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Scrapbooking Sketch of the Week

Scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
After my single-photo soap box, I promise I have something slightly more versatile to share with you today. Two photos and plenty of opportunities for patterned papers and stickers and ink, if you like. Just don’t do what I did: think ‘oh but it’s such a lovely day, I’ll just step outside to spray this ink across the top of the layout’. Because there is a big difference between outdoor spraying and indoor spraying, and that difference is… wind. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s somewhat snowy on that lovely beach, since the spray went in entirely a different direction to what I was expecting.

I think we are all very clear now on why I am a scrapbooker rather than say a meteorologist.

travel scrapbook page
This page captures a moment of impulsive seaside behaviour: it looks like a gorgeous beach because it truly is! (This is Wineglass Bay in Tasmania.) But as gorgeous as it looks, that water was incredibly cold. But yes, a certain individual who shall remain nameless thought it was too good to miss, regardless of the temperature, and swam a few laps across the bay. He lasted significantly longer than the next group of tourists who stepped into the water and promptly ran back to dry land with a scream.

scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
Truly, this is a very basic sketch that I use time and time again by just customising the embellishment. This time I used a similar technique to this layout by changing the rectangles at the top right to that flag shape with the inverted V. Chipboard is a little something different for me too – I don’t tend to use plain chipboard shapes like these, but I quite liked them here! Maybe this sketch can help you use a few embellishments you might otherwise ignore.

As always, the weekly sketch is no-stress and just for fun! If you use it, I’d love to see, so please leave a link in the comments.

scrapbooking sketch and page ideas
From last week’s sketch, I really want to highlight two layouts. The page on the left, by Kate made me smile a huge smile, because Kate hadn’t really been scrapbooking for a while. And then she decided to get back in the swing of it and I just love that she started with a lovely layout about herself. Kate, I hope this is your gateway to much crafty happiness! And the layout on the right is by Amy who decided to combine the sketch with the bunting ideas, and I love her unique bunting treatment for the additional photos! So very clever.

Please also check out beautiful pages from Julie (who can turn t-shirt shopping into a brilliant scrapbook page), Jeannie (who made friends with Charlie Chaplin just for the excellent scrapbooking potential of black and white papers), Amy (who discovered her perfect kraft paper in digital format and made this sketch look lush at a unique 8×10 size), Linda (who braved additional photos and used fab lacy paper with panache), Claire (who wins for most adorable this week with her little ones and their royal wedding celebration), Alyssa (who took on the multiple photo challenge and did some very cool stuff with pink and black) and Heather (who made me swoon with her use of fabric and paper flowers). Oh, and Rachel gets bonus points for actually making her page in front of me, while we were scrapping in a lovely cottage last weekend! Scroll to the bottom of her post to find her layouts. Thanks to everyone who played last week!


04 May 2011

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13 Comments for Scrapbooking Sketch of the Week

  1. Julie Kirk Says:

    Thanks for the honourable mention :-)

  2. Tammy Says:

    Great sketch! Good spots for embellishments but solid classic design. I always need a good layout for vertical photos. I love this! :)

  3. Pamela Says:

    Great layout…and I love the sketch.

  4. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    Great Sketch and helping with me getting my scrapping mojo back


  5. Amy Says:

    Shimelle, I am glad you got to see Wineglass Bay in your travels – I agree, it is a beautiful place …. but not many Aussies would swim there either, unless it was a stinking hot day!

    This next sketch looks like it will be a challenge for me to adapt – but I am up for it! :-)

  6. Elizabeth Ashman Says:

    Tassie is a beautiful place to live, and yes, we do swim at our beaches, even though the water can be cold sometimes. Hope you enjoyed your visit to our island paradise, Shimelle.

  7. Jeannie Says:

    Thanks for the mention – I have added this weeks layout – having a little trouble with Mister Linkey – hence the picture of me and not my layout!

  8. Daphne Says:

    Another Sketch with the label “guaranteed success” – you’re a star Shimelle! Thanks for your inspiration! xxx

  9. Rachel B Says:

    Great layout Shimelle, I love the little cloud embellishments – they are just too cute! :)

  10. Shelley Says:

    Thanks Simelle for the inspiration – mine has photoed badly, but had fun! :)

  11. Louise Says:

    My take on your sketch is here. thank you

  12. Veeruliiru Says:

    Great sketch once again!
    Made a page about myself ten years ago and what i didn’t know back then…

  13. Chelsea Parsons Says:

    the completely naked tourists!!! he he

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