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Five ideas with the Martha Stewart Score Board

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Please welcome a new guest blogger today – Britta! She’s a big fan of the scoring board and I have to admit this is something I wanted to know more about as I don’t have one! I hope you enjoy her five ideas this week!

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
One of my favorite tools in my craft space is my Scoring Board. It’s so easy to use and can be used to produce many looks. From layouts to cards to boxes, this tool is something that I’m constantly reaching for. Today I have five ideas to share with you so you can get the most from this versatile crafting tool.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Scoring to Create Rosettes
Rosettes are a super hot trend right now in the crafting industry, and with a couple simple steps, you can create your own out of any paper.

Here, I just cut strips in different widths from patterned paper, scored every 1/2 inch, flipped the paper over, and scored in between the lines I made on the other side. Just fold the strips accordion-style (places where you scored become a mountain fold while places where you scored on the other side become a valley fold). Glue the ends together so that you have a contiguous zig-zag circle and then gather and press one of the edges into a rosette. Use strong dry glue and liquid adhesive (I used Glossy Accents by Ranger) to keep everything in place. Set an object on top of the rosette to help everything stay in place while drying. Embellish as desired.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Scoring to Add Emphasis
Measure and draw out straight lines in a square on the inside of a card. Score the lines from the inside of the card, making sure to stop where the lines intersect. Cut a piece of paper down to fit inside the scored square that is slightly smaller. The scoring around the outside of the focal piece provides texture and a level of sophistication.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Scoring to Create Texture
Using the diagonal envelope guide included with the Martha Stewart Score Board, Line up a card on the diagonal and score every 1/4 inch. Turn the card 90 degrees to the left or right, and then score going the opposite direction to create a diagonal grid. Use an ink pad directly to the paper as well as with a blending tool to emphasize the texture with a coordinating colour.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Scoring to Keep it Clean and Simple
Simple cards are easy, fun and elegant. Scoring on the front of a simple card like this adds a lot of interest and texture without overpowering the message.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Scoring to Create Clean and Accurate Folds on 3D Projects
Create quick and easy gift boxes using just two sheets of double-sided patterned paper and a few embellishments. The score board helps to keep all of your sides the same measurement and create nice, clean folds that look like you spent a lot of money on the box and the gift inside.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
To make the bottom, I started out with a sheet of paper cut down to 10 inches by 10 inches and scored 3 inches in from each side. Cut down one of the folds from the outside to each corner, and use the remaining extra flap for each side to glue everything together. I followed the same process for the top as well, just using an 8 ¼ inch by 8 ¼ inch piece of paper and scoring 2 inches in from the side. The result is a fantastic box that your recipient will love almost as much as the gift you put inside.

crafting ideas - martha stewart scoring board
Do you have a scoring board? We’d love to hear your favourite techniques!

Britta Swiderski is a 21-year-old Graphic Design major at the University of Minnesota and spends her free time inking and making projects. She’s tried pretty much every hobby out there but always seems to gravitate towards paper and all of the amazing things that are possible with it. To see more of her stamping, scrapping, and cardmaking projects, visit her blog and check out the tutorial videos she posts at least once a week on her YouTube channel.

01 April 2011

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19 Comments for Five ideas with the Martha Stewart Score Board

  1. Mel Says:

    Brilliant, thank you! I just recently got one of these after hearing Mario and Tim Holtz rave about it, and I totally love it already. Thanks so much for all these extra ideas! xx

  2. Ayana Posadas Says:

    Wow! These projects look amazing! I love Brit’s work. These are such fun ideas and what a great way of showcasing the score board!

  3. Carol Says:

    Fabulous job using the score board! I love mine but these ideas are great. TFS

  4. scrappysue Says:

    Ooh, this is super helpful, thank you so much! I have just purchased the scoring board and have yet to use it; can’t wait to try these techniques, yay!

  5. LisaE Says:

    Wow! Thanks for all the great ideas. Might have to get one of these after all.

  6. chris Says:

    Love these ideas! Heidi Swapp recently raved about this tool also.

  7. Tracey Says:

    LOVE the diagonal pattern. I’ve done a tight grid pattern, but I didn’t think to pull out the envelope guide to make it diagonal!

    I’ve used my scoring board to make raised journaling lines on a scrapbook layout. Just like your cute emphasis lines, these can be inked to bring them out or left plain to keep them subtle.

  8. Cleo Says:

    I’ve never heard about it (scrap products are often proposed a few months later in France than US). But it seems very interesting. thanks for sharing your tips.

  9. Tejal Says:

    I’ve been going back and forth on buying the score board..I’m not a big fan of 3d projects..but these cards may just have been the push I needed to go over to the dark side!! Thanks for these awesome projects!!

  10. Sheri Says:

    I already love my scoring board, but these ideas will make me love it more. Plus I won’t need to spend money on the rosette dies that I’ve been eyeing! Thanks!

  11. KatieK. Says:

    Love my scoring board. Noticed today that one of the large US scrapstores has a great deal on them – they sent me a coupon but I have one already. Didn’t know I could do so many things with it. Thanks for ideas.

  12. Katie Kelley Says:

    Well as a follow-up, I made a gift box using the directions to hold the choc. covered orange peel I’m giving my mom today for Mother’s Day. I even planned ahead! When I got the candy, I thought of this post to make the box to hold it. Thanks for the directions.

  13. UGG Cardy Boots Sale Says:

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  14. Kathy Says:

    I researched online and read a lot of reviews and ended up purchasing the Martha Stewart Scoreboard. Best decision I ever made! It comes with instructions for making boxes, envelopes, etc. Fabulous tool! I bought the larger scoring tool which I think is less flimsy than the one that comes with it. I waited till I found a 50% off sale @ Michaels craft store. Any store with MS product should have this too.

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  17. Magdalena Says:

    Great usage of this! I’ve just discovered this great tool! Thank you! Can I translate your post (use it as a base) into Polish and use it to popularise score board in Poland? Can I use your photos then? and give a link to your post? Regards!

  18. Adrianne Says:

    I did not get the project booklet that was supposed to be included with the MS Score Board. Any idea how I can download it online?I am beyond the return/refund date for the store where I bought it.

  19. Kathleen Bollado Says:

    I’ve just bought a scoreboard and have yet to use it. Like items that have been made using a scoreboard would like to know how to make step card using scoreboard

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