I want to scrap a few photos I took for A Week in the Life that deserve their own full page layouts.

  146. Helen Says:

    Today I want to scrap our holiday photos from 2 weeks ago! :)

  147. Brenda B Says:

    We took our DGD to the fair a couple of weeks ago, and I’d really like to scrap some of those photos today.

  148. Crystal Says:

    I just want to scrap some of the many photos I have printed—whatever the subject might be that catches my eye. I’ve been working diligently this week on specific projects and now I just want to mix it up!

  149. Ginny Says:

    I’m hoping to scrap some wedding photos.

  150. sam Says:

    i want to scrap some older photos as never seem to get round to them always do ones ive just taken, off i go to start : )

  151. Heather B Says:

    Wedding photos, for sure! Even with just a small wedding, we ended up with over 300 pics from our day. Definitely would like to make a dent in that pile!

  152. rt in GA Says:

    I don’t know where to start! I really want to scrap the 456 pictures I just had printed.

  153. heather Says:

    I’d love to scrap something from my trip to Stockholm a couple of years ago, would like to get that album done soon!

  154. Isolde Says:

    I want to scrap about my vacation in the Dominican republic! Miss the country a lot :(

  155. April W Says:

    How fun! I have a few pics from a recent trip to the pool that I’m wanting to scrap. :) Thanks for the chance to win! – April W

  156. happysnapper Says:

    i want to scrap my sons 2nd birthday.

  157. Jill Says:

    One of the reasons I love to do online crops with challenges is that it makes me move outside my box! So when I sit down to scrap, I pull out those tricky photos…the ones that have been sitting in my box for which I had no ideas. When I get new photos, I go through them and think about the lay out I am going to do. I pull out the paper, sketch a thought and file them in my kit box but the leftovers are my biggest challenge. So today, I am going to scrap some of my “orphans”. Thanks for the inspiration!

  158. Bev Says:

    I want to start working on a small album of my daughter’s first “Father / Daughter Dance”.

  159. AllisonLP Says:

    One thing I want to scrapbook today, are some of the majestic animals we saw at the park last week. I don’t usually scrapbook animals… wonder if I have any paper that would work well? I guess I’ll find out today! TFS Shimelle, I’m having an awesome time!

  160. Tammy D Says:

    I am scrapbooking some summer photos this weekend. And I’ve got several layouts in various stages of completeness, so I plan to finish all of them. And I want to participate in a challenge or two! It’s going to be a busy scrappy weekend! :)

  161. pidgen Says:

    I really want to work on my week in the life project … and get started on a few of these challenges!! :)

  162. Jenny Gilbert Says:

    I would like to put together a 4th of July mini and also tackle some of your challenges today!

  163. Cheri Says:

    Love the morning call! Although I suppose it is well into the afternoon where you are, it is just 9 a.m. here… and today I plan to do some layouts in my moleskine journal project. And would so love to win some “stash”! I’ve started in mixed media and have very little in the way of “stash” to play with!

  164. Mariana Silva Says:

    What I really want to scrap today are the pics of my trip to england. They’ve been sitting on my desk for too long!

  165. Beth Ann Says:

    I am actually having a tough time figuring out what to scrap right now! I think I will do a page about my son who just turned 12, and is now taller than me!!

  166. LucyF Says:

    I’m fast approaching a deadline for a scrapbook project I’m in the middle of! I have 15 more double page LOs to complete in 10 days so I’d like to say that I intend to get several more of those completed today – but as I’m being dragged out to see “The Smurfs” by 2 young friends (age 4 & 6!) this afternoon, I will amend my plans to getting at least one page done today and at least 3 over the weekend! I will get there with the project, but I will also remind myself that I must plan more carefully in future to give myself a little more time for the next big project!!

  167. Ásdís Jónsdóttir Says:

    I am going to scrap pictures from Vestfirdir in Iceland

  168. Julia M. Says:

    Beautiful embellishments photo! I want to scrapbook my son’s birthday pictures. We just celebrated yesterday. Thanks for the chance to win!

