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Scrapbooking Giveaway Day :: Layout A Day online class

scrapbooking giveaway :: layout a day online class
scrapbooking giveaway :: layout a day online class
As we reach the first weekend of the new year, we have a little change to how the weekly giveaways will work here! Nothing too different though: they will still be giveaways that promote handmade, small business and all that sort of loveliness. They will still go live on a Friday evening, UK time. But the time you have to enter will be extended! Giveaways will now close on a Thursday, and the winner will be announced on Friday, in the same post that opens the next prize. Cool, cool? Lovely. Let’s move on then!

For the first giveaway of 2012, one winner will win registration in Layout a Day (LOAD) 212, an online scrapbooking class from Lain Ehmann.

In her effervescent and down-to-earth style, Lain invites you to spend February with her in LOAD 212, creating 29 layouts in 29 days (it’s leap year!). Each day brings a new page prompt, layout example, and video to help inspire you. LOAD 212’s theme is Past Perfect, and participants will be mining recent (or ancient!) history for unique story-telling opportunities that share a little bit of themselves on their scrapbook pages. With a private Flickr gallery and message board, scrappers share inspiration and motivation with sister LOADsters in a safe and friendly internet community. To register or see what past participants have said about LOAD, visit the class information page here.

I’ve worked with Lain on the True Scrap event, and Layout a Day is a different set-up where she spends a full month with you, while True Scrap is an intensive three days filled with different topics, workshops and instructors. I’ve had a little peek at how Lain structures her Layout a Day materials, and you receive an email each day with a topic to kick start your thoughts on a particular theme, then a short video with a sample page and Lain’s thoughts on various ways you could take that topic and run with it. You’re welcome to take visual inspiration from her sample pages or to work in any other style you like. Part of the idea of completing a page every day means you can work quickly and simply, so it won’t take you hours and hours each day.

Do any of these describe you?
It’s the new year, and the photos are piling up on your hard drive or your scrap desk. But you’re not really feeling the love. You’re a bit burnt-out and tired…
You’re raring to go, but making scrapbooking a priority has fallen by the wayside as you tackle “life:” Work, home, kids, friends… when are you going to get time to scrap?
You’re a new scrapbooker and are still trying to find your sea legs in this crazy, seemingly all-consuming hobby.

If any of those sound like you, then Layout a Day might be right up your street.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post mentioning just one thing you would like to scrapbook this year. Easy! (If you’re new to commenting here, please note you need to click the ‘preview’ button first, then you can publish your comment.)

Entries close at the end of Thursday 12th January 2012 (UK time) and the winner will be announced Friday evening. One winner will be chosen at random from all qualifying comments, and the prize is provided by Lain Ehmann.

Good luck!

06 January 2012

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277 Comments for Scrapbooking Giveaway Day :: Layout A Day online class

  1. jo Says:

    For 2012 I would like to scrapbook me – up until now it has been all about my boys – but maybe I need some ‘me’ time.

  2. Daphne Says:

    I would love to scrapbook more about us – my DH and me!

  3. wendy Says:

    i would like to scrap my vow renewal photos finally

  4. CoraLee Says:

    You’re raring to go, but making scrapbooking a priority has fallen by the wayside as you tackle “life:” Work, home, kids, friends… when are you going to get time to scrap?

    Oh how that sounds like me! Every day for the past week I have been trying to get to my scrap space to no avail…sigh… Thanks for a chance to win a fantastic prize!

  5. Caroline Says:

    What a fabulous first giveaway of 2012! This year, I would like to scrap an album dedicated to my Dad. He died in 2008 and I haven’t yet been able to start the album as I cry when I look at the pictures. I’m making it my resolution that I WILL scrap them in 2012!

  6. Linda trace Says:

    Ooh!! What a great giveaway!! I’d love to do LOAD!!
    This year I’d like to scrap our trip to Japan fr 2008 properly (and completely!!)

  7. Ellie A. Says:

    My little girl will start school in September so I plan on making an album about her first year in school I want to make a layout a mth. Let’s see if I can keep that up! Thanks for the chance!

  8. sam w Says:

    As I am getting married in 10 days time this class would be useful,I will need help to cope with all the honeymoon pics as well

  9. Jenny McGee Says:

    I want to scrapbook lot’s of my own stories. Not just the events and kids. Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. Ashli Says:

    I would like to scrapbook more of my heirloom photos. Thanks for a chance to win!

  11. Gayle Says:

    I need to scrapbook my wedding! I got married in September but it’s been so crazy since we got home that the most I’ve managed is printing a few pictures lol – help!

  12. Michaela Says:

    i’d love to scrapbook about my amazing toddler and my little girl whos due in march :)

  13. Avital Says:

    A brave moment…

  14. Fleur Smith Says:

    I would love to scrap all the Disneyland trips we have taken, I have so many amazing photos from our trips but they always seem to get forgotten in my Scrapbooks :)

  15. Karen P Says:

    It would be far easier to say what I don’t what to scrapbook as I have piles of stuff from a fun packed 2011 waiting to be done. But I best get on and do layouts for my dear god-daughters album, she was 21 in November and had a great party plus brought me back lots of photographs from her birthday cruise for me to scrap for her.

  16. zeffy Says:

    What A fab giveaway….i would love to win this,as i have a ton of photos of my first grand-son,plus a pile of holiday photos that i need to scrap….holding thumbs!

