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Stamped titles for scrapbook pages :: heat embossing

scrapbook page with stamped title

The second video in the stamped titles series has been long overdue (and in fact has been sitting here on my computer waiting for me to get with the program!) so we’ll skip the drumroll! Here it is — a five minute guide to heat embossing a title for your scrapbook page.

If you’ve already heat embossed, then you’re an old pro at this, but I often meet scrappers who haven’t tried it, so I wanted to make sure we included this core technique early in the series. In future editions we’ll be building on heat embossing with other techniques like resist and adding other products too. If you’ve never heat embossed before, it is super easy so you’ll be an embossing superstar in no time.

So have a watch of this… but also, don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom of this post!

Giveaway time! If you go to this post on the Banana Frog blog you will find details of a mystery phrase. (It will only take you a couple seconds to find it, I promise!) Go find the mystery phrase and come back here and leave the mystery phrase in a comment on this post. (You can say other things in your comment too, of course! Saying hello is always lovely!)

You have until the end of this Sunday to find the mystery phrase and leave it in a comment on this post. I’ll pick one poster at random to win a fab prize pack of Banana Frog stamps and some handmade stamped goodness from me too.

Good luck!


03 August 2010

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94 Comments for Stamped titles for scrapbook pages :: heat embossing

  1. Lola Says:

    Howdy from sunny and very warm California!! I haven’t heat embossed in years and NEVER would have thought of it for a layout! Thanks for the gentle reminder! And the secret phrase is: “Circus Stories” by Shimelle Laine :D

  2. Anne Says:

    Circus Stories!

    Spooky that you should post about heat embossing today – I went to use my heat tool for the first time in ages this morning – only to find it was DEAD :0(

  3. Sarah B Says:

    The secret phrase is indeed “Circus stories” by your good self. And when I get all my crafting supplies back out from the attic, I will of course emboss the heck out of a few pages’ worth of titles :)

  4. Rachel Says:

    Circus Stories

    Cool video, looking forward to the next one!

  5. Nora Latip Says:

    Hi Shimelle! I did some heat embossing today too! How cool was that?? And it’s so cute how the T was upside down LOL you made me laugh hehehe in a good way of course! Anyhoots, the secret is Circus stories hehe


  6. Scrappi Sandi Says:

    I was a little confused (not difficult!) as, although the title say’s ‘Circus Stories’, the descriptive text states that ‘Paper chains’ is a set designed by your good self!!! But then when I got here I saw that everyone else has gone with ‘Cicus Stories’ so that must be it!!!! Love the heat embossing video….I haven’t used my heat tool & powders for Yonks!!! Must dig out the correct inkpad & refresh my stamping/embossing skills!!!! I like the look of that Alpha you used too….just popping over to the BF shop for a little ‘window shopping’…you know, just to check it out, is all!!!!!!

  7. Jennifer Hisi Says:

    Heat embossing is what made me fall in love with stamping in the first place, and I still love it!
    Oh, the phrase is Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine!

  8. Rachael Nelson Says:

    Circus stories is the mystery phrase.

    I’ve heat embossed before, but I think I do it rarely because it’s messy and requires some extra work and planning. If you have any tips on how to make it easier, I’m listening! I do like the effect and think it adds a little something to scrapbook pages (& cards)!

  9. tape Says:

    Gorgeous page! The phrase is Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine

  10. Ruby Says:

    The phrase is Circus Stories! Thanks for the video i have never had much luck with embossing, I think I will give it another try!

  11. WHua Says:

    Great video Shimelle! I haven’t heat embossed in ages, so it might be time to find the embossing gun! The mystery phrase is “Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine”.

  12. Meghann Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Hope you’re doing well. The phrase is “circus stories.” Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Lindsey Says:

    Circus Stories!

