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Glitter Girl and handwriting on scrapbook pages

Glitter Girl's tips for handwriting on scrapbook pages
Glitter Girl's tips for handwriting on scrapbook pages Series content ©

I’m sure Glitter Girl was born with all her scrapping skills fully developed, but that is definitely not the case for me. Especially when it comes to handwriting. I got in so much trouble at school for terrible handwriting. Even though it got so much better with repetition, I had such a complex about it, thinking it still looked like that third-grade scrawl that I would have to rub out and trace again, over and over. On my first few years of scrapbook pages, everything is carefully pencilled and printed. Then I gave up handwriting entirely and typed every bit of journaling for the next few years after that. It was only when I was faced with life without a printer that I started to write by hand again and since then, I’ve never gone back really. I think I’ve printed my words three times in the past seven years? Something like that. I still don’t think my writing is perfect but I have reached a point where my penmanship and I are on speaking terms and we understand each other. I’ll take that as a win.

So this week, Glitter Girl takes on a question about what to do with written mistakes. The simplest answer? Write it again and paste it over the top! Easy. Again something that would never happen to Glitter Girl, but one of my most embarrassing moments demonstrating at a craft show involved a customer looking closely at a sample page for ages, then announcing that she had counted and there were thirteen layers on paper in one spot. And I immediately knew why: I had made twelve mistakes. Sometimes less is more, but on my scrapbook pages? Usually more is more. More mistakes, more second chances, more layers, more patterns, more colour. All sounds fine to me!

Today’s video has three parts – the kit of supplies at the beginning, then the step-by-step process of the layout and then we start talking about handwriting once the layout is about two-thirds complete. (If you’re only interested in certain parts, you can of course skip to what you want to see!) If you fancy crafting with that specific kit of goodies, you can find the Pieces of Me kit listed here. Just scroll down the pages until you reach the supply list and pop it in your bucket! Glitter Girl also shares some of her top tips for handwriting on that page too. (And if you’re interested in learning more about what to write rather than just how to write the alphabet in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, you might consider True Stories, my journaling workshop that can be taken any time in a self-paced format.

baby boy scrapbook page
This week Glitter Girl challenges you to use your own handwriting on a crafting project- no matter what happens – and share it in the Two Peas gallery. You can also leave a link in the comments here if you like.

Onward, covered in glitter, my dear scrapbookers!

adventures of glitter girl

The Adventures of Glitter Girl is a weekly series on Two Peas in a Bucket, and goes live every Wednesday. I’ll share each adventure here shortly after that. I hope you enjoy her quests for crafting happiness, and if you ever have a scrapbooking dilemma yourself, you can always call her to action on the message board.

PS: Glitter Girl will be looking for a few extra good topics over the next couple weeks, so don’t be afraid to ask away!

13 June 2012

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15 Comments for Glitter Girl and handwriting on scrapbook pages

  1. glee Says:

    In fact, that is the one thing I dislike most about my digi pages, no handwriting! I know there is a way to “make my own font” but I haven’t gone there YET!

  2. Sue Says:

    Shimelle, like you I was always ‘in trouble’ at school for my handwriting. Even after I bacame a teacher, I still had one (truly awful) principal who would criticise my handwriting on the chalkboard!
    When I started scrapbooking, I HATED my handwriting and always left space on my pages for computer journalling. Needless to say, I hardly ever found the time to go back and fill those gaps.
    This year, through the inspiration of The Hitchhikers Guide and Glitter Girl, I’ve not only become more relaxed about my scrapbooking in general, but also about my handwriting. I’m actually writing on pages AS I SCRAP THEM – no more (OK – fewer) unfinished pages!

  3. Anne E Says:

    Thanks to Glitter Girl for another great video. It reminds me that layout designs are not set in stone and can be changed and adapted to cover any mistakes or things that don’t work. I was really stressed and felt much more relaxed after watching the video. Glitter girl should be available on NHS :D
    Glee could you hand write your journalling and then scan it to include in your digi page?

  4. stephanie kaye Says: a little handwriting on this one.

  5. Angela Hathikhanavala Says:

    What a fun layout! I love the writing horror stories, too — like you, I was kept in at recess during third grade to practice/redo my handwriting homework…and I was always the only girl in a room full of messy boys – blerg. Now I teach writing and always offer to translate my written comments from “angela to english” for my students. Still, I write on my layouts anyway — it’s just part of me! Thanks for the reinforcement.

  6. Lynley Johnson Says:

    I love this! Even while working as an in-house scrapbook artist I was not allowed to use my handwriting on artwork! Printed journaling was mandatory! It’s taken me a while to embrace the idea that my handwriting actually belongs on my pages!!
    Here’s a link to my page…

  7. Ruth G Says:

    I plan to watch the video later, but I also was very self-conscious of my handwriting for a long time until I realized how much time I was wasting typing and printing our journaling and how important my handwriting was to the story.
    A burning question I have is how to convert a sketch that’s for a one-page layout into a two-page layout. Thanks for all you share!!!

  8. LisaE Says:

    My 2nd grade teacher announced before the entire class that “your handwriting looks like chicken scratching” and that was before we even learned to write in cursive!

    I did a layout for your sketch challenge this week that uses handwritten journaling. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Joanne Lowe Says:

    Most unusual thing in my handbag is snacks. Nuts apple and a very ripe banana:). Love your web site Shimelle

  10. Sarah Says:

    Most unusal item in my handbag – I found a red crayon when I went to get my lipstick out of my bag – thanks daughter!

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