  17. joanne p Says:

    i would just really like to scrap more, and be more consistent instead of letting things pile up.

  18. Kittyscrapper Says:

    I am looking forward to scrapping my up coming holiday my first time in the USA

  19. Angela Runkel Says:

    I need to get serious work done and this class would be good to get me going. I need to spend more time in my lovely room and create something. Thanks for a chance to win.

  20. Siobhan Fry Says:

    I’m looking forward to scrapping more of my two little boys this year, they are growing so fast and childhood seems to be slipping away…I want to remember every little thing about them

  21. DenaZS Says:

    I did LOAD last year. Intense! I want to do a layout about our new house and our old one!

  22. Claire W. Says:

    I haven’t scrapped any of my wedding photos from September 2011 yet, and only one from my honeymoon, so that’s top of my list to do this year.

  23. Leanne edwards Says:

    The one thing I would like to scrapbook more this year. Are more of my wedding/ honeymoon pics from last year! I have a huge stack of prints to get through.

  24. beki Says:

    I’m new to scrapbookingand to getmestarted I really want to scrapbook mylittle boys last year at home before he starts school x

  25. Lynsey Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I would love to scrapbook holiday photos this year. I’ve only managed a odd layout in the past but I want this year to be different and have lots of layouts completed to remember all the good days we have out and the places we go. Lynsey x

  26. Tine Says:

    i would like to scrapbook my baby and childhood pics in 2012.

  27. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    Like Daphne, I would like to scrap about my DH and I, together. It is usually about the children, seldom about him or about me but never about us – its time to change that.

  28. Joanne Says:

    Im planning to get a start on scrapbooking my history this year using a project life kit :) Thanks for the chance to win, I really want to give LOAD a go!

  29. Joanne Says:

    Finish scrapping my JYC first :0) then I want to scrap more of my general day to day life as part of 366.

  30. Christa Allgood Says:

    I am already working on this but want to make sure it’s completed this year….I’m making my Son a Senior Year Scrapbook! Right now I need to print out pictures from each month since school started to put in the book. I’ve already done some storytelling and recorded special events.

  31. Dee Cummins Says:

    I would like to scrapbook my granddaughter’s first 2 years. I’ve been late starting an album for her, but it’s a NEW year and I’m ready!! Thanks, Shimelle.

  32. Flavia Says:

    Great class! this year I would like to scrap ALL my trip around Corsica this summer. Thanks for the giveaway shimelle!

  33. Sandra Says:

    I would like to scrap many of our pre-digital photographs that we have been busy scanning into the computer.

  34. margie visnick Says:

    All of those piles of photos….

  35. Kathy R Says:

    I have so many photos to scrap I don’t know where to begin…but my dad died last year and I have lots of photos of him at various ages that I’d like to get in an album this year. Thanks for a chance to win.

  36. Ali M Says:

    school years

  37. Cheryl T. Says:

    I want to scrapbook about the peacefulness that I felt when I was at our local ski hill. It was so quiet and peaceful up there that I really enjoyed my time chilling out! I’m ready for the new year!

  38. Christine Says:

    A special boyscout trip my son and husband took in 2011.

  39. Erika Says:

    Oh how I would love to do this! I just want to get more stories saved :)
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  40. ruth Says:

    hi shimelle, i would like to scrap my friendship with my sisiter and my hope for my kids on that front.

  41. Tracy W Says:

    I really want to scrapbook the photos of our holiday to WDW in November 2010, more than one year on, still not made a start! Hope the situation has changed by next new year!

  42. Stacy Hamby Says:

    Since I still haven’t made pages for my youngest child’s birth, I really need to get those stories down this year.

  43. Ginny Says:

    I’d love to take that challenge! Thanks for the chance.

  44. Ari Says:

    One huge project I want to get scrapped this year is the trip that I took to London in 2009… I just now got around to printing physical photos that I can use. Baby steps, right?

  45. naomi Says:

    Well it was going to be my sisters wedding – from 5 years ago, that was top of my ‘must scrap this year’ list. But now it’s my new niece or nephew due in June :D I can’t wait to scrap those photos – I’ve already bought some papers and embellishments ready!!!

    This class sounds perfect for me – I have barely scrapped for 6 months due to a busy (but fun!) life!!

  46. Andrea R. Says:

    This year I am planning on tackling our wedding pictures! It scares me to death, but I want to do it! This class sounds great.

  47. Mel Says:

    I would like to scrapbook about my job as I have no pages about teaching!

  48. Gina Says:

    I’d like to scrap the hundreds of photos of my grandson of which I have scrapped about 10!!! (he’s now 3!)

  49. Helen Murphy Says:

    I really want to go through all my Nan’s old photos I have inherited scan and scrap them with details of whom everyone is as even I don’t know them all and would be lovely to leave a record for future generations.

  50. April W Says:

    How fun! One thing I’d like to get scrapped this year is our amazing trip to the Bahamas…last April! I really need to get motivated to do it… – April W

  51. Jennifer C. Says:

    I would like to scrap Walt Disney World :)
    Thank you for giving us a chance to win LOAD.

  52. Bunnyfreak Says:

    This year I want to scrap my recent Hawaii trip.

  53. Sonja Says:

    I would like to make a inspirational scrapbook.

