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Woodland Vintage Baby Shower (and scrapbook page)

woodland vintage baby shower and scrapbook page
woodland vintage baby shower
Any day now, this lovely friend of mine is going to Instagram from the hospital with a picture of a brand new baby girl, and although she wasn’t going to have a big party, I may have been quite excited at an excuse to cover my house in pink and throw the teeniest of baby showers.

woodland vintage baby shower decorations
I think we managed to fool Laura (or at least she didn’t let on if she figured it out!) by inviting her for a day of lunch and photos and crafting with the girls, which isn’t an unheard of thing in our world. But usually when the girls arrive, there are not pink tissue-paper pom-pons hanging from the ceiling and a dozen types of pink sweets in bowls. So the four of us sipped pink lemonade and got crafty with a bit of baby wardrobe embellishing. Thanks so much to Leanne and SJ for your party-throwing and secret-keeping assistance!

diy custom onesies at baby shower
First of all, we always reserve the right to spend more than an hour on craft hour. We just like the name.

Second, a bit of DIY onesie creating is super easy and fun and it’s inexpensive enough that it doesn’t matter if something goes terrible wrong and you need to just bin one and start again. It’s actually best to find the bargain baby clothes because the more ‘named’ brands stitch logos on their baby clothes and seriously, does a newborn really need to be advertising for a giant chain? And if you or someone you know has a bit of a fabric scrap collection and they aren’t too precious about it, you can just work from that without needing to buy specific fabric. The clothes are tiny so most everything just takes small scraps of fabric. Cut things to whatever shape you want (and if you’re not a dab hand at drawing them, you can print out a variety of shape templates by searching for colouring book pages) and then either use fusible web to iron it to the onesie or you can sew it on by machine or by hand. Even with just four of us we had quite a mix of techniques, with an appliqued camera, a fabric-pieced fox, a monogram, fabric flowers and bunting. All very cute and in a variety of sizes so Baby H should be clothed in custom gear for quite a while!

baby shower scrapbook page

And of course all that photo-fun isn’t complete without lashings of pink patterned paper, pearls and paint. But mostly I wanted to share some pink cupcakes with on a Monday morning! Please enjoy one in your choice of vanilla or blackberry, and of course – completely carb- and calorie-free!

Have a beautiful week!


19 September 2011

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16 Comments for Woodland Vintage Baby Shower (and scrapbook page)

  1. So.Creative Says:

    All that photos are so sweet… you make me dream with all this softness and pink! Congrats to your friend, having a baby is the hugest lovely thing in the world ;-)

  2. Lianne Says:

    Awww that’s so lovely! Congratulations to your friend. I’m due a little girl in December so have been handprinting babygros recently for her with little polka dot hearts and necklaces and for some friends who had boys last month i made them some with little bow ties and ties. They came out really well but more importantly it felt so rewarding and special.

  3. Jennifer grace Says:

    Ooh, she’ll be the best dressed baby in town! I bought some fusible web to turn my daughters onesies into boy ones for my baby son, but never got round to it. So he’s wearing them anyway, with little pink fairies on. They’re under his baby clothes, so no one else sees them. He’s too young to get a complex right? If only I’d had u crafting ladies to sort me out!

  4. Natalie Says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea for a baby shower… What a sweet time to spend with friends :) Many blessings to your friend’s little sweetheart!

  5. Lisa Says:

    Wow!! How absolutely wonderful. Your friend is a very lucky girl to have friends like you!

  6. Pamela Young Says:

    Wow! Looks awesome! And I love that layout too! :)

  7. Tagati Says:

    Luvly idea for a shower. Gifts hand made with love and personalized rock! And the scrapbook page is such a nice gift for the mom to be!

  8. Kirsty A Says:

    Mmm thanks. I’ll have a blackberry cupcake. Love those babygros.

  9. Liz Lee Says:

    It looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  10. Reggie Bush Jersey Says:

    Thanks to a brilliant effort in publishing your article. One can be more informative as this. There are many things I can know only after reading your wonderful article.

  11. Ursula Says:

    your teensy party looks divine! love all of those photos!

  12. amy Says:

    Such a beautiful little shower! Love the cupcakes!

  13. Anne Says:

    How absolutely charming! I’m sure she loved the shower surprise and all the appliqued onesies. What fun! The photos are so wonderful – thanks for giving us a peek!

  14. MBT Trainers Says:

    Congratulations both! Wonderful prizes, enjoy :)

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  16. Becky Launder Says:

    What a cute, fun (and non-cheesey!) baby shower idea. Love all the ideas and the scrapbook page! So cute!

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