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Scrapbooking Day challenge 1 :: Patterned Paper Background

Scrapbook challenge :: Use patterned paper
scrapbook challenge :: patterned paper
When I went back over some of our photos, these two made me laugh. I remember sitting on a bench in Melbourne, just too tired to walk or think straight for a bit because we had just taken part in a ‘cycle for power’ thing where you got on a bicycle that was hooked up to a power generator and the energy from all our pedalling got pumped straight into the city’s power grid. It was kinda crazy sprint cycling (even though we weren’t actually going anywhere) and about three minutes later we both looked at each other and realised we had to sit down. Now.

So these two photos were really me being exhausted and a bit silly, but they are the only two images in all those thousands that show something I saw every single day. With just two pairs of shoes, I was always looking at either these sandals or a pair of red Chucks. And that handbag joined our journey from Phnom Penh, after my first handbag (a completely fake Cath Kidston bag from a street market in Bangkok) fell to pieces. This green bag was horrible, actually. It was so uncomfortable to carry, it always got in the way… but I was determined to just make do rather than go shopping for a day bag yet again. We were both sick of the sight of this bag by the time we came home!

So now my feet have criss-crossed tan lines (despite covering them in sunblock every day) and I can sort out nail varnish rather than just leaving it to crack and I can carry a bag that I actually like. Two of the three are kinda fun. Also fun: scrapbooking with patterned paper!

So here’s Scrapbooking Day Challenge 1: Use patterned paper for your page background. Pretty simple! You can follow this page if that helps or you can create something completely unique – as long as the background is a sheet of patterned paper rather than solid cardstock, then you’re all set.

And there’s a prize for this challenge! To enter, create your page and share it online – on Flickr, in a page gallery or on your blog. Then leave a link to your page via the Mr Linky box below – or you can leave a comment if you prefer.

A note about all the Scrapbooking Day challenges here: You can enter any time between now and Sunday, 15th May, so you have a full week to do as many challenges as you like. Unless otherwise noted, winners have a choice of prize – an online class pass or a gift pack of scrapbooking stash. I’ll also be choosing three winners from all the links and comments left today (Saturday the 7th of May) on any post, so just participating and saying hello gives you another chance to win!


07 May 2011

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71 Comments for Scrapbooking Day challenge 1 :: Patterned Paper Background

  1. Shelley Says:

    oooh – first challenge to start, thanks! I think I’ve used that patterned paper on a LO of my 2 kids. Does it have a sun type circle behind the pic?
    I too have white toes and brown feet right now :)

  2. BeeH Says:

    I have several pairs of chucks and they all rub my feet raw. But then I do have awkward feet.

    I actually love using patterned paper as a background and am currently trying to force myself to use more sensible cardstock.

  3. shimelle Says:

    Just to clarify – ANY patterned paper is fine! Your page doesn’t have to look like this (unless you want it to). :) :)

  4. dogmatix Says:

    excellant first challenge…I have a half finished LO fitting the description….could be just the nudge I need.

  5. Delanie Says:

    Love seeing the mentions of Melbourne. :)

  6. Daphne Says:

    Patterned Paper as a background?! That that confident with but I tried! Thanks for your inspriation today!

  7. Carrie Says:

    Fun challenge! And how interesting to have helped add some power to a city!

  8. furrypig Says:

    Oooh your challenges look great and hope to take inpsiration from them to actually create some LO’s!!

  9. Zahra Says:

    Look forward to this later, baby’s just been sick so need to restart the feeding, cutting into the scrapbooking, but needs must :)!

  10. pidgen Says:

    I absolutely love this layout. Something kept bringing me back to it … finally I think I cracked it — that starbust design is so subtle in drawing the eye. I just LOVE it!!

  11. Shelley Says:

    Thanks for this – LO now posted, although it never looks as good as others, it’s still done and it’s a memory captured! I used green glitter over the letters and on some of the patterned paper, although this isn’t that clear from the pic. :)

  12. Margie Says:

    I can’t wait to get started! Thanks for these fun challenges.

  13. Jane Says:

    thanks for the challenge, after lots of interruptions I finally got it finished!!

  14. Kirsteen Says:

    Can’t wait to get started, thanks for the ideas. Nothing worse than an uncomfy bag – boo :( x

  15. Angela Says:

    Looking forward to playing along, especially as this LO has reminded me of a similar photo I have of a pair of old boots that were done in after walking 300 miles around the Peaks!! Must scrap that memory huh?

  16. Rinda Says:

    Oooh. This one I can definitely do! I even have an idea already. I’ll be back after the gym.

  17. sue Says:

    Thanks SOooo much for extending the deadline – I want to participate but due to family commitments need to wait until later this week to get scrappy

  18. MarieP Says:

    I just finished a page with a shot of my husband’s and my feet dangling over the edge of Angel’s Landing in Zion Nat’l Park after an exhausting hike. Your page made me laugh! Been there, feet have felt that.

  19. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    This lo was fun but it’s taken me quite a long time!

  20. Abbey Says:

    My first of the day is up. I actually really like patterned paper as the background busy though some may find it.

  21. Fifi-T Says:

    Just sat down to scrap, gonna do some of your challenges to get the mojo flowing

  22. Lizzie Says:

    Y’know, my feet are the only place I get a tan – my arms get freckles and the rest of me just burns! Criss-crossed tan lines sounds cool – you need a page all about that too (maybe with the sandals in there also?).
    I’ve worked my way backwards from Challenge 3, then 2, then 1. I see a “green thing” going on so far… also lots of two-4×6-photos pages?
    I like this one-above-the-other idea with 2 photos; I think I’d like to try it – thanks for saying we can use your page design as a starter – I seem to do better some days, with a bit of a sketch/scrap-lift to start me off!

