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Scrapbooking with the Shimelle Collection :: Welcome to the Seaside (a new video!)

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

It has rained a ridiculous amount in the last two days. It has rained so much that the pond on our street has overflowed its banks (do ponds have ‘banks’?) and there are geese sitting in the middle of the road squawking at cars because clearly the pond has annexed the road and the cars need to find another place to go. But I really cannot complain about the weather because this summer has been glorious and certainly the sunniest, most pleasant summer season of all my years in England.

I tell you all this to help make my summer Friday ritual make sense: a friend and I signed up for a mama and baby yoga class that is lovely but not exactly convenient for travel, and we just walked there every week. It was a good couple hours door to door, but that was the fabulousness of it all: walking with a friend and our two babies, born two days apart, in beautiful weather, with a break for yoga and another break for coffee and sometimes cake. But one Friday in July, I needed to continue with a bit more travel after class. Carrying a baby and rolling a suitcase, I started with that long walk, but then managed a bus, a tube, two trains, another bus, and a car ride to finally arrive at the seaside for a lovely weekend of girlfriends and children and walks along the water.

From this layout, you might figure out that Wonder Boy was not an instant fan of the British beach scene. I promise he wasn’t grumpy all weekend. That made these photos extra funny to me and I wanted to get that grumpy face in the album before he’s old enough to say no.

In other news, I was able to film this! And so I present the first video with my new collection from American Crafts!

Viewing on a blog reader? Click through to the full post to watch the video!

For this page, I used patterned papers, Thickers, cork stickers, dies, embossing folder, word strip stickers, and pens from the Shimelle collection by American Crafts, plus a 3×4 card from the coordinating ‘Lovely’ edition of Project Life, as well as a patterned paper by Crate and sequins from Studio Calico.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

This 12×12 page will go in my standard chronological albums (I have always called these ‘Our Lives’ – thank goodness for vague pronouns that mean I don’t need to rename them now!) but it’s quite likely the photos will also appear in Wonder Boy’s Project Life album, in a smaller format. That works out fine for me, as I’m finding the way I write my stories differs in the two styles, and my 12×12 pages have a more meandering tone that is quite true to my inner narrative when I flip from page to page.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @

I’m starting to see projects appear across the internet that use the collection in so many different styles. This is definitely an amazing feeling! Please feel free to let me know if you post such a project anywhere. You can tag me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or use the #shimelle hashtag, or leave a comment with a link to your blog post or gallery. I’ve started pinning projects here, should you need a gallery of ideas for using your Shimelle collection stash! Thank you so much for sharing your crafty work.

27 August 2014

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41 Comments for Scrapbooking with the Shimelle Collection :: Welcome to the Seaside (a new video!)

  1. Marina Says:

    I love your layouts! I’m a Babywearer too!!! =)

  2. Julia Heald Says:

    You had me chuckling at your blue sequin comment! I s.crap my boy with pink and flowers (although not so much now he’s 13) anything goes! Loving the new collection x

  3. Joanne Hunt Says:

    Great layout…I’ll stash the design away to scraplift. I was wondering what die you used for the globe? I’ve looked everywhere for it but had no luck.

    And as a mother of five, I fully appreciate the enormous effort involved in travelling with a baby!!!!! Kudos to you.

  4. Margot Says:

    Great to see a video again, Shimelle. It’s not easy managing a babe and a task requiring precision and concentration and you’ve done an awesome job. Love the wee red-head too (whose family does that hair colour come from?)!

  5. Paula Says:

    Yes I was giggling at the sequin comment too. Really lovely layout, and a lovely collection ( see I said lovely twice… no drama)

  6. Jean Says:

    Thankyou Shimelle. I am really looking forward to watching your video. I always sat down on a Saturday afternoon with a cuppa and watched Glitter Girl and I have really missed our time together. Well done on the trip with Wonder Boy. You need those not so glam photos to be able to threaten him with when he’s older :)

  7. Rina Abbott-Jard Says:

    I so love your videos. I have an almost 6 mth old so I know how time is so precious when you get the chance. Thanks so much for spending time on us.

  8. Crystal Says:

    Jo Anne, the die is a part of her collection, you can find it on the site she linked to for the pens.

  9. Crystal Says:

    I love this layout, and so happy you had the time to make a video for us. I’ve been watching old videos, but it is wonderful to see a new layout with your lovely new collection. I have some waiting for me at a not quite local store I plan to visit this weekend.

  10. Gab Says:

    Great video! And Super cute LO. I’m so glad I bought the die with your collection! And thanks for linking your PInterest board!

  11. Kathe in CO Says:

    Luv the LO! Thanks for yet another great video! You are entertaining and adorable(insert lovely)!

  12. lil gik Says:

    Lovely to see a new video from you and fab layout! So fun to see you work with your collection!

  13. Janette Says:

    Thank you so much for the video Shimelle! I miss Glitter Girl soooo much! Can’t wait to pick up your collection. It is lovely!!!