  169. Carrie Says:

    I want to scrap a picture of my husband in front of the Monte Carlo casino,doing his best James bond 007 look. haha :)

  170. Candace Says:

    One thing I want to scrapbook today? Ice hockey pictures!

  171. Julie Says:

    I have an adorable picture of my daughter and nephew playing a video game. My daughter is “patiently” waiting for her turn. The look on her face in priceless. Loving all of your challenges.

  172. Jennifer Says:

    I need to scrap some uninspiring photos that have meaning to my boys, but I wasn’t a part of. Kind of challenging, so thanks for all the inspiration to get it done this weekend.

  173. ConnieC Says:

    I’d like to scrap an old family photo. I have some from both mine and my husband’s families. I’d love to do a few pages with those.

  174. Debbie Wilby Says:

    OK chores done now hurrah! So it’s scrapping for the rest of the weekend! I’m going to scrap some photos from 2003 at LegoLand!

  175. Elizabeth Hogg Says:

    I’d like to be able to scrap my daughter’s schooldays before she goes off to university.

  176. AngieS Says:

    I have so many layouts I want to do, not to mention several digital albums to complete…not really sure where to start? Perhaps a couple of pages from my son’s school album.

  177. Jenny McGee Says:

    I am going to a Close TO my Heart Open House today. I brought a couple page kits to complete while I am there. Then I want to scrap some of your challenges. Thanks for a chance to win.

  178. KelliL Says:

    I would like to scrap one image of me. I am getting so much better getting shots of myself, but still struggling at scrapbooking them.

  179. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    I have lots of things I want to scrap today, but one thing is my trip to Niagra Falls! My son’s 9th b-day, slip N slide photos…

  180. Gail Says:

    So behind in my scrapbooking, but I think I’ll work on a few pages from our beach vacation.

  181. kat Says:

    i would like to scrapbook some travel photos today! like you, mine are building up!

  182. KristinMarie Says:

    I want to scrapbook at least one of your challenges..

  183. Andrea M Says:

    I would like to scrapbook with some photos of my daughter’s 8th birthday party. Her favourite colour is yellow and I just want to play with bright happy colours today.

  184. Linda Says:

    I want to scrapbook with my new Mistable papers!

  185. Dogmatix Says:

    I would just love to b scrapping full stop. Am at work all weekend and don’t finish till 9 both days so no chance till Monday :(

  186. Zahra Says:

    I’d just like to scrap anything today – preferably of DD2 as I’ve just gone back to work this week and feel I need to really catch up on ‘baby’ pages compared to the hundreds I have of DD1!! (but have done play dates so far and am about to make jam, so anything would be a bonus!!)

  187. Linda S Says:

    Just waking up here in the USA. Had my cup of coffee and ready to roll! Today I want to scrapbook our day at the beach. It helps me to remember that even in the chaos of the week I can remember the fun times.

  188. Cynthia Says:

    I have a few cloud pictures I took some time ago that I’ve wanted to scrapbook, but have really not found a good way (that isn’t boring) to put them together in a layout. I guess that’s MY challenge for this week! ;-)

  189. Nathalie Says:

    Good morning! Just got up here on the West coast and finding so many new posts!!! I need to work on some layouts for my DT and would love to work on some challenges at the same time ;)

  190. Jackie Pocock Says:

    I received a new batch of photos which included some of my daughters birthday so looking forward to scrapping these today.

  191. SharonS Says:

    I would like to scrap my friends wedding mini album and carry on with my Explore playbook!

  192. jacki l Says:

    so many unfinished projects! i’ll just be happy if i get something finished.

  193. marianne Says:

    I’m not sure what pictures are going to inspire me when I sit down to create. Maybe some beach vacation photos from last summer.

  194. Gemma Says:

    Today I’m going to scrap something bright and summery to make up for the grey clouds outside my window.

  195. KateT Says:

    Literally just back from holiday and, like several others, I want to get stuck straight into those pics whilst everything is still fresh and fun in my mind.

    ** Kate **

  196. Ann Marie Says:

    Between having a 3 month old son & being ill this weekend, I’m not sure I’ll get to scrap, but if I do have time, I want to scrap some pics from his first visit to his grandparents’ farm. :-)

  197. Maria Says:

    I would like to scrap some of last school year’s pictures before the new one starts.

