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Best of Both Worlds :: My scrapbooking product picks for August 2013

Best of Both Worlds scrapbooking kit :: August 2013

Welcome to August! I think this month just may explode on my calendar – there is a crazy amount of stuff happening here this month. Some of you who have been reading for a while know that when I go a bit on the quiet side, it means there are big projects afoot. One of those I can share with you today, as part of the Best of Both Worlds product picks for August: this is the first month that the kit includes something actually designed by me! I thought we might have to wait till next month, but it arrived at Two Peas yesterday, so I’ve included it this month, which explains why it makes its debut at the very end of this video, after it seems like the kit is complete! Can it be a debut if I don’t even have a set to show you? Well, at any rate, it doesn’t get mentioned until the very end.

Yes, that means there are two stamp sets on the shopping list. I’ll show examples from both, and the Travel/Everyday Adventure set is on sale right now, so if that takes your fancy, this is a great time to pick it up, but I realise that means the kit is now a crazy price if you add one of each item to your shopping cart. Just know that the price comes back into line if you drop one set of stamps, and of course, if you’re not a stamper at all then leave both out and you’re down to a very affordable kit.

Click here to shop for the August 2013 Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit

The Nailed It stamps are my response to the six different stamps (I counted!) and countless papers and die-cuts (so not counting) that say Best Day Ever! or something along those lines. I actually love stamps like that and I love scrapping the happy things so it’s no wonder that I am drawn to them, but my days are definitely not all in the ‘best ever’ category and I wanted something with a bit more bite because sometimes those stories are still fabulous to record. So this set has lots of simple, short phrases to sum up plenty of those days that don’t deserve the ‘best ever’ label. And they’ve all been designed with the size of 3×4 and 4×6 cards in mind, so you can use them with Project Life and other divided page protector systems as well as traditional 12×12 pages and cards.

paper b-sides
In regard to the rest of the kit, this month I’ve gone full-out on the aqua. Perfect for the beach, perfect for travel, perfect for sunny skies, and it works equally well for both girls and boys. So there is just aqua all over this kit and I love it like that.

If you are looking to change it up or add more to this month’s kit, think about what other colour you like best with aqua. There is a tiny bit of pink, orange, and yellow in this kit as accent colours – if one or more of those speaks to you, then add more of that! I’m also quite fond of red with aqua, so that might be another option. The star clips and the enamel dots are available in colours other than aqua if you want a bit more variety. There are other designs of the wood veneer cards if the globe is not your style. (If it is your style, it’s also available in this new stamp set).

Gold accents look beautiful with these colours, so I’ve pulled out Heidi Swapp colour shine mist in gold and gold embossing powder. On at least one page I’m going to add in some metallic gold rub-ons by Jenni Bowlin (her rub-ons are such fabulous quality, if you’ve never tried them. They are a class above the rest.) and I’m thinking gold sequins here and there too.

I went with gold glitter Thickers for the alphabet, and there is also this gold glitter in a smaller font or this swirly font if you prefer. If you hate the idea of actual glitter on your page (shock! horror!) then try this metallic gold foil alphabet instead. Same colour effect; no loose glitter.

If you’re thinking more in collections than single sheets, then the three you’ll want to check out this month are Hello Again by Carta Bella, What a Wonderful Day by Fancy Pants, and Travel Girl by October Afternoon.

As always, there is no subscription to this kit and everything is first come, first served. Items are not reserved in your shopping cart – if you decide to come back in a few days, they may be sold out, I’m afraid. But there is a good stock of all the items on the kit list right now. If the items you want are sold out by the time you click, you can click the ‘request and notify me’ button, which will register that more people want that item and send you an email as soon as it returns to the shop so you have the first chance to get it. International orders, if the shipping on your box is different to the amount you paid at check out, open a customer service ticket within thirty days and the excess will be refunded. All of the links in this post are affiliate links to Two Peas in a Bucket, which support this blog and allow for prizes, guest artists, and all that sort of stuff. I just ask that if you want to share this kit with others, please direct them to this post rather than directly to the store. (Any questions about any of this? Just let me know!)

Click here to shop for the August 2013 Best of Both Worlds Scrapbooking Kit

online scrapbooking weekend
I told you August’s calendar had lots in store! If you have any spare time this weekend, you are cordially invited to an online scrapbooking weekend right here. I’ve called this one the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ weekend because all the projects involve the eight kits from 2013 in some way, but kits are not a requirement to participate. You’re welcome to jump right in with any supplies you like! But if you have one or many of the kits waiting to go from just paper to finished projects, then this is your chance to blitz through with plenty of ideas and examples. Call it a catch-up weekend if you like! Posts start Friday evening and go through Sunday evening, and the challenges will remain open until the end of the following weekend, so there is more time to participate if you can’t join in during this particular weekend.

