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One more challenge for the weekend, but I need your help!

photo to scrapbook

Just so you know this definitely happens here, the layout I was working on to share with you at 4pm has gone horribly wrong. I’ve reached that point where I need to look at something else rather than stare continually at something that just isn’t working for me. So I’ve made a little change to this final challenge. I want you to challenge me.

I’m going to scrapbook the photo above. It was taken Friday, so the story is all very clear in my mind and I will happily share that with you when I finish the page. But I will take all my design suggestions from the comments on this post. Feel free to give me your choices of things like photo size, techniques, colours, specific supplies, motifs – whatever you would like to see me try. I’ll wait just a bit to get started, and I’ll share the page as soon as it’s complete!

As for how you can then take part in the challenge – you need to choose one of the other comments left and use those suggestions for your challenge. You can read them all and pick or you can just close your eyes and point and see what you get in a lucky dip! It’s the Choose-Your-Own-Challenge!

06 March 2016

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41 Comments for One more challenge for the weekend, but I need your help!

  1. Melanie Mason Says:

    Hi Shimelle!

    I always need help with journaling ideas. You are so good at finding the exact right place to put it on a page and knowing just how much to say. Since there is a story behind this, can you take us through how you decide how much to write and what drives your design decisions around placement of journaling. THANK YOU for all of your wonderful inspiration. Melanie – your fan from Texas.

  2. Gemma Says:

    How about using a non-standard page size, so not 12×12 square and not pocket pages?!

  3. Amber Says:

    Love this picture. From the looks of it it looks like a hotel stay or vacation but what stands out to me is wonderboys smile and impish posture. I would go with the red from the pillow and yellow from his shirt mixed with grey. Picture size 5×7 or the British equivalent. Would love to see stripes and stars too because while I love them they are hard for me to work with.

  4. Lisa Zepponi Says:

    I would like you to scrap this photo as a 4×6 on a 12×12 layout: NO cropping it down or enlarging it. I am always stumped as to a 4×6 photo placement on a 12×12 page, embellishment, title, journaling, etc. Also, i challenge you NOT use your scraps or at least nothing smaller than a 6×12 piece of paper. Can’t wait to see what challenge you choose! Best of luck!

  5. Madeline St Onge Says:

    My first thought is a 5×7 photo and do the journaling on all the white in the picture

  6. Dalia Says:

    Dear Shimelle, this is so much fun! I’d like to see you stamp on the white of the photo. I envision this as a very big photo as he’s just a small part of it :)

  7. Natalie Says:

    I might be too late but I’d love to see you scrap this on a white background with LOTS of white space! xx

  8. Sandy Lewis Says:

    I would like to see you layer 5 or 6 patterned papers under this photo and then using stamping around it as a frame.

  9. Patricia F. Says:

    I’d love to see a chevron shape. The peak of the bed, looks like a chevron and it is just over your son’s head- highlighting him. The shape could be carried on by using it in a pp or embellishment.

  10. Jodi Says:

    I would like to see you use several 3×4 &4×6 cards on a 12×12 layout

  11. Debbie S. Says:

    What an adorable picture and great challenge. I would like to see the photo as a larger photo (maybe 8×10 but in landscape). As for as paper, maybe chevron and then greys, yellows and some small amounts of maroon/red (pillow color). Can’t wait to see the finished layout. Love all your designs and wonderful ideas.

  12. stitching lady Says:

    I’d go with triangles or chevrons with a large photo and no cropping. Colourwise, I think kraft or grey for the neutral with aqua and red for the accents.

  13. Rinda Says:

    I“d like you to use a really old embellishment, like eyelets!

  14. Natalie (QSOgirl) Says:

    I challenge you to use a white background in some more dominant way. This layout came to mind as a form of inspiration:

    Lots of layers, which is a characteristic I see in your style, but also lots of white, which is outside of your main style, as I see it.

  15. tanja Says:

    Grey paper for the background.

  16. Pam Says:

    I would print it 12×12 and put the embellishments & journaling on the photo. What an adorable face!

  17. MARIANNE B Says:

    Use some woodgrain somewhere on the page. :)

  18. Annette Says:

    What great responses to this intriguing challenge! I would like to see you use watercolor in a mixed media layout.

  19. Tiffani Nelson Says:

    What about a page inspired by fringe techniques :)

  20. Heike Says:

    Create an interactive peek-a-buh design ;-)

  21. K Says:

    I have several large shaped sheets , I like the look of them but they always look awful when I try to use them. So I’d like to see you use a shaped piece of card.