  198. Nancylee Says:

    Today i want to scrapbook about my honey: part of his birthday present this Sept.

  199. Juel Says:

    The first picture that came to mind is a picture of my oldest daughter when she was 3. She had to always carry around a small bowl of chips, it maybe fit 4.

  200. Janice Says:

    Good morning! I have some vintage photos of my mom feeding me as a baby that I’ve had scanned in, color corrected and printed for some time now. I’d like to create a layout with those this weekend. Thanks for the cool weekend crop, Shimelle!

  201. ann Says:

    I’m excited to break out my stickers for the sticker challenge! I buy them and I put them in a drawer and they’re forgotten! Today they will be the star attraction in a layout!

  202. Martine Says:

    I want to finish scrapping a page about my first snorkeling experience last winter during our trip to Cuba! I was quite surprised at myself since I’m a bit afraid of fish! lol!

  203. Heather Saxberg Says:

    With my boys starting school this past Thursday I am inspired to work on all the photos I have of them. I didn’t think there were many but I have been surprised by just how many I haven’t scrapped!

  204. Kim Says:

    I want to scrapbook these last days of my daughter being 15. She’ll be 16 in a week and a half and I just can’t believe it!

  205. Liann Says:

    It wouLd have to be pictures of me and my brother growing up….a than and now thing

  206. abbeyviolet Says:

    I am hoping to keep doing pages from our San Francisco trip. Started yesterday and think I will keep going as going so well just now.

  207. Kimberly K. Says:

    What a fabulous way to wake up! I want to scrap my picures from our trip to Idaho.

  208. chel Says:

    I’d like to scrap the last few weeks- lots of movies, gardening, reading. :)

  209. Christen keumm Says:

    I have a year long mini book I’m working on and I need to finish out July :)

  210. Jenny A Says:

    I found the very first picture of me and my newborn son that my mom took of us! My son is now 11. It was before we owned a digital camera so I hadn’t seen this photo before. I’m so excited to scrap it! This is what I love about scrapbooking! Keeping the memories alive with photos and lots of pretty paper and stickers!!

  211. Sylvie Hoobanoff Says:

    I am working on our Mexican vacation album. I’m excited to get started on all the challenges!

  212. Kate Says:

    Oh it has to be my teenage son…17 and into black in a big way how hard is gonna be to not put flowers perls and bakers twine on lol…well we will see.
    Kate xx

  213. Marian Says:

    Today I would like to scrap my summwr trip. Its timw to get it in an album.

  214. Jennifer Says:

    I will be scrapping about my relationship with my ten-year old niece. I am making an album for her tenth birthday, with the journaling written as a long letter to her.

  215. Mel Says:

    Today I want to scrapbook the meet-up I had yesterday with a blogfriend :) One of the most exciting things about my trip to the US is that I can meet several of my American blog buddies! For now I’ll only really be able to do a page in my travel journal, but I do plan to get that done today, and I look forward to doing a full layout with the photos when I get home :)

  216. Stephanie Says:

    Today I plan to scrapbook stories about the places I’ve been and the places I want to go :)

  217. Shannon Says:

    I want to scrapbook a page for my teenage daughter using the lyrics of Katy Perry’s “Firework”, because it has been such an amazing thing watching her grow into herself and become this sparkling, fun person over this last year. I want to let her see that.

  218. lynn Says:

    and I did it!

  219. Michele Says:

    Today I really want to finish soem pages for my daughter’s baby album.

  220. Tiffany W Says:

    I really want to scrapbook a couple photos from my husband’s college graduation. It’s been three years, but I haven’t created a layout yet. I start and then don’t like where it is going, so I stop. I am going to get it done today! :)

  221. Peggy Says:

    I want to get a least one more page for my travel album done today.

  222. Kathy Says:

    Today I will make at least one page using photo(s)from my trip to America or Canada – 19 years ago!

  223. Sara B. Says:

    I want to scrapbook my Week In The Life project!