  54. Sonja Says:

    I’m wanting to scrap me this year as I’m noticing my absence from the albums. Going to get the self timer working harder this year.

  55. Kate aka stinkydudette Says:

    I want to scrap, period. I have a ton of photos waiting to be scrapped, but I need that extra push to get me going. I love the sound of a layout a day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Briana N. Says:

    I am excited to scrap my newborn’s baby album this year!

  57. Seahag Says:

    There are so many ideas floating around my head, that I need to FOCUS on just ONE to get started. Great GIVE AWAY! (:

  58. allie.duckienz Says:

    I really want to scrap about my engagement. My finacee and I have now broken up but I really want to capture the feelings and the love that I felt :D

  59. Frances Says:

    I have made several roadtrips this year, I hope to get them scrapped.

  60. Juel Says:

    I would like to get my children’s school albums started and finished

  61. creativesarah Says:

    I have been diagnosed with dementia and want to preserve my memories and do layouts to help me remember things

  62. Lorien Says:

    In 2012 I’d like to scrapbook myself & my husband a bit more. This year’s book is all full of our first kiddo, but I want to remember us, too!

  63. Becki Says:

    I would like to get some more layouts done for my youngest boy, his album isn’t growing as quickly as he is :)

  64. marilyn s. Says:

    I would like to scrapbook about me.

  65. Robin W. Says:

    This is a great giveaway to start out the year! I have always wanted to try LOAD, and this year I’m hoping to scrap more of my own stories and not just my children’s stories.

  66. tape Says:

    I’d like to scrap some Christmas pics… I think I’ll start right now! :)

  67. Heather B. Says:

    I’d really like to get more of myself on my pages, rather than just events.

  68. brittany Says:

    sounds like a great class!!

  69. Cathi95 Says:

    I would like to make a small scrapbook/recipebook in memory of my mom, to share with family.

  70. Jeanelle Says:

    I have a stack of photos just waiting to be scrapped!

  71. Michele Says:

    I just had my third child—would love to do his baby book update then work on my other two kids’ baby book as well. thanks for a chance.
    michelesscrapycreations35 at yahoo dot com

  72. Melissa Says:

    I would love to scrap some everyday moments!

  73. Madeline Says:

    I would love to scrapbook ME for a change. Love Laine so it is all good
    Thank Shimelle

  74. Eliany Says:

    I gotta scrapbook my baby! He’s 3 months old already.

  75. rt in GA Says:

    I am a chronological scrapper, so for once I would like to scrap something from this year instead of just scrapping all the events from 2011. Thanks for the chance to win.

  76. Cyndee K. Says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’d like to get 2008-2009 caught up in my scrapping… Maybe someday I’ll get caught up… :>)

  77. MaryAnn N. Says:

    I have boxes and boxes of photos. I know not all need to be scrapbooked, but I would like to do the important ones to me.

  78. Rebekah Says:

    I would like to finish both of my daughter’s school scrapbooks. Well, not finish, but get them up-to-date! Wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  79. NancyLee Says:

    I have piles and piles of photos and boxes of scrapbooking items to scrap. Not sure where to start. Maybe this class will help get me in the mood…. Thank youfor the chance to win.

  80. LisaE Says:

    I would like to scrapbook some of my childhood – there are few photos but I’d like to find ways to do this anyway. Thanks for the chance.

  81. Cheryl :) Says:

    I would love to scrapbook more of my family history.

  82. summer201 Says:

    2012, i will scrap our family trip in hong kong next month!!

  83. MaryM Says:

    Thanks, this is a great giveaway. I would like to scrapbook/journal my getting laid off from a great paying job that allowed me to work from home. This charge in my life hit me hard and even my crafting has been affected.

  84. Barb M Says:

    My oldest son’s last school play. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in the LOAD class. Sounds like fun.

  85. Cynthia B. Says:

    I really have to scrap my kids’ pictures/events from last school year, Plus our vacation pictures from last summer. Oh, and photos from my cousin’s wedding in 2010…sigh the list goes on and on.
    Thanks for the chance to win a spot – Lain gives such good scrappy advice. I’m sure it would help me get things under control.

  86. Jan Says:

    I have a list of 70+ scrapbooks I need to do and the ones I have started aren’t finished. This class could really help!

  87. kristy Says:

    I’m looking forward to scrapping my husband’s homecoming in a few months :D

  88. Meghan Says:

    I’d like to try scrapping more everyday events…maybe monthly.

  89. Debi Says:

    I would like to scrapbook my weight loss this year. I need motivation, and I think this would help out a lot.

  90. Vanessa Moa Says:

    I would like to get our Disney World family vacation pictures scrapbooked.

  91. Iliana Says:

    I would like to scrapbook my six year olds first trip to Disneyworld.

  92. Monica Says:

    Well, I will finally get around scrapping my daughters wedding that took place a year ago. I hope…

  93. Mary Fuhlhage Says:

    I want to get some scrapbooking done about me and my life. I have spent so much time on projects for friends and family. I want to get my own done!

  94. AlisonM Says:

    Personalities, habits, challenges and the day to day stuff is what I want to scrap this year. No more birthdays, sports days or Easter Eggs. Thanks Shimelle and Lain

  95. Areletha Says:

    Only one thing? My Florida grandhildren who have come to live with me.

  96. Sue Bone Says:

    I would like to finish scrapbooking our three week holiday to Florida in December January 2010.

