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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

scrapbooking giveaway day
Camera strap
This weekend, one commenter will receive a brown ‘dreamer’ camera strap.

This strap is both functional and stylish and is available stateside from Photojojo or overseas from Uranium99, a toy camera seller on eBay.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post describing your favourite photograph.

Entries close at midnight Thursday UK time and the winner will be posted Friday evening, so be sure to check back to see if it’s your lucky day!

Good luck!

scrapbooking giveaway winner
describe prize

Congratulations to Shanon (and friend), who win a class pass to Cover to cover.

Shannon, please email me (shimelle at gmail dot com) with yours and your chosen friends email addresses.

There’s a new giveaway every Friday night, so check back next week for another chance to win just by leaving a comment.

11 May 2012

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94 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day

  1. Gerry Glowacki Says:

    Love collecting camera straps! Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. ines Says:


    Wow, the second to enter… Okay, my favorite photograph is a picture of my husbund and my kids in the garden of a friend in a wonderful warm sunlight with trees in the backround. All of them looking for a bird and it looks sooooo wonderful and peaceful.

    Thanks for the change to win one of this fantastic camera straps, the first in my life, if I’ll be the lucky one.

    Have a fab weekend. ines

  3. Cyndee K Says:

    Gorgeous camera strap! My (current) favorite photo is of my 4 year old daughter – in polka dots and a leopard ear headband – roaring to the world… :>)

  4. Bernice Says:

    My favourite photo is of my son and daughter-in-law cheering as they are announced as husband & wife at their wedding.

  5. MeganM. Says:

    I have several favorite photographs, but each of them are from my two sisters’ weddings. They are quite lovely! :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  6. Andrea R. Says:

    I have a favorite picture of my husband and I on our honeymoon with an amazing sunset behind us. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  7. Rinda Says:

    My current favorite is one I took at Christmas of a boat all decorated for the season. I put a lot of effort into the technical side of it and was pleased with how it came out.

  8. Michaela F. Says:

    a favorite photo? That´s difficult.
    I love holiday-pictures, so I think it is a photo of my family having breakfast at a view point near Mt Ruapehu, NZ.
    It is cold, windy, but it´s also fun and adventure.

  9. Michelle LaPoint Rydell Says:

    Oh my goodness what a cool camera strap! My favorite photograph is anytime I can capture the sparkle in my hubby’s eyes. It may sound corny but it’s true! Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway Shimelle!

  10. Megan Smith Says:

    I love candid photos! They really capture the moment. One of my favorites I’ve ever taken is actually on a layout hanging on display in my scraproom – it’s of my parents walking at sunset along the Pacific Ocean at Cannon Beach, OR.

  11. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    That’s a tough one…I think my favorite is one of me and my son together holding our new little kitty. It was a good year for the two of us…a lot of relationship building in that year and so it just reminds me of that time. Thanks for the chance to win the awesome camera strap!

  12. tape Says:

    At the moment my favourite photo is of my friend playing the guitar on May Eve. He just looks so happy and content. And he played beautifully.

  13. val Says:

    My favorite photograph recently was one I snapped of my favorite furry family of four Donkeys! They are mini’s and adorable! So sweet and fuzzy smiling at me in the sunlight pasture!!!!

  14. Jeannie Says:

    wow the photo strap is just beautiful. One of my absolute favorite picture is of my youngest sister and myself taken on my wedding day.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Jennifer Smith-Sloane Says:

    My fav photo is one of my mother, sister and I. It was taken about ten years ago and it shows the progression of generations in our family. It’s very treasured to me.

  16. scrappinA Says:

    my favorite photo right now is one i took of me and my sister at Warped Tour. we were all sweaty and far from glamorous but we are smiling and i smile when i look at it.

  17. Jane Says:

    These straps look really cool and trendy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. kim corona Says:

    there is this awesome picture a friend took of my grandson he’s looking up into the camera and his blue eyes just pop love it

  19. Amy Says:

    My favorite photo is one of my son when he was 3. He was outside at the ballpark in front of a brick wall. You can see the longest eyelashes and cutest scrunched up nose ever.

  20. Suzanne Says:

    Gorgeous camera straps! My favourite photos are the ones that evoke memories of my childhood or of my children enjoying their childhood.

  21. Nathalie Says:

    My two kids on a ride from about 8 years ago and taken with Black and White film <3 Would love the strap!!! Thanks for the chance!

  22. Alyssa Says:

    What a lovely prize! Fingers crossed.

    My favorite photo is one of my nephew with one of my nieces. I took it years ago and he was swinging her around, and I caught this amazing moment when her lips brushed his cheek and he had a big grin on his face. Took me ages to scrapbook it (that’s another story). I still love that picture.

