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Scrapbooking giveaway day

scrapbooking giveaway day
scrapbooking supplies by sassafras
This weekend, one commenter will win a selection of scrapbooking goodies by Sassafras, including their latest collection, Paper Crush.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post sharing someone or something that has been on your crush list at some point! (Bonus points if you tell us about your first crush!)

Entries close at midnight Sunday UK time and the winner will be posted Monday, provided I can find some internet access then!

Good luck!


19 February 2011

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153 Comments for Scrapbooking giveaway day

  1. helen Says:

    Haha, that’s a good question! I have an enormous crush on BOOTS at the moment, as my children will tell you; I have nowhere to put them all! As for the first crush, I’m afraid that might just have been Captain Scarlet….:P

  2. SallyB Says:

    My first crush was when I was 11!! My computer teacher!! I recently saw him on facebook and phew am I glad I grew up!! Was over 30 tears ago!! Lolol

  3. lou jervis Says:

    Hehe, I am totally crushing on my fiance at the moment. My first crush was a guy called guy…I used to swoon over him at ten years of age.

  4. Daphne Says:

    I have a crush on my new MME paper – Stella & Rose! Just love it!

  5. Sarah Says:

    ooo I have a crush for dslr at the moment…maybe my dream will come true someday

  6. Lisa H Says:

    My first crush was on Simon Le Bon – I was a teenie of the 80’s and I was convinced that if he ever met me, he’d know we were destined to be together !!! Ah, the innocence and naivety of teenagers!

  7. jenna Upson Says:

    ooh, my crush at the moment is Sam Branson! Lush x and also Sassafrass

  8. RachH Says:

    Argh, noooooo – dare I admit it??? My first crush (showing my age!) as Donny Osmond. I’m also a huge fan of cheese, and now I’m older I can appreciate that both these crushes seem to be one and the same! (sorry Donny!)

  9. julie Wan Says:

    My first crush was an American speedway rider called Bruce Penhall. Saw him in the flesh at the old Wembley stadium and quite literally went weak at the knees and has to sit down. Oh to be young again

  10. Sarah Says:

    Er my most recent crush – spotting eddie stobart trucks. Yes I know it’s wierd & freaky – but thats what I love about it, haha!!

  11. Joanne Says:

    Paul Young and boy did I have it bad :) Currently a bind it all to make some mini books – can’t wait to have a play

  12. Mel Says:

    My first crush was called Carl and at the year 6 leavers show we got to dance to Grease – I was v.excited! At the mo I am crushing on Glee and cupcakes! Yum!

  13. tape Says:

    My first celebrity crush was Jim Morrison!

  14. Emma Says:

    My first crush was Jared Leto as Jordan Catalano in ‘My So Called Life’.. I’m currently reliving this crush with the DVD box set!

  15. Jacky Scales Says:

    My big crush was Jon Bon Jovi….and I still think he’s pretty cute!!

  16. Sarah S Says:

    What a great giveaway. My first crush was Andrew Ridgley from Wham!

  17. Lydia Says:

    Right now I love James Franco…he was in the spider man movies and recently 127 Hours. My First crust…hum…in high school, Jim Morrison from The Doors.

  18. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    My first crush? Paul Mcartney of Beatles fame. It was 1961 and I was only 12!!!!

  19. Rebecca Says:

    My first real crush was a sweet boy named Kevin. He and I were in high school together, and he stole my heart without even knowing it! I still think about him once in a while, 16 years later!! Thanks for the chance!!

  20. Abbey Says:

    My first crush was a summer camp on 4th grade. So dreamy.

  21. Kristine S Says:

    my first crush was rick springfield

  22. cheri Says:

    First crush was David Cassidy and have relived it recently…heard an interview of a book about the same! It all came rushing back! Newest crush is paint and watercolor crayons!

  23. val Says:

    My first crush was in grade 2, I went to a convent and his name was Gerrado and I was sent out of class for kissing him in Bible Ed. :-)

  24. alissa Says:

    let’s see…
    my first crush was shaun cassidy.
    loved those hardy boys in 5th grade. :)
    more recently, i’ve been crushing on my dear sweet boy of 23 years.
    love hm! :)

  25. SandyB Says:

    My first crush was Kirk Cameron

  26. Sarah Says:

    First crush was Kevin Friend – wonder where he is now….? Moved on to John Taylor from Duran Duran and he still has “it”!