  97. joanna schlos Says:

    I want more ideas on how to mix and match stories with images – I feel like, I am just doing the W’s, and not really getting to what is important and when it is important to be happy with the W’s.

  98. Jane Says:

    I’d like to finish a whole bunch of things that didn’t get completed last year !!

  99. Cathy G Says:

    This year I want to scrap myself getting slimmer and healthier, week 1 down, 51 weeks to go…

  100. Natalie G Says:

    Just one thIng? Goodness, well I guess it would have to be my Florida holiday photos from 2010 before the memories start to fade…!

  101. patty Says:

    Hoping to get to my childhood pictures thise year!

  102. sue Says:

    My future son in law proposed to my daughter on Christmas day on the last page of a Cath Kidston album he had made up in secret of their 5 years together. How wonderful was that!! So I would love to scrapbook all the wedding preparations and need lots of inspiration.

  103. Nora Says:

    Yay!!! Great giveaway! I don’t want to miss this stuffs!! I like to finish up our honeymood scrap-pages album soon:))

  104. Jeannie Says:

    I have 1 year left to my stay in the US so I’ll wanna be scrapbooking all of my activities and trips here.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Cori Says:

    I want to remember tonight. A night I spent in the ER w my 10 year old and witnessed a small miracle.

  106. ConnieC Says:

    I’d like to scrap some old childhood photos of myself. My Aunt gave them to me and I’d like to get those into an album.

  107. Fiona Lally Says:

    I plan to scrapbook all my travel photos that were taken when I lived in London

  108. Jen Clark Says:

    2012 is a new beginning for me, and I would love to finish a full Project Life album with a picture every day this year, so this would be perfect!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!! ~Jen

  109. Heather Says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this fab giveaway! I would like to scrap more about me – this is one subject I find really hard to do.

  110. Carmel Says:

    I would like to have more LO’s featuring myself and my story in 2012. I am having a significant birthday and I would like to celebrate my journey so far.

  111. Alison Says:

    What a great giveaway Shimelle….I have promised my niece a ‘my life so far’ scrapbook for her 18th Birthday in July!
    Alison xx

  112. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    I want to finish my wedding album, only managed to do about 4 layouts so far! Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. DeAnna Yaritz Says:

    This year I am hoping to scrap all of my travel instances. last year was just too difficult!

  114. Belinda Says:

    thank you for a chance to win this prize.It is my husbands 50th next month and i would love to give him a album for his birthday.

  115. Joanne Walton Says:

    I am getting married in July so would like to get caught up with my backlog so that all the preparation and detail of wedding planning can get scrapped :)

  116. Antonia Says:

    I want to scrap the everyday parts of life that are so easily forgotten. I took Lain’s Motherload class in September and it was brilliant!

  117. Rena Says:

    I am going to be a grandmother this year (February)and my daughter lives 200 miles away so I will relish any opportunities I get to scrapbook my grandson.

  118. Lynn Says:

    I definately want to scrap our photos from our trip to Euro Disney last April – it is one of my 2012 goals.

  119. Christine Says:

    LOAD just what I need to kick start the New Year sounds a fab idea for the dull days of Feb.Fantastic prize

  120. Ellen Says:

    I would like to scrap a line of events that belong together (like a vacation or Christmas,…). Because for me it’s difficult to show that the scrap-pages belong together and that it is not a completely other activity.

  121. Dulcinea Nascimento Says:

    I would lik to scrap my wedding photos. Thanks for the chance!

  122. Maria Therese Says:

    I’m looking forward to scrapbooking my London trip ♥

  123. Dawn Says:

    I want to scrapbook all the lovely things I already know we are going to be doing this year

  124. furrypig Says:

    Thanks so much for the chance to have a place on this course it sounds like just what I need! I would just love to scrapbook as I am still quite new and don’t always seem to have the get up and go to actually get on with it, I would be happy to complete LO’s on the everyday as well as the extraordinary xxx

  125. rockchickhelen Says:

    I haven’t even printed out most of last year’s photos so it would have to be those.

  126. S Says:

    I want to tackle the backlog of kids school photos I have.

  127. Rachel Says:

    The new me as I lose the weight i need to . 3lb this first week Yippee

  128. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the chance to win this fab class. This year I would like to scrapbook my son’s wedding from 2009.

  129. Torry Says:

    What a great giveaway – thank you! I’d love to win as I want to scrapbook more of daily life, as well as the ‘events’. Seems a little overwhelming!

  130. erin Says:

    I am getting married this year, so i want to scrapbooking my wedding.

  131. Carolyn Kropp Says:

    I’d like to scrap my wedding photos this year and a layout for each month in 2012 too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  132. Kelly Shults Says:

    I have a new grand daughter and have started a new album for her. This year I want to record her first year of life.

  133. Louise Says:

    That’s an easy one – our trip to Disney Easter 2011, 10 days 2000 photos… I need to LOAD for 365!

  134. Sharon Says:

    I would love to participate in the LOAD class! Your Pretty Paper class was the first online scrapbooking clas i had ever taken and i created more layouts during that class than I do in a typical 6 month period! To be challenged to complete a Page a day in Feb. is just what I need to kick start my 2012!

  135. Rachel H Says:

    What a great giveaway! As I’m nearing the end of my 3rd pregnancy, I would really love to finish the album for my 2nd pregnancy – I’m so close!