  23. Judith Says:

    My favourite photograph is almost 26 years old of my husband holding our 10 week old premmie daughter just after she came home from hospital. We both loved it so much that I had an artist draw it in pastels and framed for my husband’s Christmas present. It now has pride of place on my daughter’s living room wall.

  24. Melissa Says:

    My favorite photograph is of my dog with the most adorable expression, posing for the camera!

  25. Kim Winter Says:

    My favorite photo is any photo with my grandson in it…. He is adorable!!

  26. Joanne Says:

    My water droplets – they took so long to do and almost mesmerised me but it was so rewarding to get such great shots.
    Beautiful strap.

  27. Louise Says:

    Fantastic strap would look lovley aroung my neck :) A photo taken from behind is my favourite. I love to take photos of the view of the person you’re photographing.

    Thanks for the chance of winning your lovely giveaway x

  28. Becky S Says:

    One of my boyfriend and I kissing in front of a huge balloon with a scene of San Francisco in San Fran. Magical!

  29. Brenna Says:

    My favourite photo is of my daughter and I just a few minutes after she was born.

  30. benessi Says:

    hard to pick just one, generally i like unposed photos that show genuine emotions. i have managed to capture couple of good ones of my son.

  31. Catherine A Says:

    Any candid or unposed photo of my kids. They grow and change SO fast. Love those moments captured.

  32. Mauricio Reyes Says:

    It’s of my partner and my son, minutes after he was born. The smile on her face explains the preceding several hours effort she went through.

  33. j.leija Says:

    my favorite photo is one my dad took. it’s of me and my brother picking wildflowers when we were babies. one of my aunts came over and thought it was the photo that came with the frame :)

  34. Sharmon Says:

    My favorite photo is one of my grandmother in the forground (as a young mother 30ish) and 4 of her 5 children in the background. She is sitting on the ground at the beach and the kids are on a sand dune behind her. My grandfather was an amateur photographer and was very talented. The photo is very artsy, candid and beautiful.

  35. Jacqueline R Says:

    My favorite photograph is one of my hubby and I on our wedding day…it is a total candid with us looking at one another and laughing

  36. Bethany Becker Says:

    My favorite photo is a black and white photo of my husband and I on our wedding. I captures ours in a loving way.

  37. Shirley K Says:

    I have a few favorite photos . . . I really like silhouette photos of us in front of a pretty sunset over a lake!

  38. Donna Says:

    The Lone Pine—a tree on the ranch I grew up on. The photo is taken during that magical evening light.

  39. Bonnie Says:

    My current favorite is a photo of my mom with my youngest daughter. The sun is behind them and whites out the edges of the photo. It’s a cool effect and was completely accidental.

  40. Andrea Ball Says:

    I have a picture of my husband and Daughter aged about 10 poseing on my husbands moter bike it fall the leaves are on the ground but the sun is shining but the best are the two big smileing faces. Priceless

  41. janice Says:

    my favourite photo is of my boy at sunset on the beach the colours of the sand are so amazing, i treasure that photo thanks for the chance to win this great prize

  42. angelika Says:

    a picture of my daughter at the age of two together with my father,who passed away some years ago.

    It was so much fun to see you and your work at car4!

    best regards angelika

  43. alison-lee Says:

    Fave photo is one of a barn owl that I took a few years ago I managed to get really close!!

  44. Rachel Says:

    the photo I saw yesterday of my cousins new baby daughter born Thursday. she is beautiful.

  45. Rachel Says:

    my favourite photo was an unexpectedly good photo, at the beach my daughter was paddling through the water and the sun was filtering in through the clouds I only had my phone and couldn’t even see what I was taking but it turned out to be the most beautiful photo. Would love that strap for my new DSLR.

  46. Julia Says:

    A favourite! Just one? Oh boy! I have a lovely photo of my two children taken from behind, walking along holding hands. They are now 13 and 10 so the chances of them doing that nowadays are slim!!

  47. kirsty A Says:

    How to chose 1 favourite photo? IT’s always the most recent one that I have yet to scrap – at the moment I’d chose a pic of my grandmother on her 9oth birthday last month

  48. Kelly Shults Says:

    My favourite photo is one I took of me and my sweetie, Keith around Christmas time.

  49. KimMJ Says:

    Growing up and as an adult I love faery-tales. I had taken a photo of a squirrel by some trees in the garden. The edges of the trees came out blurred and with the leaves surrounding hin/her it appears the squirrel is sitting in a doorway of the garden. It reminds me of a doorway perhaps leading to faery-land such as the ones in all the stories I have read.