  23. Kathy Says:

    Te dealine is appreciated, it means I can make sure I haven’t rushed any of my layouts.

  24. Olivia Says:

    Nice easy challenge to start off with :) Glad that I’ve got until next Sunday to take part as quite busy this weekend. Will still be squeezing in some creative time though!

  25. Helen Overton Says:

    This layout is gorgeous!

  26. Mel Says:

    lol at the criss-crossed feet!! I’ve ended up with a few interesting tan lines in my time… Just need to get these kids into bed then I can get my scrapping supplies out, yay! :)

  27. Rachel B Says:

    Great challange, I used some patterned paper that has been in my stash ages.. so pleased :)

  28. Cheryl M Says:

    I think my mojo is lacking today. It took me an awful long time to get this layout done. On to #2 now. LOL

  29. Louise Says:

    I’m nursing a stiff neck today, so it’s been great reading your posts and slowing scrapping along. Patterned paper is my favourite, so this was a good challenge – will upload tomorrow, thanks Shimelle

  30. Emma Says:

    Shimelle, did you draw the star burst lines on the kraft back ground or can we buy it? It’s a lovely effect!!

  31. Jeannie Says:

    I will look forward to catching up with some of the challenges. There was no scraping for me today as I was working all day at a crop!

  32. Carolyn Says:

    I’ve been working on this over the evening and very glad as it made me use some pp I have had for ages and now known exactly what to do with…it worked really well as a background for some vintage photos. Will photograph in better light tomorrow.

  33. Jimjams Says:

    I think a bag needs to be comfortable to carry, so I admire your restraint!

  34. Jane Says:

    I did six months around the world with three pairs of shoes so I can relate to this story very much – even down to the comments about sun patterned feet!

  35. S Says:

    This challenge is right up my alley. Fun!

  36. Jody Says:

    Uploaded one! Thanks for the challenges, Shimmelle!

  37. Niru Says:

    I posted a link to several pages I did, they are all using PP as background! My two faves are ‘my two babies’ and ‘so blessed’. thanks for all the great challenges!

  38. Daphne Says:

    Uuuups – I accidentally linked the wrong LO to mr linky! Sorry!

  39. Carol S. Says:

    I love patterned paper. It adds so much to my layouts. I must be careful not to overwhelm the photos with too busy of a print though. I usually offset a busy background with a solid cardstock block of photos.

  40. emma clark Says:

    cool page, love the story :) and thanks for the fab challenge xxx

  41. Gem Says:

    Fab challenge, I think starting with just a piece of patterned paper made my LO come together far more quickly than normal!

  42. Mariangeles Says:

    The sames as in challenge #3,

    I’ve done it, but can’t post it till my sister sees the page since it’s for my nephew’s album :)

  43. Zahra Says:

    First time I’ve used Mr Linky – easy peasy!! Thanks for the challenge!

  44. Jen Clark Says:

    Thanks for posting all of the challenges! What fun!! ~Jen

  45. Jo M Says:

    I love using pp, great challenge

  46. pidgen Says:

    Uploaded a purely pp layout. My sister’s sudden illness didn’t lend itself to pictures. I actually like the non-photo layouts of this time. Thanks for the challenge!

  47. Rinda Says:

    Thanks for the challenge Shimelle!

  48. Carrie Says:

    I never get tanned feet as I live in full cover shoes (oh the joys of office wear!) but I end up with tan lines at my ankle instead! Thanks Shimelle – my first ever challenge an really enjoyed it!

  49. alisa beth Says:

    What a great, easy challenge to be my first layout challenge! It was fun playing along.

  50. LisaE Says:

    Love pattern paper so this is a great challenge.

  51. furrypig Says:

    I love all the challenges you set but so far have only managed one! I will make some more but maybe not this week! Thanks for all the inspiration as always xxx

  52. Kimberly K Says:

    Thanks for all the great challenges. I am amazed how “scared” I can be of patterned paper at times, especially as a background!

  53. linda Says:

    lovely challenge. i keep hoarding the pretty pattern papers…but realized that if I use it for scrapping, less needs to be put on for a beautiful look LOL :)

  54. Melissa Says:

    So fun – this was one of the first challenges I completed on NSD – just posted it to my blog today.

  55. rkokes Says:

    thanks for the challenge!

  56. kLavu Says:

    thanks for the challenge :D

  57. Beverley Says:

    Love patterned paper & often use it as a background.

  58. Terri Torrez Says:

    I messed around with this page for a while and finally took all the extra pics and embellies of the page. Just left it simple.

  59. Helen Overton Says:

    Just added my link.

  60. Emy Says:

    A great challenge which has also helped me complete the page for Jenni Bowlin’s class

  61. Lou Says:

    Just linked mine!

  62. heather Says:

    just added my link :)

  63. Torry Says:

    I’m a bit late to the NSD party but working my way through the challenges in an effort to clear my backlog of photos to be scrapped :)

  64. Samm Says:

    Thank you for having this open for a week – my desk wasn’t very accessable last weekend! Thank you also for the challenges, my mojo always needs a bit of a kickstart!

  65. jenna Upson Says:

    lush first challenge

  66. Nicole Says:

    Every now and then I use PP as my background and I really should use it more often. Thanks!

  67. Diane Says:

    When I first started scrapbooking, I would almost always use a PP for the background but over time this has been replaced by CS. It wasn’t easy to go with some PP for the background again.

  68. Adrienne Says:

    I loved using a patterned paper background on my layout. It creates such a fun look.

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