  224. Kim Strother Says:

    I promised the kids a trip to the beach today, so I won’t get to play along and scrap till tonight…but I’m taking my camera to the beach and I hope to get some great photoa and scrap them tonight. I don’t scrap chronologically, I just scrap whatever inspired me at the moment!

  225. carol finlay Says:

    Just the chance to scrap another photo, one less gathering dust.

  226. ana roat Says:

    We’re headed out to do errands and a bit of garage sale shopping for our vacation trailer. This evening I’ll scrap where we went and what we found.

  227. cinback Says:

    Today I am scrapbooking my sister.

  228. Aussie Mon Says:

    I’d really like to scrap another puppy photo for my dogs album or perhaps one of my Iceland photos….hmmm decisions!!! :o)

  229. LisaZ Says:

    Hey, I just finished a page for my 2010 JYC album!! Working on this and incorporating some of your challenges, too. Fun times, Shimelle! :)

  230. jessica c Says:

    Today, I’d like to get some more of our beach photos from Father’s Day scrapped.

  231. Stefanie Says:

    I have yet to scrapbook about our youngest yet and he is 6 months old on the dot today! Better get cracking!!!

  232. Laura Says:

    I’d like to start putting together a postcard minibook that I just bought binder rings for. . . hopefully there will be time today!

  233. ellen Roberg-Askim Says:

    Hi I am inspired by your craftpaper challenge. I have this gorgious picture of my husband and his friend. Taken by hipstamatic for iPhone. Now my “baby” turns 4 tomorrow so I can not take out my stash, I need to cook! Anyway I keep putting things in a bag for the layout!

  234. Hanna Says:

    I’d love to get a few more pages done for my travel album about a trip I did 5 years ago!!

  235. Taffy Says:

    Really just to scrap anything at this point. I have pictures out but can’t figure out what to scrap. I’ve been working on other project for family n friends that I lost mojo for myself. Lol. I hope I win! ;)

  236. Kim Thomas Says:

    I want to scrapbook some of my daughters favorites on her birthday instead of just focusing on the party.

  237. kate bucci Says:

    I am scrapbooking last year’s holiday (and it was only a long weekend!) I don’t know what I’d ever do if I went on a long trip!

  238. Cyndee K. Says:

    I want to scrapbook some photos from my daughter’s swim lessons…

  239. Mini Says:

    Today is our 30th wedding anniversary :0) so I want to scrap one of our wedding pictures from 13th August 1981.
    Sue x

  240. Trine Brandt-Lassen Says:

    Today I am scrapbooking photos I matched to paper plus embellishments about a year ago…among them a photo of me and my sister from 1980.It feels good to finally get the ‘job’ done!

  241. JulieFrog Says:

    I want to scrap our day out at a falconry display – I have some papers waiting for the right photos – and these are they! :o)

  242. Gina Van Vliet Says:

    I want to create my first page of my a trip to San Francisco I took TWO years ago (yes, I’m a little behind).

  243. Caroline Says:

    I want to scrap some of my old family photos and tell the stories before I completely forget. If I have enought time there are also photos of Paris screaming at me for attention!

  244. Shirley K Says:

    I’m in the process of scrapbooking photos of the baby . . . hard to find a good chunk of time to do that!

  245. BARB T Says:

    One thing, really? I have a hundred floating in my head. If I can manage just one lo of my almost 20 year old dgd, I will be very happy. She is a priority right now.

  246. libeeti Says:

    I want to continue with my elsdest ‘first year’ album, and make a page with a photo of him in my mom’s arms.

  247. Jo Says:

    I am going to scrap pictures of the Big cat photo shoot I went on in March, the only problem is deciding on which of the many fab photos to choose!

  248. Madeline Says:

    I would really like to get some of my Week in the Life LO done with some of the challenges

  249. Penny Says:

    We have just come back from holiday and I have some great pictures of the kids to scrap much better than the broken window we came back to. I feel the need for a cheerful page the brighter the better

  250. Susan Says:

    Today I am going to catch up on the family photo’s for my 2011 album

  251. jennifer grace Says:

    I want to scrap some photos that just turned up today from photobox – including my first photos printed from instagram and hipstamatic. Can’t wait to try scrapping these funky square photos !

