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CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
I love how some things become such a trademark and these paper lamps covered in Hambly transparencies? They are a total tradeshow trademark now. Hambly always have a small but perfect booth and as soon as I can see the lamps, I know there is good stuff to be found.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
You need to know that Hambly also have awesome customer service and because they are small, they have this small team that talks to people so personally and they are just extra welcoming. So I walk up and they say ‘Stop right there: we know where we have to start. Let me show you this…’ and that ‘this’?

Be still my heart.

I may have told them if I have to give up clothes and start dressing as a mummy, I want to be a mummy clad in camera-printed washi tape. True story. (Obviously I’m talking Egyptian wrapped-in-bandages mummy. Not British mother of small children mummy. I don’t think they generally change their clothing habits that dramatically.)

So yes, let’s focus. There’s new washi tape and that collection includes a camera print, and also a larger size with labels, perfect for adding right to a photo or for attaching an overlay to your layout. Nice.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
Some pretty-pretty pages from the Hambly design team.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
Brand new mini overlay sheets, perfect for adding transparent layers to divided page protectors. Love these, and will be stalking the new products at Two Peas for their arrival day as I’m sure they will be gone in no time. May have learned that one by experience.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
The mini overlays also include labels. Cut apart then attach to your project with tape, staples, stitches, brads or clear adhesives like spray glue or a Xyron machine. (Or if you’re adding more layers, use your regular adhesive and just hide it with something else on top.)

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
Six new patterned papers in a different look for Hambly – two with very colourful prints and four with just one main colour, including a chevron for good measure.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
And these look very fun indeed – mistable papers with a resist pattern – in clouds and hexagon prints (and a couple other patterns). Just add mist or ink over the top and the pattern will stay white but you can customise the background colour.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
Which means even if you want to make the sky behind those clouds blue, you can do so with your own amount of colour and shading, and create pretty faded looks like this example with blue at the top but the pale paper at the bottom.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
Eeep: do you see what I see? Map print overlays? Indeed!

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
In fact lots of things that are relatively travel-themed. Clouds…

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
…what I’m convinced looks like the graph paper they use with a seismometer? I could be way off here, but it’s fancy graph paper. Let’s go with that.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
And non-travel things too, like two different chevrons and a hexagon design.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
Diagonal stripes and herribone – all four of those will be really easy to use for plenty of themes.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints
And the map!

So do excuse me if you see someone dressed as a mummy in camera-printed washi tape holding a see-through map trying to find her way around town. Sadly there is just something about the unique products that Hambly creates that causes me to go a little less than normal.

In more acceptable terms, let’s hope we can get these products and use them on craft projects. Screen-prints are made to order so the shipping times will vary, but look for these to start hitting stores in late March.

Click here to shop for Hambly products, including select designs at 25% off.

09 February 2012

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41 Comments for CHA Winter 2012 :: Hambly Screenprints

  1. kate Says:

    Oohhh really like these, only have one roll of washi tape and it is a dodgy purple flower print which matches nothing – need to get me some of these. Oh wow the map overlay is so pretty!! Wish they did them of UK cities!

  2. Ellie A. Says:

    OH my GOSH I need to win the Lotto seriously Chevron be still my heart… I mean how delish is that I can’t take it!!

  3. linda Says:

    beautiful – i love the mini label overlays!

  4. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I haven’t used any transparencies yet, but I have been thinking about it…..this might have just pushed me over the edge….

  5. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Love the bird on a wire washi tape and the map paper.

  6. Cyndee K Says:

    Overlays have always scared me a little – but these may help me overcome my fear! And those mistable papers – must have!

  7. AllisonLP Says:

    Yummy washi tapes, chevrons, and hexagons and clouds. Well done!

  8. Cristina Says:

    Wow, those mini overlays are a must have!!! And the map overlay too, of course! :) Love it all!

  9. Jacky S Says:

    The mistable papers look fun.

  10. soapHOUSEmama Says:

    ooooh, yes! this makes me happy!

  11. Caroline Says:

    If I had a tail, it would be wagging right now – what a fabulous collection of transparencies! Love, love, love

  12. chel Says:

    Want. It. ALL!!

