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Five ideas with watercolours

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
After a little break, I’m delighted to bring back Five Ideas Fridays, with guest posters sharing their ideas for their favourite scrapbooking supplies. Today please welcome Nancy Doren, who hopes you will fall in love with something a little artsy: watercolours! (But as it’s her post, I’ll let her spell it the American way. Just for today.)

Hello! This is Nancy Doren, coming to you all the way from snowy Colorado, USA! I’m so excited to share one of my favorite craft supplies with you today… watercolor paints! Yep, those simple watercolor paints you used as a kid can give your craft projects a sophisticated, unique look.

I’ve had my box of Prang Watercolors since I was 14. I can’t believe they’ve lasted this long! You can also use an inexpensive kids’ set… it will work just as well for these techniques.

I just love the blended, soft look of watercolors, even for a masculine layout. I created this look by using a doily as a mask, painting over the doily with a wash of colors. It’s better to use a heavy, textured paper with watercolors; I love the heavy papers from My Mind’s Eye, like this one.

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
I even love to use watercolors on fabric! I painted flannel houndstooth fabric from Samantha Walker with a wash of green paint.

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
Watercolors are great on raw chipboard, too. Here I stamped and embossed a simple pattern, then painted over it with a blend of warm colors.

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
Did you know that these Twinkling H2O’s are just watercolor paints with shimmer?
I used the H2O’s to color in a black and white design on this My Mind’s Eye paper. Think of all the patterned paper in your stash that you can transform with this simple trick!

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
You can also create a super-artsy look with this easy technique: create a puddle of paint on your paper, then blow at it through a straw to spread the paint around.

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours
Let it dry and you’ve got a Pollack-like masterpiece!

scrapbooking ideas with watercolours

I used to think watercolor paints were just for painting landscapes, but after playing around with mine, I’ve realized that they are the perfect crafting tool. I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips… you can find more tips in my Scrapbooking Secrets.


04 March 2011

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5 Comments for Five ideas with watercolours

  1. Jacky Scales Says:

    So many ways to use watercolours….especially love the doily effect….thanks Nancy.

  2. Lizzie Says:

    Thanks for so many clever ideas, Nancy! Fabulous! I especially loved the doiley stencilled scrap page and the stamped-embossed-and-colour-washed letters.
    I use watercolours quite often – this post contains (a little way down!) one of my recent projects, a stamped and water-coloured page border –
    They are very versatile, since you can make the colour very dense, or just a thin, misty wash, to give a hint of colour. Watercolour pencils are great for small areas, like in my stamped project, as there is more control, but you can still blend them.
    Thanks for a great post – I loved it!

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  4. Cathy Carpenter Says:

    Is the use of watercolors safe for the photos?

  5. Starfish425 Says:

    Thank you for your post!! Its really awesome to find something that ease my frustrations and something that makes me want to move forward. I found my peace in making scrapbooks! I am constantly looking for ideas I can use to make decorate and design. Currently, I am obsess with any thing underwater / ocean theme designs. I like to use a Whale Coral Octopus Metal Stencils to add in my design which is totally cute. Can you share any underwater theme designs?? Hope you can show us more ways to decorate !! :D Thanksss!!

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