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Scrapbooking challenge :: Scrap some rubbish photos

Scrapbooking challenge :: imperfect photos
lots of photos
I can be polite and call them ‘imperfect’ all I want, but sometimes what I really have are rubbish photos. Like completely grainy images taken from a million miles away with a 1980s point and shoot camera with expired film. There’s this sea of orange and then a tiny little blurry dot in the middle that I can only make out because I remember the day quite clearly. There is no fixing this in Photoshop, there is no making it elegant or artsy. It’s a rubbish photo, but it’s the only photo I have of a very real moment in life. So I love that photo all the same.

So I challenged myself to just let that go and scrapbook those sea-of-orange images as if they were clear as crystal and not treat them in any other way. I finished that layout late tonight. It’s totally dark. If I were to show it to you now, it would be a rubbish photo of rubbish photos. I’m not doing very well with this idea, am I? So I’ll show you that very soon, from the daylight, but you can be your own judge of the imperfect or rubbish photos in your collection that you could do with permission to just scrapbook anyway! That’s your challenge – scrap in any style, on any theme, but treat a rubbish photo (or several) like they were any other picture in your world!

To enter this challenge, share your completed project on your blog or in a page gallery, then leave a link here. Entries close at the end of next weekend!

15 April 2012

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27 Comments for Scrapbooking challenge :: Scrap some rubbish photos

  1. glee Says:

    I am really enjoying seeing all the los posted on the 2peas site. Now if i can just finish and post one of my own!!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I’ve just finished sorting some of my Grandma’s old photos, so I will have plenty to choose from for this challenge.

  3. Peggy Says:

    Oh yay! This one’s for me. With rare exceptions, pretty much all of my photos are rubbish. The trick will be choosing which piece of my photographic bits of trash to use.

  4. ScrapperCandy Says:

    Hmm, I just did a LO with some rubbish photos for the two patterns challenge. Can I combine?

  5. Mariangeles_Spain Says:

    Perfect! Some of the pictures of my last birthday (April 4th) are kind of blurry due to wrong camera settings, but I was going to scrapbook them anyway, especially because there’s just one family photo from that day :)

  6. Tracy B. Says:

    This was a fun challenge. It was the first time that I scrapped old (non-digital) photos. I don’t even know what year exactly the photos are from.

  7. marianne Says:

    Who doesn’t have rubbish photos? I have a bunch!

  8. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Oh boy! Do I have a bunch of these! The tough part will be to chose only one or two! Ha!

  9. MaryAnn N. Says:

    You make any photos look great on your wonderful pages. I have lots of these…could do a whole album of them LOL

  10. Mary M. Says:

    Thank you so much for this challenge! I usually don’t even consider scrapping photos that aren’t “perfect” but now that I’m going through my files I see that I have many “rubbish” photos with wonderful stories behind them. Thank you for the permission to scrap them! I can’t wait to get started! =)

  11. Scrapdolly Says:

    had such fun with this but it won’t let me link but I did enjoy the challenge

  12. Tammie Says:

    Thank you for the chance to use that photo that I loved (but was such a blur) in my layout “she ‘heart’s her cheesy”. The layout would never have gotten done without this Challenge.

  13. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Thanks for the push to scrap a photo that I might never have got round to scrapping. It’s of a rare moment of my kids and their cousins sitting together, we don’t see them too often and when we do they don’t usually sit still, so it needed to be scrapped! x

  14. Helen Overton Says:

    I have quite a few of these, although mostly pre-digital as I edit them to improve them these days.

  15. So.Ceative Says:

    This challenge was soo for me! I have couple of pics, very bad quality, that I couldn’t throw since last year! Here was the perfect challenge for them! Thank you, hope you’ll like my layout Shimelle^^

  16. Amanda Says:

    It took me a month, not a week, but I’ve finally finished all 16 challenges. This was the last one and I used some poor photos from my nan’s 90th birthday.

  17.  Colchicine Says:

    hi, “Things you should know” This is a photo of my Nan and reflects her personality perfectly. It’s one of those photos that just screams ‘that’s her’. Since is was just a general photo I decided to use it to describe about the type of person she is in terms of what she’s done in her life. She lead a very full life well into her 90s. I chose to use a quote at the bottom (something I almost never do) because I think it is extremely fitting.

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