  13. Karen Says:

    their stuff is just so darn cute- I love the map overlay and ALL their washi- why is is so hard to get my grubby little mitts on over here

  14. Sharon Hunt Says:

    Oh, I’m sooo looking forward to watching Shimelle create with this new line! Can she scrapbook while giggling endlessly?

  15. nothingprecious Says:

    Love the camera wahi tape, the hot air balloon transparencies and the chevron paper^^gosh if only I was sure to find this in France which is I know it impossible

  16. Carolyn E Says:

    Everything looks so versatile! Might have to finally try Hambly!

  17. KateT Says:

    Lol, as a mummy and collector of Washi tape, I thought for a minute I had been using it wrongly!! I have been off Hambly of late, the last thing I bought had owls on and is untouched in my paper box, but some of these designs look like they would fit much better with my current supplies.

    ** Kate **

  18. SusanB Says:

    Love the washi tape and the map print overlays. Adding them to my wishlist…

  19. LisaE Says:

    Love that cloud paper. Clearly I’m going to have to try some of the new Washi tapes, too.

  20. Kelly Says:

    Be still my heart. Chevron and all the other transparencies, camera printed Washi tape. Yes, please.

  21. Kristin Says:

    I really like some of the hexagon patterns and those maps…love, love, love. and…more hot air balloons. They are just all over right now, aren’t they?

  22. Debby B. Says:

    For me it is the aeroplanes – gotta love ‘em. Having been to a large number of air displays in my life, which I love, I have stacks of photographs. Aah, the thrum of old warplane engines and the whine of newer jet engines. Plus helicopters and gliders if you get real lucky. Bliss. Can see myself using these plane papers and overlays. Plus the hot air balloons. Cool.

  23. abbeyviolet Says:

    I do really like the hambly pieces. I find that I end up just getting one or two here or there, but am always pleased and have used them in a variety of ways.

  24. Kathy R Says:

    Love the minis! and the chevrons and hexagons and clouds and, and, and. Really like these products.

  25. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    These are so great!!! I love them!

  26. April W Says:

    SO in love with the camera washi tape!!!

  27. Natalie Says:

    Hambly makes such beautiful things. I’ve never actually had my hot little hands on any of them, but I sure would love to have some one of these days! I admit that I am a bit intimidated by transparencies and overlays- so pretty and yet I am just stumped how to use them…but they are just soooo pretty!

  28. Marian Says:

    Love the camera washi tape and the chevron overlays.

  29. ruth tacoma Says:

    Love the map!!! Love the chevron, mini overlays & washi tape!!!

  30. margie visnick Says:

    I love the tapes and the overlays, of course, but the papers are pretty awesome, too!

  31. Breeze Says:

    In absolutely love every single roll of their new wash tapes! The clouds, hexagons and chevrons, are super fun in all the papers and overlays… Can’t wait to stalk two peas for some of this Hambly goodness!

  32. Linda Says:

    Oh my LOVE LOVE LOVE Hambly and their new collections! Especially in love with the mini overlay labels in pink (swooning. Tough to find here so will need to order online.

  33. Jill Says:

    So trendy!! I love all the patterns and that label washi is truly inspired!!

  34. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Wow lots of overlays. Never was good at using them. But they Are pretty

  35. Julia M. Says:

    I’ll take lots of everything in this booth! Love Hambly!

  36. Mary M. Says:

    Oh my. And PURPLE camera printed washi tape. Love it. I must start buying more Hambly products. I don’t know how I’ve stayed ignorant of their awesomeness for this long…

  37. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    How is it that even when everything Hambly does fits right in with current trends, it still looks like they’re totally doing their own thing? Genius, I tell you.
    Most excited for those tapes!!

  38. jodpea Says:

    I’ve heard u mention this brand a few times (or should that be read?)but I’ve never spotted their goodies for sale in the shops I frequent. I love the idea of the resist patterned paper, talk about customisation! I think a washi tape mummy outfit would catch on fast!

  39. Lucy Says:

    Wow! I’ve never bought anything from Hambly that I know of, but this range? There’s so much jumping out at me! Especially the Washi tape… I want!

  40. Maja Says:

    I am in love with Hambly! ;)

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