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CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
And CHA is open for Winter 2013! I’m here in Anaheim for the big trade show in the craft industry. Hundreds of companies are here to debut their collections for 2013, and part of my lovely press duty is to share all that goodness with you. I’m starting with one of my all-time favourites: Jenni Bowlin Studio.

I have two top picks at the JBS booth this time: a new line called Modern Mercantile designed by Lisa Dickinson and Jenni’s new stamps – but actually there are lots of lovely new embellishments throughout this JBS release.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Modern Mercantile is a lovely new twist on Jenni’s vintage style, with some brighter spring colours and a mix of current trend motifs like feathers with the ephemera style we know from Jenni’s ticket stubs and ledgers.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Cut-apart cards are perfect for journaling boxes on a 12×12 page or for the small pockets of divided page protectors, of course.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
All the papers are double-sided, cardstock weight paper. (I have a video to come with the lovely Lisa telling us a bit about her design inspiration, but I’ll have to find a better internet connection so I can share them!)

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Some design inspiration for the Modern Mercantile papers, plus some of Jenni’s new embellishments – including more paper feathers.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
And here are those new paper feathers – the last release of these were very popular (Glitter Girl is a big fan too). This time there are kraft feathers with text and other small patterns plus a colourful floral set.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Flatbacks are Jenni Bowlin’s new flair or badge style embellishments – perfect for adding dimension in a flash. They come in three different packs, all with a classic vintage style. I definitely have my eye on the set on the left.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
And new mini card sets – great for layering and a good size for cards, scrapbook pages, and other projects.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Plus brand new tape! These are really rich colours and versatile patterns, but there is one in particular that has my heart:

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
…sigh. Whitewashed woodgrain washi tape. Seriously, just typing that sounds so pretty it’s almost a song lyric.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
New additions in the True Vintage offerings include price signs and tickets. These are real vintage pieces, so each pack is unique, all sourced from Jenni’s adventures in the antique world.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
JBS rub-ons are always such high quality (I may have stocked up on a lifetime supply of those beautiful large butterfly rub-ons with no regret!) and there are new designs including feathers and jars. That jar can do something rather beautiful for an embellishment, by the way:

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
…stamped on vellum with a pocket of stars and sequins inside, then stitched onto the project. So pretty!

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
New chipboard packs include bare feathers and leaves read to be customised and printed dominoes, bingo chips, and clock faces.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
And these are my second pick from the JBS booth: the new clear stamps, all in sets of two to make little books or perfect for creating journaling cards for pages or pocketed page protectors.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
They stamp so beautifully, and would create such lovely gift wrap tags, especially dressed up with a photo in the frame stamp a bit like a paper locket.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
Taking a look around the rest of the booth, there are some lovely twists like combining the vellum butterflies with the bingo cards. As a product, this is a great idea for those who sell completed crafts rather than just supplies, but if you have these items in your stash, there’s your inspiration for a great gift or something to dress up your own wall.

CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
And of course, it wouldn’t be Jenni Bowlin without some red and black to grace the booth!
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio
This is the mid-release Red and Black collection from just a month or two ago. You can find this in stores now. (There’s a sheet from this collection in my January picks for the Best of Both worlds kit.)

New releases from Jenni Bowlin Studio will ship to stores in February!
Click here to shop for current Jenni Bowlin products
and check out JBS Mercantile for Jenni’s kit club and a full range of classic JBS products.

By the way: at the end of CHA on Tuesday, I’ll take all the comments and throw them in a hat for a few prize drawings. Just something informal, but I’ll just mention it now and catch up with you about that with some winners on Wednesday, if that sounds good!

12 January 2013

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152 Comments for CHA Winter 2013 :: Jenni Bowlin Studio

  1. Jen Says:

    sigh… white washed woodgrain washi tape… I agree … :)

  2. stephanie Says:

    im not normally a JB fan…but oh my! theres quite a lot there i like!!

  3. kim Says:

    Whitewashed woodgrain washi, & feather tags…divine. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  4. Carly Says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about the collection as a whole, but I LOVE the stamps. Can’t wait to get my hands on those.

