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New Scrapbooking Class... Early Bird Bargain

new scrapbooking class : special offer
new scrapbooking class :: special offer
Thanks so much for joining me this weekend for all the challenges and discussion! Not to worry – there are still a couple challenges left and they all remain open right through the end of next weekend, so there’s no rush to do all of that tonight. But there is a rush with just this one thing: the early bird offer for my new class.

Here’s what I can tell you so far:
…class starts on Monday the 7th of May and will run for four weeks, finishing on the 3rd of June.
…this class is not about just pages.
…this class is not about minibooks.

This class is a result of what happened when I found an album system that worked for me and made me fall in love with scrapbooking all over again.

It’s not about a single album system with steps to follow. It is definitely about options. You won’t need to buy specific supplies (though eventually you will need albums of your choice) and you won’t need to feel like you have to scrapbook certain topics.

Along the way, we’ll look at real ways to break down a story and make albums that have value to anyone, not just scrapbookers.

sorting pages into albums

The class will include PDFs, videos, private message board and online chat. There is permanent access to everything so you will not have to follow along in those four weeks if they don’t suit your schedule or if you want to take more time.

In twenty-four hours I will announce the full details, including the name and how many of everything to expect and a specific run-down of what we’ll be doing throughout those four weeks. But that will be at the full price of £18 or $30. If you want to sign up within those twenty-four hours, before the full reveal, then you can take advantage of a bit of a bargain: £12 or $20. But just for this one full day: as soon as the announcement goes live tomorrow it’s full price across the board.

So if you’re ready to take a journey through from the single 12×12 to the stack of pages to a book you love, I’d love for you to go ahead and sign up!

Sorry, this special offer has ended. Please find class registration here.

You do not need a Paypal account to sign up – you have the choice when you click of secure card payment or from your Paypal account if you prefer. Please make sure you pay from a valid email address, as it is the only way I can reach you with your class supplies. You will receive a receipt for your payment via Paypal when you sign up, then tomorrow night you’ll also receive an email from me when the full class details are posted and registration opens fully. If you don’t receive that tomorrow night, please check your spam folder and if it’s not there, email me (shimelle at gmail dot com) so we can make sure your messages will reach your inbox.
ETA: Thank you for your amazing response. I need a little more time to get through the full list! All remaining early bird registrations will be processed on Tuesday! Thanks so much.

Tomorrow I will be happy to answer questions, but not until then! If you have been waiting for a new class here, then please take advantage of the discount with a little bit of mystery. If you would rather wait to know all the details, then just check back tomorrow night!

Thanks so much!

15 April 2012

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34 Comments for New Scrapbooking Class... Early Bird Bargain

  1. KittyScrapper Says:

    The links are only coming up in Dollars is there a £ uk link?

  2. Gerry Glowacki Says:

    Are you kidding me? A 4 week class from Shimelle for $20? I’m definitely in. Any class you conduct is sure to be awesome!

  3. Little Nat Says:

    I’m signed up but agree the £ link showed up in $. I paid in $ anyway though….

  4. Emma Says:

    I have to wait until payday to purchase unfortunately, but will definitely be joining in!

  5. helen salthouse Says:

    You had me at ‘special offer’ ;)

  6. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    I am in…of course :)

  7. Angela Runkel Says:

    Can’t wait.

  8. KittyScrapper Says:

    All signed up and thinking this will be a good kick start to my usa holiday album.

  9. Dalreen D. Says:

    Definitely thrilled and will be joining! I took your advice from an earlier Glitter Girl adventure and went ahead and printed a (massive) stack of photos from my trip to India. I’ve been going through them this weekend but decided to scrap other projects first, but I think this will be a great time to get started! =]

  10. Sharon Says:

    You had ME at CLASS! A new class from you is always exciting news!!
    I’ve signed up!!

  11. amy tangerine Says:

    this looks amazing!

  12. Tracy B. Says:

    you had at me at shimelle:) I loved hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and love your style, I can’t wait.

  13. Marsha F Says:

    I just signed up! I can’t wait to hear all the details!

  14. lou Says:

    Im on holiday next month and have lots of other classes and projects to finish up but hey! Why not? I always enjoy your classes so it is done. :)

  15. Moira OReilly Says:

    Hmmm! Shimelle, class, videos, pdfs, 20$ … easiest choice of the weekend :)

  16. MaryAnn N. Says:

    I’ve signed up Shimelle…thanks for the reduced offer…GBP converted to CDN is less than $20 USD so a great deal.

  17. Kelly Says:

    All signed up!

  18. Deborah Clark Says:

    Thank you Shimelle for the “gift” of a great price. Looking forward to your class.

  19. Melissa Says:

    I’m in, just because I’m always curious about other layout organization methods.

  20. Madeleine Says:

    You said class, I asked where? Not how much, not when, just where. Looking forward to it. Thank you for the great price!

  21. LisaZ Says:

    I’m in. You had me at the words ‘a new class’!

  22. Tamekia Says:

    Hey, Shimelle. I’m tardy for the party cause I had to work this weekend, but I’m glad I made it in time for the special offer. I love your album class you did for True Scrap 2 and have watched it repeatedly and I’m super excited for this class because I seriously need this. I’ve been scrapping for almost ten years now and I’ve only put my very first layouts in an album. One album. Yep, I’m one of those. I’ll be on a cruise when class starts but I can’t wait to get started. Thanks

  23. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Yeehaw! Can’t wait!

  24. Chipper Says:

    I’m in! I like a little bit of mystery :-)
    I had already ordered albums and was planning on spending time re-organising. I shall wait for this class now to see what other ideas come up. No sense doing it twice! I would hate to do it all the way I have planned and then see something better that I hadn’t thought of!

  25. SandraA Says:

    I’m in! It’s perfect for what I have been wanting to start.

  26. Anne Says:

    I’m in. Let’s see if this class gives me the confidence to actually start scrapbooking :)

  27. Lesley Says:

    Can’t wait until May 7th. All your classes are great value for money

  28. Jackie Ashton Says:

    This is one class I really do need to do. Looking forward to the 7th May to get started and to finding out more … yah !!! to new classes. Thank you

  29. helen Says:

    i’ve signed up and am looking forward to the 7th of may for the beginning! ;D

  30. Heatheranne Farley Says:

    Signed up and ready to go! Very excited:-)

  31. Sabine Says:

    Just signed up! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your classes, they are always so great! Thank you for making a new one! :-)))))))))

  32. Jennifer Grace Says:

    Yay, just signed up. I think this one will be good for me, as despite my prolific scrapping, my layouts are mostly stored in boxes where no-one can see them. NOT GOOD! Help me! x

  33. Cynthia Guerrero Says:

    So excited I didn’t know you had a site or FB so glad I found you! I love all your video’s so of course I’m signing up.

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