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CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Cosmo Cricket has had an interesting year, shifting from an independent company wherein the designers were the same people doing all the other business involved in a paper company – sales, marketing, production and fulfillment – to being acquired by Advantus, a parent company that covered the older Heidi Swapp brand and The Girls’ Paperie, along with their ongoing brands like Cropper Hopper organisation and Ideaology by Tim Holtz. In theory, this would allow the designers to focus on their true strength and create great paper collections without so much of the worry from other sides of the business. So perhaps this show was a bit of a test of that partnership.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
I’m thinking they definitely passed. Cosmo released four new collections, and they are some of my favourites since the days of Early Bird and Girl Friday (my two favourite Cosmo collections of all time).

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Plenty of pretty samples and clever booth design with drawers and suitcases as shelves. Lovely!

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
They’ve long had tiny letter stickers in the Tiny Text line, and added phrases with the releases last summer, which sold out quickly… so perhaps not a surprise to see further expansion here. Plus layered stickers, which are something new for them.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
This is Evangeline, the most formal of the four collections. Cardstock stickers, chipboard pieces, 6×6 papers and a journaling notepad.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
I think that grammatical error is just added with a printer, not from the product line. I hope. Because otherwise I love this card. So charming.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Tea for Two feels a bit more like a country kitchen. Soft reds and blues with fabric-inspired patterns.
And yes, washi tape for each collection. It’s 2012, after all. Must have washi tape!

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
I thought the embellishments were nice and then I saw that layout with the bouquet of chipboard flowers and decided they needed an upgrade to lovely.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
And we shift to more muted tones and perhaps the Cosmo take on the Pantone colour of the year with this bookish line called Twenty-Three.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Pink, grey and something that is a step back from tangerine. Interesting… and I like it.

I may have been swayed by all the old cameras.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Or this lush cut-apart caption paper.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Or some lush layouts.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Or the idea that pinwheels and numbers and stripes are all elements that are very easy to use. I wonder what other collections this will get mixed with on layouts – the grey will tie it to other things easily for those who love to mix and match.

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
Last of the four collections is Baby Jane – something quite bright and versatile, so don’t let the ‘baby’ in the name fool you!

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
The papers definitely aren’t baby-themed – great for all sorts of scrapping in red and turquoise. (A colour combination I love!)

CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket
In the embellishments, you’ll spy a few babies and prams, in a Victorian style, but plenty of florals and sewing motifs as well. And measuring tape in washi form.

These collections ship to stores in March! Which is your favourite? And is this a return to form from Cosmo Cricket? I’m excited for great things to continue now their designers can focus on their creative energies with papers that will be so versatile.

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07 February 2012

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57 Comments for CHA Winter 2012 :: Cosmo Cricket

  1. Sharon Hunt Says:

    I really like the 23 collection! The colors remind me more of the old Cosmo. Love those cutaway sheets too! Inexpensive embellishments, great for layering like you taught us!

  2. Caroline Says:

    Cosmo Cricket is, for me anyway, a brand that when they get it right it is sublime but when they get it wrong is just dire. These are certainly ticking the “right” box for me. Baby Jane is cute and I am loving the more muted shades in Evangeline, perfect for B&W and Sepia photos.

  3. chel Says:

    Oh all that washi tape and all those Tiny Type stickers… sigh

  4. Robin W. Says:

    Beautiful colors, and I’m so happy they’ve added more little word stickers!!

  5. So.Ceative Says:

    Great line and nice collection^^

  6. Cyndee K Says:

    Very pretty! Love the washi tape!

  7. Miriam Prantner Says:

    I think Baby Jane is my favorite, but I also really like 23. Thanks for all the photos!

  8. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Love the first collection you showed the best; but 23 is also tempting.

  9. Michelle Says:

    I think they too knocked it out of the park this time around. I really like all of their new collections and if my budget allowed, I would scoop them all up! Heidi’s samples were fab too!

  10. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    I think they did absolutely awesome!! I love so much of this! Really, all these lines are awesome, with my favorite being Evangeline, I think…

  11. SusanB Says:

    Definitely like that Twenty Three collection, especially that caption paper. And the Tiny Type letters are always a favorite too.

  12. Debby B. Says:

    I love the quotes stickers in any range and ‘Tea for Two’. Plus I’d love that scalloped clock from the first photograph. Pretty please?

  13. soapHOUSEmama Says:

    loving it!

  14. saycindy Says:

    Beautiful and just my style. My 2nd favorite line is CC behind OA of course!

