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Quick question...

city wildflowers

A little pretty something from last weekend.

I’m working on something to share with you tomorrow, but just wanted to include a few notes from well, people who are not me! And you are not me, so you’ll do quite nicely.

The question is…
How do you make time for things you love when they are not the things you really need to get done?

Looking for a few concrete examples, especially if you manage to juggle a family, a job, studies or any number of other responsibilities and yet still make time to do the things you love, whether that be scrapbooking, writing letters, hiking mountains or baking cupcakes.

Feel free to leave your answer in the comments below or to email me if you prefer.

Hope your Monday is lovely!


24 August 2009

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42 Comments for Quick question...

  1. kate Says:

    I don’t – it makes me cry! March was the last time I scrapped. 3 weeks time and uni will be over though and then I’ll be happy and scrappy mad! But as for the last 6 months, I seriously could not fit it in. Nor anything else for that matter :( I have just had to look at pretty pages on websites to keep me going!!

  2. Dana Says:

    Well, as the stay at home mom of a 3 year old and an almost 1 year old I find the time to do the things I love (blogs, reading, scrapbooking) by having a cut-off time for myself (when I am off the clock so to speak), be trying to be organized during the day so that daily must do’s get done and by delegating as much as possible (ie, you made the mess, you clean it up!). When Mama is happy, everybody is happier!

  3. Deborah Says:

    I read something on a similar topic earlier today. After someone had told a creative lady (I think it was Pam Garrison) “I’d love to make things, like you do, but I just don’t have the time”, she pointed out that we all have the same amount of time – it’s just how we choose to spend it..

  4. Cindy Says:

    There are many things I like to do that don’t have to get done – reading books, watching TV and reading craft blogs among them and of course actually making things. Which gets done is a matter of energy really, so the one that takes the most effort – crafting – often ends up last on the list. To get it to be first, I really just have to start. Once I get involved, I will get enthusiastic and make time by cutting back on my other non-essential activities. The hard part is to get started. I find that taking classes gives me some extra incentives – forces me to set aside time and if I have spent money, I feel some obligation to actively participate.

  5. Kylie Says:

    I am a SAHM to a just turned 2 year old and 6 month old. I feel like I have no time, but honestly I just make time. I leave the house messy for an hour and scrap, write or go out and take photos. I believe my sanity time is something that needs to get done as well as something I love doing. If i don’t have that time, then Im not happy, and if Im not happy it impacts the kids. If I were to write a list of needs and loves, the chores etc. would go in the need to get done column, right next to the “crafty, photography” time. To me, my time is as important as the chores – it has taken me a while to realize this, but now I have, things are a lot happier around here.

  6. Robyn Says:

    I love sleeping in. Love it. And luckily for me, my husband works the kind of job where he does not need to be in very early. He didn’t mind getting up with the kids and letting me have my lazy mornings. But this summer something shifted. Maybe it was the heat or maybe it’s the ages of my kids, but I wasn’t able to get done in my days what I wanted to. And so I took drastic action. I started getting up early. Now I am up at 5am. I bake or sew or crack out something creative all before anyone else is even awake. And, it turns out, I’m a morning person after all.

  7. Donna B. Says:

    I have plenty of time now
    to do what I love and what I need to do, but when I was young I always tried to do what
    was best for my family. To get to the things I loved I would get up at
    5:30. It also helps to
    remember when you are old you won’t remember housework not done, but just the precious memories and your loved ones.

  8. Meg Says:

    I put them on the calendar. If it’s on there, it happens. So yes, I write down: go for a walk, take camera downtown, get newly released book @ library, etc.

    Then, when other things start popping up on the schedule, they HAVE to go around the other things already written down. I have a very full calendar, but I honor it, all of it!

  9. Jessica Griffin Says:

    Gorgeous picture!! As a stay at home mom to three very active children (1, 2 and 3 year old) I find managing my time properly to be a bit tricky. I often stay up until two am working on things I want to do, because it’s the only time I have to myself. (I finished my vacation journal last night!!) Sometimes you have to realize that the things that are important to you… but not necessary to get done, are just as important. If you don’t take time out for yourself, you’ll lose “you.” With my kids (because of their short attention span) I give them 15 minutes to clean up their toys (or whatever) then they can have 15 minutes to do whatever they want to do. So I do 15 on, 15 off… etc. Hope that helps. Look forward to your next project! I’ve posted my journal on my blog…

  10. Allison Says:

    That is such a good question!