  27. Lita Says:

    hehehe My current crush is buttons! I collect them with the plan to use them in my scrap stuff, but they’re just too pretty, so I keep them in little jars atop my desk lol
    Thanks for the chance!

  28. Shelly Says:

    Let’s see….my first crush was on then “teen dream” Shaun Cassidy…and I think I was only about 11 or 12….and I too was addicted to the “Hardy Boys” series.

  29. Kate aka stinkydudette Says:

    My mom told me this story. When I was 4 yrs old, I was watching a local variety show. Out of nowhere, I spoke to the TV: “Gary V, say i to me pls” lol… 4yrs old! Imagine that.

  30. Jeannie Says:

    My first crush was a boy in my class called Nicky – as our Birthdays were one day apart I thought it was meant to be but it never was. Today my latest crush would be Sassafras, Basic Grey, Echo Park, My Minds Eye……where do I stop??????

  31. Puuhis Says:

    Cant help, but every time there is a new magazine full of spring flowers, I fall in love to them…

  32. Iara Says:

    my first crush invited me to out with him and I said I had to think about it and he never asked again lol

  33. Anso Says:

    My crush at the moment is definitely on Paperchase – gotta loooove that shop :)

  34. Monique Nicole Fox Says:

    I have a cruch on Keith Hamilton Cobb. He is super fine! I wish he was mine!

  35. Melanie Kiser Says:

    I have a lot of crushes … that makes me sound loose! LOL … pretty paper and art supplies … hmm… how about all of what is at Dick Blick? Should cover it!

  36. Lesley Says:

    My crush at the moment is Si King – from the Hairy Bikers. He is so funny and cuddly xx

  37. Heather Says:

    Always crushing on Sassafras!!! But in other news I am crushing on Chicken Ceasar Salads….just cant get enough

  38. Helen Murphy Says:

    Confession time then!!! OK my first crush was on a boy at school!!! My friends stole my shoes and would not let me have them back until I kissed him so my first kiss was in full gaze of the whole school in the playground!!! Tim I know you are out there in Dubai now and would love to see a photo of you today LOL!!! However I do also have a more serious crush this time of year and that is Cadbury’s Creme Eggs!!! Problem is I am on Weightwatchers right now so some nice new stash might just help distract me a little!!!

  39. Alexa Gill Says:

    Well I’m certainly crushing on this line, and the Sweetly Smitten collection, I think it was my favourite release this CHA. First crush was when I was about 8 on a boy called Matthew, I was most delighted when he came bowling for my birthday one year! I wonder what he’s up to now?! Current crush would be Tom Hardy, he’s so swoon worthy!

  40. Linda Pierce Says:

    My crush is Bryan Ferry! Swoon!

  41. Cathi O'Neill Says:

    I have a crush on the whole papercrafting world right now! It started with a Silhouette machine to do wall art, then I saw how I could use it for cards… I am laid up with a cast on my left foot and am afraid I have spent hours lately watching card and scrapping videos and want to buy everything I see (just need an unlimited budget!)…Sassafras stuff is so cute!

  42. Natalie Says:

    Of course, my current crush is my wonderful husband!!!

    but my first crush was in elementary school… a boy named Billy… and he asked to be my partner for square dancing in gym class! ::swoon:: hahahaha!

  43. Elizabeth J. Says:

    I am almost ashamed to admit that I had an adult crush on the singer,Neil Diamond. From the time I heard him sing Sweet Caroline, I was hooked. My husband thought it was cute but as I look back now, I was plain obsessed.

  44. Monica Sanchez Says:

    Ohhh my longest crush has been Patrick Stewart…don’t know what it is about the man but he definitely does it for me. I was reduced to tears when I saw him in person for the first time when he starred in Antony and Cleopatra in Stratford some years ago. My partner at the time was really embarressed considering I was blubbering within the 1st minute of the play….(oh and a woman in her 30’s too!!)

    My first crush I remember was Han Solo in Star Wars, once a Sci Fi geek always a Sci Fi geek :o)

  45. kyla hailstone Says:

    Okay don’t laugh (okay laugh cause it’s totally absurd)New Kids on The Block was my first crush. Puzzels, posters, all the cassettes,magazines,t-shirts, you name it I had it..I had it bad;} Current crush; Thrift stores. Which really is an obsession at this point bordering stalking! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  46. Louise Says:

    Such a good question – my first crush was between my Geography teacher or Tom Selleck as Magnum… both used to wear little white shorts… then I married a rugby player (more white shorts to look at!)
    I’m currently crushing on a full set of copics!