  136. jane Says:

    I would like to scrap more of my early family photos, my children are all grown so I would like them to have an album of their childhood

  137. Dana K Says:

    I would like to scrapbook all my hiking/ camping pictures, I am working on an album for my sisters wedding (which I have used some 4×6 photo love layouts in!), my ugly Christmas sweater party I had in December, and all the changes we’ve been making around the house- so as you can see I’m behind and could use all the inspiration I can get! Haha! :) thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest!

  138. ruth tacoma Says:

    I would like to scrap an album of Christmas memories for my in-laws with views & thoughts from the whole family over the years.

  139. Candace Says:

    This year I am going to be an Aunty. It really has been a long time coming and as a family we are all really excited about the arrival of a much longed for addition.

    Just can’t wait to scrap all the photos I have planned in my mind.

  140. Carol G Says:

    thanks for the chance to win! I have so much to scrap but I need to get going on my Disney pages again. I started, but need to get back to them and finish.

  141. Diana Says:

    I want to scrapbook me for a change.. Diana

  142. Dawn F. Says:

    I am jumping on the Project Life train so I hope to complete. I did it in 2009 so thought I should try it again. Thanks for the chance.

  143. Elizabeth Says:

    I am going to scrapbook my kids doing an average day activity so I remember these times when they are older! Great giveaway!!

  144. kate Says:

    I would love to finish our honeymoon scrapbook!

  145. Amy Says:

    I’d like to take more pictures to have more to scrapbook. My 2011 folder is depressing. Thanks for the chance.

  146. ginny Says:

    I AM going to do Project Life this year. It’s a big commitment for me but I’m determined.

  147. Luluuk Says:

    my life turned upside down last last year, when my husband left me. I’ve hardly scrapped since,and have completely lost my mojo. I have piles of photo’s of my boys (3,5 &6) piling up – so that’s my priority. Thanks for the opportunity x

  148. Judy Says:

    Our second grandchild was just born – so he will definitely be my main scrapping subject this year!

  149. Lynn Wigren Says:

    I would like to scrapbook all the pages needed to finish 3 different albums!

  150. jacki l Says:

    i want to catch up with my 4×6 photo love album. i was doing great until april then fell by the wayside!

  151. Denise Says:

    Awesome give away. This year I want to scrapbook Project life layouts.

  152. Kelly Says:

    I’ll be scrapping my favorite photos of my nephew for a graduation present to him.

  153. Erica Says:

    I would like to make more complete mini scrapbooks.

  154. Heather Says:

    I just need some fresh ideas, I want to scrapbook my children’s lives but I need idease! I am so stale!

  155. Cheryl Birkey Says:

    I would like to scrapbook Christmas 2011. :)

  156. Amy Stahl Says:

    I’d love to simply keep up with my family photos….seems I can not get caught up to date. And I have noticed that I do need more photos of myself.

  157. Helen Says:

    This year I want to scrap my childrens school years.

  158. Caroline Says:

    For a change, I’d like to do a layout about myself!
    It’s always about others, so maybe time to be less camera-shy in 2012. Happy New Year to all.

  159. Becky Says:

    I would love to scrap the party we are going to hold to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary and my parents’ golden wedding anniversary – only a week apart!

  160. Jean_H Says:

    Sounds like and intense, but fun, project!! One thing I would like to scrapbook this year is my 2010 trip to Italy. Hoping I don’t forget too many of the little details that made it an amazing vacation!!

  161. Diana Forsgren Says:

    This year I want to finish scrapbooking my childhood photos! I have already made a good start on them!

  162. jo sowerby Says:

    I will be scrapbooking my weightloss and fitnes journey
    Jo xxx

  163. Val Irwin Says:

    In 2004 I took all my Mom’s old photo albums and vowed that I would scan them in (they are on those old glue pages which are impossible to get out) and I would create a book of pictures from my childhood, most of these albums are still sitting in my basement… but this is the year, I’m going to get these scanned and I’m thinking about taking the plunge into digital (so its a bit quicker) and get my project done. I have been waffling about signing about for Lain’s class, I did her last one and loved it (and got 30 layouts done in one month). Thanks!!

  164. Cathie Says:

    this year I would love to scrap more about my childhood and my relationships with my siblings (1 sister, 2 brothers). I love them so much and I’d like to record that.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  165. Mel Says:

    I would like to scrapbook more of the photos from my single years in 2012. Thank you for the chance to win!

  166. Kim Says:

    I would like to scrapboom mine and my husband’s relationship more. We’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary in August and I want to really showcase that.

  167. Kelly Toth Says:

    I want to scrap my new granddaughter & my vacations.

  168. Wendy Swenne Says:

    This year I would love to scrap my photo’s of Barcelona from dec 2010/jan 2011. The last few days I finally went through 4 (of the 5) SD cards full of pictures, sorted them out and ordered them. So I would love to finish an album with those pictures this year.

    Great giveaway !!


  169. Merrick Says:

    This year I’m looking forward to scrapping more everyday stories and catching up my vacation scrapbooks!

  170. Claire Says:

    I am looking forward to scrapping photos of our recent trip home to New Zealand.