  22. Jill Says:

    Great photo! He is such a cutie! I would go with a title like “cutest pillow” but that might be too expected. I love the shape of the headboard and would try and incorporate that. Also, maybe play with white texture.

  23. Misty C Murphy Says:

    Thanks for keeping it real! Nice to not be alone in the brain-is-maxed-out mode. I challenge you to use an actual white background with lots of whitespace and plenty of monochromatic punched shapes (like a faux-embossing technique).

  24. Wendy Says:

    I like the idea of stamping on the white of the photo. I would love to see this on a white background with some layering around the photo too. Good luck!

  25. sharon Says:

    hmm. soft or muted green pp background – maybe a 5×7 pic – “King of the Hill” or “From Where I Sit …” maybe with trees, or houses or some other homey type of embellishment.

  26. Vicki Says:

    It screams clean and simple to me. Can’t wait to see what you do.

  27. Judy Says:

    Such a cute smile on Wonder Boy. Hmm, tricky, but for the layout, the photo with all its squares and rectangles in the picture, (on the duvet, the shape of the pillows, the frames, etc.) seem to lean me toward a grid pattern which I don’t often see you do. That might be a good challenge. A grid pattern, sizes of the grid squares or rectangles, your choice, with maybe a mix of both. I leave the colors up to your wonderful imagination. But some of the embellishments should be soft, to relate to the feel of the cushy pillows. :) have fun!

  28. Suse Fish Says:

    Ooh, very brave to let us guide you! Okay: I’d like an all-white background; squared off pic… some mixed media in there too… :)

  29. Kimberly Kett Says:

    Leave the photo big and use the white space on the bed to do your journalling and then frame the photo with lots of embellies :)

  30. Patty Says:

    Print (3)8×10’s-1 color/2 B&W (one faded.)Centering the child, cut 5 tall rectangles-child’s rectangle should be slightly wider than the others. Discard any photo remainders. Mount on deep,nearly black wood grain background on a muted red 12 × 12 page- Gradually increasing the depth of color and the heights of the rectangles from the edges to the center, making the child’s section highest.Spacing(or not) between rectangles to personal preference. Embellish with grays and yellows (from his shirt) muted reds (from the pillow)with another contrasting color,(Turquoise?) Accent with touches of silver.

  31. maria Says:

    What a charmer! My first thought was to use an older OA line: I think it was called “Farmstead” or “Homestead”; it had creams, yellows, & grays, maybe some teal.
    I would prob. use teal to add more color to the yellow/gray. Maybe use some die-cut feathers (like a feather bed.) Wonderful photo – I know you’ll make it shine! Maria

  32. Gabriela Says:

    I would crop the upper part with the frames on the wall. Than print out the photo 12” wide. I love the big white part on the photo. It screams Journaling to me. So I would write my story on the photo. One patterned paper for the background and some pattern papers in coordinating colors cut into strips, a little embellishing and my layout would be done. (Hope that makes sense. My english is not perfect.) :)

  33. Sorken Says:

    My second attempt to post my comment. Photo: A4-size. Title: Large at the bottom of the photo. Colours: Grey, red, teal/aqua, navy blue & yellow. Use: Strips & stripes. Good luck! ☺

  34. Becky Moon Says:

    I would love to see you do a large pic like 8×10 with journaling and title on the pic with several embellie clusters in the white space on the picture. Looking forward to seeing how you do this page.

  35. Jo Bonetti Says:

    How about trimming the excess off the top and bottom of the photo? So I challenge you to use a long, narrow photo and yellow.

  36. Becky Moon Says:

    I would also like to see how to use what is normally a girl type embellies on boy page. I have 3 daughters and 2 granddaughters. I am going to have my first grandson soon. I have been collecting little boy type things, but have a ton of traditionally girls things. I would love to see little girl like things on a boy page…

  37. Dolly Says:

    I am thinking to use that white space, use large but not full size photo (say maybe and use the white space of the bed for the title area. If it is a long store use interactive journaling under the photo.
    Perhaps use the colors in the photos above the bed as color inspiration for the LO

  38. Tamara Says:

    I would so print it off 12×12 and use all that delicious white space to journal, with the title stretching across the bottom.

  39. Gab Says:

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! I’m going to use Lisa Zepponi’s idea to use just one 4×6 photo on a page as my inspiration

  40. Anny Says:

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