    Thanks!! :)

  14. Natalie Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    I’ve always wanted to try heat embossing, but I haven’t gotten myself the tools yet— that is, the heat gun, embossing ink, and embossing powder. I love the way it looks, though, and I’ve seen it more than normal recently. Maybe it’s time for me to “invest” :) Do you have any recommendations for a good heat tool, or are they all pretty much the same?
    Maybe in your next video you’ll tell some “circus stories by Shimelle Laine” ;-)
    Have a great evening! :)

  15. SharonS Says:

    Hello Shimelle! Circus Stories is the phrase. The stamped titles tutorials are great, thanks.

  16. Melanie K Says:

    Circus Stories … does that mean you are designing for Banana Frog? If so, congrats! And I love the stamp set!

  17. jen Says:

    Circus Stories! :)

    Thanks for the fun giveaway…

  18. ConnieC Says:

    Circus Stories.
    Thanks for posting the video.

  19. Leah Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    Very keen to try heat embossing, just need to get myself the tools now! Maybe time for a bit of online ordering?

    Thanks for another great instructional video!

    The phrase is circus stories :)

  20. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    The phrase is circus stories! I have an embossing tool and right now it is collecting dust . . . I need to pull it out and use it!

  21. Tarren Young Says:

    Circus stories is the secret mystery phrase! Shimelle, seriously, I have stuff to do heat embossing and never do use it! Need to. Love your layouts!

  22. abbey Says:

    Circus stories?

  23. Jane Says:

    Very clever Shimelle – I love what you did with this. The ‘not so secret’ secret phrase is Circus Stories lol !!!

  24. Kim Says:

    What a great idea! I just organized my embossing stuff this weekend, but now I guess I need to pull it out again. Those Circus Stories stamps are cute!

  25. Sue Bone Says:

    Circus stories. That layout is beautiful but I think I should wait until everyone is awake to watch the video as it’s a bit early :)

  26. Zoe Says:

    The phrase is Circus Stories – am looking forward to watching the tutorial!

  27. Alison-lee Says:

    Circus Stories – off to watch the video!!

  28. Rebekah Says:

    Circus stories

    Lovely LO. Now I just need an embossing gun!

  29. Becky Says:

    ‘Circus Stories’! Love the video – will definitley be having a go at this. Also wanted to say that I have been really enjoying your last class and have signed up to do an archived one now too!

  30. Nancy Says:

    Circus stories… now that phrase takes me back to times I have seen a Cirque du Soleil show. Still have pictures and tickets, me thinks they need to be scrapped!

    thanks for the chance!

  31. kathy (kathyb) Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Hope you are well. Circus stories is the phrase. Loving the stamping and the video tutorials. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway.

  32. Tanya Says:

    Circus Stories – Very cute stamps :-)

  33. Peta Says:

    Hi Shimelle. Thanks for the ‘Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages’ online class (my first), I have really enjoyed the prompts and hope to get stuck in to it soon. P.S. Circus Stories

  34. Kiki K Says:

    Circus stories is the mystery phrase. Loved your last class (LYPLYP) and I have so much to do…
    Thank you for the chance

  35. Mel Says:

    I promise that I followed the link and discovered the mystery phrase for myself! I’ve been trying to think of a way to subtly work it into a sentence but I just don’t know any Circus Stories…

    Great tutorial, thank you – and thanks for the chance to win :-)

  36. Ramona Says:

    Circus Stories!

    Love your tutorial! Greetings from Germany, Ramona

  37. Smeepee Says:

    Circus stories – and what lovely stamps they are too.

    Thanks for the vid shimelle. I’ve tried heat embossing on a LO once and it turned out to be my favourite LO. Never tried it since though!! Will definately have a play soon.

  38. Charlotte Says:

    Hi the secret phrase is Circus Stories. Really liked your layout.

  39. Helen Overton Says:

    Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine.

    Hi Shimelle, love the video. I have embossing supplies that I rarely use because i’m never sure if i’m doing it right, it never looks as good as I expect it too, I might try it again today. I wish I could watch a close-up of it melting though because i’m never sure when to stop.

