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Photo challenge :: Up above

scrapbooking photo challenge

What will the sky hold for your neighbourhood today? Yesterday was a confusing mix in our part of the world – alternating beautiful blue skies and absolute downpours of grey all day, like the sky couldn’t come to an agreement. Maybe today will be safer for taking a camera perhaps!

Your photo challenge is to take a photo of the sky. How you do that is entirely up to you – clouds and birds might appear or you might prefer the meteor shower!

Upload your photo to your blog or an online gallery and leave a link in the comments below. One randomly chosen entry will win a prize pack of photo papers (winner can specify their preferred brand so it will be a good match for your printer).

I’ll cross my fingers that the sky is beautiful but camera-safe for you!


14 August 2010

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53 Comments for Photo challenge :: Up above

  1. Daphne Says:

    Found some blue sky yesterday evening between really black ones: Photo Challenge up above

  2. Mary Bainbridge Says:

    Our sky here is a uniform grey so not sure I will be taking any upward photos today.

  3. Mary Bainbridge Says:

    A break in the clouds

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Yep, mine features clouds too (plus a little bit of blue sky!). You can see it here. xx

  5. amanda Says:

    here is mine yes with clouds too

  6. Scrapdolly Says:

    This was a real gift at just the right moment


  7. Karen Says:

    Some attempts at above for today, not wildly successful

  8. RACHEL Says:

    busy day but mine is here

  9. KateT Says:

    I’ve had clouds today too, quite spectacular and productive ones here

    ** Kate **

  10. Karen Says:

    there is some sky here, i hope it counts

  11. Lou Says:

    Here is my up above shot

  12. abbeyviolet Says:

    The sky is bright blue with no clouds at all here today so I added a bit of tree for reference: n

  13. Jennifer Clark Says:

    This was looking up on our hike today… :)

  14. Ali H Says:

    Hi – here is the stunning brooding sky over the beach yesterday

  15. Sally Says:

    This morning I looked out and up and this is what I saw.

  16. Julie Says:

    There was actually a patch of blue sky before the thunderstorm forced us to run for cover. See it here!

  17. Kirsteen Says:

    The sky in Dunfermline, Fife yesterday:

  18. Aussie Mon Says:

    Heres a couple of shots of our frequently changing sky today!

  19. Alison M Says:

    Nasty weather here!

  20. Jenny Pitcairn Says:

    A very grey cloudy sky here today

  21. Gemma Says:

    finally i found a nice SKY :)

  22. Lorraine Says:

    I think I see sun up above the clouds.

  23. emy Says:

    We’ve had grey skies here, but we did have a clear sky to watch the meteors, so it’s a night sky from me…

  24. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    Poked my head out of my kitchen window to take this one!

  25. NancyLee Says:

    Here’s my blog post this challenge.

  26. NancyLee Says:

    And here’s my flickr post for today…

  27. Leah Says:

    despite a grey sky, I spotted this Tui bird singing this morning on my way to work

  28. Lisa - Funky Fairy Says:

    And mine too:

  29. kate Says:

    Here is my entry

  30. Anso Says:

    Not so fun photo, but still…

  31. Michelle Says:

    Here is my entry, I loved this …

  32. tape Says:

    Here’s my sky & stuff...

  33. lemon Says:

    my entry is on my blog

  34. Claire Says:

    I had a couple I could upload but chose this one;

  35. Katherine Says:

    This is my entry of a beautiful carved statue locally to us.

  36. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    We had lovely weather on Saturday…

  37. TracyW Says:

    The view up above from the park today:

  38. luluuk Says:

  39. Susan Roh Says:

    Not a cloud in the sky yesterday with temps climbing in the upper 30’s C so I stuck a tree in there for perspective.

  40. Barbara Says:

    Just posted my blue sky:

  41. CoCo Says:

    Hope no-one messed up their eyes with this challenge! Got totally carried away and am now starting a new blog called ‘sky photos’. or something. Great idea and something I must do more often. Thanks shim.

  42. Katy Says:

    I blogged about this one – definitely chose the right day of the weekend for it!

  43. Bethan Says:

    No dramas just blue skies

  44. Karen Moss Says:

    Waling in the woods

  45. Hannah Says:

    ** _ **

  46. Candace.M Says:

    This is mine

  47. Teresa Says:

    Here’s mine- the beautiful flowers in our front yard

    Click here :)

  48. Marina D-K Says:

    I thought this one little cloud next to our beautiful SoCal palm trees was soo cute…click here

  49. Rachel Says:

    I had to play dodge the telephone wires to get a good shot!

  50. Emily Says:

    Here is my entry: Just look for “UP Above”

  51. Alison Says:

    My shot wasnt very interesting really so I thought I would take a negative shot, which I preferred!!!

  52. Maya Says:

    I took a picture of the sky from my backyard

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