  47. Carol G Says:

    The first crush I remember was the Beatles. I thought Paul was just to cute! Showing my age here. HA!

  48. Jessica Says:

    My first crush was a boy named Steve. He moved to my school in 5th grade and I thought he was so cute. Don’t really know what happened to him.

    I am currently crushing on anything spring colored! I am ready to be rid of this cold, dreary winter.

  49. Nancylee Says:

    First crush…. We have a famous talented artist back home and everytime he was on stage, my world stopped just to watch him, his smile and twinkling eyes. His voice and his moves were just magic to me. He’s still singing I think but he’s the only one that made me feel that way. Gary V. Was his trademark.

  50. Dallying Debz Says:

    Love the colour combo of this collection.

    Trying to think of my first crush. Think it might have been Luke from Bros. I certainly remember trying to persuade Dad to buy Grolsch so I could make my own imitation shoes!

  51. Dee Cummins Says:

    My first crush was in second grade. He was a cute blond named Danny. Now I have a crush on scrapping!

  52. Kim Winter Says:

    I am crushing right now on the new smash books, can’t wait to get my hands on one! My first crush was George Clooney during the Facts of Life years. And boy does he still look good!!!

  53. Katherine Glass Says:

    Location: Francis Asbury playground …
    First Crush: Ronnie Gurganus …
    Today’s Wish: to be a winner of this give-a-way

  54. Lindsey Says:

    Oh, I LOVE Sassafrass!

    My first crush? A boy named Bennet. In kindergarten. Now I don’t even really remember what he looked like!

    Right now, I’m crushing on this beautiful sunshine-y weather we’re having!

  55. Heaney Says:

    my first crush was my ex-colleague..eventually become my ex-boyfriend..

  56. TeenyWeenyBoo Says:

    I haven’t had a first crush but I do like Zac Efron and Gok Wan. I also have a crush on scrapbooking! Thanks for the chance to win! xx

  57. Natalie G Says:

    First crush – wow, going back a few years now…. ummm… I think it would have to be Marty McFly (aka Michael J Fox) in Back to the Future – the first one. He was so cool with that skateboard and the guitar… sigh…. ;o)

  58. Amelia Says:

    SAdly I had a crush in KINDER! (AHHH!!!) on a boy named Patrick – I kept calling him “honey” on accident. EMBARASSING (Even now….HA!)

  59. Angie Says:

    First Crush would be Jonathon for NKOTB. Oh, I’m so aging myself! LOL

  60. Michelle Says:

    I met my first crush, Paul, at my uncle’s wedding. I was four. He was the ring bearer, and I was the flower girl. <3

  61. SarahLP Says:

    hee hee, what fun!!
    My first crush was Andy Taylor from Duran Duran – I was smitten! Nowadays.. hmmm.. my UPS man?!! (but only cos he brings me loads of lovely stash! :o))

  62. linda Says:

    Cute collection – thanks for the chance! I’m crushing on those scrapbooking felt fuzzy embellishments, can’t wait to get them and use those!

  63. Sally Says:

    My 1st crust was the drummer from Bros! Now….Johny Depp!

  64. Angela Gray Says:

    Zac Efron in 17 Again anyone?

  65. Heather Says:

    My first crush was a boy named Greg in elementary school. He wore a big belt buckle with his name on it— what can I say, I was young!

  66. Lisa Says:

    Sadly I really cannot remember my first crush :(
    but I do remember swooning over Robert Redford when I was younger ~ ha! Now that does make me sound old.

  67. Smeepee Says:

    My ultimate crush is Ronan Keating – he’s been my crush for over 15 years. my first crush was Patrick Swayze.

  68. 9isfine Says:

    Very first crush was Eric Little in first grade. He drooled and I thought that was cute. No explanation for that one! Leif Garrett was my next big one. Too many crushes since then to mention. I’d have to say right now I’m crushing on prima flowers. Can’t get enough of them!

  69. Diane Standish Says:

    My first crush was in the 4th grade-his name was Jeff and He gave me my first kiss on the playground and also a quarter! when I told my mom about the quarter(Not the Kiss LOL) she made me give it back to him!!