    I also stay up late, but I find sometimes that I just HAVE to make time. It almost turns from something I want to get done to something I have to get done just for my mental health, if that makes sense.

    Sometimes I leave the laundry unfolded, sometimes it’s extra dishes in the sink. I think everyone needs some time to do things they want to do to make them a happier and healthier person.

  11. helen Says:

    Hi, I apply rule : 1/3 time family, 1/3 time work, 1/3 time for me!!
    most important, my 3 boys and DH, household keeping is rather “approximate”, but I manage +30mn scrap 3 evenings a week, and workout 2 evenings, getting up early, and staying up late; hope this helps you !

  12. elinjanne Says:

    - something has to go.
    After 25 years of making the wrong choices I now know all the answers. You have to make time for you and the things you enjoy, whatever that is…

  13. dogmatix Says:

    i find doing all the must do things in the morning as soon as i wake up means i have more quality time with my favourite things. Plus, i enjoy them more as i am not constantly thinking about the unhoovered carpet or the mountain of washing that i am hiding from when i go into my craft room.
    I also use the time that the boss hogs the telly to play on his many game thingys to get a bit of scrapping in.

  14. Gale Says:

    Boy, if someone can figure that one out!!!!

  15. Polly Says:

    I suppose the short answer is I have a messy house. Seriously. That’s the first thing to go – I also like to schedule more time than I actualy need to get things done in my mind which give me plenty of time to procrastinate by doing things I love.

    Another good rule I bring into play in times of crisis is the one weekend day doing work (house, actual work, university work)and then keep one day just for us. You can transfer days between weekends so every weekend you spend doing things you HAVE to do, you know you’re storing up days of fun in the future! Makes it easier to bear somehow.

  16. Sam Says:

    I am another one who stays up very late to fit everything in. But after a while it leaves me too tired to enjoy the day at all. I am trying to find the balance – a little of this, a little of that, and remembering that there is always tomorrow! Oh – and I ignore the housework as long as possible :-D

  17. Scrapdolly Says:

    I work full time (and YOU know how full time a teaching job is) but I make sure I scrap every single day. It is my therapy that keeps me sane. I do it by sacrificing the things like TV. I focus much more on marking etc when I know that if I concentrate and get it done in x amount of time I get the reward of scrap time. I also speed scrap. Getting up at 6 and working from 7 till about 7 and going to bed at 10 leaves me little time weekdays to scrap. It’s amazing how that dealine can focus you

  18. Mel Says:

    For me, it’s about prioritising crafting time – it basically means I have a messy house and a certain amount of dust, but lots of projects on the go – and I’m happy, which means home is a nicer place to be for the whole family! I also subscribe to the branch of motherhood known as ‘supervised neglect’ ;-)

  19. annie bellamy Says:

    I was just thinking this tonight as I was determined to do some pages for the Stress free scrapbooking class, but knew the kitchen needed doing too – well I made a choice and left the kitchen until the morning. It is hard finding the time, and i get frustrated that I don’t have the time to do the things that ‘I want’ to do. I am hoping that in Sept I will have a little more time as my littlest starts pre-school, 3 mornings a week. BUT I know that really I should be ‘working’. I guess it’s a balance and it is important to put aside time for ‘me’.


  20. cate brickell Says:

    the things you love ARE the things that really need to get done… as women, not just mothers, we all have a tendency, for whatever reason, to put “everything else” before our own needs and wants, but sometimes the only way to get through the day is to put “everything else” in a big pile, ignore it, and get on with doing what WE want to do.

