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CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
I wonder what scrapbooking goodness could be around this corner? Could it be October Afternoon?

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Greeted by some of these gorgeous layouts, I venture that’s a yes!

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
October Afternoon debuted four new releases: Midway and Witch Hazel scheduled to ship in late summer; Make it Merry and Farm Girl scheduled for the end of September.

And yes: Midway includes stickers and chipboard versions of a rainbow-trimmed Polaroid camera. Indeed.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Bright shades but true to the October Afternoon look of bright meets vintage. They have stayed with tried and true products that work for so many scrappers, like the label and word stickers.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
I am joyous at the addition of a great hot pink shade in the Mini Market letter stickers.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
All the Midway designs are cute, but hands up: who is seriously considering buying the journaling cards and the tin pins purely based on the camera? Surely I am not alone? Maybe I will have to challenge myself to find the perfect page for all the others, but that design is certainly my favourite.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Two stamp sets – one with multiple designs and one large background image. Pie-charts and starburst shapes are definitely popular at this show.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Love this washi! The top option is like the green date tape from 9 to 5 but with a variety in the wording and a brighter tone to the colour. The bottom option is just crazily cute. I can’t stand word bubble stickers on their own and yet I am remarkably drawn to them on washi tape. Who knew?

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Lots of happy die-cuts. I really like that [photos taken here!] caption.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
The minibook pieces for this range are photo-inspired with pretty vintage scenes (there are some non-photo patterns in the mix too).

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
The papers are a great mix of bold, bright patterns that will challenge you to come up with something creative and small, repeating prints that are amongst the most versatile around. (There’s a ferris wheel paper that might work with the same tactic that Glitter Girl is up to in her adventure later today, by the way.)

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Cut-apart sheets are always a favourite for me – great for layering and embellishments without the added cost of dimensional stickers and such. So that’s Midway!

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Witch Hazel is up next, for Halloween. The wonky sheet music pattern comes up a few times and it’s an interesting Halloween twist I haven’t seen elsewhere. The banners and buttons chipboard stickers would make a good choice for scrapping Halloween without young kids, while the other designs are more youthful. And check out what they did with the label sticker sheet: all in black! Definitely something for everyone, even if you have no plans to ever scrapbook Halloween.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Halloween always brings out the twisty, Gothic-inspired fonts, and this one is new to the OA line-up. Plus the stand-by Sticky Keys and Mini Market letters in new Halloween-inspired colours.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Die-cut captions, with the cassette tape shape reading ‘spooky mix’, which made me giggle for reasons I really couldn’t fathom, other than it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
A storybook look to the minibook sheets and plenty of vintage Halloween art evidence in the miscellany.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
This makes me want to send Halloween cards this year! Have you ever sent Halloween cards? (Who am I kidding? I never finish the Christmas cards really.)

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
The papers are a mix of Halloween-specific and more versatile – plenty of stripes and chevrons and repeating patterns in there to balance the spider webs and scary trees. Don’t overlook Witch Hazel if you’re not all ghosts and goblins in October!

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Then we move on to Christmas with Make it Merry. That large text print at the right? Remember that when we look through some more booths. Big letterpress-inspired text prints are big this Christmas.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
There’s something about the border strip page that reminds me of Monopoly. And I love it.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Everyone has Advent countdown numbers this year! These are lovely – variety in colour and pattern but continuity in size and shape.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
I love the vintage lettering style on the cut-apart sheet.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Again being clever with classic label stickers: all in red! I’ll take six. At least.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Like Witch Hazel, some of the pieces have grouped the more youthful designs together, which is handy for deciding whether each piece in the collection is right for you.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Classic small letter stickers in red and green. Perfect for small format albums at Christmastime, as well as full size scrapbook pages.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
A mix of vintage and modern with the Tin Pins badge designs.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Plenty of happy embellishments, of course.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Stitched or stitchable banners are something popping up in a few places. First at American Crafts last year, now in the current collections at BasicGrey and here at October Afternoon (and a few others too). These are described as ‘sewable’ so I’m pretty sure they come as a punch apart sheet then you stitch them yourself. The Christmas version includes another countdown option, should you opt for Advent bunting.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Tough to get great pictures of these two examples as the booth started to get crowded, but I just wanted to include them as two things really inspired me – the dimension from using the snowflake pieces in the banner on the first card and the snowy effect on both cards from an off-centred application of white mist. Great ideas to file away.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
And finally, Farm Girl. The OA Farm Girl herself reminds me a bit of the Campbell Soup Kids from my youth. Of course, if my youth had been today, there would be a photo of the crazy stacking Campbell’s soup bowls with faces… but alas I’m sure that image is just in my memory and not on film. I’m ashamed to say I just spent ten minutes trying to search for an example online because I’m sure it’s one of those things that shows up in every antique mall in the midwest, but I’ve come up empty-handed. Shall we talk less of soup and more of scrapbooking? Oh yes.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
The papers bring out two things even this city girl likes: the yellow and blue combination and the potential in that wedding ring quilt pattern at the bottom right.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
BUT WAIT! I mean I was excited about hot pink Mini Market letters. I have LEAPT WITH JOY over woodgrain Mini Market letters. Do you hear me, October Afternoon? LEAPT. WITH. JOY.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
But speaking of those hot pink letters from Midway, I’d love to use them with these two blue patterns from Farm Girl. Note to self there.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
On to embellishments. The cassette tape does not say ‘tractor mix’ or ‘combine harvester remix’ but I’m thinking it might need to. Because living in London gives me many opportunities to scrapbook combine harvesters… but still. (Okay – it’s blank and in a good colour: what I’m really saying is you can use it for anything and not just farm pictures. But seriously, someone scrapbook a combine harvester. Thanks.)

