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Scrapbooking Day Challenge 2 :: Create a triangle

Scrapbook challenge :: Create a triangle
scrapbook challenge :: create a triangle
Two things you should know about The Boy and I.

We really like coffee.
And we really like, well… knowing stuff.

The Boy is probably more dramatic about this than I am, but it’s a little contagious. You take something that’s a passing interest and then you have to become as much as an expert about it as possible. That’s why I don’t just like Kit-Kats, but I can bore you all day with amazing Kit-Kat trivia. And The Boy couldn’t just watch Heston Blumenthal cook with a water-bath thingamy – he had to crack open an electronics kit and build one in our kitchen. To a point where it would keep a more stable temperature than one he could special order from some sort of special restaurant supplier. Of course.

So we don’t just like coffee. We’ve studied beans and origins. We (he!) hacked a grinder to get it just right. We watch the World Barista Championships. So for his birthday, we took an all-day intensive course in making coffee. Doesn’t everyone get an Australian culinary qualification as a birthday present?

During the beginning of the class I could take some pictures, so these were some of the first drinks we made that day, including learning the different designs favoured by various coffee shops in Melbourne. It was a crazy amount of coffee.

But this doesn’t have a crazy amount of embellishment. Just three things really: the label above the title, the stamp shape to the left of the top photo and the flower sticker in the bottom right corner. Together they make up a triangle – three things of a similar colour, size or shape placed in three different parts of the page so if you drew a line connecting them, you’d have a triangle shape, ideally with your photos inside the lines. When I first started teaching scrapbooking workshops, this was the biggest design concept we used. Now it seems so simple, but I thought it was worth bringing back today and seeing how you would interpret it in your own style. So there’s Scrapbooking Challenge 2: Create a triangle. What will you scrapbook?

A note about all the Scrapbooking Day challenges here: You can enter any time between now and Sunday, 15th May, so you have a full week to do as many challenges as you like. Unless otherwise noted, winners have a choice of prize – an online class pass or a gift pack of scrapbooking stash. I’ll also be choosing three winners from all the links and comments left today (Saturday the 7th of May) on any post, so just participating and saying hello gives you another chance to win!


07 May 2011

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55 Comments for Scrapbooking Day Challenge 2 :: Create a triangle

  1. jenlynnie Says:

    Oh thank goodness we have a week to do all of these. I have tons going on this weekend & your challenges look fun. I can’t wait to find a moment to sit & do them prizes or not : )

  2. furrypig Says:

    I am loving this idea and glad you have given us some extra time to play!

  3. Terri Torrez Says:

    My husband bought his immersion circulator on eBay. I can so relate!

  4. Shelley Says:

    Enjoyed this one! Thanks :) My triangle is the three flowers (buttons, punch and jewels).

  5. Margie Says:

    That coffee looks yummy. Adorable page. I hope to be back later in the week with a link-up.

  6. Sue Bone Says:

    I’ve linked and my triangle is the three journalling spots.

  7. Daphne Says:

    This time a really obvious triangle!

  8. Carrie Says:

    Interesting! Coffee looks so pretty. Love the triangle challenge!

  9. Melissa Says:

    We can’t tell you a thing about coffee here (we are waiting until we grow up to drink it LOL), but if you need any TV/movie trivia or a famous Biblical quote, we can probably help you out!

  10. Smeepee Says:

    I really like this one Shimelle – I think the bordered photo just makes the page!

  11. Kirsteen Says:

    I wish I could play today but we are off to Edinburgh to see Grease the musical in a couple of hours. But DH has promised to take the little man out for an adventure walk tomorrow morning so I can scrap :)

  12. Rinda Says:

    Visual triangle and rule of thirds are often my go-to design principles.

  13. Angela Says:

    Oh just look at all that coffee….sigh….that looks fabulous. Why is it that I get into such a mess with coffee (don’t answer that! lol)…coffee plungers & I don’t seem to get on too well…..eeek.

  14. Cheryl M Says:

    Oh I did a triangle earlier this week and found that it’s not my cup of tea but I’ll give it a go again and see how it turns out!

  15. sue Says:

    My husband is just like that with pizza. He has built his own pizza oven by hacking an old Weber grill and a turkey fryer. We eat a lot of pizza at our house.

  16. Candace Says:

    Thanks for arranging these challenges Shimelle.

    Have seen quite a few different people/organisations this weekend with challenges but they are all such short deadlines. With two children I need that extra bit of time. So thanks for allowing us a week to complete these challenges.

    Must say I am really liking the examples you are giving for the challenges and have scraplifted the first 2.

    Keep the fun coming x

  17. Patience Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration today Shimelle! It was just what I needed to get a page created today.

  18. MarieP Says:

    I’m still locked-in on the visual triangle design concept. Can’t help it; it just really works for me.

