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An invitation to you...

a photo to scrapbook

This weekend, choose just one photo of all the images you have. Make it a picture you love but a picture you haven’t scrapped. Or you haven’t scrapped enough.

This weekend? Make something of it.

Blog the photo and share what it means to you.

Or scrapbook the photo and give yourself the freedom to love what you create.

Or have it printed and frame it or display it in your home.

Or find a way to carry it with you wherever you go, as a picture in your wallet or the wallpaper on your mobile phone.

You’re invited:
Choose a photo. Do something with it. Share.

Share in the comment below. You can either just write a comment explaining what you did or you can leave a link to your blog or online page gallery so everyone can check out what you made.

I have a lovely prize to share with one or two of you who take up the invitation by the end of the weekend.

As for me, I’m going to scrapbook that photo at the top of this post. From shooting straight into bright sun, it came out of the camera just like that — completely overexposed and not in any way perfectly composed. And yet, I find it somewhat magical. I’ll be back to share the results soon. Can’t wait to see (or hear) what you plan to do!


25 June 2010

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44 Comments for An invitation to you...

  1. Teresa Says:

    I’m sending a favorite photo of my daughter off to the printer…a new beautiful 8×10 to display in our house. Thanks for the push!!

  2. Denise Says:

    I have a picture of a squirrel of all things. I need to scrap it because I love it so much. :)

  3. michellejg Says:

    Thanks Shimelle! I’ve been trying to think of a bday gift for my MIL and thanks to your prompt I was looking through photos from the last three months and WHAM it hit me! I found a great picture of my hubby, and then one of him with each of our three kids that just so perfectly capture their individual personalities. Sending them off to the printer and then to find the perfect frame(s). Thank you, thank you!!!

  4. NancyLee Says:

    Hi Shim, thank you for the invitation and here’s the link

  5. NancyLee Says:

    Hi Shim, thank you for the invitation and here’s the link . I feel like this is already part of the new class and I can’t wait!

  6. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    Great challenge!

    I’ve just blogged about a new favourite photo of mine. In fact, it was by your inspiration to buy the Hipstamatic app in the first place which prompted this little photo shoot. So it seems very fitting that I chose this photo for your weekend challenge.

    You can see it here:


  7. annie bellamy Says:

    It’s a great photo! I sometimes find that the imperfect ones mean the most. I am definitely taking up your invite!


  8. mariangeles_spain Says:

    I’ll be starting my double shift at work in a few hours and need to get ready. Besides, our hobby room is a reorganization-in-progress mess, so… no scrapping for me in a few days…

    Thanks for the challenge :)

    Can’t wait to see what you all make!!

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    I need the push to do more with the photos I enjoy taking. So I began with this one!

  10. Nancy Says:

    Well I am very excited for the new class….I also got an iphone and have the hipstamatic app already!!

    One of my favourite photos was one I found this week of my grandma and grandad, I took it as a child on a disposable camera but i just love it. It was my Grandmas 91st Birthday today so i scrapped it on to a canvas with some other photos and gave it to her…..she loved the old photo and the memories it had.

    Looking forward to the 5th especially with the iphone!!

  11. Lara Says:

    So many favourites at the mo! But I picked this one – just love all the golden tones in it and the sunshine

  12. Kerry Says:

    What a lovely way to get us all thinking about our photo’s and prompting us to share our thoughts about them. Thanks Shemelle.
    I have posted a favourite photo on my blog and I’m off now to make the page.hopefully get the page done for tomorrow.

  13. Lou Says:

    I’m a newbie to your blog and so far I am loving it! I have signed up for the next class and I am really looking forward to it.
    I have posted on my blog which you can view here :

  14. Pam Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I posted on my blog today about my favorite place and that always leads me to my favorite pictures. Although I posted 4 pics, the one of the ice cream is my absolute favorite!!! Here’s the link to the post:

  15. jeri Says:

    I posted a photo of my daughter washing dishes by hand…probably won’t scrapbook it, just put it on my blog.

  16. rinda Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration to scrap a photo that I love! You can see it here:

  17. Hannah Says:

    this was fun! Thanks Shimelle x*_

  18. Scrapdolly Says:

    You know I can never esist one of your challenges LOL

    I can’t wait to see that photo of the boy scrapped.

    Here is mine from a photo I took last night. Not the world’s grfeatest photo either – but a very special one unlikely to ever happen again.”

  19. Sian Says:

    Thanks for the invitation Shimelle. I have blogged a photo I like from January here:

  20. Abi Says:

    I love this idea Shimelle. I have blogged about my new friend from Lebanon and the significance of me getting to know her.