  70. tamara dunkin Says:

    current crush: i can’t get enough reeses peanut butter cups. i’m so dang addicted!

    i’ll take the “bonus points” challenge… my first real crush was on Bobby. we were in the 6th grade. and i was crushing HARD. it continued into 7th and 8th and 9th and 10th grades. (i did “date” other boys in-between), but there was just always something about him…. and in the 9th grade, his best friend Dan was crushing hard on this random girl. this “random girl” was best friends with a girl named Chris, who was one of my very good friends. so random girl agreed to “date” dan if bobby would date chris. and i learned of this via the rumor mill. i was devastated. and my friendship with chris was ruined forever. sigh.

  71. dogmatix Says:

    My first crush was Adam Ant xx my current crush (apart from my husband!!)is Zachary Levi or Matt Smith or Aidan Turner or……ha ha, it changes quite a lot depending on current tv show!!!

  72. Shirley K Says:

    I’ve been crushing on all the different colors of baker’s twine at The Twinery!

  73. Rachel Says:

    First crush David Cassidy and the Bay city Rollers- how could I ? all that tartan.

  74. Tasha Says:

    Easy peasy, first crush was James Dean! Just sooooo cool! (much like this paper!)

  75. jacki l Says:

    showing my age here, but first crush was dreamy david cassidy! then liam neeson,but right now ashton kucher is cute. oh dear, that makes me sound like a cougar!!

  76. Lyn Meadows Says:

    I have to take up this challenge, my first crush was the six million dollar man, can you believe that? I loved that tv programme and couldn’t get enough of it and it was only on once a week! Now apart from my wonderful husband it is anything new in the scrapbooking world especially inspiration to get started on a new layout. Yay.

  77. Jenni Fairley Says:

    I had a massive crush on the singer Paul Young, I had a full length poster of him on my bedroom door!

  78. Jamie Bird Says:

    Right now I have a huge crush on Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea.

  79. claire Says:

    My crush is on Dan from Daybreak, i even get up early for work so i can see him in the morning whilst eating my breakfast. My boyfriend thinks it is hilarious xx

  80. Kim Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of this! Can’t wait to get a hold of some and use it!

  81. Sue bone Says:

    I have a crush on the iPhone.

  82. KateT Says:

    First crush was David Soul, but right now I would probably get more excited about a pad of DCWV Immortal Love!

    ** Kate **

  83. Helen Overton Says:

    My current crush is a beautiful tan drawstring bag which is a bit prairie in style.
    My first crush was a boy in my class at primary school called George I think, I totally had a tantrum when someone moved his books to another table!

  84. marcie Says:

    wow what a great ? to help us remember those times we often forget. So my current crush would have to be my wonderful hubby and my first crush was of course none other than jonnie depp.(I may still have a small crush lol)

  85. Laney Says:

    My first scrappy crush was BG Perphery. Current crush: Sass Mix and mend… TDF!

  86. Lizzie Says:

    My first crush was Mark Thompson when I was 8 years old… after that I gave up boys til I was 16 and had my first boyfriend!
    As for “something” on my crush list, it has to be Paper… I love paper and always have! And that Sassafras paper is so gorgeous – thank you for a chance to win some!

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in Australia – and that you can find an internet connection on Monday!

  87. Melissa Says:

    I’m currently crushing on handmade fabric flowers! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  88. Karen Says:

    Major crush just now on the new SMASH books by K&Co and EK Success. Can’t wait to get my hands on one or two or three…

  89. kreativekate Says:

    My first crush? Mark Post. My latest crush? My new iPhone. :)

  90. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    My first crush was a boy that now mine after a long time!
    Thanks for the giveaway


  91. Hannah Says:

    My first crush has to be Take-That!! how sad!! I even remember crying when they broke up, sobbing to my Mum about ‘what we were going to do now?’ lol …My one and only crush now are my beloved bulldos …oh and the other half!

  92. katey Says:

    hmmm. i have lots of crushs…right now tho…

    - sweet tea
    -old buttons
    -crate paper anything! and of course my hubby..

  93. Cat Says:

    My first crush was on a boy named Russell whilst in Majorca at the age of 8. I remember that he had a cat called Whiskers and lived at a golf club!
    My latest crush is on my only-just-still-a-kitten Muffin – cutest and sweetest little cat in the world!

  94. Clare Says:

    My first untouchable crush was The Bay City Rollers (scream)and ‘real’ crush – Laurence. We were both four. Now it’s Sean Bean and my hubby. Not necassarily in that order! And patterned paper, chipboard, ribbon,alphas…groan.

  95. Adrienne Says:

    I have a huge crush on Johnny Depp – have for years. It’s one of those safe, unattainable crushes that I can go on and on about and my hubby just smiles. I also have a phone crush. Some voices are irresistible!