  40. Julie Says:

    Hello. I’ve been thinking about trying heat embossing for a while. I’ll have to buy some kit to have a go now – may even include those Circus Stories stamps by Shimelle Laine ;0)

  41. Wendy Hayton Says:

    Cripes its must be a good 2 years since I got my heat gun out – about the time I last re-organised my scrap storage into a much more ‘efficient’ system – yup your right can’t find nothing!

    circus stories

  42. maja Says:

    Circus Stories

    Love your LO and the video ;)

  43. Sinead Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    The secret phrase is Circus Stories:)
    Love the video, have never tried heat embossing before but am really tempted to invest in all the stuff now! Your layout looks great. Thanks! x

  44. Antonia S-H Says:

    The phrase is Circus Stories, which reminds me of a childhood reading Enid Blyton’s Mr Galliano series.

  45. Manda Says:

    Great video, especially loved the upside-down t! Can’t decide if I’ll use Paper Chains for the party this Saturday, but the Circus Stories will be great either way.

  46. kimberley Says:

    circus stories!!

  47. Tina Schroer Says:

    Love those CIRCUS STORIES stamps!

  48. jane Says:

    I haven’t heat embossed for years so thanks for the tutorial, now perhaps I can tell some of my “circus stories”

  49. Robin Says:

    The mystery phrase is Circus Stories. I’ve been watching for a new stamping video, so I’m happy to see this one. I just bought embossing stuff last week—this video is perfect timing! Thank you!!

  50. Beth Ann Says:

    Secret phrase = Circus Stories. Lovely layout Shimelle!

  51. Krazgrl Says:

    Banana Frog sure has some cute stamps. But the “Circus Stories” is sooo versatile. ;) Going back to check out your video. Always up for learning something new.

  52. Lesley Says:

    phrase is Circus stories.

    I forgot how good Banana Frog stamps are. Will have to dig out my Greenwich Park stamps out by Shimelle. Thanks Shimelle for your constant inspiration

  53. helen Says:

    hello, “circus stories” is a lovely set of stamps!!!

  54. Patti M Says:

    Cute set…Circus Stories! My girls love to emboss, but I never let them w.o me (vision glitter everywhere). But cute little embossed accents are not just for cards! Thanks for the reminder! Thanks for the giveaways too!

  55. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    When I was a child I always enjoyed ‘circus stories’!!!! Hello there Shimelle! Thanks for the chance of another great giveaway!!

  56. goldnuggt Says:

    Hi from the East Coast of the U.S. The title of the stamp set is “circus stories”. How cute! Thanks for reminding me about heat embossing. I always forget to use that technique. I have the tools, I just rarely get them out to play around!

  57. Lyn Meadows Says:

    Greetings Shimelle, the secret phrase is “circus stories”. I’m off to the video next to get some hints and then get out my heat gun and supplies for my next project. Can’t wait. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  58. Sandie Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    the secret phrase is ‘CIRCUS STORIES’! Great video and I must get out my embossing powders. You reminded me that I haven’t used them for a long time.
    Loved LYPLYP!! Missing your daily email but have lots of catching up to do.

  59. annefach Says:

    Circus Stories, is the phrase. I enjoy heat embossing too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. Karey Says:

    Would you believe I have never heat embossed with my gun? The name of the stamps are circus stories.

  61. Scrapdolly Says:

    Loved the video – cool
    Popped over to say hi and to report that like everyone else I think the phrase is Circus Stories.
    Off to dust off my heat gun now.

  62. Christine Emberson Says:

    Hi there, the phrase is: Circus Stories. I love your site – always so much to see and learn, thank you :-)

  63. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    The phrase is Circus Stories. Thanks for the video can’t wait to see more techniques

  64. NancyLee Says:

    Thanks for the video tutorial Shimelle. I like the color of your nails and that black bracelet-pretty. Circus stories would be the phrase as everyone voted here. So is that part of Paper Chains or is this a seperate set of stamps? Hmmmm….

  65. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    Circus Stories, a beautiful set. Thanks for another brill post/tutorial

  66. Daphne Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Love your page – thanks for sharing. The phrase is: Circus Stories

  67. Christine Crowson Says:

    Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine. Great set of stamps Shimelle. Going to watch the video now.

