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Looking back at 2013: A year of sharing work from inspiring scrapbookers

Looking back at 2013 @
Throughout this year, I’ve been delighted to share the work of so many talented scrapbookers with you, through their step by step scrapbooking tutorials, Five Ideas posts, and their interpretations of scrapbook page sketches. Each of the guests you’ve seen here is a crafter whose creativity inspires me to try something new and reach for something a little better, and I hope they have brought some of that same inspiration to you, as well as teaching you one or two new tricks!

Step by Step Scrapbooking Tutorials :: A Collection of Articles from

Before the clock ticks over to 2014, I’d like to thank all the scrappers who have shared their work here this year. As there are now fifty-two entire weeks of tutorials and Five Ideas posts, I’ve put together two Pinterest boards as a visual index so you can find their tutorials easily. 2013: A Year of Scrapbooking Tutorials includes all the step by step posts, and So Many Scrapbooking Ideas includes all the Five Ideas posts.

So Many Scrapbooking Ideas :: A Collection of Articles from

(As a little aside, I am really pleased we were able to come up with so many different topics for Five Ideas. At one point, I feared it would be all focused on a single product each week, and while many are product-centric, there were also a lot of other great ideas that didn’t require any shopping, and I love that.) Of course we appreciate anything you repin for your own bookmarks to come back to it later or share your favourite ideas with friends! Thank you for pinning – always! But mostly these two boards should help as a bit of a visual reference for finding an older post that you might remember by imagery more than words. When we roll over to the 2014 design here on the blog tomorrow, you’ll find these two pin boards linked in the sidebar so you can get to them any time.

Of course that omits the sketches at the moment, but that is just for now. There is a lot of new coming to this space imminently, so I’ll just leave that for now and share more with you shortly on the sketch front!

What else new? Oh… maybe some long-awaited class news! Maybe an exciting new year ahead! Maybe I should stop with this post and get all that stuff ready!

Thank you so much to all of the guest artists who have worked with us this year. Thank you for making things and sharing ideas and being so lovely to work with! And thank you to all of you who stop by to read whatever you might find on the blog on any given day. I can never thank you enough.

I’ll stop gushing now and get back to all that other stuff I need to post for you, but truly: thank you for a lovely 2013.

31 December 2013

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20 Comments for Looking back at 2013: A year of sharing work from inspiring scrapbookers

  1. Natalie G Says:

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to you too Shimelle for all the inspiration you have provided this year on your blog, through Two Peas and just generally! I always enjoy the variety of your blog posts and have loved the two Five Ideas and Step by Step posts this year. Looking forward to what you have up your sleeve for 2014!

  2. lil gik Says:

    Looking forward to what you have in store for 2014! Happy New Year!

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Happy New Year, Shimelle. Thank you for all your work to inspire us throughout 2013. Excited about all that “other stuff.”

  4. Irit Landgraf Says:

    Very curious to see what’s new in 2014. Thank you for all the inspiration, and a happy new year!

  5. Loydene Says:

    And … thank YOU! Looking forward to the possibilities you plan to offer in the new year!

  6. kirsty A Says:

    Happy New Year. Keep on blogging

  7. Robin W. Says:

    I love checking in every morning—I know I’ll find some kind of scrapbooking goodness. Thank you!!!

  8. teri Says:

    Thank YOU, Shimelle! I enjoy your posts so much, as well as those from your glittery friend. You inspire, encourage, and excite me to create, and creating adds value to my life. It makes me a better human. Again, thank you. Happy New Year!

  9. Sandra Says:

    Shimelle, Thank you for the countless hours you spend working on your blog and with Two Peas. Your videos are so professional and your scrapbooking talent is amazing. I wish you wonderful things in 2014 and again thanks so much for the wonderful work you do. x

  10. Jeannine H Says:

    Thank YOU for everything you do for us! All the best for 2014 and very much looking forward to seeing your new endeavors.

  11. Ragnhild Says:

    Happy new year! Thank you for all that you do, you keep me inspired all year long :)

  12. Andrea Says:

    Thank you for all the inspiration. Can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2014! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  13. Isbaha Says:

    Happy new year to you, my best wishes for you for 2014!

  14. Michelle Says:

    Happy New Year 2014 ! Ive enjoyed everything from you this year. Thanks for being such a nice and good person.

  15. Paula Says:

    I for one, have really grown in my scrapbooking this year due to your wonderful instruction and teaching Shimelle. Thank You! So much so, i even managed to put together a half decent page WITHOUT scraplifting one of your designs. I just used the design principles and other stuff you have taught me over the last year….. and I really like my page! Looks like my own style might be emerging. Smile. So thank YOU Shimelle, sooooo very much, from here in down under.

  16. Crystal Says:

    What a wonderful year 2013 was. I feel my scrapbooking has grown and my collections of recorded memories certainly has. Looking forward to another great year and enjoying all that you do for this community!

  17. Vicky Says:

    Thank you Shimelle for all the inspiration you and your colaborators gave us throughout the year, I had enjoyed and learned so much from you!Wish you the best in 2014

  18. Gab Says:

    Thanks Shimelle I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this past year. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings

  19. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    And we thank you! Thank you too for featuring the work of other less well known and (in my case) unknown artists! xx

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