  5. Moira OReilly Says:

    Oh, thanks so much Shimelle. What a lovely collection and your blog posts are so informative. Looking forward to the video should internet cooperate :)

  6. ConnieM Says:

    out of the park!!! love it all!!

  7. Emily P. Says:

    I see a red herringbone washi tape there that’s calling my name :-)

  8. Debbie Says:

    Love it all…. which means I better start saving— or better yet… re-work the current budget AND keep saving! Debbie

  9. Kelly Shults Says:

    I really love the feather motif items. I can see this being a new favorite item! Nice new collection from JB. THanks for sharing! :)

  10. Laraco Says:

    Love the album stamp, will be on my wish list x

  11. marianne Says:

    sigh…I just love all thing Jenni!

  12. Julia Says:

    Thanks for sharing the first booth and what a way to start! Love the wood grain washi too :)

  13. Jessica Says:

    WOW!! I’m loving all the embellishments, especially the white woodgrain washi, feathers, and the vintage pieces!!

  14. Robin W. Says:

    I love the detail you go into—thank you! I think my favorites are the jar rub-ons.

  15. sandy ginn Says:

    With ya on the woodgrain washi! And love those stamps! Thanks!

  16. Cynthia B. Says:

    Thanks for the JB peeks! I love the feather tags, and I’m a fan of the new badges! Whitewashed woodgrain washi…yes, it feels good to type! :)

  17. Jackie Pocock Says:

    Some lovely products there and the washi tape is the best. Can’t wait to get some of this.

  18. Terri Torrez Says:

    Modern Mercantile isn’t really my style. I’ll stick with the classic red and black. Love those stamps though!

  19. Jeannine H Says:

    For an opening post, i already have lots for the wish list! It’s a bad thing for my budget! You do a great job of bringing CHA to us. The best job in my opinion!

  20. Becky F Says:

    These are great- I love the new flatback badges! Thanks for the peeks!

  21. Bernice J Says:

    Love those mini-card sets! Oh, who am I kidding…I love it all!

  22. tammy b Says:

    whitewashed woodgrain wash. feather rub on. vintage tickets. what more could a girl ask for

  23. Little Nat Says:

    I’m not usually a fan of rub ons but I may have to make an exception for those jars!

  24. Candace Says:

    Oh my, my poor dear purse!!!! I love it all x

  25. wendy Says:

    Am thinking I am going to love feathers.

  26. rosa m. neno Says:

    loved everything! cant wait to see the next post of goodies

  27. Alicia C Says:

    Wow, what lovely new things! I love the stamp pairs and ll the gorgeous feathers!

  28. Pam Says:

    These are all so fabulous. Love the stamps.

  29. Julie Mowen Says:

    I agree…must have the washi tape! Such a great collection!

  30. Jamie Hensley Says:

    Wow! That collection has some great items! I am loving the feather tags along with the whitewashed Washi tape. Thanks for a great close-up video.


  31. Bia Keller Says:

    That washi tape does look great. Also… feathers!! horray
    Thanks for sharing

  32. LisaE Says:

    I love that Jenni Bowlin still does raw chipboard. The layout samples are fantastic!

  33. SandraA Says:

    Thanks for such a great presentation of such inviting products. Gotta love the variety of feathers.

  34. HazelG Says:

    Loving the mix of vintage with lighter colours.

  35. Cyndee K. Says:

    LOVE the colors of Modern Mercantile! And so many fun embellies…

  36. Amy Louise Says:

    OOH – gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! Have a fab weekend!

  37. Natalie (QSOgirl) Says:

    Hurray! Your CHA coverage is my favorite. My mind is already spinning with ideas from this post! (Butterflies! on Bingo cards!) I’m looking forward to the ones to come…

  38. StefanieC Says:

    Oh – everything looks so awesome!! I wish I was there too. Thanks for sharing!!

  39. Kim T. Says:

    Love everything vintage especially the stamps that look like little books…so cute!

  40. Paula Says:

    I’m really loving the dominoes and the small book stamps!

  41. Claire T Says:

    Quite a diverse release from Jenni this time around. The tongue twistery washi and the jar rub ons appeal to me in this collection.

  42. JenRay Says:

    That little jar totally caught my eye in the first LO you posted, with the stars inside, but I love it even more since you described the second one – stitched on with sprinkles inside! Lovely! Enjoy your time at the show!