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
Stripes and cherries on the washi tape. Roosters with the power of speech on the journaling cards. All good things.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
SewFun Banners in this collection too.

CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon
And two more gorgeous layouts as I exit. So pretty – absolutely loving that vellum star layering!

Does anything float your boat at October Afternoon? What made you LEAP WITH JOY, I ask?

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PS: Looking for something? This might be it:
uks cybercrop
(Don’t worry if that makes zero sense to you at all. It’s a game and will make sense to those playing!)

18 July 2012

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52 Comments for CHA Summer 2012 :: October Afternoon

  1. Jak Says:

    Yummy! I love OA, I want it all! x

  2. Sue Says:

    Love, love love Midway. And at last, a Halloween collection I might be tempted to buy.

  3. Cindy Says:

    Love these OA papers and products! Can’t wait to use them!!!

  4. Linda Auclair Says:

    Is it wrong for me to love it ALL? OA never, ever disappoints! Thanks for the great show photos, Shimelle. I pinned some to my 2Peas CHA Love board!

  5. Nat- Tea,Cake and Make Says:

    Oh my, this is all so gorgeous! I think I might want it all! Divine!!

  6. Little Nat Says:

    Love the red and black label stickers – they will come in handy! Midway looks fun and the Christmas collection is nice – will probably get pieces from rather than the whole lot!

  7. Miriam Prantner Says:

    Drooling over Midway! So cute, and I’m loving that little mini album thing that says Grow from Farm Girl1

  8. Dianne Jordan Says:

    Shimelle, I am going to a “Blessing of the combines” in August where all the combines parade down the street and then have a festival. My dad will be driving an antique tractor. I will definitely be scrapping some combines!!

  9. Madeleine Says:

    I LOVE the midway line. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  10. Shay Says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing such wonderful detailed photos of the October Afternoon collections! My favorite line is Midway so far, but I love many things from the rest of the lines and I even love the cartoony images for cards. Again, thank you so much. Can’t wait to see what you feature next.

  11. Tasha Says:

    I’m loving Midway for sure! But, my favorite has to be the woodgrain Mini Market stickers! With a close second being the single color labels sheets. I find myself using the same colors over and over, that would be heaven for them to release single colors from now on.

  12. LisaE Says:

    Love that sunburst stamp! Like the versatility in their themed products like the all red label stickers and the good B sides on their Halloween papers.

  13. Sydney Says:

    You arn’t imagining the campbells soup kids. My first thought of Farm girl, was those rosy cheeked mm mm good kids too.

  14. Gypsymom82 Says:

    Love Midday! I can’t wait to get my hands on it because I have the perfect pictures I want to use this line with.

  15. Kathy Says:

    Wow! October Afternoon is absolutely my favorite manufacturer and these collections will only make my OA habit stronger. I totally remember the Campbell Kids from when I was little. I loved them. Still do. Thanks so much for the great review of these collections. Can’t wait to get my hands on them all.

  16. Caro_frenchy Says:

    OMG i’m in LOVE ♥♥♥

  17. SandraA Says:

    Camera, camera, camera, in all of its goodness.

  18. Bea Says:

    Loved all of the collections. I am a sucker for Halloween products, yet have never scrapbooked a halloween page. Can’t wait to start buying these.

  19. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the great pictures! :)

  20. alissa Says:

    ok. OA has done it again!
    i LOVE the pink and the wood grain mini markets!
    LOVE the midway line and i can see a whole lot of the make it merry line in my christmas journal! :)
    LOVE IT!

  21. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    Oh, wow! I love OA! I’m especially in love with the Midway and Make it Merry lines! Some of the projects I’ve seen made with these lines have me drooling! :)

  22. Natalie Says:

    “Roosters with the power of speech”…

    …totally cracked me up.

  23. Linda ruschmeyer Says:

    Love all of the collections! I just want one of everything in all collections!,

  24. Daphne Says:

    How lovely! I think I will get all the Alpha Stickers! and maybe the washis….

  25. SIgrun c Says:

    I need it all….OA is not good for my wallet. I was thinking that Farm Girl was not for me …but wait I am a Campbell so maybe along the lines of Campbell soup inspired layout about my family? thanks for the idea shimelle! Now I need that collection to! I love the woodgrain letters !!!

