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A quick reference guide to Glitter Girl's scrapbooking adventures

Glitter Girl's Scrapbooking Adventures @

I know I’m dreadfully behind at keeping up with Glitter Girl’s adventures here. She has eighty-seven episodes now! She has never missed a week since starting her Wednesday videos at Two Peas and YouTube at the beginning of 2012. Now, I definitely have plans to get that Glitter Girl archive up to date here soon, but I’ve also had some requests for a sort of quick guide that would allow you to jump right to the project you need. With that many videos, it’s easy to get them muddled in my mind, and I have to help that Glitter Girl person film and edit them every week! They display at Two Peas and YouTube with a sneak peek thumbnail and the titles are a little less than straight forward sometimes, so it’s time for a simple guide that includes the full layouts and a description of each episode.

You can find exactly that now on Glitter Girl’s pin board over at Pinterest. Each week’s adventure will be added, so you’re welcome to follow the board for updates if you like. Or just bookmark if it you tend to get stuck looking for an old adventure you remember but can’t quite identify from titles and thumbnails. If you’re more interested in catching the new videos each week rather than going through the archives, it may be best to subscribe to either my YouTube channel or the Two Peas channel. Glitter Girl’s videos are hosted on the Two Peas channel, but they are also featured in a playlist on my channel, so both channels give subscribers a reminder link when the video is up each Wednesday!

I hope you find the pin board helpful, and Glitter Girl asked me to thank you for your ongoing support for the series!


15 September 2013

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18 Comments for A quick reference guide to Glitter Girl's scrapbooking adventures

  1. Isbaha Says:

    Thank you so much, such a lots of work !

  2. Michelle Says:

    thanks so much Shimelle ! this is great. I love all of your videos.

  3. Tracie Says:

    Thanks so much, Shimelle. How very helpful!!!

  4. lee Says:

    u are awesome!!!

  5. Berta Says:

    Thanks for helping us keep Glitter Girls adventures straight and organized for us! We are all so thankful you help Glitter Girl, so we can join her adventure every week! Two super scrappy gals!

  6. fontram Says:

    Thanks so much, Shimelle- this looks like it was a lot of work! I’ll definitely be using it to reference old Glitter Girl episodes!

  7. Erica Hettwer Says:

    Oh, this is so helpful! Thank you!

  8. Crystal Says:

    How handy, thanks!

  9. Gina Ames Says:

    I love it! So helpful, thank you!

  10. Sheryl Says:

    Oh thank you soooo much! I have been wanting a place to see full page thumbnails of the glittergirl layouts. This is such a great reference tool…thanks for all you do! You’re amazing!!!

  11. youngmi Says:

    thank you so much!! you have no idea how helpful this will be. there may or may not have been a day when i spent over an hour looking for a specific glitter girl layout :P

  12. Bea Says:

    Thanks so much Shimelle. I’m glad I don’t have to scroll through all 87 videos on youtube just to find the one I needed. This resource will come in handy every time I think “Now where did I see that LO?”

  13. Jeannine H Says:

    Thanks so much for this. I have often gone through a number of GG adventures on 2 Peas trying to find the one I was looking for.

  14. Barb in AK Says:

    This is perfect! Thank you so, so much for setting this up :-)

  15. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    WOW!!! THANKS!!!! I know this took a lot of time and effort! I greatly appreciate it! Easy review of techniques w/ pics! Go Glitter GIrl!

  16. caroline Says:

    I love this post. I am forever revisiting the glitterama just to find that one LO or tip that I want. thank you for organising this for us.

  17. Crystal Says:

    Thank you for all of your inspiration! I was looking through some of your videos today, and ironically chose episode 67 with the page titled “Foreshadowing.” It was ironic because the story that the page tells is similar to something I am experiencing right now! We have moved recently to a town that we drove through on our way to a backpacking trip a few years ago…had no idea it was a town I had been to…or that it was the place we would be settling into! Just a funny coincidence, but I thought I would share. :)

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