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The state of this scrapbooking space

state of this scrapbooking space
moving scrapbooking space
Right now, my scrapbooking space look like this. It makes me sad. It has also made me rather tired, but I can cope.

We are moving house. We had no intention of moving house, but we rent and our flat is being taken off the rental market, and we had our little window of time to find somewhere new. We love our neighbourhood and didn’t want to move to another area, so we are moving around the corner to another flat in another building. It’s such a short move that our postcode is only changing by one letter.

So I’m afraid I need to hit the pause button just for a tiny bit. I was working on scrapping stuff right up till the last minute possible, but all my studio furniture and boxes will be moved at 8am tomorrow, so earlier today it was time to clear the desk, empty every shelf and box every last inch of pretty paper and ribbon.

Part two of the Christmas Journal page numbers? It’s in a box. The finished starting point layout from the last SP post? Also in a box. I am really, really ready to be out of boxes.

If I owe you an email or need to process your class registration, please give me twenty-four hours to get things out of boxes and I will be right on it.

I’m looking forward to seeing pretty, happy albums and things in those shelves just as soon as physically possible.

Thank you for your patience.


15 November 2011

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59 Comments for The state of this scrapbooking space

  1. chris Says:

    Moving is hard! Hang in there. Hope all goes smoothly.

  2. Linda trace Says:

    I’ve only just finished my own house move (Which was across the country) so I know how you feel! I hope your new flat and craft space bring you much joy, creativity and happiness!!

  3. Chipper Says:

    Moving is always a challenge. All the best for the next few days and may your move be a breeze!

  4. Debby B. Says:

    At least you get to stay in an area you love. Such a shame to move when you feel settled but I’m sure you’ll make the new place just as fab, quirky and homely.

  5. Natalie Says:

    Ugh, so sorry that you have to deal with this!! I hope that the whole process goes better than you expect, and that you enjoy your new craft space even more than your last one!

  6. AllisonLP Says:

    Moving is such a hassle! But just think, now you’ll have more photo opportunities and more layouts to create! Good luck!

  7. Heather D Says:

    Hope all your packing/unpacking goes smoothly!

  8. So.Creative Says:

    Moving is not something always easy, so take your time and we’ll be waiting for you like angels :D
    Good luck for all that work to come tomorrow morning.

  9. Cal Says:

    Post some happy photos when everything looks pretty again? :0)

  10. Alison Says:

    Good Luck with the move Shimelle!
    Alison xx

  11. Olivia Says:

    Good luck! Not long moved myself & know what it’s like. Hope you have your shelves looking pretty again soon xx

  12. caz Hancock Says:

    Good luck with the move, i know they can be stressful. In fact when we moved to this house my scrappy stuff was the first to be unpacked lol

  13. anneberit Says:

    Good luck with the move and with getting everything in place again. :)

  14. Lisa M. Zepponi Says:

    Good luck with your move!

  15. Katie Says:

    Good luck with the move :-)

  16. Margaret Says:

    Good luck! Do you want me to send my daughter & her study abroad friends over to help?? She loves to look thru my supplies & would love to help unpack your stash! She’s met a few guys-strong, young men to help with heavy stuff.

  17. Mary M. Says:

    If I have my time differences right then as I write this it’s already 8am your time, so here’s hoping everything is going smoothly, and that your new home is just as happy and lovely as the old one. =)

  18. Fiona Says:

    I hope the move goes smoothly for you Shimelle xx

  19. Jacky S Says:

    Hope it all goes well.

  20. Ali Says:

    So glad you’ve found somewhere else in your locality. All the best with the move, and happiness in your new home.

  21. scrappysue Says:

    Moving can be soooo tiring (I should know, I moved twice this year!) Wishing you all the best Shimelle with your move and for much happiness in your new home (and you get your scrappy supplies unpacked ASAP!).

  22. Anne Says:

    I hope all is going well with your move and that your new place quickly feels like home.

  23. Daphne Says:

    So sad shelves … but they will be happy again in your new rooms! Can’t wait to see it! Happy moving Shimelle, I know how hard it is (and even if its just around the corner!) xxx

  24. Dawn Cheshire Says:

    Shame I don’t live closer I would have come over to give you a hand if only to have a nosey at your scrap stash and your fabulous albums. Hope it all goes smoothly, we’ll all be here waiting patiently for your return!

  25. Karen Says:

    {{{hugs}}} to you and {{{hugs}}} for your shelves. You will both come out of this better and stronger xx

  26. Jane Says:

    Fingers crossed for a smooth transfer.

  27. Mel Says:

    Oh, Shimelle – I’m sorry to hear about this upheaval! All the best with your move xx

  28. helen Says:

    Hope it all goes smoothly and that you’ll soon be settled in (and get a chance to breathe!)

