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Inspiration found in adorable creatures

1. My Love (and Yours), 2. Curious hedgehog, 3. Espinete, 4. baby hedgehog – iriqi

I interrupt your scrapbooking to bring you this dose of insanely adorable hedgehogs!

That is all. Now back to the scrapbooking.


PS: You can find out how to help hedgehogs here — sadly they are threatened by more than just a lack of hedges these days.

17 April 2010

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9 Comments for Inspiration found in adorable creatures

  1. Candace.M Says:

    So cute!

  2. Lisa (FunkyFairy) Says:

    Just adorable. They make me think of Mrs Tiggywinkle x

  3. Tracy Fox Says:


  4. Roo Says:

    Gorgeous images!

  5. Mel Says:

    Hedgehogs are absolutely my favourite creature, I love them! These pics have made my day, thank you :-)

  6. Katharina Says:


  7. Cindy Says:

    That was completely unexspected and insanely cute. Thank you. =]

  8. Househund(Ros) Says:

    Oh my Goodness…
    My Heart just left my Chest and went out to these adorable creatures…
    Made my day

  9. Ashely Adams : Postcard Printing Says:

    this is cute indeed! you can get postcards done from their pictures to spread around the message :)you can try

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