  50. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    I think my favorite photo is one of my little boy, who after playing outside most of the hot summer day was covered in sweat and dirt. He was leaning on one of this ride-on toys, and looked exhausted. It was just SO him! Thank you so much for the chance!

  51. Sylvie H Says:

    Picking my favourite photo is a bit like picking my favourite child! ;) But one of the top ones is of my dd. It’s out of focus because she was standing too close, but it just shows her natural beauty and gorgeous smile! Thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Jane Says:

    My favourite photo is of my daughter aged about 4. She is dressed in a pretty summer dress & straw hat, sitting on a garden step & looking away into the distance. My girl is now 20 but this particular photo bridges the years and never fails to make me smile.

  53. Karen Says:

    my favourite is of my son with the biggest cheekiest grin in front of acres of tulips at the Keukenhof gardens in the Netherlands

  54. Teresa S. Says:

    My favorite photo was taken soon after my daughter was born. It was taken right after my son meet his sister for the first time. Even after 21 years, it is my all time favorite picture of my husband, son and daughter.

  55. Jennimoc Says:

    I LOVE that camera strap…very cool! My favorite photo is one that I actually did not take. My father took it of my grandmother at her 80th birthday party. There had been lots of posed photos taken and this was one not posed, not of her face but of her hands…it tells such a story in that one image…It is framed and in a wall of photos I took…ironically, everyone always comments on it, not on the others I took…still my favorite!

  56. Carla Says:

    My most favorite photo was one that I took the night before Hurricane Ike came on land. I stood on a tree stump to see over the fence in my neighborhood. The colors in the sky and the palms and trees on the side makes the photo look like I am in paradise instead of what it really is which was a freeway and power lines that blended in with the sky to give the greatest illusion I have ever seen. I would be happy to share it if you would like to see it.

  57. Laur Says:

    Of course my favorite pictures are of my daughter, but I love pictures of hands and feet too. They can say so much.

  58. dogmatix Says:

    My favourite photograph at the moment is one that I didn’t take. It is of my mum with my sister when she was a baby and is b/w. I love how they look in it and it is so uncomplicated

  59. Sandra Says:

    My favourite photograph is from my nephew, when he was one week old and was yawning.

  60. katchm Says:

    My favourite photo is one of my daughter aged about 2, sitting on the floor watching tv, wearing rabbit ears and a cottontail and nothing else! She has her back to me so it is totally innocent…and very very cute!

  61. kazoulis Says:

    My favourite one is an old b\w photo of my grandparents with my aunt and mom, she is hardly 2 there. Love it.

  62. Fay Says:

    My favourite photo is any that shows beautiful clear blue skies, they make me feel so happy.

  63. Kathleen Says:

    Those camera straps are very pretty! My favourite photograph is one of my Mister and me in Rome, on our trip celebrating our first anniversary :)

  64. Steve Says:

    My favourite photo is one of my greatest treasure… ;-)

  65. Ann Says:

    OOh, delicious giveaway this week Shimelle. My fave photo is one I took of my hubby gazing down at his newborn son with such awe at what he helped create, warms my heart every time I look at it x

  66. Debbi Says:

    My favorite photo is hanging above my bed….hubby and I on our wedding day, almost 28 years ago – toasting in the back of the limo…..thanks for the opportunity.

  67. Beth R Says:

    Without a doubt my favorite would have to be a photo of my dear grandpa sittting on the grass and playing with my 8 month old daughter. She is now 26 and he has since passed away.Grandpa was hardworking, didn’t tolerate b.s and spoke his mind at all times, he was old school and didnt buy into
    “all that baloney” of talking about your feelings. But that little girl melted him everytime.
    I miss him everyday.

  68. ruth tacoma Says:

    My favorite photo is of my kids when they were little. Just a random day playing with their puppies. The absolute joy on their faces is priceless!!

  69. Birgit Says:

    WOW! Thank you very much for the chance to win such a great camera strap! I love it!

    Best wishes,

  70. JulieFrog Says:

    My favourite photo is one of my mum’s parents on their wedding day. They both died when I was very young and I only have fleeting memories of them, so it’s lovely to have this picture.
    Thanks for another lovely giveaway! :o)

  71. Georgia Says:

    my favorite photo is of a very old, brick bridge I took a picture of back in 1987. It’s reflection is in the water and the water was so calm you actually don’t even notice the water at first. Just scrapbooked it finally on NSD. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful camera strap.