  29. Nelmarie Says:

    Things happens for a reason. Take your time, it will worth the wait to see your creative proyects :D

  30. Sara Says:

    Around the corner or to another city, moving is such a challenge. I’ve been in my apt. for 29 years, but know full well my day will come. Rise above, it is what it is. Best to you for a smooth transition.

  31. Sandra K. Says:

    Good luck with the move!

    Sandra :)

  32. Colleen Says:

    Good luck with it – never fun!

  33. AndreaHB Says:

    All the best for your move! We are also sitting in a half packed flat right now – no fun! Can’t wait to unpack everything…

  34. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I think you’ve done AMAZINGLY well not to hit pause for a good few days! Wishing you all the best in your new home and I hope you find everything you need and that it all goes as smooth as possible. xx

  35. Jackie Ashton Says:

    Hope everything goes according to plan. Happy moving day xxx

  36. jennifer grace Says:

    Ugh, poor you, and poor shelves. How dare such a thing interrupt scrapping time?!

    We rent too and I’m always worried that we’ll be told to move, it’s so rare that rental properties come up in our area (and our price range) that we’d probably have to move out of the community. Fingers crossed it won’t happen any time soon. I’m glad you’ve found somewhere nearby, I hope your scrap stuff (and other stuff too of course) all sit nicely in they’re new places and makes you feel at home. x

  37. alissa Says:

    sad panda! :(
    you’ll be up and running soon and we’ll be here for you!
    have fun setting up the new digs. :)

  38. Sabine Says:

    ooh, moving is horrible… I wish you all the best and that you are happy in your new home! :-))

  39. Susanne Says:

    I hope a new space gives you new inspiration! Happy unpacking!!

  40. Sharon (Sherelm) Says:

    Well I moved the “simple” way – nothing went with me! Most was destoyed in the flood – so I’ve been buying and moving in stuff. I’m almost finished, too. I’m in a nicer place, and hope you find it to be that way, too, Shimelle!

  41. Rachel Says:

    Our neighbours moved from 1 side of us to the other but it’s still stressful just like a longer distance move. Don’t pressurize yourself too much, give yourself time to settle in and it will soon start to feel like home. Good luck hope it all goes smoothly.

  42. furrypig Says:

    Hoping the move goes well, wishing you all the best xxx

  43. Jennie Says:

    Aww Shimelle, nightmare. I hope it all goes smoothly and we’ll be here to cheer you on when you are back:) Poor shelves.

  44. {leah} Says:

    Good luck on the move, Shimelle!! Here’s to everything going smoothly so that you’re back on track as soon as possible! _

  45. Scrapdolly Says:

    good luck with the move. Moving home is one of the most exciting and yet one of the most terrifying times. I hope it goes smoothly and that your new home is filled with health and happiness, love and laughter xxxx

  46. Jenny B Says:

    Best of luck hun, hope nothing gets lost, bumped or broken. xxx

  47. Ali H Says:

    best wishes in your new home – hope the unpacking isn’t too exhausting ! We just got the bedroom sorted first as our sanctuary from the rest of the chaos ! looking forward to JYC 11 !

  48. Sarah Says:

    Hope the move goes well and you get your new scrap space all set up & looking pretty soon! We’ll still be here so take a couple of days to catch up with yourself!! xx

  49. Barb M Says:

    Good luck with your move!

  50. Michelle Clement Says:

    Oooh – good luck!! Having just moved, it’s fresh in my mind how un-fun it is to have everything stuck in boxes!! Happy moving/unpacking – I hope things go smoothly. :)

  51. sandie Says:

    I don’t envy you, Shimelle, so much upheaval. But it also gives a chance to reorganise and declutter. Good luck. I hope you’ll be very happy in your new home.

  52. Frosch Says:

    Thinking of you – hope the move went well and you are settling in. On a positive note, you might rediscover items you’d forgotten you had… could be exciting.

  53. angela Says:

    Best wishes to you in your new home.

  54. Anne Says:

    Good luck on your move – it can be so stressful. My dh and I had contemplated moving this summer and decided against it. It was too much. I am so very impressed. Good luck on your move and in your new place. :)

  55. joanna schlos Says:

    I hear that the move is going roughly! OH NO…well every time I have moved, I have marveled at how much more stuff i seem to have. I just say to myself “this is just a transient state and that once the boxes are unpacked you will be all settled and MORE Organized than you were when you headed out”
    Hope you will be more settled soon!

  56. Alison Says:

    Good luck with your move! Hope you’ll be very happy in your new home! We moved around the corner in March too, and it was every bit as much work as moving to the other side of the world!!! Good luck with it all!!!!

  57. Robyn Says:

    I know the feeling Shimelle, we moved in August just 7 houses down from our old and I still have a few boxes to unpack…hope it goes smoothly and you are happy in your new flat! Looking forward to JYC 2011

  58. Vicki Says:

    Oh, no!! I HATE moving, so I’m feeling your pain today. However, I DO love making a new home – so I’m hoping you’re having fun getting settled in your new digs.

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