  68. Lou Says:

    The phrase is “circus stories by Shimelle Laine” I haven’t watched the video yet but love embossing…as a kid Mum and I used to use the old oven top elements for the heat!!! Great memories. x

  69. Jennifer Clark Says:

    Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine. :) I love your site, just recently came across it, thanks! ~Jen

  70. Julie Says:

    Hi Shimelle,

    “Circle Stories” is the mystery phrase.

    I loved watching your video of heat embossing – it was fun. I’m inspired to get the old heat gun out again! Bye

  71. Jackie Says:

    Oooh another giveaway to try for – circus stories. Crop this weekend so no excuse not to press on with the Love photos class!

  72. Annette Navarro Says:

    A beautiful layout or mini project needs to have Circus Stories stamped as some embellishments:)

  73. Lisa Collis Says:

    Hi thx for video, have just started scrapping and getting everything together and had heard about embossing but didn’t know what it was or how to do it – looks much less scary now – may even do a circus stories page with it on x

  74. NatalieG Says:

    Circus Stories

    Love the video!

  75. Karen Says:

    The secret phrase is Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine.

    Thanks for sharing the video, its great :)

  76. Bev Says:

    Obviously, I don’t need to win the stamps :) but just wanted to say that I love the colour of your nail varnish in the video. Very cool!

  77. Zahra Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Love the LO, the phrase is Circus Stories (and I’d love to win, it’s my birthday next week!) x

  78. SallyB Says:

    Circus Stories ~ what a GREAT phrase! :) The video is fantastic – thanks for sharing Shimelle. S x

  79. Donna Says:

    The phrase is Circus Stories.

    Thanks for the video!

  80. Lara Carson Says:

    well I think it is Circus Stories…I hope you have a great weekend!

  81. Liz Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    I have been having a wonderful time catching up with Love your Pictures, Love your Pages and am sure that I will be able to get it all finished when I am on holiday in a few weeks. We are having a ‘staycation’ so I should have lots of time to indulge in the remainder of the class.
    Oh, and the answer to the question is:
    Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine.
    Fingers crossed.
    Have fun. Liz xxx

  82. Melissa Says:

    Well, hello there Shimelle! Thanks for the video tutorial. Love your Paper Chains line of stamps!

  83. Lois Says:

    The secret phrase is Circus Stories by you of course

  84. Sheryl Says:

    Phrase is “circus stories”.
    I must admit I don’t often heat emboss titles, though I did just revitalise some old brads by heat embossing them just yesterday. Don’t you just love that moment when the powder melts – it’s magic!

  85. dogmatix Says:

    secret phrase is circus stories.
    loved the tutorial…..and now i know why some of stamps are sticky…thanks :)

  86. Jimjams Says:

    Circus stories – brilliant stamps – so versatile.

  87. Amber Says:

    Great set of stamps called Cirus Stories by you. I have had so much fun with LYP this summer and can not wait for LSNED to start in September.

  88. Salamanda Says:

    Love the video, first I thought of paper chains but then I knew it just had to be super cute circus stories x

  89. Alix Says:

    i love heat embossing…i never get tired of watching it happen and its super useful for all sorts of things, like your video shows!
    loving your Circus Stories by Shimelle Laine stamps set too :0)

  90. Shannon C Says:

    Circus Stories is the mystery phrase.

    Thanks for the great video. I think I may have to break out my heat gun today and play! :)

  91. Lyn Says:

    Circus Stories by Shimelle Lane. Many thanksfor the video,Shimelle.

  92. Katie Louise Meakings Says:

    Hi Shimelle
    thank-you for a brilliant video im never quite sure how to use heat embossing!!! but ive been giving it a go today and its worked a treat :-) I love your style and I think your work is amazing keep it up you never fail to inspire me xxxxx
    p.s Circus Stories by Shimelle Lane is the mystery Phrase

  93. sue Says:

    circus stories.. thanks shimelle for the chance to win! and the cool video.. ;)

  94. Sarah Says:

    Circus Stories

    Thanks Shimelle :)

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