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CHA Summer 2011 :: Jillibean Soup

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
Next up, chillin’ with the gnomies from Jillibean Soup

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
These little label stickers are adorable, affordable and something I will definitely use by the bucketload. There’s a set to match each new collection, plus several general themes like days of the week, birthdays and general happiness. The individual stickers are a nice size and not the same as all the other labels out there, so they will complement your existing collection. (What? You don’t have a label collection? Sure you don’t.)

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
Christmas Eve Chowder has penguins and a mix of red and pink plus robin’s egg blue and spring green. (This ‘whimsical’ colour scheme was popular around the show floor this year.)

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
The valentine line (though it wouldn’t necessarily need to be for valentine pages) includes lots of kraft backgrounds. Gorgeous. But then there’s this one specific paper:

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
Woodgrain? On kraft? WITH TINY LITTLE HEARTS? Oh yes. Must-have.

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
Sweet & Sour Soup is my favourite as a whole collection. There are brightly coloured typewriters but also grey graph paper, this lovely matte finish to the cardstock stickers and just generally lots of patterns that are not for one specific theme but balance a unique look with being nice and easy to use. Looking forward to working with these papers.

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
A collection inspired by quilts. Love that layout from their design team.

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
Very pretty minibook. I may have been lured in by the woodgrain, but the whole book was a treat.

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
That particular woodgrain is from this collection, which is autumn and home themed. With garden gnomes in the best way possible: cute but not crazily all over the place.

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
Pretty flowers made from scraps, buttons and wire. Would make a lovely something for the table or a windowsill, right?

scrapbooking supplies from jillibean soup
And a make and take clip that sticks to your fridge with a magnet. Here’s a look at that project so you can make it at home!

(At the beginning of the video, there is a moment of big-time blurry when someone walked into me, but you don’t miss anything in the visual there so I left it in so you can hear the audio. The rest is not going to win me any prizes for cinematography, but you should be able to see the project, and that’s what counts, right?)

Jillibean’s new collections will be hitting stores in a few weeks.
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21 July 2011

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15 Comments for CHA Summer 2011 :: Jillibean Soup

  1. Tine Says:

    Love the christmas line. Thx so much for uploading. Feels a bit like i’m there ;-)

  2. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Wow, I’m not normally a Jillybean kinda girl but I really like the greens and woodgrains on the last collection there. Nice video too, probably as close as I’ll ever get!

  3. Bernice Says:

    Love, love, love the Christmas papers. A must for JYC

  4. Angela Says:

    I have recently added your blog to my google reader. My nickname for you is Carmen San Diego. You are back in England!!! Where in the world will Shimelle be next!! Thanks for the CHA updates

  5. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    I like this range & have quite a few things in my stash…think I need to watch the video!!

  6. Lou Says:

    hehe…i bet you loved the make and take cos of the butterfly right? :) CHA looks so exciting to be at. I bet the vibe is just out of this world.

  7. Linda Trace Says:

    I’m a huge (but recent discoverer) fan of Jillybean and I’m so in love!

    The kraft is it for me :) through and through

  8. Lara Says:

    Oh Shimelle – I’m so glad you went to CHA! Great updates and pics. Our reporter in the field :)

  9. AllisonLP Says:

    The Sweet and Sour Soup collection is a MUST HAVE! TFS.

  10. Rhoda Says:

    Love this! Great demo for any Stampin’ Up! demonstrators too! Thank you x

  11. borcherding Says:

    LOVE everything from this manufacturer!!!

  12. Andrea M. Says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you’ve had my favorite CHA coverage this week. Thanks for bringing us closer to the new goodies :)

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