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What are your favourite scrapbook pages?

scrapbook pages
~See these pages here, here, here, here and here.~

For our final Saturday night challenge, all you have to do is think – no actual scrapping required!

What are your five favourite scrapbook pages? And why are they your favourites? Do the photos make them extra special to you? Or a story about a special moment or person? Or does the creative design just make you so happy you created that?

I think this is a ridiculously hard challenge but I’ve chosen the five pages above. They represent the two things I scrap most often — the two of us and places we go. They are favourites for a mix of reasons and I find sometimes all three things come together on a perfect day of scrapping: an amazing moment inspires you to take a photo you love and that inspires you to kick it up a bit with your design and make something extra special.

I’d love to hear about your favourite pages. You can write a blog post about this and leave a link or you can just answer in the comments. If you’re posting more than one link, your comment will go into moderation but not to worry as I will approve it in the morning, I promise.

You have until 6am Monday UK time to answer this challenge, and one randomly chosen entry will win a gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket.

And just in case you think I am the only one in this house with crazy ideas, I’d like to share a conversation from today. This morning I got up and The Boy asked what I was doing today and I said I was throwing an online scrapbook party. I asked what he was going to do and he said he fancied walking a marathon. You know, just on a whim. So he did: 26.2 miles walked in London today! I met him for lunch in the West End and I walked the last four miles with him and he’s just asked if the party was still going. So if you’ve been scrapping all day, just to let you know: you could have completed a marathon by now!

Well, you know… if you woke up as crazy as The Boy. Bless.

See you at 8am tomorrow for the next challenge. Have a lovely evening!

Oh, and I thought this was a party!


17 April 2010

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42 Comments for What are your favourite scrapbook pages?

  1. lisa Says:

    Good grief!! A crazy whim indeed! Thank you so much for today~ it must of taken you ages to put all this together x

  2. Mel Says:

    Oh my word… This is the hardest challenge yet!! OK, here goes: Snow Way that I made today (first layout on this post:, because I love all the stitching; You Are The Gold (here: because it documents how I feel about my children, and I love all the ribbons; I Can’t Click (here: because when I finished this page I actually loved it straight away and that usually doesn’t happen; Love Being Married (here:, because it documents how I feel about my husband; Flower Girl (third layout on this post: because I had it published as part of a magazine article (very proud moment!) and it was my favourite of the layouts published in that article. Phew! But ask me again tomorrow and I bet I’d have different answers…!

  3. Anso Says:

    This was a tough one after a long (but great!) day…

    My picks are here.

  4. Gemma Says:

    It’s so hard to choose favourites, i have a new favourite every day :D but here are 3 older layouts that i still love to look at, maybe cos they’re really focused on the photos:

  5. Katie Says:

    Well – this is the first challenge I’ve managed so far. It’s easy to join in when I don’t have to enter the crazy mess that is the craft room! Hoping to do one or two other challenges today. But in the meantime here are 5 of my favourite layouts: This is my favouriteist (new word!) ever layout – mostly because I am so pleased with my handwriting along the bottom. This one has to feature because it’s my first ever scrapbook layout. I love this one because of the letters and the way I used scrap from the photos to add to the back of the title. I like this one because it’s documentating a part of our kiwi life! And finally this one because it features my gorgeous dog and I like the way the colours work together.

  6. Lizzie Says:

    Wow, that’s some party in the video clip! I obviously need to get out more…
    The Boy is just slightly mad then… it was nice of you to walk the last 4 miles with him – and nice of him to remember your blog party! But to walk a whole marathon in one day… however did he manage it? Are you certain he didn’t sneak a few short-cuts or bus rides (hee hee)?
    The blog party is fun. I haven’t had time to join in the challenges yet, but I’ve loved the stuff that everyone else is doing!

  7. Peggy Says:

    Oh yay! I don’t have to do this one because I “resigned” from being a Pea in February. A Two Peas gc is no good to me now. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone elses’ pages though.

  8. Madeline Says:

    Yikes I should have lowed my speaker before I clicked on the Footloose link LOL
    OK here is mine for this challenge

  9. Alaina Says:

    I really like to stay busy and my favorite layouts are the ones that (secretly) take me hours to construct just because I love to over embellish.

  10. NancyLee Says:

    Thanks for the video Shimelle. That sure lifted me up. So far I’m done with two challenges and just warming up. It still early here in BC so hope to do more so I can send you a link. Have a good night sleep and thanks again for this party! Hurrah to the boy!

  11. Neasa Says:

    Awwww, my boy forgets it’s the weekend too and is up at 7 or 8! Can’t get him out of bed at 8 on a school day! Going to go back and do all the challenges.

