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Online Scrapbooking Class Learn Something New starts tomorrow!

Online Scrapbooking Class :: Learn Something New Every Day
Online Scrapbooking Class :: Learn Something New Every Day
Tomorrow is the first. of. September. Crazy, I know. But I have a plan. A plan for grasping hold of this quickly passing year and making sure I have some sanity in the month known as September 2012. It’s something that makes me exhale and know everything will be okay. It’s Learn Something New Every Day.

Learn Something New is an annual class I’ve been teaching online for ages – this will be its sixth year. And that meant it was time for a big refresh. So while I’ve been a bit quieter on the blog here, I’ve been working on getting this ready and finding my new focus with Learn Something New, when I was reminded of a little video from last year. Remember this?

That very idea – of taking scrapbooking to the everyday and making every day an adventure all its own – is at the core of the newly refreshed Learn Something New.

There’s a focus on simplicity and story-telling and finding your own style.
I’ll be sharing ideas for making projects like this work without preparation – meaning you could join today or tomorrow and not feel behind for even one second. (And it’s something you can take on into other projects of your own – definitely something that has helped me find an amazingly productive groove throughout 2012.)
I’ll be limiting my supplies to just the stuff I have on hand and have classified as ‘things I really should use’. You know: the kinds of supplies we buy because we think they will be great but then we don’t actually use them before the next shiny thing comes along to grab our attention.

Of course you are welcome to follow along in any style, with any materials.

Learn Something New is all about being aware of the world around you and taking away one little lesson from that world each day for a month. You can approach it in terms of gratitude. Or patience. Or steps toward a goal. You can then take on the documentation in any style you want: write in a journal. Make a minibook. Write daily blog posts. Take a daily photo. Use pocketed page protectors for a one-month addition to your albums or a September focus for an on-going Project Life album. Work with paper or pixels. Write a little or a lot. Total creative freedom to make it work for you.

Just like Journal your Christmas, Learn Something New includes annual membership, so once you sign up, you can participate as many years as you would like at no extra cost. (Alumni: an email was sent to you earlier this week, but this is often blocked by email providers. If your email address is correct on the forum and you can access the class there, then you’re all set. Just let me know if you don’t receive the first prompt on Saturday, of course.)

The class includes:
…thirty daily full-colour pdf prompts emailed to your inbox
…a collection of new videos throughout the class
…printables for paper scrapbookers and a digital kit for digi scrappers
…access to a private class forum at to chat and share your work
…permanent file archive so you can come back to the materials at any time

Ready to sign up? You can choose to pay in UK Pounds or US Dollars. If neither of those is your currency, you can choose whichever you prefer – you don’t need to do anything special to change the currency from your account.

These buttons will allow you to pay by your choice of credit/debit card or Paypal account – your choice. Please make sure you are using a valid email address. Registrations can take up to twenty-four hours to process. If you do not receive an email in that time, please email me at If the email address on your paypal account is not where you would like to receive class materials, please let me know that too. (If you would like to gift the class to a friend, just sign up as normal and in the comments or an email, let me know her email address. Simple as that.)

I’d love to see you in class tomorrow!


31 August 2012

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33 Comments for Online Scrapbooking Class Learn Something New starts tomorrow!

  1. Zahra Says:

    Looking forward to it, Shimelle! Having just gone back to work following maternity leave last year, I didn’t attempt it and, due to morning sickness the year before, I didn’t get very far! So am determined to finish this year, just like I managed to in 2009 (scary!)!!!

  2. Sue Says:

    Well, I signed up so here goes. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Trish Says:

    Can’t wait. This year I hope to follow it through!

  4. Dawn Says:

    Thank you for posting this video again. I watched it probably 3 or 4 times when it originally was posted. I love it! It reminds me of what I love about this craft. I am really looking forward to September’s class. I’ve been a member since 2008-made two books and a journal and they are probably my favorites.

  5. Jennifer Junker Says:

    I’m looking forward to this class. I love your videos!

  6. PjP Says:

    Yay! Here we go – just one more sleep :-)

  7. Mel Says:

    Woo hoo, so excited for tomorrow!! This is one of my favourites of your classes :)

  8. Linda in Aus Says:

    This is my first time cant wait to start. That video was one of the best i have ever watched and i am going to get all of my crafty friends to watch it. Thank You.

  9. laura Says:

    This is the first time I’ve attempted any kind of daily class…really excited about this one.

  10. Rinda Says:

    I made a little mini-album and have a plan already – it will go up on my blog tomorrow.

  11. alissa Says:

    i’ve got my little book ready and my supplies collected. :)
    i think i’m ready!
    can’t wait to see what i learn this year.

  12. helen Says:

    I’m ready and so happy to start! this is one of my yearly rendez-vous since several years now! thanks shimelle

  13. SandraA Says:

    First LSNED for me, and I’m so excited. I too decided I would use supplies I already have. I started to question that decision as I looked at 2011 and 2010 projects, but will now allow the lessons instead of the craft to be in control. Thanks, Shimelle.

  14. Clair Says:

    Thanks for re-posting this video. I didn’t see it the first time around, but every word resonated with me – it felt as though you were really speaking from the heart. Looking forward, very much, to completing LSNED this year! x

  15. Karla Says:

    I just signed up for your class. I’m so excited!! You are such an inspiration:)

  16. Kathy Rohe Says:

    Just signed up and I can’t wait.

  17. Sharyn Tormanen Says:

    all signed up. ;) teach me!

  18. Roxane F. Says:

    Just signed up! Can’t wait until tomorrow!

  19. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Looking forward to the class!

  20. Nathalie Says:

    I am all ready to go!!! :) Looking forward to learning along this whole month :)

  21. betsy sammarco Says:

    oh shimelle – this video brings tears to my eyes … really!

  22. Angie Says:

    I just signed up – can’t wait!

  23. rani Says:

    Just signed up!!!! Yeah!

  24. Rochelle Says:

    All signed up – and ready to learn NEW stuff!

  25. Scrapdolly Says:

    I was so not doing this this year. So not.

    So how have I prepared an album already.

    Looks like I am in then

  26. Leslie Says:

    Learn something new every day became my mantra back in 2006!

  27. Cindy Says:

    Waiting patiently fo my class info! Can’t wait to get started!

  28. Cindy Says:

    Hello Shemile,

    I’m not receiving the prompts via email. I did receive the email saying it would start soon. Glad I thought to check your blog to see what was up.


  29. Dayna Says:

    Hi Shimelle — I’m having the same issue as Cindy…i made the payment but am not recieving any emails for the class. Dayna

  30. Christian Louboutin Shoes Says:

    impress all of your friends in the midst of your excellent taste!

  31. cathy yosha Says:

    I signed up for Learn something new, but have not received any emails.

  32. Miriam Rogers Says:

    Hello Shimelle
    Are you teaching this class again in September 2013?

  33. Gretchen Says:

    I just have to tell you… Even though it’s a little late… I just watched this video and cried.
    Yes, cried.
    I have let the world, my schedule and other people push my love of scrapbooking on the back burner. Almost completely out of my life.
    Not for one more day!
    I’m going to sit with my old albums and remember why I loved it to begin with.
    And take your class next week.

    Thank you.