  14. Michelle Wedertz Says:

    So glad to see a video and your baby is ADORABLE :). I actually blogged about a layout using lots of your products today! Here’s the post:

  15. Donna B Says:

    What a lovely day to find your lovely video on the computer this lovely morning. All Mothers remember times when our babies weren’t all that happy with our choice of where to go. Even grumpy he is beautiful.

  16. Jeannine H Says:

    My two are 19 and 17 but I still remember traveling with them across 2 or 3 provinces (we live in Canada) by car, train, or plane. A lot of work but you have to do it. Otherwise, you’d never go anywhere!

  17. April Lilli Says:

    Love your layouts with your new line! The new blog design is so pretty too!

  18. Joanne Hunt Says:

    Doh…..of course it is. I knew I’d seen it. Must be having a ‘senior ‘ day. Thank you so much Crystal

  19. Laura Says:

    So happy to see a video from you once again! I am definitely going to scrap lift this. Thank you for making my day!

  20. Martha Says:

    So happy to have your video. It was a lovely surprise this morning. I have my first papers from your collection coming in a few days. So happy to see them and use them in person :)

  21. maria Says:

    Shimelle, thank you so much for posting a video for us – it’s always fun to watch you create your LOVELY l/o’s! And how fun (and lots of work for you) that Wonder Boy got to go on an adventure. Maria

  22. Jen Says:

    All I can say is YAY a new video!!! So awesome!!!!

  23. Darlene Says:

    What a nice treat, a new video. Thanks so much, Wonder Boy must realize that he has to share you with us, we love you so!

  24. AllisonLP Says:

    he is such a cutie! and could you look any happier? I’m so happy for you, and oh yeah, bought tons of your new line :) Love it.

  25. Anne-Liesse Says:

    Wooo hoo!!!! A new video. I was so excited to find it and even more thrilled to watch. Lovely layout, too. One question: with Two Peas gone, where are you getting supplies? I haven’t found a good new spot to shop yet.

  26. Anissa Says:

    I love this layout and how wonderful to have a video on Wednesday. It feels like old times with my favorite process videos on Wednesdays. Love your new line. I have been using it myself and it really is just lovely.

  27. kim strother Says:

    SO excited to see a new video! Great layout as always!

  28. Beckygotch Says:

    Great video! Lovely to see you back and using your product. I have a stack of it sitting on my desk and now I need to go and use it :). Great layout!

  29. Jen Hart Says:

    Lovely to see you Shimelle :-) I am so glad you are happy, it is shining out of you. I’m glad your son was enjoying himself even if the camera caught him on an off moment, it’s adorable.
    Great layout, I love the video, I was last night thinking about how much I am missing all the videos from everyone on Two Peas, but especially yours.
    I am going to buy some of your collection as well as it is gorgeous.

  30. Alison Day Says:

    When I saw this post title in my email feed I think I may have squealed a bit. Perhaps even giving my neighbours on the train a shock!! I too have missed my weekly visit with Glitter Girl so it was so good to see your process and hear your voice again. I’ve been saving up for your collection – almost there! Love that globe die cut!! Thanks for sharing with us – Wonder Boy is so darling!

  31. Janet Says:

    So glad to have you back from you life-changing adventure. Wonder Boy can be your new glitter—the red hair can provide the glow.

  32. Davida Says:

    So happy to see a video :) I love your new collection and posted a few LOs on my blog for some recent challenges I participated in. I used the Shimelle collection for challenges #3, #4 and #8. Have been seriously thinking about getting new machine so that I can buy the woodgrain embossing folder :)

  33. Lorraine R Says:

    Yay – so great to see a new Shimelle video. And I love the layout!

  34. june2015 Says:

    Love the collection – love the video – love hearing you instruct/inspire us again. Obviously we have missed you. LOVED Wonder Boy’s face – and you will be so glad it’s captured for all time on this scrapbook page – very representative of a baby’s first reaction to all things new and bright and loud!

  35. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! I am loving your collection!

  36. Sarah Says:

    Am quite new to scrapbooking and got addicted to glitter girl on two peas so to have a video on your website is fantabulous…..New word for lovely!!! Please keep them coming, you are my scrapping inspiration.

  37. Mary M. Says:

    So nice to hear your voice again! It’s always nice to hear you talk about your process and I always learn something from your videos. Thanks for making a gray journalling pen…I have always liked gray for journalling and I’ve been using the Marvy Le Pen gray pen for a while. I will have to check out your set! =)

  38. Jackie Bienemann Says:

    I love your videos! Missed them from 2 peas and so glad to see this one. Thank you Shimelle and Wonder Boy is adorable!

  39. Wendy G. Says:

    I’m so in love with this collection. Here’s my first layout using it:

  40. martine Says:

    loved the video; have ordered several pieces of the collection to try myself :)

  41. Ellen Says:

    I really loved making this layout too, it’s so pretty!! :)

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