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Remember This: A new video mixing scrapbooking collections

baby scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

Oh, hi. Originally that die-cut said ‘hello’. I had to explain that I pretty much never say hello. I say ‘oh, hi’, and if extra excited, ‘oh haiiiiii’, but that wouldn’t translate to so well to a die-cut. And thus, dry embossed hearts on pink squares that say ‘oh, hi’ and make me very happy.

I also have finally been able to finish the editing on a new scrapbooking video, and that makes me happy too.

Reading somewhere that doesn’t show the video? Click through to watch!

Although I’ve really enjoyed scrapping with just my own products, my true style for many years has been to mix and match brands and collections to get a look I love, so throwing this all together was a whole new kind of scrapping adventure.

Supplies for this page include text background paper, heart patterned paper, map patterned paper, die cut pack, colour rub-ons, gold rub-ons, elephant card, cloud card, hello card, sweetness card, true story card, gold sequins, journaling pen, and turquoise mist.

baby scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

I hate to repeat what I said in the video, but I will anyway. Because I love this photo and I love it a little bit more for having totally missed it for quite some time. I don’t remember it being taken (apparently this was while I having vitals checked or something), though I do remember the midwife giving The Boy instructions for dressing Wonder Boy and then getting a bit short with him when he didn’t know the difference between a vest and a sleep suit, and then shorter still when he told her I didn’t bring sleeveless vests, but Wonder Boy did eventually end up clothed. He was wearing a panda outfit that was the very first gift he ever received, such an early gift that I was quite terrified by it and I buried it at the bottom of a drawer for many months because otherwise I would have spent those months looking at it and clutching it and being ridiculously emotional. Instead I get to be ridiculously emotional now, seeing it on him at the hospital, seeing it in the photo, and seeing it now in the box of teeny-tiny outgrown clothes. I need to write all that on another page, but on this one I wanted to document just a bit of my feeling that although the process of his arrival was many miles from what I imagined in my head, it didn’t matter for a moment. …and to think it was just tiny panda-printed clothes that made me ridiculously emotional.

Thanks for watching.

11 September 2014

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20 Comments for Remember This: A new video mixing scrapbooking collections

  1. Isa Stubblefield Says:

    Aww Shimelle! I always smile when I see pictures of your little one and think ‘she’s a mommy now’ :) Another beautiful layout, you never disappoint!

  2. maria Says:

    Oh, the photo is the cutest! I love the story about it too. As always, your layering amazes me. Thanks for making a great video for us. Maria

  3. Gina Ames Says:

    So enjoying getting a peek into your journey of balancing motherhood and craftiness! Wonder Boy is adorable and love watching you create. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Gab Says:

    What a fantastic LO – and adorable subject. I really love how you built all those layers to frame that photo – so clever!

  5. Carolyn Eckels Says:

    Adorable! Love the idea of layering using scraps, thanks for the inspiration Shimelle!

  6. Mary Bainbridge Says:

    another lovely LO good to see you doing this type of page again thank you for sharing your skills with us all

  7. Anissa H. Says:

    Beautiful layout. I love all the layers and the gold sequins.

  8. Beckygotch Says:

    Love this layout and really enjoyed watching the video.

  9. Martha Says:

    Hi! It is always a pleasure to see I have a Shimelle video to watch. You continue to inspire and seeing your precious baby is the icing on the cake! Loved the way this layout came together!! Martha

  10. Jo Says:

    Shimelle, as a mom your job is to be wonderfully emotional! He looks totally adorable
    And the page is marvelous! Your products are absolutely delightful and reflect you own brand of flair.

  11. Paula Says:

    Really enjoy watching you build your page, and mix papers and colours. Love the picture. Aren’t midwives grumpy sometimes!

  12. Linda in Aus Says:

    The photo is so cute and your page is awesome as usual, i love all of the layering thanks for finding time to make a video.

  13. Melanie Says:

    What a lovely photo. I haven’t had time to read your blog in a while, but I’m so happy to see you’re still doing videos and that you ever scrap right-side-up now! ;)

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