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Scrapbooking Day Challenge 3 :: Add a border between the photos

scrapbooking challenge :: border between photos
scrapbook page :: border between photos
I once had a college professor who had a simple rule for choosing a hair salon: nothing that involves a pun. That ruled out such adorably named establishments as Shear Madness, Blown Away and The Cutting Edge. Actually, if you’re faced with a surplus of hair salons, it’s a pretty quick way to create a short list.

I don’t think Edward Scissorhands the barbershop counts as a pun. It’s a reference. THat’s different. There’s no second meaning of Edward Scissorhands. It’s just someone who is confident enough with cutting hair to say Oh yes, I am willing to put myself up there with Johnny Depp and frankly, that is the sort of confidence I would want in a barber. You know, if for some reason, I needed a barber. (I realise now it’s kinda hard to see what’s in the pictures, so take my word for it: a barber shop called Edward Scissorhands and a bakery called…)

Then there are literary-referencing bakers: the Baker in the Rye. Now that is both a reference and a pun. But I don’t think my professor applied the pun rule to baking establishments. Just places that groom hair. JD Salinger may not have had much sense of humour about it, but as a lover of Catcher in the Rye and not so much a fan of rye bread, I loved it enough to take a photo.

But the best bit is these two shops are just a couple blocks apart. And that alone gives you a feel for the adorably kitschy neighbourhood of St. Kilda in Melbourne. It was a little bit Camden meets Brighton meets Vancouver, and yet nothing at all like any of them really.

I’m thinking this layout isn’t finished. But I’ll be honest: I was also thinking I had to catch a train. So I’m going to post the challenge and then come back to it in a little bit, because the trains in my neighbourhood are a little too busy to bring along a 12×12 page and finish it. (As opposed to the time when Mary Anne set eyelets with a hammer on the floor of the train on the way home from a crop, if I remember correctly.)

So the challenge then: Use a border between two photos. You can include more photos (and more borders!) if you wish – but the border has to go between the pictures rather than to the side or elsewhere. Make sense? The border can be as simple as a strip of paper or as ornate as something you create from many layers! Totally up to you.

A note about all the Scrapbooking Day challenges here: You can enter any time between now and Sunday, 15th May, so you have a full week to do as many challenges as you like. Unless otherwise noted, winners have a choice of prize – an online class pass or a gift pack of scrapbooking stash. I’ll also be choosing three winners from all the links and comments left today (Saturday the 7th of May) on any post, so just participating and saying hello gives you another chance to win!


07 May 2011

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49 Comments for Scrapbooking Day Challenge 3 :: Add a border between the photos

  1. Margie Says:

    I have the perfect idea for this one!

  2. Kirsteen Says:

    Ooh great idea. Can’t wait to try this out.

  3. Carrie Says:

    hehe on setting eyelets on the train. Love it! Thanks for the challenge!

  4. Rinda Says:

    Love that you’re using 4×6 photos and more than one. HOpe to play along this afternoon.

  5. Penny Says:

    Great challenge I tend to only scrap one picture on a page so this will be a challenge

  6. Sue Bone Says:

    I can just imagine MA doing that.

  7. sue Says:

    Funny how random things teachers say stick with you throughout your life.

  8. Shelley Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration again! I’m not sure if I’ve done this one quite right, but it’s another done AND I used some velvet texture paper I’ve had lurking for FIVE years (at least, could be longer!)so it’s good to be using that too :)

  9. MarieP Says:

    Oh, geez, that is a challenge. I never, ever do that. I’m not even sure I can do that! A border between two photos; well, I guess I can try.

  10. Lizzie Says:

    Yes, top left corner needs something… but it’s still a great page – I love those green butterflies and the strip of paper you used for your “border” is pretty.
    On the subject of barbers… DH said there was one in the N.E. called “Curl Up and Dye”. Oh boy! And I’ve seen a bakers called, simply, “Daily Bread”, which I rather liked.
    Tomorrow is our monthly Scrap Club crop day. Maybe I can try a challenge or two while I’m there – maybe the others might join in!
    Thanks Shimelle, hope you’re having a good day.

  11. Helen Overton Says:

    Hello everyone, boy am I glad we’ve got a week for these as i’ve got no time the next couple of days!

