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Layering Layers:: A Scrapbook Tutorial By Angie Gutshall

A scrapbook tutorial by Angie Gutshall @ Do you like to layer? I love layering and wanted to share my process with you. Layering on a layout can be a lot of fun and a great way to use up small pieces of scraps. You can layer a lot or a little. For me I usually like to layer a lot.

a scrapbook tutorial by Angie Gutshall @
First step I took was to prepare my background paper. For this step, I first misted on a craft mat and used my cardstock to soak up the mist. Second I took a mask and used some textured paint to make the grey blocks. And lastly I took some 3d paint (yellow) and sponged it on the cardstock.

A scrapbook tutorial by Angie Gutshall @
After the background dried I started to cut out my patterned papers and began layering them on top of each other. I also distressed the edges of the paper.

A scrapbook tutorial by Angie Gutshall @
The next step was to add my pictures which I even layered those too. The one in the middle is slightly on top of the two pictures on each side.

A scrapbook tutorial by Angie Gutshall @
Now comes the fun part of layering all the embellishments! This is my favorite part! I added some flairs, wood veneers, tags, and die cuts. I love tucking pieces here and there. It’s fun to make them peek out behind the layers.

A scrapbook tutorial by Angie Gutshall @
Lastly, I added a title to the layout. The first part of the title is sticker letters and the second part of the title I cut out with my cameo. You will also notice I did some machine stitching on my layout.

Thank so much for joining me today for my step by step tutorial. I hope this tutorial inspires you to start layering!!

Angie Gutshall is a stay at home mom for four children. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Brian. She lives in the country in the central part of Pennsylvania. Scrapbooking is where she captures her everyday moments on paper so her children will have something to treasure when they get older. She also loves taking pictures, baking, watching movies with her kids, and created craft projects for gifts. She shares more inspiration on her blog

09 April 2013

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5 Comments for Layering Layers:: A Scrapbook Tutorial By Angie Gutshall

  1. LisaE Says:

    Fantastic layout. Thanks for sharing your process, Angie.

  2. J3SS1Ca Says:

    I’m not big on layering on my own layouts, but I definately love the look! It’s always fun seeing someone’s process for things like this!

  3. Natalie Hall Says:

    I love your layers! You make it look so easy. Gotta try it out soon. Thanks!!!

  4. dex share Says:

    So lovely!! Super excited about the new course.

  5. davieshall Says:

    Such as great layers layout tutorials sharing by author, thanks
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