  21. Fanny Benitez Says:

    Thanks for the Challenge Shimelle! This is what I’ve done:

  22. kirsty Angus Says:

    Ooh! You do make us work hard! I choose a photo I loved, but I had two goes at scrapping it and I’m still not happy. The story and LOs are here:

  23. Jacky Scales Says:

    I’ve used a photo that has long been a favourite…and now you’ve given me that little push into doing something with it…now I love it even more.<a href=“”>it’s</a> here

  24. Kathy Says:

    <ahref => here</a> I have finally framed and hung a photo that is definately one of my favourites

  25. Kathy Says:

    Here I have finally framed and hung a photo that is definately one of my favourites.

  26. Alison-lee Says:

    I finished off a wooden box frame I had that used to have paper flowers in and painted it and put layout in here on my blog”

  27. Antonia S-H Says:

    I took a photo of my garden table. It’s covered with a patchwork tablecloth that I’ve spent the last three days making and only finished last night with minutes to spare before a barbecue. There’s no-one in the photo but the table is covered with the bits and pieces of a lovely weekend sitting in the sunshine with my daughters. There’s scrapbook stuff, a swift with a half-completed ball of yarn, a half-finished crochet bag, a radio and a laptop. I’ve scrapped the photo to show a lovely, peaceful, productive weekend.

  28. Peggy Says:

    I only took one proper “pretty leaves” photo last fall & hadn’t done anything with it up until now. I wanted to use my Autumn Penned words (thanks, Shimelle) and some other new fall stuff. Mostly, though, I thought that I should stop neglecting this photo. It wasn’t this little leaf’s fault that the rest of the autumn of ’09 was rendered brown & dull by an early blizzard.
    flickr link is:

  29. Kirsteen Says:

    I’ve just ordered a 10×15 (never ordered one that size before) print of my little man at Edinburgh Zoo last year, now just to find the perfect frame. I’m also going to order some prints of a recent professional shoot we had done – thanks for the push! xx

  30. Joy Says:

    I have had a photograph enlarged and framed ready to hang in my bedroom. Here is the link

  31. Kerry Says:

    I have finished the page that goes with my favourite photo that I linked to yesterday, please pop over to my blog and see what I have done with it.
    It would be lovely if any of you lovely ladies (or gents) would leave a comment and let me know what you think and I will visit your blog too because we all love comments and like to know who has been to visit. xxx

  32. Olivia Says:

    I shared my favourite photo in a post on my blog

  33. furrypig Says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring me to scrap some loved photos. Please check out my blog for the LO that I made Looking forward to having a peek at everyone elses creations too!

  34. dogmatix Says:

    My sister facebooked me a picture of her 4 children. It is a great picture…the youngest is only 5 months and the smile on her is perfect. I am foaming at the bit to scrap it but have run out of colour ink, so instead have downloaded it onto my computer and made it my background so that it is the first thing I do once the cartridge is bought. Thanks for the inspiration to make that move :)
    Love the new colours on the site by the way :)

  35. Cat Says:

    blog post
    Thanks for this little challenge – just what I needed on a Sunday evening! I blogged about a recent picture…

  36. Joy Says:

    Hi I finally bought a mount and framed a photograph that I had enlarged to 8×12,. I was very pleased with it,

  37. Zahra Says:

    Thanks for this Shimelle, haven’t scrapped all month until today – first garden scrapping experience and my LO is here

  38. alissa Says:

    thanks for the push to finally create something with this photo i love, shimelle! :)

    here it is…


  39. Nora Latip Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Here’s a pic that I reallly love love love and finally had time to scrap it this past week using AC’s Dear Lizzy line!

  40. kate Says:

    One of my favourite wedding photos. Lean on me!

  41. Dawn Nikol Says:

    I’m actually in the process of going through my parents photos from when they were younger to scrapbook. It’s totally surreal to see how young they were.

  42. Liz Says:

    I know I am too late really, but having seen this post, I had to respond. Please see my blog see my most favourite photo (such bad grammer!) Just in case the link fails, here is the url –
    Please come and visit and leave comments.

  43. Sandie Says:

    I have just returned from a wonderful weekend in Suffolk and have posted a photo on my blog which may not be my favourite but it is very meaningful. Please pop in and take a look!

  44. Asia Says:

    I made this LO last Sunday, finally filled one of many empty frames around the house ;) It means so much to me that I’m actually moving forward with all LOs to do. The frame is here, tfl!

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