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4x6 Photo Love :: May 2011

4x6 Photo Love - May 2011 :: free online scrapbooking class
free online scrapbooking class :: 4x6 photo love All class content © Click here for supplies and here for this month’s message board thread.

It’s the 30th of the month, which means a new edition of 4×6 Photo Love, a free online scrapbooking class I’m teaching all year at Two Peas in a Bucket. As it’s the fifth month of the year, we’re scrapping five 4×6 photos. This month’s design is… gasp… a double page! So something a little different than the four prompts so far. It’s not all doubles from here on out though – some of the pages later in the year pile on a surprising number of 4×6 prints on a single 12×12! But this month, I’m hoping you’ll give the double page layout a try.

free online scrapbooking class
The design concept this month includes four of the photos as landscape, so they can create a straight line all across the double page. Then borders go above and below the photos, and a fifth photo is added above the line. That picture can be either portrait or landscape, and it’s a great way to give a bit of special treatment to a single photo.

free online scrapbooking class
These two layouts follow the same principles, and it’s this second layout that I create step by step in this month’s video. Grab the beverage of your choice and have a watch! And don’t laugh too much when I start dropping things on the floor. (Live television presenters: how do you not fall to pieces on an hourly basis, I ask?!)

Click here for a printable PDF, full list of supplies and more details on the class page at Two Peas!

free online scrapbooking class
This month I have two special guests playing along with the class. This first page comes from May Flaum, who you might remember from her five ideas post not too long ago! May opted for embellishing the middle border, all the way across the page. Perfect for lots of little bits and bringing in plenty of colour and texture! Check out May’s page and supply list here at Two Peas and if you like her style, be sure to check out her blog and Etsy shop too.

free online scrapbooking class
My second guest is Melissa Stinson, often better known as the Scrappy Jedi. I love how she added her embellishment to the top left corner of the layout, so that’s a third option while still using the same basic outline for your two page layout. Click here to see Melissa’s supplies and to add her page to your Two Peas bookmarks.

Every month, there are two ways to win a prize for participating in 4×6 Photo Love! The first is at Two Peas: create your page and upload it to the gallery. Be sure to tick the box for this challenge in step four of the upload process. One participant will win a gift certificate to Two Peas to go shopping for whatever you like. But there’s a second chance to win right here: on this post, leave a comment with a link to your page (in the gallery at Two Peas or on your blog, whatever you prefer) and one of those links will win Two Peas shopping money too! The deadline for both is the 29th of June.

And it’s time to catch up with some winners while I’m on that subject! I’m happy to announce Jen, Charity and Lisa all have 4×6 Photo Love prizes coming their way!

Will you be next? Just choose five 4×6 photos to scrap and follow along with this month’s class prompt. I hope you enjoy a bit of double-page fun!


PS: Feel free to grab the button there on the left for your blog or to share this class with a friend – since it’s free, the more the merrier! And you’re welcome to use any supplies and any photos, so there’s no boundaries to your scrapping with this year-long project.

30 May 2011

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35 Comments for 4x6 Photo Love :: May 2011

  1. NancyLee Says:

    Love, love, love this layout Shimelle! Pls. Help me get off the internet so I can do actual work-like scrapbooking my own photos?

  2. Maja Says:

    This is my first double page and I love the sketch! Thanks Shimelle!

  3. amy Says:

    Lovely layout! I was just wondering how you get such a great photo of a double page layout? That is such a struggle for me!

  4. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Another great sketch, thank you! I like to do doubles now and then but they don’t always work – this looks like a cert xx

  5. Mel Says:

    Yay, that was fun! I’ve been saving a set of 5 photos just for this prompt :) (And it inspired me to make a single layout with 4 photos, too, bonus….) I’ll share a link tomorrow once I’ve had the chance to photograph my layout in daylight!

  6. Karen Williams Says:

    I linked mine to two peas- but I’ll link it here too

  7. Daphne Says:

    Hm – great idea! This is my double layout

  8. Mel Says:

    Loving this sketch. It always tests my creativity to complete a double layout. Here is mine.

  9. Mel Says:

    Hello, other Mel! ^^

    My blog post got delayed a couple of days, but the layouts I mentioned above are now here :)

  10. Debs Says:

    I am absolutely loving this project, I’ve included a picture of this month’s layout to this page on my blog

  11. Jen Clark Says:

    Woohooo!!! How do we claim our prizes?!? This class is wonderful. :) ~Jen

  12. Alison Says:

    Loved this one Shimelle! You’ll find mine here

  13. Andrea Says:

    Love, love, love this class! This is my first attempt in doing a double page lo. You can find it here

  14. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Great Class! I love this LO/sketch! It was perfect for my Easter pics, b/c this is ALL i had and I wanted to use them all(even if they aren’t the best) I am not sure if I have linked my version of your LO correctly or not, b/ you should be able to find it here:×6-may-class/?c=t

    thanks! Lisa

  15. Ruth Says:

    I love the look of this double spread and am sure it’s going to become a favourite design. You can see what I did here:×6-photo-love-five.html

  16. LisaE Says:

    Loving this class! here’s mine:

  17. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Might have to do a few more of these – loved it!×6-photo-love-for-may.html

  18. Catherine13 Says:

    oooh I like this. So simple yet so effective. Time to find some photos:)

  19. torrita Says:

    After a hiatus from double-page layouts, it was great to work on this one :) Thanks for the video – love this addition to your blog!

  20. Becky Says:

    Great class – like this a lot. My layout can be seen here:

  21. Sinead Says:

    Another great class Shimelle! I hadn’t scrapped a double page layout in AGES so this inspired me to try one with lots of strawberry photos:) My layout is here. Thanks again xx

  22. Heather Says:

    this was fun, not often I do a double layout :) mine is here

  23. Jo Says:

    For a one photo, one page sort of girl this was a real challenge for me!!

  24. Claudia McDaniel Says:

    I loved this month’s sketch. Just wanted to share my page.

  25. Jen Clark Says:

    This is my page for May!! Thanks again ~ lovin’ this class!!! ~Jen

  26. Louise Hay Says:

    I have had a go this month, hope you like it!×4-photo-love-may-edition.html

  27. Karen P Says:

    Great sketch and class – loved doing my double layout –×6-photo-love-may-debden.html

  28. Connie M Says:

    here’s mine~loved this one.

  29. Cyndee K. Says:

    Loved the sketch – thank you again for the great inspiration. Here is mine.

  30. replica patek philippe Says:

    Very well written and nice thoughts of you.

  31. Julia Says:

    A little late but managed mine last weekend :)

  32. Laurie Says:

    May shared this with us in May…I’d had the photos chosen since. And thrilled with how it turned out…albeit 3 months later!! Love this layout. Thank you!

  33. north face sale Says:

    Two Peas in a Bucket. As it’s the fifth month of the year, we’re scrapping five 4×6 photos. This month’s design is… gasp… a double page! So something a little different than the four prompts so far. It’s not all

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  35. sign in Says:

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