  21. Anne Says:

    I believe that most people waste an awful lot of time in every day. Whether it’s too long browsing online, watching telly just because it’s there, or just generally faffing around. Like many others have said, I try to put the things I enjoy on the list of priorities, equal to all the other demamds on my time – be they housework, family responsibilities, or work. DO IT NOW is one of my mantras – don’t think too much about it, just get it started and done. Bigger projects require a degree of organisation. I make lists. Lots of lists. And I try to put on there the things I want to do, as well as the things I have to do. So a typical list might be – put washing out, go to supermarket, finish layout, clean kitchen floor. They might all get done, or a couple of things on the list might not – it’s okay. I try to be flexible – I’m not ever going to be a position to scrap every day for ever more, but I get there every other day or so. And most of all, I try to remember that life is here to be lived and enjoyed. Nobody will be standing up at my funeral and saying “wow – her bathroom was always clean”.

  22. Shannon Ketchum Says:

    When I first got married and became a step mom, I literally saved NO time for myself. I thought all of my time needed to go to my family and found that it wasn’t working. I was not happy and as a result, my family wasn’t happy either. I make lists and prioritize and make sure that the most important things that need to get done get done – laundry, grocery shopping, feeding my family, helping with homework, sleeping….and the things that don’t absolutely have to be done take the back seat. I know that I need my “me” time, and therefore, I make it a priority. Whether it be an hour in my scrap room, or cozied up with a book, a bubble bath, or TV time, I make sure that time for myself makes it onto my priority list. It makes me a better wife, a better mom, and a better friend.

  23. Madeiline St Onge Says:

    I am probably no help but here goes. I am retired but do all the yard work, house work, cooking, caring for 2 dogs, so it can be tuff because by the time I get to scrapping I am too tired to concentrate. But I manage to carve out a few hours here and there that I can play and do what I want

  24. jen Says:

    I love to write and draw and play with paper in my journal… Since I am way tired after a day of teaching literature to the masses… I try to make 30 minutes or so in the morning where I can play with a cup of coffee. By getting up just a bit earlier than I would otherwise I leave for school feeling like I have already had some time to myself- which is very nice-I get to celebrate when I am having a good morning and I get to vent when I am not… I don’t always make it, but I do often enough to keep me smiling.

  25. NikkiFB Says:

    Fascinating question! I need to reflect on whether I really do make time for things I love!!——but—-as far as scrapping goes, I have streamlined the process so it works for me. I’m a SAHM of a 1 yr old and 4 yr old… so my kid-free time is limited. I’m not into super-simple layouts, but I’ve changed my scrapping process so I can get pages done fairly quickly: I almost always use sketches, I keep a pretty small stash of supplies, I organize supplies in such a way that I can find what I need easily, and I often do layouts “assembly line” style. As for making time for other loves… my best (and sometimes hardest!) trick is just to walk away from the tv!!! :)

  26. k8 Says:

    Well, you pick and choose. Like work’s got to get done, ‘cause it pays the bills…kids got to get done, ‘cause you got to raise ‘em to take care of you in your old age…the rest of it…choice…take yer pick…


  27. Christine Villacarlos Says:

    I have no idea! LOL!

    but with all the crazy things happening in my life right now, i simply make an effort to set aside some time, even for a few minutes, just to get something, that i don’t really need to do, done

  28. meanmomdigitalproductions Says:

    I’m a sham. So, I have to budget my time carefully to include everything I need and want to do in my life with and without my family.

    I find use the Microsoft outlook as a useful tool that let’s me get stuff I need to get done or want to get done. The built in calendar, task manage, and email help me save time and organized. Having a cell phone that syncs with the outlook is great too!

  29. Debby Silott Says:

    I schedule it into my day planner – everything in my planner has to get done – even time for me. :-)

  30. tania Says:

    Well, the ironing and washing and cleaning will always be there, but the little things, the me time, the special occasions will not, so sometimes i just leave the must-do things and concentrate on the special things in life.

  31. Stephanie howell Says:

    I MAKE myself make time. As a mama of two, and a wife to a soldier who is gone frequently, i have to make time.

    I notice that if I go days without doing something creative, it makes me grumpy.

    I block out ten minutes a day to just play. Whether i work on a page, a card, or simply move things around on paper, I do something. Sometimes I clean my area.