  96. Clair Says:

    I think my first ‘teen crush’ was on Joe from New Kids on the Block. Oh dear – I’ll have to meet up with Kyla!

    But now, I’m crushing on slow Saturdays filled with books, biscuits and pots of tea :)

  97. Lola Says:

    Hmmm…never really had a crush on anyone but, currently I have a crush on old furniture, especially French vintage…and of course my dear husband!

  98. Olivia Says:

    My first crush was Jason Donovan when I was 4. I had his records & really hoped he and Kylie would get married. Had a crush on Tim Vincent from Blue Peter too when I was a bit older.

  99. Allie Says:

    I have a GIANT crush on the Fuji Instax cameras. I’m hoping I can afford to splurge on one soon!

  100. Ezlie Says:

    My crush is always paper! I love the new cosmo cricket lines

  101. Laurie Says:

    Hum.. can’t remember my first crush but my crush right now is my wonderful boyfriend. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  102. kim corona Says:

    my first crush was Robert Ross freshman yr high school 1974 we were good friends but i figured i had 4 yrs to get him as a boyfriend and than we moved at the end of freshman yr wonder whatever happed to him

  103. kymmie Says:

    My first crush was on Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch. I used to love to watch the old reruns afterschool. I even wrote I LOVE GREG on the box spring under my bed so NO ONE could see it and NO ONE would ever know. I forgot my big sister used to love to hide under beds and grab our legs to scare us! So she read it and teased me relentlessly. Now here in my 30s my crush is Christian Kane from Leverage!

  104. Andrea MacDonald Says:

    My first crush? Hmm, I have to think about that. Probably Joey MacIntyre from New Kids on the Block. (I know) ; )

  105. Cathy Watson Says:

    Ohhhh, my first crush was a little boy named Scott that I went to school with. We were both 5 or 6 and he had dark Brown hair and big dreamy brown eyes. I went to his house to play one day and when I left he kissed me. It was so sweet. I have never seen him again since I was about 8 as we moved.

  106. Jennifer L.S. Says:

    Love the Paper Crush line. :)

  107. Julie, momto7 Says:

    My first crush was named Danny, and I will never forget him. My more recent crush has been ledger paper, in any shape or form.

  108. karen Says:

    first crush…doug carpenter. swoon!

  109. Torry Says:

    I’m crushing on all the new spring-y, floral papers being released lately :)

  110. Alison-lee Says:

    My first crush was Donny Osmond, had all the posters on my walls!!!

  111. lynne Says:

    my first crush was Davy Jones, the little one of The Monkees, in my defence I was only 12!! Gives my age way there.

  112. Carolynleah Says:

    My first crush was on a boy called Gareth, when I was on a pony trekking holiday in Wales (I lived on the Wirral in England then). Many years later I married and moved to Wales, and called my first son Gareth.

  113. Emy Says:

    My first crush was Morten Harket from A-ha. I’m still a fan now and my husband even made me a special Morton mug for Christmas!

  114. scrappysue Says:

    How fun reading everyones replies! My first crush was in Primary school, a lad called Nicholas Creswell. My first pop star crush was Donny Osmond; I even painted my bedroom purple as it was his fav colour!

  115. Amy N Says:

    LOL! My first crush was in Kindergarten his name was Tanner.

  116. Sarah Says:

    Weirdly my first crush was an actor from Home & Away that I saw in pantomime when I was 10 ;0) xx

  117. lisa g Says:

    well my first crush was michael jackson… on the thriller era!!! bright red leather- tasteful… as for now its my little 4 month old baby boy noah… my heart misses a beat when i am with him… true love xxx (we waited 8 years for him) so many pages to scrap… what a special giveaway xxx fingers and toes crossed xxx

  118. heather Says:

    my first crush was Morten Harket from A-Ha! And a boy from school called Stuart who didn’t know I existed!
    these days Matthew Perry or David Boreanaz

  119. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    When I was 18 I had a crush on my boss. Luckily he felt the same way and we’ve been together nearly 19 years now ;-) xx

  120. ana manzana Says:

    My current crush is everything MME!!!!

  121. Cat G. Says:

    After watching Buried last night, I have renewed my crush on Ryan Reynolds. How can a man spend a day in a coffin size box in the desert and still be gorgeous?

  122. Wendy B,. Says:

    My first crush was Shaun Cassidy. Now it’s Jonny Depp!