    (It’s your fault I have hipstamatic by the way – after your post about scrapping using it!)

  252. vmcm Says:

    I am heading into my scraproom as soon as I finish my coffee! What a perfect wway to spend a Saturday. Thanks.

  253. nitasha Says:

    Today I want to scrapbook pictures from my son’s spring baseball season! I’m hoping to use the layouts from the challenges to create a mini album!

  254. Melissa Says:

    I want to scrapbook my trip to SLC from last month today! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  255. Nienke Says:

    I’m going to scrapbook pictures of the last holiday together with my boyfriend. He is now stationed in Afghanistan and scrapbooking those pictures really cheer me up :)

  256. Travelagent Says:

    Working on my vacation album. I have about 300 photos or Russia to work with.

  257. rockchickhelen Says:

    Today I want to scrapbook a photo of my husband and I.

  258. Tagati Says:

    I recently lost one of my feline companions and would like to do a memorial page.

  259. Brenda O'Reilly Says:

    today I want to scrap some of the photo’s I took a while ago of my Nephew from South Africa and our trip to London and Stone Henge.

  260. Heather D Says:

    I would love to scrap the trip to the bronx zoo we took last week. Lots of Lego animals! And a downpour or two :)

  261. Nikki Says:

    I want to scrapbook photos I took at the Eden Project

  262. Kim Says:

    Today I would like to scrap a layout with pictures of the bed I slept in on my holiday It was so comfortable- it was a four poster.

  263. ruth Says:

    my 25th wedding anniversary – I want it to be pink and a little bit funky!

  264. Julie, momto7 Says:

    I want to finish a batch of 2008 photos, and move on to 2009. New goodies would be extremely inspiring! :)

  265. Jenn Serrano Says:

    I would like to scrapbook my camping pictures today.

  266. Alison Says:

    I have two great big boxes and one smaller box of photos I need to scrap – I would be just delighted to get a few of them onto a LO or two today or any day!! <LOL>

  267. Christina Carnoy Says:

    My past year in Paris, France.

  268. Tam2 Says:

    I’m afraid that I am in need of photos to scrap – so that’s my job this weekend. I wish I could play along with all of you. I am enjoying seeing all of the inspiration though! : )

    Thanks Shimelle for all of your great ideas!

  269. Be(e) Says:

    Today I have a card to make for my sisters’ birthday; Probably no time for more than that, but will get scrapping your challenges tomorrow. They’re fun ones, can’t wait to get started!! Thanks fr soing all this!

  270. Robin W. Says:

    I have some left to do on my Week in the Life that I would like to get finished.

  271. Smeepee Says:

    I really want to scrapbook a photo from my brother’s wedding today. :) Running out of time though! :P

  272. Heather R. Says:

    I have so many different things I want to scrapbook, I don’t even know where to start. I would be happy to scrapbook anything today…although anything Disney would be a plus :)

  273. Lydia Says:

    I doubt I’ll get a lot of time to scrap today (but hope to steal a few moments!). I’d love to finish a page I started yesterday about my mom learning to play pool at the age of 81. I’ve also had an itch to make some cards, so maybe I’ll make some card kits from scraps and do some fussy cutting so I’ll be ready to go.

  274. Tina C. Says:

    I am working on scrapping our beach vacation from this summer, so I’ll be playing with those pics and a few others from our fun-filled summer.

  275. Rachel B Says:

    I would love to finally scrap a picture of my son’s first Mr Whippy ice cream! All you can see is the ice-cream and these big gorgeous brown eyes. swoon :)

  276. Andrea MacDonald Says:

    We did a whale watching tour a few weeks ago and I have been dying to scrap that day. So here’s hoping I will get to that today!!

  277. Meghann Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Today I plan on scrapbooking photos from our trip to California last year!

  278. Tenny Kusuma Says:

    Today, I plan to scrapbook about me and my daughter. Just a simple everyday life. Thanks :D

  279. amanda Says:

    I want to scrap some more photos of my dad it can sometimes still be quite painful to having lost him 2 yr ago but i want to cherish all the good memories

  280. Sharon Says:

    Today would be my dad’s 90th birthday, so tonight I’m going to be scrapbooking a photo of him.