I look forward to sharing all those layouts and other ideas with you starting tomorrow night!

01 August 2013

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26 Comments for Best of Both Worlds :: My scrapbooking product picks for August 2013

  1. Christine Zinn Says:

    Congrats on the stamp line. I love them, especially the you are here set. Thanks for the challenges this weekend, I hope to get some scrappy time in.

  2. youngmi Says:

    yes!! i never use those “beautiful day” or “you are perfect” stamps in my sets. i need a giant “FAIL” stamp!

  3. lil gik Says:

    so great to see your first designed product and looking forward to some scrapbooking madness this weekend with you!

  4. Daphne Says:

    Exciting news! Thanks Shimelle, really looking forward to it!

  5. Glorie Says:

    Love the stamp set, very REAL :)

  6. Maureen Says:

    omg Shimelle I love it. I’ve only been dying for you to design things for me to buy!

  7. Little Nat Says:

    Lol – I loved that end bit! Congrats on the new stamps – they look great and I’m looking forward to some scrappy fun this weekend!

  8. Kelly Says:

    I ordered the Nailed It set today. Perfect for our camping trip last week and the 16 hours of rain we endured before punching out. Did I mention we went to Arizona?!?!?? I’m very happy that you are designing product. I think they will fly off the shelves.

  9. Tammy Says:

    Oooo, I could use a good scrapping weekend. I’m always up for some good challenges so I’ll be checking in! :)

  10. Michelle Says:

    So exciting about your new stamp set! And loving the all-aqua kit :)

  11. teri Says:

    love your new stamps. “happy day” just doesn’t cut it sometimes. thanks for keeping it real.

  12. shire Says:

    a great kit! so looking forward for the weekend challenges :)

  13. susan Says:

    how do I see the challenges for the Best of Both Worlds Online Scrap??

  14. Kristol Says:

    Shimelle congrats on your new stamps. My husband and I are on sabatical from spending for 1 year. We signed a contract to hold one another responsible and accountable. He will keep from buying running gear and joining expensive 5k’s. I will keep from buying Scrappy goodies & shoes. We are committed to 1 year of this and I am both excited and overwhelmed, buy joyful for what’s to come.

    I am looking forward to a weekend of creativity with you. I will just be using my stash that I’ve on hand. Thanks for blessing us with your gift and talent.

  15. Nancy Says:

    I just had to come over and tell you how fabulous ‘Nailed It’ is. You did a great job of creating a stamp set that provides tag lines for those less than perfect occasions. Thank you for that. I plan to buy it with my next purchase. Now I wish that I hadn’t placed on order on Monday.

  16. Moira OReilly Says:

    Love the new stamp ! Congrats :). Oh what fun, a scrappy weekend. I may only be able to join Sunday but then I have a week off so will catch up YAY… Thanks so much

  17. Liz Says:

    Oh Shimelle. What is a girl to do when you design such a fab stamp set. I had very good intentions about NOT spending any more on stash for a while, particularly from the US with the postage charges, but the order just had to go in as soon as I saw the stamps. Happily I have just bought the Carta Bella collection kit,so with the other stash I already have,I should be able to put a kit together that is almost the same as the August kit.
    Really well done on the stamps. I expect them to be out of stock very soon.

  18. Kristin Says:

    Congrats on the stamp set! Hopefully it is the first of many more products designed by you. Aqua is my favorite color so I tend to gravitate to it when I scrap and why I buy scrappy supplies so I am VERY excited for this month’s kit!

  19. Lisa in AL Says:

    Sooo excited, I just ordered your August kit for the first time and can’t wait to see what “we” do with it!

  20. Jillc Says:

    I don’t have the kits but I am inspired to play this weekend!! I love your new stamp set! It is going on my wish list as I just received a huge order…that probably means that when I’m ready to spend again it will be gone but I hope to catch up to it sometime. Thanks Shimelle!!

  21. Clara Says:

    I love this kit! I´ve always been in love with everything “aqua” even when it wasn´t trendy!! So as soon as I saw the video I run and purchased most of the items! I even included the American crafts glitter tape in… AQUA! :) I`ll have to patient since it may take some weeks until the package arrives to Chile.. by then I´m sure I´ll be very inspired by all the layouts already shared by everyone!
    Finally.. CONGRATULATIONS on the stamp set!! I love it.. I think its very versatile.. so I expect to use it a lot!!!

  22. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Congratulations on your new stamp set! It is great!

  23. Cipto Junaedy Says:

    this is the first month that the kit includes something actually designed by me! I thought we might have to

  24. agen bola Says:

    I realise that means the kit is now a crazy price if you add one of each item

  25. poker uang asli Says:

    there is a good stock of all the items on the kit list right now

  26. agen sbobet Says:

    like that and I love scrapping the happy things so

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