  123. Joy Says:

    My first crush has to be Donny Osmond back in the 70’s! He’s still hot and I still have that same crush!!

  124. Sam Says:

    My first crush was my husband, we were only 8 and 30 years later, we are very happily married with 2 children, a cat and a dog!

  125. Julia H Says:

    I have a real crush for Enrique – is that wrong when I’m in my mid 40’s? Oh well it makes me happy!

  126. Alison Says:

    My first crush was on Donny Osmond!!..oh the fantasies of a 14yr old girl LOL!

  127. Karen Williams Says:

    first crush- Morten Harket from Aha and John Taylor from Duran Duran – current crush David Tennant

  128. Penny Says:

    My first crush was Adam Ant thinking back that was probably my first scrapbooking experience the inside of my wardrobe doors were covered with his pictures those were the days

  129. Sabine Says:

    my current crush are punches! And cute papers like this paper crush collection! :-))

  130. rebekka Says:

    I’m with Emma – Jared Leto. And I have a pen pal in Canada who met him once. And yes, I’m jealous of the DVD box :-)

  131. Annie M. Says:

    What a great giveaway! My first crush was a boy named Tommy…I wonder whatever happened to him?!

  132. Tatiana Says:

    My current crush: High brown lace-up winter boots.

    My first crush: A carrot red, curly-haired boy in third grade named Jeff who was from Australia and had the cutest accent ever. I chased him home from school at least twice a week. I was in love. He just ran home.

  133. Song Says:

    First crush – Donny Osmond! LOL giving away my age :)Now a days lads which are much much too young and fancied by my daughter – Taylor Lautner. Jared from the Host, Gerard Butler (daughter says he is too old!)and Avatar guy (the blue one)! My darling daughter has just told me Dumbledor is more my type and age!!! Cheeky girl.

  134. Handmade Hannah Says:

    My first real crush was my husband, although I did cry when Take That broke up in the 90s and had to ring the helpline that was set up to assist distraught fans (like the teenage me). I never thought I would get over Mark Owen not being on Top of the Pops. I did though and I married my crush. Mark Owen turned out to be such a disappointment. Paper crafting-wise, by biggest crush has been on my Big Shot – love what it can do!

  135. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    First crush for me was quite a few years ago, but was the gorgeous Dexter Fletcher. My heart still flutters a bit every now and then when he pops up on TV. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone ;-)

  136. Sarah Says:

    Wow!! Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win! Mmm, 1st crush…probably Simon le Bon from Duran Duran! Current crush…. has to be butterfly punches!!

  137. Ciacchina Says:

    la mia prima cotta…che dolce! avevo 6 anni ed era un mio compagno di scuola. ora ho una cotta folle per lo scrap e per lo shopping che lo riguarda…spero non mi passi mai!

  138. Cara Says:

    I’m loving all things cricut right now. Thanks!

  139. Julie Jeavons Says:

    My first crush was a boy at school called Chris Oakley. My friend and I used to try and work out where he might be after school and hang around in the hopes of bumping into him.

  140. irene Says:

    My first crush was on vacation in France, there was this cute boy. My latest crush are the PTI stamps. Just gotta have them. Bye Irene

  141. Ivy Says:

    Huge crush on a boy named Ivan. That crush lasted 10 years from 6th grade to university!

  142. Karen P Says:

    After seeing Feeder live for the first time on Thursday my newest crush is Grant Nicholas. My first crush was Donny Osmond and it makes me feel so old to say that LOL!!!

  143. Meghan Says:

    Am currently crushing on anything orange. Love it!!!!

  144. Kelly Massman Says:

    My husband is still on my crush list!

  145. ChaoticMom Says:

    I had a crush on David Cassidy when I was young, may have been my first crush. Did I just admit that? UGH! ;) I now crush on my husband, of course, but even he would admit that Vin Diesel’s name has come up in conversation once or twice. ;)

  146. Lorna Says:

    Crush list? Hmmmm, as far as people, it’s my hubby. As far as scrapping it’s anything shabby chic, vintage, distressed. Oh, I also love Orange!

  147. Pam Says:

    My first crush must have been Paul McCartney. Oh, I was soooo in love. Sigh.

  148. Wendy Swenne Says:

    My first crush was on a classmate when I was like 10 years old or so.

    My crush right now is on my SWEEEEET boyfriend Daniel. He is just such a great guy! I just love him!

  149. Niinu Says:

    My first BIG crush was on a classmate in year 1990…now we are married:)

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