  43. Ann Says:

    That white wood-grained washi is my favorite by far!!! Thank you for introducing me! :)

  44. Kathy R Says:

    Love the whitewashed woodgrain washi too and Lisa’s pattern papers are different from Jenni’s usual papers. Like these.

  45. Cori Says:

    Thanks, Shimelle? Keep up the great coverage!

  46. smcl Says:

    Methinks the stamps are perfect, so versatile… A must have. Really liking the flair as well as the new colorful pp line. Thx for the chance!

  47. kim Says:

    Seriously drooling! White wash woodgrain tape, vintage store items, oh my!

  48. Charissa M Says:

    I agree on the sigh factor with whitewashed woodgrain washi .. be still my heart!

  49. bea Says:

    oooh, the whitewashed woodgrain washi tape looks scrumptious! and yeah, that’s way fun to say!

  50. Anissa Says:

    I love that washi tape too. Just Lovely!!!

  51. tanja Says:

    I must have the dictionary stamps <3

  52. SusanB Says:

    Thank you for such detailed reporting ~ I love reading about and seeing all the new releases. And I’m completely with you on that white woodgrain washi ~ wow!!

  53. jengd Says:

    There’s SO much fun stuff in this post! I can’t even figure out where to begin adding to my wishlist!

  54. Renee Blackburn Says:

    My wish list is growing…LOL

  55. Nita K. Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love that we can get CHA updates like this.

  56. Kathy Ann Says:

    Love the white wash washi tape. Adding it to my wish list.

  57. Dawn F. Says:

    I always love your CHA posts. So much eye candy!

  58. Madeline St Onge Says:

    Love the feathers and the papers, need to get me some

  59. Quinna Says:

    I am with you…the whitewash washi tape is a muct have!

  60. Jill T. Says:

    Oh how I love CHA. I would sing but I lost my voice. (Funny joke when I’m typing).

  61. teri Says:

    love those journaling card stamps. so versatile. now i can have a cute journaling block on any lovely paper i could ever want!

  62. Mary M. Says:

    Love your CHA coverage! I’m going to put lots on my wish list now! =)

  63. Brenda Grubbs Says:

    The paper feathers are very nice, and I also like the whitewash washi tape. Thx for sharing all these wonderful products!

  64. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Loving those mini tags and the rub ons, and great new papers – I like the small patterns.

  65. Shirley K Says:

    It’s almost as good as being there with all the pictures! Thanks for spending the time taking/uploading to show us new stuff.

  66. Kim Rogers Says:

    Whitewash woodgrain! WoW! And, I really like the new spring colors!

  67. Kelly_S_ Says:

    I love the washi tape and the new papers! They always have great new lines!

  68. Maya Says:

    Pretty! Love Jenni Bowlin and all the feathers! Especially the rub-ons.

  69. Barb S Says:

    Like those stamps, the rub-ons, and those mini cards. Oh, and the papers, or maybe just all of it!

  70. Elizabeth Ashman Says:

    Thanks for bringing us all the new collections,Shimelle. The clear stamps look great, and I can always make room for a new roll of tape!

  71. Davida Says:

    Love all the pics you are posting – CHA must be loads of fun :-) Can’t wait for it all to arrive in stores!!

  72. Kristin Says:

    I can’t even imagine the energy and excitement at CHA. What fun! Love the weathered look of the alphabet rub-ons.

  73. Becky (MplsBetty) Says:

    Love the flatbacks, mini cards and the colors in the paper collection. Your pics of the products are fabulous.

  74. Chris Strickler Says:

    I love all of the new releases. I have been using some of the newer red and black on some recent layouts. I can’t wait to see which items will show up in the JBS Mercantile kit club.

  75. Katie Says:

    Enjoy the show! I’m looking forward to all the sneak peeks and those feather rub-ons are beautiful!

  76. Jackie Ashton Says:

    Thanks for sharing, love the new vintage colours.

  77. Joanne H Says:

    Loving those clear stamps in sets of two….so many possibilities. Fronts, backs and everything inbetween..fabulous.

  78. Tutteli Says:

    Thanks Shimelle for the peeks! The stamps look really nice!

