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Being honest with Project Life

catching up on Project Life @

Oh hello. It seems like forever, but I finally have something to share. Let’s focus on that positive and not on how I haven’t managed to clear the dining table in weeks, shall we?

For years, the reason I absolutely love scrapping out of order (though I keep my pages in chronological order in their albums) is the complete freedom. Zero pressure. I don’t do the whole concept of staying ‘caught up’ because I have no hope in ever doing so, and I enjoy the hobby more when I jump around from story to story with whatever is inspiring me on a given day.

That said, I am starting to understand why many scrapbookers feel there is a pressure to stay caught up. Not that I am changing my philosophy! But I look at that baby book I started for Wonder Boy and I understand the pressure. It has ten or so weeks fully finished. The others have the photos slipped into the pockets with reference notes here and there but nothing else. I’m pleased I stayed on top of that part, but I really love how those finished weeks look and I long for the rest to go alongside, so it becomes an album like the rest of my library that I am happy for anyone to pull off the shelf and see. I also find I’m reminding myself of why I chose the Project Life format for this album in the first place: because I could work in tiny little pieces, a few minutes at a time, and still make progress. Wonder Boy is old enough now that I have the few minutes while he is engrossed in something (not many minutes, just a few) and while I could probably use those minutes to clear the dining table, dare I say I might find working on this album a little more rewarding? As a result, I’ve set myself a challenge this August to work in this album a few minutes every day and film it to share as well. My plan is to share those short, individual videos as soon as I can on my YouTube channel, then whenever I finish a full two page spread, I’ll post it all here in a sort of omnibus style, so you can choose to watch day by day or all at once. In this first week, I managed to stay on top of the create-every-day part of the challenge, but fell down with editing the videos on some days, but overall it was an enjoyable experience, so I think I’m okay to keep going, assuming you’d still like to see!

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

catching up on Project Life @

That’s another week done and a challenge kept! I realise I’m not working so quickly as to make great strides in August, but something is better than nothing in this case, and I don’t want to sacrifice enjoying the process for getting more pages done, if that makes sense. I guess I feel the pressure to catch up just a little, not a lot! But I do want to get these memories down on paper before they become fuzzy, and I’m already working more than a year behind now, so a little progress sounds good to me.

Supplies for this project include the Project Life ‘Lovely’ mini kit, which is no longer available in print form but is available digitally within the Project Life app for the iPhone, if that’s any help, or in a digital kit for your computer. I also used items from the Shimelle collection (my first collection with American Crafts), including the 6×6 paper pad, stamp set, word stickers, sticker book, and gold Fitzgerald Thickers, and word stickers and enamel dots from the True Stories collection. Also some gold sequins, patterned vellum, and gold chipboard hearts from Studio Calico, letter stickers from October Afternoon, and two punches by EK Success. I think that’s just about everything! I’m still embracing old and new together, so there are some items that would no longer be in stock, but you might have something similar in your own collection if by chance it reminded you to pull out your own pack of small chipboard shapes or some vellum. You can find my American Crafts products at Blue Moon Scrapbooking,, and Amazon US or UK. (Shopping through those affiliate links costs you the same amount but helps support this site. Thanks.)

Have a beautiful Saturday and thanks for sticking with me through my radio silence! Happy scrapping.

08 August 2015

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26 Comments for Being honest with Project Life

  1. Colleen Says:

    Love seeing all those little videos and then how this all comes together. Just trying to get back into mine and caught up a bit too, so this is great inspiration that makes it seem doable!

  2. Loydene Says:

    I am not one who picked up the Project Life style – tho’ I have used pocket pages for some albums. None the less, I’ve enjoyed seeing your process! Thanks! PS Still hoping for the “Scrapbook Survival Guide” to get up!

  3. Sandy Lewis Says:

    Hi Shimelle – it’s lovely to see you scrapping in any format! I’m so happy for you that you are spending such amazing time with Wonder Boy (who is quite the looker!). It will be worth waiting for when you return to scrapping, as I must admit I do miss seeing you scrap 12×12. I’ll keep busy with the classes I have purchased from you til then. Enjoy your time with Wonder Boy!