  171. Lois Says:

    I’ve had a busy and stressed Christmas and now have a backlog of pics to scrap from october and my JYC is no where near done :( But in order to have good Karma I’m now teaching 11-14 year olds about scrapping and sharing my supplies :)

  172. Rebecca Lovell Says:

    I would like to scrap some photos of me when I was young this year – there are always so many photos of my kids to work with, but someday I need to do my own. Thanks for the chance!

  173. Melissa Rusk Says:

    I want to scrapbook a trip my family took to Spain last year.

  174. saycindy Says:

    In 2012 I’d like to scrapbook more meaningfully. I want to stop worrying about the exact paper, embellishment, picture, placement ect. I want to also let go of the need to do all double page layouts unless it is because I need more room to journal.

  175. Nikki Victory Says:

    In 2012 I would like to focus more of my time scrapbooking my families recent travels.

  176. Nicole Says:

    I want to scrapbook my mother-in-law’s memorial.

  177. Jaime Says:

    I would like to scrap more pictures with me in them.

  178. Caz Says:

    I’m looking forward to scrapping the arrival of my Newphew in May and my niece becoming a Big Sister! I’m starting the year by making up a blank album of his first year for my sister & BIL as I did for my niece.

  179. sheena Says:

    This year I want to scrap all about our final return to our rebuilt home.

  180. Connie Says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance. This year I plan to scrapbook about my two new nieces who were born last spring.

  181. Debbi Jacques Says:

    this year i would like to finally have a place for everything in my scrap room and keep it there, so I can pop in and out at whim…..thanks

  182. angela Says:

    This year I plan to scrap my daily life. The little things we take for granted, like a walk on the beach or shopping in the little town shops.

  183. SheriE. Says:

    I am planning on catching up on my friends blog I’m scrapping for her. I loved True Scrap! Loved your class Shimelle!

  184. Mafswife Says:

    Great giveaway to start the year, a year in which one of my best friends gets married and when a travel to New places, so much to scrap I’m excited just thinking about it!

  185. helen Says:

    just one thing? my first jump parachute, for my 5oth birthday! thanks for this great giveaway!!

  186. linda Says:

    i definitely want to scrapbook the everyday ephemera…somewhat like project life!

  187. Jacky S Says:

    I’d like to finish scrapping our 2010 holiday….which I’ve completely lost motivation with.

  188. ~Lucy~ Says:

    This year I’d like to
    scrap some pages for the two little boys my friend fosters (long term care!) – they know nothing of their early lives & I want to scrapbook some of the “now” for them so they have something to look back on in years to come …

  189. glee Says:

    i think i’d like to scrap more of the little moments to leave behind some easily forgotten memories for my kids and their kids.

  190. Lindsey Says:

    I’d like to scrapbook myself. A book of me! And why not?

  191. lisa Says:

    Well, 2011, was a rough year for me. Lost my Dad in the spring and have not scrapbooked since then. Id love a class to get me back into the groove. I have alot of catching up to do.

  192. Sam s Says:

    We have a huge year ahead of us, with three major milestones being achieved, 2 × 40ths and 1 Diamond wedding anniversary and 4 holidays, so I want to record our monumental year ahead of us!!!

  193. Melanie S. Says:

    This year I have decided I’m going to scrap more everyday pages rather than events. I have learned alot from you and your video and plan to use some of those technique to make my pages fun!

  194. Renee Says:

    This year I would like to scrapbook more about me. I did a LOAD this past September. It was awesome!

  195. Chipper Says:

    I would like to finally finish scrapping out 2008 Disney trip. I managed quite a bit this year but there is still lots to go!

  196. helen Says:

    Great giveaway – I’ve heard LOAD is excellent! I want to scan and scrap some of the older photos I’ve got – so many!

  197. Andrea M Says:

    I have just gone over to read up about this class and it looks fabulous. I have been in a scrapbooking rut lately and I think this may be what I am looking for. I would love the chance to win this giveaway. Thanks Shimelle!!

  198. Vickie Says:

    I would like to get all my daughter’s medical problems scrapped (4 surgeries and 6 hospitalizations between May and December 2011).

  199. Nelmarie Says:

    I would like to scrapbook more layouts about myself because sometimes I forgoy to show myself in photos and pages and more of daily life!

  200. Michelle L Says:

    In 2012 I want to scrapbook my husband and I, and the events and activities that we have done together over the past few years. Since my beautiful baby girl arrived two years ago, everything has been about her, and us as a whole family. Lovely of course, but I’m getting a big backlog of ‘other’ family stuff!

  201. Jodi Says:

    This year I want to scrapbook more of my feelings about the memory instead of just what happened.

  202. Margot/NZ Says:

    I’m trying to take a photo-a-day and am dithering about whether to scrapbook them Project Life style, or the way I did it in 2010 (the Shimelle way with four pages per month, one being a collage of ephemera, two being the sides of a divided page protector, and the final page being a LO of one or more of the month’s photos). Either way, I want to scrap the pictures!

  203. Lisa Says:

    I want to scrap my oldest; he might be going off to college in August, a full 2 years early. I want to savor my time with him NOW.

  204. Ezlie Says:

    I would like to scrapbook more of my crafting ‘experience’, my desk, supplies, inspiration, etc.

  205. Benessi Says:

    Long story short: personal growth.
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  206. gemma Says:

    There are so many things to chose from but mostly I want to scrap my son and the funny little things he says and does in day to day life that i’m most likely to forget in years to come!