  12. Liz Says:

    Love the challenges. Only had time for this one so far today, but hoping to do some more later in the week. Liz x

  13. Olivia Says:

    That’s dedication! Like this challenge, will encourage me to use more than one photo.

  14. Mel Says:

    It looks finished to me! Looks great :)

    I’ve never scrapped on a train – I’ve clearly led a sheltered life…

  15. Kimberly K. Says:

    What a lovely layout. I love little borders, paper strips and layering … Which you have all of.

  16. abbeyviolet Says:

    so enjoying your challenges today!

  17. rodent-rocker Says:

    For my next trick, I will attempt this challenge whilst being assaulted by an exceptionally large, but enthusiastic, ginger cat!

    Happy Scrapbooking Day!

    ~ RR x

  18. Carrie Says:

    What a cute story. Thanks for the challenge!

  19. Carolyn Says:

    This one will need some thought, quite a challenge for me.

  20. jennifer grace Says:

    I enjoyed this one, it all seemed to come together very quickly, thanks for the inspiration!
    I also really like the tip for how to choose a hairdresser. My local is called ‘fathoms deep’ – I’m not really sure what that is about?! x

  21. Louise Says:

    enjoying all those butterflies xx

  22. Cheryl M Says:

    This was a fun and simple challenge and I actually am quite happy with my layout. Thanks Shimelle!

  23. Melissa Says:

    Great challenges – hope you didn’t miss the train!

  24. Jimjams Says:

    LOL – lovely page with cute green butterflies … hope you caught your train!

  25. Jane Says:

    My local hairdresser is called “The Bleach Hut” (lol) while many years ago I lived near a strip row of shops that had “The Butcher” then next door “The Baker” and next door to that the owner of a small cafe had put a very large sign in his shop front window proclaiming “NOT The Candlestick Maker”.

  26. Daphne Says:

    borders are great! Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Carol S. Says:

    I use border punches all the time. I never thought to use them to separate my photos. I’ll have to give that a try.

  28. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Oh no – I just realised I left the link on the wrong page!!!!! I’ll put it in the right place, but please Shimelle save my blushes and delete my link to No.10. (Ooooh, little bit of politics???)

  29. Mariangeles Says:

    I’ve done it, but can’t post it till my sister sees the page since it’s for my nephew’s album :)

  30. Jen Clark Says:

    This was a good one for me, definitely made me think outside the norm. :) ~Jen

  31. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Does a border of clear buttons count? Ignore link 10 for my name and scroll to the bottom of my blog post for this challenge (link 12).

  32. Jo M Says:

    These challenges have actually got me to scrapbook for the first time in weeks, even if I am just copying!

  33. Fay Says:

    A good challenge for me as I have a few multi photo LOs to complete!

  34. MarieP Says:

    Well, I did it. But it was hard.

  35. pidgen Says:

    I decided this was the perfect layout to scraplift. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how you layer with such perfection! It’s something that I really need to work on!

  36. Rinda Says:

    Lots of photos and several borders, but I used three ribbons as a border between the pictures.

  37. Kirsty A Says:

    I gor distracted trying to combine this challenge with another and had to add he border at the end, but it is there!

  38. rkokes Says:

    I used a cut out flower for my border!

  39. linda Says:

    Lovely challenge and I just added my link. It was fun to play!

  40. alisa beth Says:

    I had lots of fun scrapping some sweet, special photos for this challenge!

  41. carrie Says:

    Another great challenge and I love the story about choosing a hair salon – I need a new hairdresser and may borrow the selection process to cut down my choices :)

  42. Helen Overton Says:

    Just added my link too.

  43. Lou Says:

    Border punches are my favorite tools. Just added my link.

  44. heather Says:

    great challenge :)

  45. furrypig Says:

    so glad I got to finish the page for this one, I had great fun with DD making the embellishments thank you xxx

  46. jenna Upson Says:

    thanks for these challenges, i combined this with last SOTW

  47. Nicole Says:

    I thought having a border between 2 photos would be very easy but shoot! it isn’t! Thank you for challenging me.

  48. Diane Says:

    Thank you for the challenge!

  49. Jody Says:

    Great challenges!