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Just sayin'...

If you’ve signed up for Journal your Christmas, you should have received an email inviting you to join the forum.

If you haven’t, please email me with the email address you used to sign up (the one on your paypal account, basically). I’ve tried to catch all the requests for alternate emails but I may have missed one here or there, and several emails bounced…so please just let me know.

Don’t worry—you’re not missing anything. Just yet. :)


15 November 2007

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39 Comments for Just sayin'...

  1. Sollie79 Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I received the e-mail but would love to receive it on my other e-mail as I don’t check the yahoo one often. This is my other

    I’ve signed in on Paypal with
    Thanks a lot and I can’t wait to get started. xxx, Isolde

  2. Ann Says:

    I just sent you an email. I signed up with paypal at however I need to use


  3. She Says:

    Thanks I’ve joined the forum – I can’t wait to get started.

  4. Nancy Wongsotaroeno Says:

    Oh, totally forgot! Thanks for the reminder. Transferring money to paypal as we speak, will sign up tommorrow! WHoohoo! :)

    The Netherlands

  5. lisa bond Says:

    Just signed up, cant wait for this to start
    Lisa x

  6. Helen Says:

    Also signed up this afternoon, bursting with excitement, waiting patiently in South Africa for my e-mail

  7. Shannon Says:

    I have not heard from you and really want to do this. HELP!

  8. Smee Says:

    Hi Shimelle,

    I signed up with but I wanted to change it to if possible. It doesn’t matter too much because my mom can fwd them me but this way I won’t have to wait for her. :)

    Thanks, Lisa

  9. Helen Says:

    Thanks for the Welcome, however, there must be another Helen. This is the first time I have joined this class, so sorry, I don’t really know the rules. Please send me my invite to the forum, or is this it where I’m typing now – Sorry again, a bit confused

  10. lisa bond Says:

    Hi I have signed up for this course but havent received the invite to the forum, I signed up under DARRENBOND007@AOL.COM, but want emails sent to, please
    Lisa x

  11. Barb Says:

    Just signed up. Barb

  12. Donna Bell Says:

    Received an invite, but my login isn’t working…help

  13. Sharon Says:

    I signed up yesterday (Sun 18th) but haven’t received any details. Just send to same email that I paid through Paypal with.
    Looking forward to the class.

  14. Shelly Says:

    i have sent you two emails with no response… :( am i lost in cyberspace?

    i was at CKC-Bellevue in ‘felt’ class and ‘won’ the opportunity to take this class, but am not sure what i need to do on my end? Can you help?

  15. Sandra Mohon Says:

    Hi, I just signed up tonight and my payment will show up in my hubby’s name Randall. Thanks and hope it’s not to late. :D

  16. Nicki Says:

    I signed up with and haven’t received anything yet.

  17. Kathi Kirchmeier Says:

    Hi Shimelle—I was in the class previously and I believe you invited us past attendees to join in the fun again! Anyway, didn’t get any email—can you please resend?

    Thanks so much,

  18. Melissa Norris Says:

    signed up last night…I can hardly wait…

  19. Deanne Says:

    Is it too late to sign up for the christmas journal?

  20. Sandra Says:

    I just signed up via Paypal. Not sure how often you send out emails to the group but thought I’d post anyway. This looks like so much fun – can’t wait!

  21. Tracy G Says:

    I signed up on November 10th and have not received an email. Please send my info to this address.

    Thanks I am so excited,

  22. Tracy G Says:

    Hello again. I found the email on my other address. I am in the forum. Please still send my future email to thanks! and sorry for the trouble! :)

  23. theresa (jarvis) velazquez Says:

    So excited.

  24. donna Says:

    good morning! i am eagerly waiting for the start prompts! i gathered alll my festive papers and such together, tomorrow i will put the stamps all together..oh my what a huge collection when you see the pile in one area haha…

    when will we start receiving the first emails? i am just too excited!

  25. Monda Says:

    I just signed up – Paypal is linked to our home e-mail, but I would like to use: Can’t wait – Thanks!

  26. Ti Says:

    Hi, I signed up on the 27th and have not received an email.


  27. September Says:

    I signed up this morning, and can’t wait to hear from you! :) This is cool. I’d like to use a different email. please. Thanks!

  28. Mitzi Says:

    I am hopelessly devoid of all technological abilities, so I hope I have done all of this signing up stuff correctly. I received an e-mail confirming my journal class, but still haven’t been invited to the the “journal forum”. Also, you said there was going to be some extra stuff sent out ahead of time and I haven’t gotten any of that. If no one else has, either, sorry for being a pain. Just wanted to make sure I’m not missing out on anything “cause I am soooooo excited! Thanks!

  29. Rachel Says:

    I signed up this morning and can’t wait!!! I haven’t received an e-mail yet, but like I said I just signed up this morning. :-)

  30. Yvonne Barrett Says:

    I was in the class last year and would like to participate again. Maybe I’ll actually get it done this time. :)

  31. Michelle Says:

    I decided to give this class to myself for Christmas!!! Can’t wait to get started!

  32. Deanne Says:

    Hello again
    Okay I’d really like to sign up for this class, how do you want me to pay etc
    Thanks for the oppurtunity xx

  33. Deanne Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    Just so you know I would like the password and forum details sent to not via the paypal address I used.
    Kind Regards
    Deanne x

  34. Gwyn Ashingtons Says:

    Hi, my daughter, Gwyn Walker registered me for the Journaling My Christmas class…I did not get an e-mail….how do I get to the class??? Thank you. Gwyn

  35. Suzanne Says:

    Just found your site via a link from a friend. Guess it is too late to join up now, but could you put me on the list for next year? Please??? Do u send out reminders…Thanks Suzanne

  36. Angela Bagby Says:

    uh oh, I just signed up. I hope it’s not too late. I signed up with my address. Would it be possible to use my address instead if it’s not a problem, of course. I have some catching up to do! Thankyou!!! angela

  37. Sarah McKenna Says:

    I’m not sure why I haven’t heard as I only have one e-mail address which you’ve been using and is above. Would love to have an e-mail about this.


  38. Vicki Says:

    Hi…I did not receive the email to join the forum, please add me. thanks. Can’t wait!!!Vicki

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