    The dishes, laundry, work…it can wait for ten minutes. And that little bit of craftiness recharges my batteries. xo

  32. Beverly Kim Says:

    I’m in my “Queen” years rather than the “Princess” ones and one thing I’ve learnt is that I won’t be saying at the end “I wished I’d done more housework” so if it looks dirty or in need of a tidy that’s when I schedule it and do it!
    I write a GOALS list for the week which includes the pleasure things. Each day I write a TO DO list from the other list and that includes the weekends – my days off from the job, otherwise the weekends disappear and nothing is acheived.
    And another thing….when I scrapbook I don’t think of anything else so its very theraputic. Just as necessary as eating and sleeping!

  33. grungedandy Says:

    The things that work for me! be ultra organised, switch off the tv, & give up sleep! I’m working on inventing a time turner or being able to stop time around me so I can catch up, no luck yet but I’m ever hopeful! LoL seeya G

  34. Tracy W Says:

    I used to squeeze ‘me’ time in at the end of the day when everything else had been done, and kids finally in bed etc. but found myself not getting to bed myself until 1 or 2 in the morning which then had knock-on effects the following day. So instead I’ve taken to getting up a little earlier and fitting in the ‘me’ time first thing in the morning – the house is usually nice and quiet and I can take a book and read or scrap without being disturbed. And I feel really good knowing that I’ve done what I wanted to before the day starts properly.

  35. Vicky Says:

    I have a 3 year old daughter, run our village toddler group, work part time (3 full days), keep a craft blog, keep on top of the house work and we’re renovating the house! My me time can be filled with any craft. Scrapbooking, sewing, crochet, knitting, baking, card making etc. I cram any little bit into any space I have in the day and make my day feel less grey and more fulfilled. I even take mini crochet projects to work with me, on the off chance I’ll get a spare minute or 2. I craft watching telly in the late afternoon on my days off, I craft whilst my daughter sits making her things next to me, I craft whilst sitting in bed. I keep a crafty to do list which never ends. Items get checked off as they are finished and new ones are added as I think of them. I get as much pleasure out of ticking off and item as I do adding one! We also enjoy walks on our “family day” which is Sunday. On family day all bets are off, and all dreary stuff and chores can be left so that we get the most time to spend together. I’m always amazed how much I get done in a week. And if something doesn;t get done? Not the end of the world is it :)

  36. kate Says:

    I have four children,two of them are are autistic along with other special needs. Our lives are always full of something hectic and ive never had time or a hobbie until i found scrapbooking, its not just scrapbooking ive fallen totally for making , sticking and glueing and being creative.This is now something for me and i make time even if its only half hour to draw and plan los. Ive given my brain some freedom to think of something other than the stressful parts of life.
    Kate xx

  37. Bev Stephenson Says:

    I book a crop, its about the only time I manage to scrap this days, but because it’s a scheduled event on the calendar then it becomes a ‘must do’ rather than an ‘I;d like to if I can find the time’

  38. Grace M Says:

    My struggle is in giving up the things I love to do for the things I HAVE to do! Like now, I’m trying to finish up a writing assignment but my mind is half on the mini album I was doing. hee hee. I guess if u love doing sthg, u’ll always find time to do it.

  39. Stefanie Says:

    I try and do the things that must be done first, even if they’re done 80% (beds made, washing on, dishes soaking etc) then I set aside an hour or 2 to scrap and when my time is over get back to the other things that just swallow up the time before I have to collect kids from school.

  40. Ann Says:

    I work full time in a stressful job and need ‘me’ time to be happy in myself. Luckily my husband works three nights a week so I can go to bed late or get up early and my time’s my own. I can read, scrap or blog for just myself without feeling guilty!

  41. Jan Says:

    Now that my children are grown, it is much easier! But when they were small, I kept small projects with me all the time to work on while I waited in the school pick up line, at ball games, at doctor appointments, etc. I have also always been an early riser and get a lot done in the mornings before anyone else gets up. Multi tasking helps too – I would bring things in the kitchen while I cook and work on them on the kitchen table while tending supper on the stove.

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