  15. Scrapdolly Says:

    I absolutely love this – all of it

  16. Jacky S Says:

    Looks like Cosmo Cricket have really come up trumps….love it all.

  17. Debs Says:

    Thank you so much for the terrific up close pics and dialogue on each company and line…I especially love CC and the Baby Jane…love that turquoise :)

  18. Andrea R. Says:

    I like the line 23 and the colors in it.

  19. Julia M. Says:

    I can see myself using the Baby Jane line the most, but I like the color combo in the Tea for Two.

  20. Kathy R Says:

    Cosmo Crickets does red and turquoise right. Love their collections that focus on these two colors. Love their tiny type too.

  21. linda Says:

    I love turquoise and yellow these days! Such lovely collections!

  22. April W Says:

    I adore Cosmo Cricket!! I’m really loving the new stickers…

  23. Candy Says:

    I love Tea for Two and Baby Jane so much and 23 is close behind.

  24. margie visnick Says:

    Gorgeous! Love the Tea For Two line!

  25. Kelly Says:

    Love the Tea for Two closely followed by Baby Jane. The cut apart captions in Twenty Three are intriguing as well. I’ve always love their embellishments and these collections are no exception.

  26. Marian Says:

    I love the Tea for Two!

  27. Penny Says:

    Having a daughter called Evangeline I feel myself being drawn in to these new collections.

  28. Natalie G Says:

    I always enjoy cosmo crickets collections and these are no exception! I like baby Jane and 23 the best.

  29. Jackie A xxx Says:

    Love all the collection, but esp. tea for two and with the addition of washi tape – can see me needed this soon.

  30. jodpea Says:

    Orange, grey & books – Cosmo Cricket can do no wrong!

  31. Carolyn E Says:

    I love, love their Tiny types, so glad I’m seeing new colors :) And I’ve got to have that caption paper!
    Thanks Shimelle!

  32. Natalie Says:

    oooh, I like that Baby Jane! (heee, i like that you caught that grammatical error, too!)

  33. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I think if I could only ever create from these new Cosmo Cricket lines for the rest of my life, I would die happy. They are fab!

  34. Kristin A. Says:

    Come to Mama, Baby Jane! Love it, love it, love it! And all those sentiment stickers and cut-apart captions, too.

  35. Kristin A. Says:

    I know you aren’t able to show us everything, but I love how they used drawers in their display and their examples are perhaps my favorite of what you’ve shown. And putting the photo with the vintage clocks first in your post had me already!

  36. ruth tacoma Says:

    I love the pink, gray & orange color collection!!! And those vintage clocks at the top… cute!!

  37. chrystal Says:

    Measuring tape in Washi Tape – sweet! Love the cosmo cricket colours.

  38. Breeze Says:

    Very excited for Cosmo Cricket and the Washi tape oh yay!

  39. Katie Says:

    I love Cosmo Cricket – and love the caption paper…I could get lots of use out of that :-)

  40. AllisonLP Says:

    I’ll take 2 packages of all the Tiny Type stickers, please :) Love those small letters for subtitles on my layouts!

  41. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Baby Jane is definitely my favorite. I like blue and red. The other lines seem a bit feminine for me.

  42. CoCo Says:

    Your so funny Shimelle!
    I was drawn by 23 and of Baby Jane too. Delightful!

  43. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I’m usually bowled over by CC but I’m settling for “that’s nice” on these collections which is a surprise for me. My purse is breathing an unexpected sigh of relief.

  44. LisaE Says:

    I like the softer colors of this line. It is a nice change from everyone else’s bold palette. Interesting that all these paper companies are being acquired. Will this be a good thing?

  45. LindaHAZ Says:

    Liking what i see. It makes me want to run out to my LSS NOW! Loving the papers.

  46. NancyLee Says:

    I’m a CC hoarder big time and based on your detailed report, I am staying loyal to my tittle“hoarder me” ;)…. I love the tiny texts line the most maybe because of the letter stickers. Thanks again for sharing, Shim.

  47. marianne Says:

    cosmo cricket has some vey pretty stuff!

  48. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    I always admire Cosmo Cricket’s designs. this time around, 23 is definitely my favorite — what a unique color palette!

  49. Jill Says:

    So glad to see the tiny types, words and the new phrases! Love those things. I love the gray/tangerine combo too. thanks for sharing!!

  50. HeatherC Says:

    LOVE that caption paper!!!

  51. Cristina Says:

    I’m loving the Twenty-Three collection! One of my faves of this CHA!

  52. Maja Says:

    Cosmo Cricket rocks!

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