  4. Kel Says:

    I am absolutely loving this series! I am mostly a pocket page scrapper and love to see how you apply your techniques to the smaller “layouts.” Can’t wait for more videos!

  5. Evelyn Jones Says:

    I have loved these short videos. I am trying to do more of this style and love how you make all the cards a mini lay out. I hope to “copy” you a bit.

  6. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    Loved watching the videos, you’ve inspired me to get caught up with my photos. Just so you know the affiliate link for amazon Uk isn’t working :)

  7. Anne-Liesse Says:

    Il love watching the process. Thanks for taking the time it takes to share it. Keep it coming!!!

  8. maria s Says:

    Although I’m not a PL scrapper, I’ve very much enjoyed watching you fill the pockets in Wonder Boy’s book. (Boy, he is growing so fast!) You’re fun to watch no matter what format you use. Thanks for taking time to “work” with us. Maria

  9. Berta Says:

    I am not a PL style scrapper but do occasionally add a few pocket pages here and there. Love these little videos, a great addition to your 12×12 LO’s. Thx!!!

  10. Andrea Says:

    Lovely spread! And I appreciate your efforts! I kept a written monthly log of my daughters first year, and then selected one picture from each month to go along side the words. However, she is now 5 yrs old, and only one or two months are in a book. Ah well…

  11. Crystal Says:

    Loved the look into your process. Thanks for taking the time to share the videos with us.

  12. JeanD Says:

    Loved the “little” videos. I watched them all this afternoon as I made some cards. Great to see your process. Thankyou for the inspiration.

  13. HelenH Says:

    you won’t regret getting caught up on this project! Plus you get to relive a wonderful time, without being so stressed and tired.

  14. Tina Says:

    Oh he is so cute and what a wonderful album to be making at the moment. I agree PL style is perfect for this and small enough that working with a few minutes a day makes a lot done in it :)

  15. Gina Says:

    Love seeing you work and hearing about your process Shimelle. I am impressed and appreciative that you are sharing your process with us when I’m sure you could be even more productive without filming, narrating and editing the videos. (although maybe the challenge helps to make you more productive? I don’t know) Anyway, thank you for sharing. As I was reading this my first thought was forget about us and just enjoy Wonder Boy and scrapbooking!! That being said, I do love anything you produce and find it so helpful and inspiring to get scrapbooking myself.

  16. Louise Says:

    Isn’t Boy Wonder a cutie? When they are small enough to not mind the photo taking you don’t have the time to scrap but on the ‘up side’?? they refuse to have photos taken as teenagers so you can catch up then! Thanks for finding the time to inspire us.

  17. Mendi Yoshikawa Says:

    I totally understand your feelings, but make sure to go easy on yourself. This turned out so cute and the photos of wonder boy are adorable! :)

  18. Davean Says:

    So cute! I totally understand. My son is almost 3 1/2 and I still don’t have his project life album from his first year complete… One day, hopefully!

  19. DawnB Says:

    Thank you for sharing your precious time with us.I have always enjoyed and (scrap-lifted)your style!

  20. Jackie Says:

    I very much enjoyed your little videos as much as your longer ones. Thank you for sharing with us and your subject is just adorable!!!

  21. Gab Says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to film each card. I just love watching your process and hearing you talk your choices through.

  22. Lisa m Zepponi Says:

    A Cherry on Top also carries your products. I hope they will support you too.

  23. glee stormont Says:

    akk! He’s so big, a veritable toddler already. Noooo, how does it happen. (Says the mother of the leaving for college next month kiddo with the possibly maybe still unfinished pages in his baby book!!)

  24. Stokely Says:

    Shimelle, it’s so nice to see your videos again. And your boy, he’s is so big already!and so cute.

    By the way, what adhesive do you use?

  25. Mary M. Says:

    I’m so late commenting on this but I wanted to say I LOVE these videos. I don’t do Project Life myself but I love watching you work in the smaller format. It’s so cool seeing how you make great embellishment from tiny little bits…reminds me how fun it is to just play with paper! Thanks for sharing these! =)

  26. temple run Says:

    I would love to read your article. Very cool and attractive video. I am impressed with your article. Please continue to uphold.

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