  207. Michaela Says:

    I would love to finally scrapbook the pictures of my wedding 10 years ago…

  208. Sandra Says:

    Being and feeling healthy again.

  209. Miriam Says:

    I would love to scrap about my work and what it means to me. I would love the motivation to scrap with paper again, I have been ‘doin digi’ for the last year but I miss paper!

  210. jimjams Says:

    I’ve heard great things about these LOAD classes – I’d love to make February the month of the page – and it would be great to get going with my huge backlog of photos from when my kids were small – before I knew scrapbooking existed!

  211. Heidi Westerhof Says:

    I would deffinitely scrapbook my birthday: I’m turning 40 this year!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  212. Terri Wallace Says:

    I need to scrap the pile of pictures that I have printed, but I also have to remember I do not have to scrap every one that I print. That is were I get stuck. Thank you for the chance to win.

  213. Sonia F Says:

    I’d love to scrapbook more of our travels – I’ve got loads of photos just waiting for me to scrap

  214. Holly Says:

    I would like to scrapbook my students!

  215. Carolin Says:

    Oh good question. I have so many events I haven’t scrapped about, but I think the latest vacation with my boyfriend needs to be scrapped! There so many nice pictures!
    Greetings! Carolin

  216. Jana Says:

    ‘You’re a new scrapbooker and are still trying to find your sea legs in this crazy, seemingly all-consuming hobby.’

    This is so me! I came across your blog some time in October and that’s what made me wanna start scrapbooking. I loved JYC and would love to take on another scrapbooking challenge to tell more of our stories.
    Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  217. Breeze Says:

    I have been in a major scrapping and life funk lately. But now that some kinks have been worked out it would be an amazing way to kick off 2012 with this awesome Layout a Day class! Thanks for a great giveaway Shimelle and Happy New Year!

  218. CoCo Says:

    I’d love to scrapbook some more ‘everyday’ events from 2012, although I also have lots of ideas from 2011 that didn’t make it to the page yet either! Thanks Shimelle and Happy New Year!

  219. Ali Says:

    It’s my 20th wedding anniversary this year and I’d like to scrap my wedding photos, which have been in an envelope since we got them back from the photographers!

  220. Annie Says:

    I would love this class! I want to get my wedding scrapbooked this year! I just started scrapbooking the last year or so and haven’t started the wedding album yet!
    Thanks for the chance!

  221. Tammy Davis Says:

    I want to keep up the baby book I am working on for my grandson. He is 6 months old now. I want this to be a special book from me about my relationship with him. Thanks for the chance to win!

  222. Lisa Greiner Says:

    This year I plan to scrap more about me. I hate having my photo taken so I usually leave me out. Maybe a couple more photos, but at the very least I can get more stories and daily scrapping that includes me.

  223. Sandy Says:

    What a great giveaway – I could use a little motivation to get to scrapbook again. I’d love to scrapbook some of the events of the past year. It was a hard year – the toughest of my life and I just couldn’t get round to get my thoughts on paper, but I want to preserve them therefore I need to make a start soon.

  224. Thea Says:

    I get a monthly kit and the last one I used is August 2011, so there are 4 from last year & 2 already waiting for me to pick up this year. So, if nothing else, I want to scrapbook with all these kits! Your sketches helped me heaps last year, Shimelle.

  225. Elizabeth Says:

    I want to create a heritage album of my mom’s mom’s family. Her dementia continues to get worse; I won’t want to lose those stories and memories!

  226. Olivia Says:

    Scrapbooking university design projects is something I’m looking forward to this year. They’ll be great to look back on one day once I’ve graduated & started working.

  227. Elizabeth*S* Says:

    That’s easy 2012 is going to be about scrapbooking much more of my beautiful childhood memories! :)

  228. Gina Ames Says:

    Sounds like a neat class, thanks for the chance to win!

  229. donna Says:

    oh this is great. i have participated a few times in LOAD! love it. I am wanting to finish some of my class projects, such as Your journal your christmas, or the BPC classes I have started and have piles of kits ready to roll!

  230. Carol Hinrichsen Says:

    This year i’m very excited..I finally have my on scraproom… And I want to scrap about me… It’s been a year since I started and I never put me in my layouts! Hope to win…

  231. kate Says:

    i would like to scrapbook events rather than just one picture here and there, this would mean taking more photographs which is something i hope to work on.

  232. Debbi G. Says:

    I’d like to scrap more of anything in general…just more.
    thanks for the chance :)

  233. robin Says:

    most excited about my newest grandchild coming this year, but I also want to do 12 photos on the 12th in 2012

  234. Debra Stoner Says:

    I hope to scrap my trip to Saint Lucia in Feb with my family which includes my granddaughters, aged 3 & 6. They live in a cold climate and think I am being silly when I told them to pack their bathing suits for the trip!

  235. Barb in AK Says:

    OOoooo! I have sooooo many things to scrap. One goal I have is to scrap my yearly school photos :) Thanks to you, Shimelle and also to Laine for the opportunity to be in her GREAT classes! :)

  236. Mary M. Says:

    I’ve taken on the massive project of archiving the photos from my childhood, and I would really love to scrap some of those. Sounds like that would fit right in with the LOAD theme! =) Thank you Shimelle AND Lain for the chance to win! You two girls helped me get more pages done last year than I had in the previous 10 years!

