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Layering the Leftover Bits:: A Scrapbook Tutorial by Ashli Oliver

layering the leftover bits:: a scrapbook tutorial by ashli oliver @

It happens to all of us, doesn’t it. All of those little bits of scrap papers pile up while we happily craft away. We are then faced with the beautiful mess on our desk that logic tells us should head straight to the waste basket…

Oh, but some of those papers are just too pretty, aren’t they? And, what if you are trying to make the most of your stash? Bottom line, sometimes we just can’t part with those lovely little scraps.

Well, I am excited to share a favorite technique of mine with you today! Please take a look at an easy way to put all of those little pieces and scraps to good use on a completed page…

I do hope that video inspired you to make to most of your scraps that you are having trouble parting with.

layering the leftover bits:: a scrapbook tutorial by ashli oliver @

Here’s to making the most of our stash and using our favorite papers to the very last piece!

layering the leftover bits:: a scrapbook tutorial by ashli oliver @

Thanks for joining me!

Ashli Oliver (aka soapHOUSEmama) is a recovering graphic designer, a homeschooling mother, wife, daughter, coffee addict, knitter and gardener with an extreme passion for mixed media paper crafting and memory keeping. Ashli finds great joy in both the creative process and the final piece. Most of her craft time is found in the wee hours of the evening when all of her kiddos are in dream land. Although, Ashli never misses an opportunity to grab a snippet of time during the day to shuffle some paper around.

Ashli has been an artist her entire life. She followed her dreams and attended art college. While Ashli mostly wanted to play with paint and glue, she chose a more sensible major of Digital Multi-Media and Photography. After working in that industry on and off, Ashli put her computer and brushes aside to start her family. Never in a million years did she think that scrapbooking and the paper craft industry would re-awaken her inner artist that she had put away so many years ago. Thanks to a good friend who showed her the ropes just a lcouple years ago, Ashli has jumped into a pile of pretty paper and is never looking back!

When Ashli is not blogging, you can also find her on Pinterest , Instagram, and Twitter .

20 January 2014

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19 Comments for Layering the Leftover Bits:: A Scrapbook Tutorial by Ashli Oliver

  1. Maureen Says:

    Such a pretty layout! :)

  2. Maria Says:

    What a pretty little girl! Nice idea for the l/o using up pieces that you just can’t throw away. Thanks for showing us. Maria

  3. LisaDV Says:

    Gorgeous layout. thanks for the video.

  4. Kelly Says:

    Super cute. Thanks for making the video of your process.

  5. Nathalie Says:

    You made it look so easy! It is definitely messier (in a good way!) than my usual style and I am feeling inspired! Thank you for making the video!

  6. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Wonderful video! What a great tip! I have an entire box of “little” scraps. Now I have a new idea to use them vs. a card. THanks!

  7. Crystal Says:

    Ashli, this is so cute, and you make it look so effortless, I think I am going to have to give it a try. I love your style and always like looking at all the bits and pieces you include. Thanks for showing your process.

  8. Marie Says:

    Beautiful layout! Really enjoyed seeing your process!

  9. Stephanie F. Says:

    Ashli, I’m such a fan! I don’t use most of the products you use ie..paint, gesso or any kind of medium but I love to see your process. I also like how you don’t keep a huge stash of products or tools and that you use what you have. So inspirational!

  10. caroline Says:

    what a brilliant idea

  11. dee in nh Says:

    What a sweet layout! I love watching you work!

  12. kim t Says:

    Wow, I loved this video, your narrative was enjoyable and I there were so many “tips” … it really inspired me as I never thought of using copy paper or stacking all those scraps … deliciousness! Thank you!

  13. Gab Says:

    Such a great way to use up lots of little bits. Love the finished LO and I appreciate your thoughts and words as your create. And I never thought of colouring the letters – what a great idea!

  14. Amy Says:

    This video really inspired me to get out of my normal comfort zone of clean lines and perfectly lined up elements and try something very different, i really enjoyed myself. You can see my attempt on my blog here. Thank you!

  15. Katie Scott Says:

    so cute Ashli!

  16. Jay Banks Says:

    Beautiful! It is always nice to breathe life into things that would otherwise go to trash. The final layout is beautifully balanced with the cute photo, thumbs up for you!

  17. Linda In Aus Says:

    Wow Ashli I love this page, also loved the video on how you put it together, makes it seem easier for me to give it a try

  18. Julie Holleran Says:

    Oh I just love this technique—am looking for full pages to add to y Project Life this year—and this will be one of the for sure..hugs, Julierose

  19. Lucia Says:

    genious, i love it! :)

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