  26. helen salthouse Says:

    Ohhhhhhhh wowwwwwwww….I LOVE Farm Girl! If you want someone to scrap a combine harvester I think you need Hayley from Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn…:P

  27. Amy H Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Thanks so much for posting these fun pics of the OA booth! So fun to see, especially to know some of my stuff was up on the walls and made it to the show in one piece! ;D Have fun!

  28. Kathy R Says:

    Love those woodgrain mini letters too. I’d seen some disappointing comments about these collections but I’m liking something in each one…the washi tapes, the pattern papers, the die cuts. I definitely need to win the lottery!

  29. amanda Says:

    I love OA. I will end up purchasing some of everything. I hope that they are very speedy with their delivery unlike last year! Thank you very much for taking the time to show us around the convention.

  30. Pamf Says:

    Love the midway line! Wish they would make a African American version!!! ;(

  31. MaryM Says:

    I love the new gothic inspired fonts letter sticker sheets and both the Halloween and Christmas blank label stickers.

  32. PjP Says:

    I love the puppy in the hat from the Christmas line & I will buy ALL of the new mini market letter sets when available.

  33. Michelle OKeefe Says:

    I like that Cherry washi tape and also the Sew fun banners. Not sure about the farm girl collection, honestly (for me any way).

  34. Linda Beeson Says:

    I love that you showed so many great photos! I always love October Afternoon!

  35. Claire t Says:

    Thank you so much or sharing all the OA goodness. I have almost all of last year’s Christmas release as mine only got to me in January! I think this year’s offering will match up quite nicely. Love that Grow mini album too.

  36. Mary M. Says:

    Not only do I love to see all the photos you take of the fun new stuff, but your commentary makes me laugh out loud. Combine harvesters….tee hee hee. =P Anywho, I also LOVE Mini Market stickers and will be taking two of each of the new colors, please. And were those yellow Sticky Keys? One of those as well. =)

  37. Mel Says:

    First, let me say that I simply love your coverage of CHA.

    As for OA, I’ve been a fan for a long time, so I’m not surprised that I love a LOT of the new collections, particularly the Hallowe’en and Christmas ones, but there are bits and pieces of the others I can’t wait to get my hands on.

    I’m going to need a 2nd mortgage… ;)

  38. Andrea Says:

    I love all of the new collections!

  39. Noell Says:

    Oh my, it’s all so good!! I love the Midway line, especially all the goodies with the Polaroid camera image! I’m also really loving Farm Girl…the papers, the colors, the designer brads, the washi tape, etc.

  40. Cindy Says:

    There are so many cute things in here! Love the Cherry Washi tape! :)

  41. Sara Andrews Says:

    Umm..just about everything!! Looking through your post is the ONLY thing getting me through my morning workout.

  42. Laura Says:

    Plain label stickers. leap :)

  43. StayingFocused Says:

    OH my! What makes me leap with joy? Just about everything but the cherry washi stands out!

  44. glee Says:

    I’m with ya on the woodgrain minis and that cherry washi, oh yea!! thanks for the looks.

  45. Denise Price Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this lovely, detailed post. I see so much that I love. Just to name a few: all the label stickers (esp. the red ones), the Midway alphas (will be fun to mix and match with Woodland Park alphas and Sasparilla alphas, as they’re all the same font), the Christmas green chevron paper, the yellow Sticky Keys, and the ever-popular woodgrain mini alphas.

    Grace Drayton (you can google her) created the Campbell’s soup kids and also lots of famous paper dolls. Her work is old enough that perhaps it’s now in the public domain, free to be used or adapted by OA??? I don’t know; I’m just guessing.

    Believe it or not, I created a combine layout earlier this year. So, too late to use OA Farm Girl with my one combine photo, but I did use OA Farmhouse, so that’s pretty close. ;) Here’s the link if you want to see it on my blog:

    Thanks again for your lovely report on the OA booth. Enjoy the rest of CHA!

  46. Julia Says:

    I love OA :) Thanks for sharing all this loveliness. I giggled too at the cassette tape! Loving the washi tapes the best.

  47. Jennifer Grace Says:

    I normally cherry pick from OA, rather than buying whole collections (the exception was Rocket Age!). I love the tidbits and the label stickers! x

  48. Dawn Says:

    I am LOVING every.single.bit of their release..obsessed really! October Afternoon is by far my favorite company! Thank you so much for allowing me to FINALLY see what they have coming!! And PS Shimelle, I am a farm girl in Saskatchewan Canada and have definitely scrapbooked a combine :) one layout was even in last Oct Scrapbook Trends magazine ;)

  49. Maxi Says:

    The Midway collection is great – even though I’m not from that area – or even country! It’s so versatile! And of course, the MM stickers, like you, the pink and the woodgrain ones are my fave from what I’ve seen! Snaffle some for me! x

  50. Alexa Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Shimelle, I never understand why OA don’t share pics of their own lines around CHA time & I am always desperate to see what they’ve come up with. I am so excited about the Halloween line & the woodgrain mini market!!

  51. Click here Says:

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