  79. Queenla Says:

    I love the jar and butterflies!! Especially the idea of using vellum and sewing in the stars!! Wow!

  80. CindyS Says:

    My favorite is the hand stamp holding the pen. I can see lots of uses for that. Journal, cards, scrapbook pages…

  81. nicolaC Says:

    I love the white wash washi tape too i love the modern mercantile collection colours

  82. CoCo Says:

    Love your CHA coverage – thanks Shimelle. Time to start my wish list!! Thanks for the chance.

  83. Daphne Says:

    Thanks Shimelle for the first report on new collections! Can’t wait for more!

  84. Alinor Says:

    lots of gorgeous stuff here, loving the feathers!

  85. Joan e Says:

    I have that card stock from the merry layout and wondered how to use it glad to see some inspiration.

    I don’t think I would be able to choose between those washi tapes they are all very useable. Yum

  86. Amy Myers Says:

    I do like that white wood grain washi. So pretty!

  87. Donna Says:

    Loving all your fabulously detailed updates & posts from CHA. They are my bi annual reference list for trends, inspiration and shopping.

  88. Maxi Says:

    It doesn’t seem all that easy to get JB stuff here in the UK but I hope I can track some down – because that washi tape is gorgeous!

  89. RuthK Says:

    I really like the new colours being introduced with the Modern Mercantile papers – as well as lots of achingly beautiful inspiration.

  90. senoritascrapper Says:

    Those stamp sets are great. Thanks for the tour.

  91. Jeannie Phillips Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share. Love the whitewash washi tape and the new paper designs.

  92. Mel Says:

    Omigosh – I had to scroll back to that gorgeous washi tape a few times before I could catch my breath to comment!! That is totally my favourite pick from all these lovely goodies :)

  93. Heike Says:

    How wonderful! LOVE that white washi tape as well!

  94. Marcia Deignan Says:

    Love the stamps and all the journaling cards.

  95. Anastasia Says:

    You are lucky girl to see all this beauty there!

  96. Angela Womack Says:

    Love the new collection, love the papers and the embellishments they are soooo cute!! Can’t wait to get them. Have fun!

  97. Mandy McK Says:

    JBS products….. Always so, so, cool x

  98. Vickie Lee Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Shimelle! Love JBS!

  99. Linda e Says:

    The wood grain washi is my favorite too!

  100. Elizabeth Says:

    Loving all the JB products.Thanks for sharing,

  101. Jani Says:

    Can’t wait to see these live and in person.

  102. Karen P Says:

    Some lovely new stuff there – especially like the new stamps and the butterflies on the bingo cards.

  103. Christel Says:

    Delightful! Love the colors!

  104. Robin P Says:

    Love Jenni Bowlin’s products. Thanks so much for sharing.

  105. Dawn Says:

    All the JBS things look simply fantabulous!!! Hope you are having fun at CHA.

    Have a Blessed week ~~ dawn

  106. Sandi Says:

    Oh I do really love those stamps!

  107. Victoria Says:

    You provide the best coverage of CHA – thanks for the trouble you go to.

  108. angela Says:

    Love the feather tags.

  109. rhonda nickol Says:

    I love the flatbacks and oh my I must have the stamps! I loved every project you showed in their booth!

  110. Andrea Says:

    Thanks for the glimpses from CHA! I love those stamps and the mini cards..

  111. Michelle OKeefe Says:

    I bet the white washed woodgrain washi tape will be in big demand for sure. I know I’d really like to have that. Thanks for the great photos and commentary Shimelle. Can’t wait to see more.

  112. Janet Femmer Says:

    Great reporting, Shimelle! Jenni Bowlin is always interesting — but I think this is her best collection yet!

  113. sue w Says:

    so lovely to see all this…I am loving it all but especially the stamps!

  114. Roseann Hoyle Says:

    so wish I could be there too

  115. Mel Says:

    Your coverage of CHA is always my favorite, Shimelle. Thanks for the look at Jenni Bowlin. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your posts.

  116. Kathy W Says:

    Ooooh. I love those new booklet stamps. And the flatbacks with the retro images.

  117. Theresa Ferran Says:

    all those goodies…oh my.

