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Scrapbook starting points

scrapbook starting points
scrapbook starting points
Oooh, hello there Saturday. You’re looking rather lovely indeed! And just because, I have a little twist for this week’s starting point.

Recently I noticed I love striped papers when I’m shopping and I often use them in small pieces but I still have a sizeable stack of full sheets and I wondered if maybe I should use them as backgrounds more often. Trouble is, a full sheet of 12×2 stripes is quite a statement – either you can go with that or find something to give it a bit of balance – and lately I’m loving the idea of layering a 10×10 box of something more subtle over a boldly striped 12×12 background. So much so that I’ve actually made two layouts from the same starting point this week.

This first example includes papers from the Jenni Bowlin Studio Halloween collection, but the finished layout isn’t actually Halloween-themed. I’ll show you that finished version tomorrow with my favourites from last week’s starting point. (There is still time to add your link to that if you’re scrapping today!)

For those of you who prefer measurements, the only piece I really measured was the 10×10 box, but the others are roughly 4×11.5, 3.5×8, 2×7, 2×6 and 1×8 (all in inches). Is that helpful? (Let me know if you think I should always include the measurements with the starting point.)

The second example is something a bit brighter in colour… and it’s part of a bit of Saturday fun from the American Crafts design team. That will kick off in mid-afternoon UK time, so I hope you’ll pop by to see what those girls have up all their sleeves!

I hope Saturday is looking lovely for you too – and maybe lovely for crafting!

17 September 2011

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20 Comments for Scrapbook starting points

  1. Andrea R. Says:

    I personally love having the measurements! I love these starting points, they are great inspiration to help me use more patterned paper.

  2. KelliL Says:

    Love the measurements…sometimes it is just hard to just figure out without them. I also have to say I am loving starting points. Your blog sure has made me scrap a lot more and while using my stash and learning new techniques.

  3. Shanna Says:

    Using Shannon Tidwell’s Joyous collection from Scrapgirls.

  4. Kim Thomas Says:

    I love it! Thanks for posting…I just love your work. :)

  5. rebecca Says:

    Thanks for the starter! Here’s the link to my blog post with my page:

  6. Sonia Says:

    I love the LO, but I’m having such a hard time matching the paper!!

  7. scrappysue Says:

    Love these Starting Points Shimelle and I also find measurements very helpful, thank you! Looking forward to seeing your finished LO!

  8. Rachel Says:

    Yes please Shimelle, measurements make it even easier to get going. a real boon when I’m tired or lacking mojo.

  9. Dawn F. Says:

    I agree – measurements help even if I’m only “eyeballing” the cuts.

  10. Arianne Says:

    I love these starting-point LOs! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to play along.

  11. Joanne Crossland Says:

    Im a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl, I would bother measuring as long as I got a similar design to yours!

  12. Anne Says:

    Thanks, Shimelle! Love this starting point and both your takes. I agree with some of the other gals – measurements certainly help even if I’m eyeballing/estimating the proportions. Besides, we can always use the measurements as a guide. :) Thanks for another great starting point. I’m hoping I get the chance to play along!

  13. Sarah S Says:

    I too love your starting points. Thank you. I’m not worried about the measurements as I tend to guess a lot of the time and I’m usually happy with the result xx

  14. Gina M Says:

    I liked the starting point you gave for this week. I usually just eyeball the pieces and use it as a guide not a strict formula. I often deviate from a sketch to make the most of my own scraps or photos. My layout does have a striped background, just a more subtle stripe.

  15. Carla Says:

    I went back through and completed of the Starting Point Prompts. You can find them here: Thanks for inspiring me to scrap again!

  16. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    I am really enjoying these Starting Points and I kinda like the measurements as I can’t seem to eyeball it at all, or stick in a straight line! I did 2 with this SP but I don’t like the first one so I’ve just linked to the second :-)

  17. Rachel H Says:

    Fun! I love having a starting point, it revvs up the engine just a tiny bit faster!

  18. Anne E Says:

    Thanks again for the inspiration. Unfortunately, I was too late to post my link. I hope you enjoyed yourself at Ally Pally. x

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