  237. LYNETTE C Says:

    I will scrapbook about my cooking (not the worls’s best but it my best ;> ).

  238. Leslie Says:

    I would like some inspiration to scrap my summer holiday last year, I have a big gap in my album where these should go but so many photos! xx

  239. Amity Knight Says:

    I’d like to scrap how it feels to turn 30

  240. Martha Says:

    I’d like to scrap my family of 6 … so many pictures of anything and everything with 4 little kids. Thanks for the chance to win, Shimelle.

  241. Jane Says:

    I’m definitely going to scrap my 60th birthday and our family holiday, but would also like to do some pages with scenery or wildlife for a change. Terrific prize, not surprised at the massive number hoping, like me, to win!

  242. Mel H Says:

    I would like to finally scrapbook my wedding…it’s only been 20+years now.

  243. LauraP Says:

    So, I would either like to finish my daughter’s baby album (she is now 3) OR start my son’s baby album (he’s 7 months). That would be a BIG accomplishment for me this year!

  244. Kristen H. Says:

    I would love to do this class! I’m needing some new inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity! (BTW, I love your site and your cupcake recipes!!!)

  245. maxine Says:

    I have the photos and some supplies to start scrapping a trip we took up the west coast of America into Canada and back in 2008. Huge project but have been inspired by Shimelle’s trip pages to actually do it. LOAD could be the kick up the bee-hind! :)

  246. Kirsty Riach Says:

    One thing I shall definitely be scrapping this year is my wedding photos! We get married in July and I’m both countdown already :)

  247. muehaa Says:

    I would love to scrapbook (and I hopefully will) January the 15th. This is the day when I will see all the ones I love for the first time after I spend 5 wonderful months in Canada. The moment at the airport will be so impressive….

  248. Amber Says:

    I want to scrapbook our family vaction we took to California.

  249. Kai Says:

    I would love to scrapbook my own childhood this year… get all the memories down, even without a corresponding photo!

  250. Kathy Says:

    I have pages and pages of the grandchildren. This year I want to scrap ME. I want to tell the story of my life and the everyday events that mean a lot to me.

  251. scrappercalin Says:

    I would really like to scrapbook life’s’ simple pleasure, the day to day stuff.

  252. Karen O Says:

    I want to start scrapbooking a bunch of old, old family photos I found at my grandmother’s house. :)

  253. Rosalie Says:

    I really hope to finish my JYC and keep my Project life current.

  254. Emma Says:

    What a fantastic giveaway for the start of 2012!!
    This year I’d like to scrap about family fun times, including the everyday things & not just specific events x

  255. Emily H. Says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’d love to take this!!!

  256. Jennyl Says:

    Just got hold of a little machine to transfer our old,old slides to computer. Will enjoy a laugh while I am scrapping them

  257. CarrieK Says:

    Christmas…believe it or not i never get christmas scrapped! i take the pictures…buy the papers…and never get it done!

  258. Carol West Says:

    My favorite scrapbook layouts are of my little granddaughters, and I will have a new little grandson in March. Thank you, Shimelle, for your inspiring work, and for this chance to win at LOAD.

  259. Jackie Says:

    My cat died last year so I want to work on an album about her.

  260. Beth Says:

    I really want to scrap our cruise photos this year…from when we worked on a cruise ship in 1989!!

  261. Colleen Says:

    My goal is to finish my week long motorcycle trip vacation book.

  262. Leslie Ackman Says:

    I would love to scrap our Restore Honor event we went to in August 2010. It is time!!

  263. Anso Says:

    I would like to finish off scrapping the last month from Project Life from December :)

  264. Holly A. Says:

    I would love to get my summer and fall photos from last year scrapbooked this year. Thanks so much for a chance at winning this giveaway!

  265. helen salthouse Says:

    Hi, I would like to scrapbook our local area – every time something changes, for ever, I think, Damn, why didn’t I take a photo of that??

  266. Carol Says:

    More layouts…!!! But more importantly scrapping the photos of my oldest grandson’s military service…

  267. LisaZ Says:

    I would like to scrapbook pages about my scrappy friends. We get together once a month to crop. I don’t even have a photo of us and our fun!

  268. Karen W Says:

    I was blessed with two new grandchildren at the end of 2011 so I’ll have lots of baby photos to scrap!

  269. Sarah B Says:

    Ooh interesting! I’d love to scrap a page or two about myself. But I’d need photos of myself for that, which almost never happen anymore. Unless, of course, I’m looking my very worst with uncombed hair and in my PJs :)

  270. Pauline Says:

    What a fantastic opportunity – I’m new to Scrapbooking and would love to scrap my children’s earlier years and funny stories. Xxx

  271. falwyn Says:

    Among many other things, I want to finish my son’s baby book (what! he’s only seven!) and make an album of the Christmas ornaments that my grandmother made for me growing up.

  272. Jenny P Says:

    I want to scrap my adorable niece and nephew muc more this year!

  273. Barb Says:

    I want to scrapbook more pictures of me, as a gift to my son.

  274. Jill Kotsoglou Says:

    For 2012 I want to Scrapbook photos from various vacations including Alaskan cruises in both 2007 & 2009 as well as the 2010 trip to Cabo and the upcoming 2012 trip to Cabo next month. That’s just for starters.
    Thanks for the inspirations.

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