  118. Ashley Calder Says:

    Thanks for the booth photos! It looks great!!
    So excited about these new products. :)

  119. louise Says:

    oh my word – how much would it cost me to buy one of everything?! What a fab range.

  120. Karen F. Says:

    Love the stamps and the washi tape! Great new products!

  121. Jen D. Says:

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your pictures and coverage of CHA. I love the new products that will be coming out shortly, especially that washi tape. Enjoy your week and I look forward to reading more posts.

  122. Sabine Says:

    I LOVE the rub-ons and the stamps and – oh my god – the woodgrain washi is a must-have.

  123. Phyllis B Says:

    I love anything by Jenni Bowlin and this doesn’t disappoint.I love the rubons and all the embellishments and the wonderful colors.

  124. benessi Says:

    Thanks for the updates, lobe them! My favorite from JB was the quilt star, I think I’ll just have to have it ;-)

  125. Janet Says:

    Wow, these are all gorgeous, but I especially love those clear stamps! The booth samples are beautiful as always. Can’t wait to play with these new releases!

  126. Joanna Shirey Says:

    Love the vintage tickets and new washi. Also love the butterflies and bingo card art. Hope you are having a great time! Travel safe.

  127. Lauren Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love that you give us some project photos along with the products – great inspiration. Am in love with the stamps and those bare feathers!

  128. Cynthia Larson Says:

    oh i love the new papers and embellishments. I am going to have quite a list of must buys from JB. Thanks for the share.

  129. Kirsten Says:

    Love it all! What a great release! Oh how I miss CHA

  130. Jeanna Cata Says:

    Your reviews are my favorite! I think you capture the most pictures, and actually make me feel like I’m right there with you. Thanks for sharing Jenni’s new products!

  131. SaffysMama Says:

    WoWza! Love All JB products! That whitewashed woodgrain tape has my name all over it too! And the mini cards, the small stamp sets! Yikes! All looking good! Thanks for such great coverage!

  132. Jemma @ Just-Jimjams Says:

    Your reviews are usually great Shimelle, so thanks for this, BUT the soft focus, shallow depth of field on some of these photos leaves me needing to go look elsewhere to see the patterned paper details :o(

  133. Debbie H Says:

    Love the new stamp sets!!

  134. Amy Says:

    Love the journaling card stamps — I was just at a crop last weekend trying to find such an item.

  135. tamara dunkin Says:

    JBS always does a great job of bringing the vintage up-to-date for us. i think she’s actually where i learned to love vintage finds and i’m now an avid flea market junkie! i’m eager to see your photos from the other companies, too!

  136. Laurie Says:

    Great sneaks! I wish I could be at CHA!

  137. Kate Says:

    Luv, luv, luv the journaling card stamps -esp the album one – so many ideas!!!

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    Loved reading your post about all the new goodies! Thanks for sharing Shimelle!
    Hugs Lynsey x

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    Ah Shmielle, I love reading your take on the new lines. Thanks for sharing!!!

  140. Jackie B Says:

    Thank you for sharing Shimelle, I love the BasicGrey collection.

  141. Anne Says:

    Feathers! I love feathers!
    I like the stamps too, little books just call out to me.
    Thanks Shimelle for sharing.

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    I’ve been a sucker for Mason/Ball jars since I was a kid – I’ve stuck everything in them from pennies to buttons… so I was happy to see the trend come along in papercrafting. But these are by far my fave jars ever. I so wish that were a stamp set instead of rub-ons – I kind of suck at rub-ons, but that won’t deter me from purchasing these. I LOVE THEM! And of course there are a few more picks I’m sure I can’t live without – total agreement about the whitewashed woodgrain washi-tape (it is quite lyrical isn’t it?!).

  145. macy Says:

    Everything looks so great (even better in person, huh?) Absolutely love the stamps for making mini books. Thanks for sharing!

  146. carole A Says:

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  147. Pat Behrens Says:

    Thank you so much for all the jbs pictures. I admit I’m in love with the whitewashed woodgrain washi too.

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  149. dogmatix Says:

    Never disappoints :-) Love the clear stamps

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    White Washed Woodgrain … yum! Also love those bingo cards with all the butterflies – getting some inspiration!! Hope you had fun at the show!

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