  72. Leslie Says:

    Thanks for the chance. My favourite photo is one of my two boys that is hanging up on our stairway. They are both little and look so cute.

  73. sonia Says:

    one of my favourite pictures is one where my oldest son is holding my youngest son a few hours after my second son was born. The smile on my first born is precious.

  74. Crystal Says:

    My current favourite photo is of our granddaughter on her first birthday, sitting on her Daddy’s knee and opening presents. She is so adorable! Thanks for sharing this great giveaway!

  75. Becslb Says:

    My favourite photo is one of my husband smiling – not a rare occurrence but a rare photo!

  76. Jingle Says:

    I have a photo of my husband and I that we took using LOTS of tries and the self timer on the camera that i absolutely LOVE! We are kissing with the city behind us and it is just perfect!

  77. Lea Lawson Says:

    What a cool camera strap…I love it!

    While I was going to photography school, I had an unusual afternoon off, and I was hanging out at home. I had a pair of rainbow printed shorts hanging on the line. The sun was directly above it and we had brilliant blue skies. The photo had an awesome sunburst with lens flare trailing in just above the rainbow shorts. It is still one of my favorite photos to this day, and I took it over 3 years ago.

  78. Marsha F Says:

    A recent photo of my two boys playing together. Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. Margareta from Paper Pile Kitten's Blog Says:

    That is the most beautiful camera strap I have ever seen! (yes, really!!!) Oh, it would look sooo good on my Canon camera. :D My favorite photo would be any photo by Cecil Beaton! I’ve been a Beaton fan since high school and I can’t stop looking at his wonderful art. AND he made scrapbooks, collecting ideas for his work and keeping souvenirs! That must make him the coolest photographer ever, right?

  80. Muang Saephan Says:

    My favorite photo has to be the one of me and my two sisters when I was about 5 years old. It’s one of the only photos I have of my younger years because we couldn’t afford to take very many. Thanks for the opportunity, shimelle! You are amazing!!

  81. Patty W Says:

    Hmmmm it is hard to think of just one favorite photo! One that comes to mind is a photo of my mom on her wedding day. It is a black and white photo -she looks so lovely and she gifted me the earrings she wore that day – they live in my jewelry box!

  82. Sue Says:

    My favourite photo is one I took in Toronto. A combination of the mist coming in off the lake and the setting sun striking a glass-walled building made the building look almost as if it were on fire. I had it enlarged and will frame it soon.

  83. Tina R Says:

    My favourite photograph is one my husband took of our niece – it was her first visit to the beach and she hadn’t realised the sea was (a) salty and (b) cold – so she is jumping to escape the waves -its a fabulous action shot that captures a wonderful memory.

  84. SandraA Says:

    Love the camera strap! One of my favorite pictures is from years ago; I was on bedrest with my second child, and my son (4 yrs old), comes up and gives me the biggest hug. My arms are totally circling him in.

  85. Andie Says:

    My favourite photos are some on black and white film taken with my Diana mini lomo camera in Dubrovnik, October 2010. The light was perfect and the photos seem timeless. They look as if they could have come from any time in the last century.

  86. Debs Says:

    My favorite photograph is from 2007…my friend and teacher, Hemkumarie, is walking across a dusty Nepali school yard…her clothes are in motion and she seems to drift across the ground…it symbolizes her ethereal yet grounded nature.

  87. Mel Says:

    That is so lovely! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    Me, I love a photo I took of my two children at the beach, silhouetted against the setting sun – I have it enlarged and framed :)

  88. Mel H Says:

    I love a photo I shot of my husband years ago at a soccer game. He wasn’t aware I was taking it, and it really captures him perfectly.

  89. sue Says:

    My favourite photo is of my daughter on her wedding day, taken when we are both sharing a few moments before she sets off for the ceremony. I have it enlarged and look at it every day.

  90. julie niblett Says:

    My favorite photos always consist of newborn babies and sweet toes/feet!! Especially of my own kids!!

  91. claireliz Says:

    Gorgeous camera strap. My favourite photo is a black & white one of my DD when she was just learning to crawl (6 years ago now), she has her nose right up to the lens of the camera, she’s a little bit blurry & out of focus but it’s the cute expression on her face.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    C xx

  92. kroppone Says:

    I’m hooked to instagram lately. My favorite foto right now is a portrait of my son hair up in a morningligt, the only moment he stays still for one moment…

  93. Karla Says:

    Cute straps! I love a picture of the hubby and me in Bordeaux sitting on steps, looking towards the river :)

  94. Ladkyis Says:

    My favourite photograph is of my youngest granddaughter in the Bluebell wood, telling me that there is a Birdie in the camera.

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