  12. Lisa Andrews Says:

    Thanks for the fun challenge! Here’s a look at 5 of my favorites.

  13. Claudia McDaniel Says:

    Wow! Great crop party Saturday. While I was not able to play along as planned, I did get to enjoy the day with my family! If I don’t get anything done Sunday, I will still use your challenges to create when I can. You have done an awesome job, Shimelle!!

  14. furrypig Says:

    Good morning! This is a challenge I can complete fairly easily I think!I only started scrapping this year so have about 10 LO’s in total. My first ever was a 12×12 double LO about our Christmas tree and I love that one. My favourites are ones that just bring the memories flooding back of times with the family, even though they are simple and basic they accomplish what I set out to do keeping the memories alive!

  15. Tracy Fox Says:

    Here are mine, thanks for an easy challenge to end the day.

  16. Scrapdolly Says:

    Wow – a whole marathon – I am very impressed and feel quite slothful as I only did 10,000 steps yesterday.

    Picking 5 pages was incredibly hard but I have chosen mine …. at last

    MY TOP 5

  17. Kirsty.a Says:

    It took me ages to choose and I went for 8 in the end. Also took me ages to upload them here
    and now I’ve missed the next challenge!

  18. emy Says:

    Here’s my five pages. My favourites are pages where I’ve been really pleased with the results of trying something new and feeling like I’ve been really creative.

  19. Sandy Says:

    Loving looking at everyone’s choices!
    I’m a passive spectator this weekend, as away visiting (Thank you, DD, for loan of laptop to let me keep popping in when I should be socialising!)
    Even though I have been unable to join in this weekend, this is the first time I’ve felt the lack of a gallery page – I have no idea how to get or use one (not techno-savvy), I must investigate!
    Thank you, Shimelle, for having this great idea – I feel part of a much bigger family this weekend.

  20. lisa Says:

    Here are my favourite 5 layouts today ~ probably change tomorrow, ha!

  21. Natalie E Says:

    Hard to choose just one favourite isn’t it. But I’ve posted one that holds a place in my (scrapbook) heart at the moment!

  22. Kirsteen Says:

    I’ve had fun looking at some old LOs here is my entry on my blog

  23. Ruth Says:

    well, these are some layouts i like and refer to from time to time, but like someone said, it might change tomorrow.. they are posted in the gallery.

  24. Nelle Says:

    My favourite layouts are ones where I really love the colour scheme, and the design has worked out well.

  25. Cathy Green Says:

    Really enjoyed blogging this one here:

  26. Annie M Says:

    This was actually pretty tough. Here’s the five I chose:

  27. Daphne Says:

    Not easy to choose, but I decided for these ones:

  28. Kirsty Smith Says:

    My Five Favourites

    This is so much harder than scrapping a page – I feel bad for the pages that I left out!

  29. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    This was really hard, I wanted about 15! These are just this minutes top five.

    Here are mine on my blog.

  30. Christine Crowson Says:

    So, hard to choose as they quite often change!

  31. nan.sinclair Says:

    I have looked over mine and found my favourite 5. I love everyones elses too.

    Mine are up on my blog

  32. Lara Says:

    “Yeah, I’m just going to walk a marathon.” Cool as you like! I wish I was that motivated to get off my arse.
    Here’s my faves (on my blog).

  33. Rachel Says:

    wow, this was hard

  34. Nicole Says:

    Tough one! I ploughed through close to 200 layouts and these are the ones that I liked most today:
    1 2 3 4 5

  35. Lynn Says:

    Took a while to decide upon some of them, but these are my current top 5 LOs:

  36. QSOgirl Says:

    Here are links to four of my favorite projects:

    Three Billikin Whiskers
    Fall Farrago
    Oregon Zoo
    This is me right now

    There are two other pages that are favorites of mine, but I’m hoping to get them published, so I can’t link them here… I agree with everyone else, it is awfully hard to pick favorites. Which, I suppose is a good thing, right? :)

  37. Deborah M Says:

    Here’s my 5 favorites in a blog post:

  38. Diane Says:

    Oh no, I’m somebody who can’t decide – and I constantly change my mind. Well, here are my current favourites:
    Invitation to Tea
    Tower of London
    Lovely Scenery
    Rose Garden

  39. Jennifer Says:

    Hmm, you do pose some interesting questions to get us thinking, don’t you shimelle?!

    I’ve blogged about mine:

    my five fave layouts

  40. NancyLee Says:

    So after a search, it wasn’t a hard choice after all. So my five faves are here, here, here, here and here.

  41. Meghann Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Trying to catch up, as I was gone Saturday & most of today. Here is my post about my 5 fav layouts.

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