  281. CB Says:

    I’d like to scrapbook our cruise pictures from last year.

  282. jenny Says:

    today, i’m gonna work on my baby’s photos

  283. Heather T. Says:

    I want to scrap photos of my vacation this past week!

  284. Jimjams Says:

    Well having been out in the fresh air all day today, I’d now like to scrap a page from our day out!

  285. Kristin Says:

    I am feeling so inspired! There’s still much of the day left here in Seattle…I am hoping to work on some layouts of my middle child’s first year. Love all the pink, flowers, butterflies, and most of all…all the sweet photos of her (she is approaching three and I’d love to get this first year album wrapped up!). Thanks for all the inspiration and fun challenges!

  286. Phylis Says:

    Today I celebrate my 35th Wedding Anniversary and to mark this auspicious occasion I’ve decided it’s time to scrap my wedding from 1976! I have all the original telegrams, the gift tags, the little noteboook which was my “wedding planner” and, of course, the official wedding photo album – there’s no time like the present to get this started.

  287. Jen G... Says:

    Finish our Chicago trip album!

  288. Steph Says:

    i plan to scrapbook some more easter pix of my family

  289. Louise Pettman Says:

    As today’s my wedding anniversary, I’d better scrap either a wedding photo (cos’ I’ve still got loads to do!) or a photo of my lovely husband. Bless him!

  290. MichelleR Says:

    I want to scrap something. Anything. Doesn’t matter to me. I just need to get my mojo back!

  291. AndreaHB Says:

    I would love to scrap anything that gets me back on track….oh, I think I can hear our Puerto Rico album calling! So, guess I’ll start there and see how it goes…

  292. Kirsten Says:

    My trip to SF. I drew the sketch during my conference because I was so inspired.

  293. judy Says:

    I have photos from a recent holiday already printed – time to get some of them onto a page, I feel.

  294. Rachel H Says:

    Today (tonight at this point!) I want to scrapbook photos from blueberry picking that have been languishing for a year in my box!

  295. Margie S Says:

    I want to scrapbook some photos of our summer – slip n sliding, the circus & the kids riding the wagon down the hill.

  296. Sharyn Says:

    I’m planning to scrap my 270 vacation photos, if the power holds out! it’s stormy here, so I wrote down all the challenges just in case

  297. ruth Says:

    hope Im here in time! I want to scrapbook some gorgeous autumn leaves photos of the kids at the park this weekend.

  298. Immi Says:

    the one thing I’d like to scrapbook today is my grandson’s softball pictures

  299. Dawn Says:

    I hope to finish my Week In The Life scrapbook tonight. I’m loving these challenges.

  300. Lori Heinssen Says:

    I would like to scrap an ordinary Saturday. Thanks for the inspiration.

  301. mary green Says:

    I have this picture of my boyfriend, who just glows in the sunlight. It’s around sunset and it’s at the top of a cliff looking out over the city of Golden Colorado. I can still feel the breeze across my face when i took it. I would love to scrap that picture.

  302. Laura Davidson Says:

    I am scrapbooking layouts.. thanks to your challenges.. I am mostly a card maker but have been challenged here.. so thanks so much….
    hugs.. Laura

  303. Charity Says:

    I took a couple of photos with my Guy yesterday on our walk together. I can’t wait to get them printed out and scrap ‘em! {we have 5 kiddos, so a walk alone together doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon ;) }

  304. Glorimar Says:

    I think I am late to participate, anyway aim making the first layout of the weekend. 8oD

  305. Michelle Clement Says:

    Eeek! How awesome! My fingers are crossed!! I want to scrapbook these super-cute photos I took last weekend of my nephew at the cave park we visited. Cute! :)

  306. Cindy Trimble Says:

    I would like to scrapbook my son’s Sr. Cotillion….from 2005!

  307. Jo Says:

    I’m hoping to scrap lots today but I’m really wanting to use bright colours

  308. Melanie K. Says:

    I would like to finish our beach trip photos from a month ago!

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