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Scrapbooking with Cosmo Cricket

scrapbook page with Cosmo Cricket

When Cosmo Cricket jumped on the scene I think I missed the memo. La, la, la I went on about my life without knowledge of the Cosmo. And then one day I picked up some paper, started scrapping with it and someone asked me what it was. I nearly fell out of my chair because I didn’t know off the top of my head – because there may be some people with minds that can count the number of toothpicks that fall to the ground, but I can merely spot patterned paper brands at fifty paces – and I had to look. ‘Well, it says Cosmo Cricket!’ and no one at the table had ever heard of that company at all. So we all went back to the shop where I found it, had a look around and pretty much bought everything else that Cosmo Cricket place had put out for sale!

Years on I am loving Cosmo more and more. Woodgrain in bright colours! Woodgrain on chipboard letters! Paper airplanes on patterned paper! Amazing colour schemes like the Girl Friday collection! Seriously, it makes me use lots of exclamation points! You can find daily inspiration on the Cosmo Cricket blog too.

Also, Cosmo is even better when enjoyed with party tunes!

scrapbook page with Cosmo Cricket
scrapbook page with Cosmo Cricket
scrapbook page with Cosmo Cricket

Your 2pm challenge: choose any of the four layouts above to scraplift. They all feature Cosmo Cricket supplies but you don’t have to use Cosmo stash to participate. Make something, upload it to your blog or page gallery and leave a link in the comments of this post.

One randomly chosen entry will win a prize pack of Cosmo Cricket scrapbooking supplies.

You can enter any time between now and 6am Monday morning UK time.

Happy scrapping!


17 April 2010

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52 Comments for Scrapbooking with Cosmo Cricket

  1. Andrea Says:

    I love your blog ever since joining the Christmas venture! I just gave you a Sunshine Award, so come over and see!

  2. wannabe rebel Says:

    Seriously Shim you are digging up those eighties memories for me !!

  3. Anso Says:

    I decided to scraplift the last layout, here’s my version of it:


  4. Candace.M Says:

    I’ve scraplifted the last LO. Find it here.

  5. Jenny Says:

    I’ve scraplifted the last layout.

  6. Lisa (FunkyFairy) Says:

    I’ve lifted the last one, and used quite a bit of cosmo too : )
    Thanks for the inspiration:

  7. Tracy Fox Says:

    Ive lifted the 2nd one. I love the clean straight lines of this LO
    Heres my lift

  8. lisa Says:

    This was a tricky one, all the layouts are so lovely, hard to choose one to scraplift!
    I eventually decided on the last one, here’s my take ….

  9. Claire Viney Says:

    I also chose the last one.

  10. wendy Says:

    mine’s using elements from the 3rd page :O)

  11. Mel Says:

    You can see my first ever scraplift here: I went for your ballet layout :-)

  12. Scrapdolly Says:

    They were all such lovely pages but I scraplifted one here

    Boyish Charm

  13. Rebekah Says:

    That top is one of my all time LOs of yours. I started to lift it in Feb last year and never finished it. Until today :) Here it is x

  14. Peggy Says:

    This was fun! I love Cosmo Cricket, especially Earth Love. I also chose the last LO to lift.

  15. Annie M Says:

    I decided to scraplift the last layout. I liked the design and it had potential for some much-needed stash-busting.

  16. Lorna Says:

    I decided to do my take of the last one:
    Being a big fan of your work how great is it we’re allowed to lift it :)
    Thanks for the challenge.

  17. Mel Says:

    My 7-year-old daughter’s had a go at scraplifting your second layout too! Her version is here:

  18. nan.sinclair Says:

    I Scraplifted the last LO…I did not use any Cosmo but love their papers.

    Mine is here:

  19. Jennifer Says:

    I chose the third layout; the colours shouted out to me and I liked the numbers theme, here’s my take on it:

    I need about ten more hours in the day to do all this scrapping that shimelle’s inspiring!

  20. Katie Says:

    I didn’t have any Cosmo Cricket but used the last Layout design to finally getting round to scrapping my 1st Scan Photo. Here’s the link:

  21. Karen Williams Says:

    i too love cosmo cricket i finally managed to scrap these photos from a steam tram trip last year

  22. Alaina Says:

    How can anyone not love Mickey Mouse. Here’s my lift:

    It’s a lift of layout #3.

  23. Alaina Says:

    How can anyone not love Mickey Mouse. Here’s my lift:

    It’s a lift of layout #3.

  24. Cathy Green Says:

    Here’s my go at this one – love how it turned out…

  25. Zahra Says:

    Really wishing I had more time to scrap this weekend and get more of these challenges done but here is my first! I lifted the last LO and used it as inspiration to scrap with some Cosmo Cricket PP and chipboard I found hugely discounted (so much so that I couldn’t resist even though they’re a bit bright for me!!!).

    It’s here

  26. scarymary555 Says:

    Didn’t use Cosmo Cricket but did lift your first LO and am really pleased with the result HERE

  27. emy Says:

    I LOVE Cosmo Cricket too. I’ve scraplifted the first page.

  28. Fay Says:

    My scraplift is here

  29. lynmcf Says:

    Here is my scraplift … and its cosmo cricket …

  30. CoCo Says:

    I love all of those layouts…but scrapped the middle one…in Xmas style?!?

  31. Natalie E Says:

    I chose your last layout to lift – using your row of circle embellishments to base a card on.

  32. Veeruliiru Says:

    My pick was the second one and oh, how i enjoyed playing with it!!

  33. Alison Says:

    Trying again as I’ve been struggling to post here today. I lfted the last layout.

  34. Katy Says:

    I scraplifted the first one and blogged about it here. It has just a bit of Cosmo in it too! Loving the party. x

  35. Ruth Says:

    Scraplifted the 4th layout, looks to be a popular one, it is posted in the gallery

  36. Daphne Says:

    Sorry, no Cosmo Cricket! But a scraplift of the first one on my BLOG

  37. Christine Crowson Says:

    I used a black & white photograph and kept my LO to different tones of white.

  38. Alix Says:

    i’ve lifted the middle LO…here a photo i’ve been meaning to scrap for a long…long time…thanks for finally getting it done!

  39. Aussie Mon Says:

    Loved this challenge! I scraplifted the last LO too. Its HERE

  40. jane Says:

    another challenge done, here it is x

  41. Carolyn Says:

    Lovely LOs to scraplift. I chose to do the last one and you can see it at 2Peas :

  42. RACHEL Says:

    i did a page about my funny granny and grandad

  43. luluuk Says:

  44. furrypig Says:

    I have never even seen any Cosmo papers in the flesh I don’t think but enjoyed using your page to scraplift!

  45. Lynn Says:

    Love all the pages but I was inspired by the third one to create this LO:

  46. Tinkersdamn Says:

    Loved this one. I forced myself to actually open this pack of paper!! :D

  47. Nicole Says:

    I lifted the 4th layout:

  48. Diane Says:

    I lifted your fourth layout but turned it: First visit

  49. NancyLee Says:

    I fell in love with number two way back when I saw you posted it @ 2peas so thought this is my chance to create one, my own

  50. Househund(Ros) Says:

    I have to be honest .. I have never really paid much attention to Cosmo papers.. untill now that is. Looking at all this lovely work ..girls you are all an inspiration.. I will be adding some Cosmo to my paper collection.. toot sweet.
    What Have I been missing out on.

  51. Shannon Hager Says:

    What great layouts to scraplift. I chose the last one to use. My layout can be seen HERE and is titled, “A Rare Photo”.

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