  19. Lizzie Says:

    A coffee qualification, eh? So now, if scrapbooking no longer pays, you can open your own cafe and invite us all to come and be customers (a ready-made customer-base perhaps?).
    I love those designs on top of the drinks – so clever!
    A triangle… sounds so easy, but I bet it’s not as simple as it seems… I feel a challenge attempt coming on!
    Thank you Shimelle!

  20. Alison Says:

    m so glad we have a week..there are so many great challenges out there for NSD..hope to get a couple of yours done Shimelle!
    Alison xx

  21. Helen Overton Says:

    Great layout, I just wish I liked coffee :(

  22. Olivia Says:

    Sounds like the perfect gift! I hate coffee except frappuccinos & had my first one of the summer today :)

  23. Mel Says:

    I would love to do a class like that! Love coffee :) And love knowledge, too!

  24. Rachel B Says:

    Loved this!!! I created a triangle using my pictures :)

  25. Sabine Says:

    Your challenges are such an inspiration, I love them all! :-)) And it’s great that we have a whole week time!

  26. Louise Says:

    you could just have something there Shimelle, …a scrap cafe!! lol! another super challenge,will link mine tomorrow x

  27. Carolyn Says:

    One of the assignments on a photography course I am doing was to take portrait photographs with triangles in them! Very glad you are giving us a week to work on these!

  28. Jimjams Says:

    Wow – great coffee designs! I think that’s a cool birthday present!

  29. Jane Says:

    Love a good coffee and visual triangles – a match made in heaven really!

  30. TamiV Says:

    This challenge was more difficult than I thought it would be. But…it resulted in a completed page so I’m happy! :) I linked up!

  31. Niru Says:

    I submitted my ‘first holi’ layout. It sort of was inspired by your 4×6 layout this month at two peas, but lacks the correct number of pictures. Adding more just threw the balance off and I ended up trying to make a triangle with the photos themselves. thanks!

  32. Carol S. Says:

    I love using visual triangles in my layouts. It really keeps the eye moving around the entire page.

  33. emma clark Says:

    coffee pics are very cool… always wondered how they get it to do that?!?!!

    thanks for another great challenge…. NEXT :)

  34. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Posted the link on the right page this time! A triangle formed by the title, row of butterfly stamps and punches and single stamped flower and punched butterfly. Thanks for the format from 4X6 photolove from March.

  35. Julie Kirk Says:

    Just added my page. Not sure I’d have scrapped on NSD if it wasn’t for your challenge. Not that I’m goal oriented/ deadline driven or anything like that …

  36. Jen Clark Says:

    Thanks again for all of these ideas! ~Jen

  37. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Love this layout, must bookmark it for another time. Mine? I don’t like it at all! We live and learn. xx

  38. jennifer grace Says:

    Hi Shimelle, this one really challenged me at first – could’t think what to do for it, and then I saw Rachel B’s page and loved it! I asked her if I could scraplift her page and she said ‘of course’! So I have also created a triangle using my photos. So thanks to you and to Rachel! x

  39. pidgen Says:

    Triangles are very handy! :) {Except in love! LOL!} But for scrapping it’s a basic thing … like coffee! :)

  40. Rinda Says:

    I was able to do three of the challenges – thanks for the inspiration Shimelle!

  41. Kimberly K Says:

    I love using the triangle, it makes it so much easier to place items and find balance :)

  42. alisa beth Says:

    The triangle technique is new to me, so I was happy to complete this challenge and have a new technique under my belt! Thanks for the great idea!

  43. rkokes Says:

    great challenge!

  44. Ezlie Says:

    i am always inspired by your layouts. thanks for sharing great design concepts.

  45. Jody Says:

    Loving these challenges!

  46. Zahra Says:

    Love your photos – my triangle is of 3 flowers

  47. Helen Overton Says:

    Just added my link too. Arggh, having trouble commenting.

  48. Emy Says:

    I’ve made a triangle of penguins for this challenge!

  49. Lou Says:

    This is a “rule” I usually always follow. Unintentionally!

  50. Adrienne Says:

    I use this design principle a lot. The layout in my link was made using a triangle of embellishments and the colour scheme from this weekend’s colour combo blog hop, hosted by a fellow BBFS classmate.

  51. Terri Torrez Says:

    I do visual triangles a lot. This one was a bit challenging since I did it across a two-page layout. I like the results though.

  52. Olivia Says:

    I created a pink triangle on one of my February mini layouts & have also linked some of my other designs that feature triangles in my post.

  53. furrypig Says:

    Liking the whole triangle idea and glad to have been able to join in thanks xxx

  54. Samm Says:

    I remember the rule of threes from the days of art classes – always fun! What is it about odd numbers being so good visually? Thank you for the challenge!

  55. Diane Says:

    Love butterflies and they are practically made for visual triangles ;)