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Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with vellum

Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with vellum
Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with vellum Class content ©

This week Glitter Girl takes on an older product that is back on the scene: she’s scrapbooking with vellum! Inspired by this discussion on the message board at Two Peas, she has a few suggestions for product choices and benefits, then a new layout to share in this week’s adventure.

There are plenty of vellum options available at Two Peas and now and many of them are on sale this week. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll find all sorts of goodies related to this week’s adventure, but be quick if you want to grab the discounts as the hot products sale ends on Friday.

scrapbook page by shimelle laine @
And yes, that is a school photo from my early teaching years! We had to have a staff photo taken each year and once the school had taken the necessary number for bulletin boards and so forth, the remaining prints would appear in our pigeon holes in the staff room, and ever since I’ve had this small collection of grown-up school portraits. I am pretty sure this is the first time I’ve put any of them on a page. I also have yearly class portraits of my tutor group – that’s basically like homeroom for those of you stateside. I had the same group for four years, so those class pictures show them starting as teeny kids and growing up one year at a time, all in school uniform of course. Some day I will figure out the best way to scrapbook that entire experience too… but this is a start. Interestingly, the top I am wearing in this photo caused me no end of trouble in my first teaching job (I missed the memo that red did not meet the dress code there) but that is a different story for a different day and a different page entirely.

This week, Glitter Girl challenges you to scrapbook with vellum and share the results! You can link to them in the comments here too if you like.

the scrapbooking adventures of glitter girl
The Adventures of Glitter Girl is a weekly series on Two Peas in a Bucket, and goes live every Wednesday. I’ll share each adventure here shortly after that. I hope you enjoy her quests for crafting happiness, and if you ever have a scrapbooking dilemma yourself, you can always call her to action on the message board.

07 November 2012

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13 Comments for Glitter Girl and scrapbooking with vellum

  1. Anne Says:

    Thanks for another great video. How do you manage to look so much younger than you did in these old photo? Anne x

  2. Ana Says:

    Another great layout! Omg, I loove the cloud vellum paper!!

  3. Laura whosthischick Says:

    Wonderful video, I’ll def make a layout and post at 2pas. Thanks again

  4. Ashley Calder Says:

    Awesome page. Love red and aqua together. (am I am super impressed that I called vellum as your theme on IG!)

  5. Margot/NZ Says:

    I’d never thought of using vellum as a ‘bridge’ between white and cream PP. A light bulb moment for me. Thanks Glitter Girl!

  6. villas for rent Says:

    I super healthy. Thanks for sharing,

  7. Bine Says:

    Hey Glittergirl, thank you for your wonderful Videos!!!
    Last week i finished a page wich was laying around at my Table since week 29 ;-) Just because i had to less space for my journaling. I didnt want to print in on papaer because my Owl-Paper wouldnt be seen anymore then.
    Now i printed the Jornaling at Vellum and everything ist fine! And: It worked very well at my Printer (dont know if this is the rigth word for it gggg)
    Thanks for inspire!!

  8. the north face jackets Says:

    to scrapbook that entire experience too… but this is a start. Interestingly, the top I am wearing in this photo

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