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Happy Scrapbooking Day! Getting Started with Supplies

national scrapbooking day
scrapbooking papers
It started as National Scrapbook Day, and it’s recognised as NSD or maybe iNSD for those who embrace the international participation, but I’m just going to make it easy and call it Scrapbooking Day. Sound okay to you? It’s today, by the way. The first Saturday in May, each year.

And to mark that special occasion of Scrapbooking Day 2011, there’s something special in store for you here at, all day long. Perhaps even all week long, depending on how you like to play!

scrapbooking letter stickers
Today I’m posting a series of challenges with new layouts, tips and tutorials, and each challenge has a prize up for grabs. Plus there are some bonus discounts and special offers coming up. But to get started, I’m all about getting some supplies ready.

The projects I’m featuring today are all made from the same supplies that I chose at the beginning. You can do the same and create a set of supplies then use them for all the challenges OR you can approach any of the challenges on its own and not worry about the supplies for the whole stretch. Cool? That way if you’re wanting to stretch your supplies as far as they can go, we’ll do that. And if you would rather take part in lots of NSD Scrapbooking Day challenges around the web with whatever supplies you fancy, you can do that too.

scrapbooking papers
When I limit my supplies for a batch of layouts, I tend to grab four things: patterned paper, special paper, embellishments and letters. I like to choose things that will mix and match and are not overly themed, so I look for a mix of bold patterns and small patterns so there will be a balance. I also tend to go overboard on paper because I love it the most! (Shhh – don’t tell my other supplies.) So for today’s projects, I’ve set aside:
15 sheets of patterned paper, including Cosmo Cricket Upcycle and Social Club, American Crafts Hello Sunshine and Campy Trails, Sassafras Starters and Paper Crush and Sweetly Smitten, Studio Calico Countryside and Jenni Bowlin Family Tree. Which means I picked lots of different designs and manufacturers, but if you find it easier to stick with one collection, then that works too!
4 sheets of special paper, which is a very official term I’ve given to those things that are generally paper but they aren’t just a plain 12×12 sheet. I’ve chosen two sheets of dot-embossed Core’dinations Cardstock, one die-cut label paper by Jenni Bowlin Studio and one screen-printed transparency by Hambly.
5 types of embellishments, with my love of stickers really showing here! Three of the things I selected are all from the same collection – the large and small sticker sheet plus the banner stickers all from the Sweetly Smitten collection by Sassafras. In typing this, I’m thinking I may go pull the Sweetly Smitten foldie sheet too, though it’s not counted in this picture. Those stickers are all quite vintage and soft, so then I picked some stickers that are quite clean and modern, by American Crafts. And my non-sticker item is a butterfly, of course! These are wooden and by Studio Calico.
3 sheets of letters, and again I’ve gone with stickers. Letter stickers are really my go-to item with titles, especially a mix of sizes and some including dimension, so I have a shiny new pack of these Thickers by American Crafts and a smaller, flat set of Mini Market stickers by October Afternoon. Then the third option cheats a little bit, because this sheet of letters by Bella Blvd actually has four different alphabets on one sheet. Makes it great for packing for crops or working in a series like this. I’ve chosen brown and white but it comes in brighter colours too.

scrapbooking embellishments
Now obviously there are some things missing here! If I use full sheets of cardstock for the background, I don’t count that. In this case, most of these pages will be on kraft cardstock, and I will just pull those sheets as I go. If you’re packing to go somewhere else, then you’ll need to that that with you! I also don’t include tools – so punches, cutting dies, stamps, inks and paints I will just choose as I go. That can help to change up the look even if the supplies remain the same. And lastly, if I’m scrapping at home I don’t worry too much about adding little things. If there’s something in my scrap basket or bowl of die cuts and I suddenly thing that’s what the page needs – then fine. The idea of the starting supplies is to make things easier, not to make everything else prohibited. So you won’t see any other major elements, but I might add in a scrap of paper or ribbon here or there. That’s pretty much my process!

scrapbooking stamps
Oh, and I don’t really use many themed papers, but I do like to include some themed things that can be subtle. I’ve been using this stamp set by House of 3 for Pink Paislee on many of my travel pages, so it’s pretty much living on my desk right now. I will admit I pretty much bought it for the globe, but the whole set looks lovely, and it stamps especially well with Distress Ink.

So there we go – that’s where I’m starting! But how about a GIVEAWAY to get Scrapbooking Day off to a great start? I have a pack of scrapbooking supplies to send to a lucky winner. Just comment on this post for a chance to win! (By the way, on some browsers, it helps to click the preview button when you’re leaving a comment.)

Happy Scrapbooking Day! See you soon with the first project challenge!


07 May 2011

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160 Comments for Happy Scrapbooking Day! Getting Started with Supplies

  1. Yvonne westwell Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day Shimelle! Have fun! X

  2. Sarah Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day to you too Shimelle

  3. BeeH Says:

    I have to see how much I can participate today – we have Ikea furniture coming and I might finally sleep on a bed again after 5 weeks of air-bedding it!
    Still, the scrap supplies are out so there’s no excuse not to sneak in the odd layout or two.

  4. Kitty Scrapper Says:

    Happy Scrapping Day Everyone

  5. Sue Bone Says:

    I like to scrapbook from bought kits and homemade kits too. I’ll be with you in a minute. Just finishing my first page of the day.

  6. Kerry Says:

    I am very excited about Scrapbook day this year I have shipped out Mr L this evening and once Baba is in bed I am scrapping all evening. So will be watching out for your challenges later today xxx

  7. sheena Says:

    Have a great National Scrapbooking Day Shimelle x

  8. Daphne Says:

    Happy Scrappin’! I’ve already cleared my desk and I’m ready to start!

  9. Kat Says:

    Yay for Scrapbooking! Love love love it!!!!!

    Hope to join in today, children allowing, have a fab day Shimelle x

  10. Jules Says:

    Fantastic, can’t wait to get started on your challenges! Happy Scrapbooking Day :D

  11. TracyW Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! No scrapping for me today I’m afraid as my parents are visiting so all my crafty stuff is packed away so they have room to sleep. Hoping for lots of inspiration as they are off home tomorrow so I get to unpack all my goodies and play again.

  12. Irene Fitzpatrick Says:

    Thank you! A good way to get organised for the day!

  13. Emma clark Says:

    Happy scrapping day Shimelle. Hope to play along later xxx

  14. Gem Says:

    Ooooh this looks like good fun, might not be able to join in till tonight though as I’m meant to be revising!

  15. Liz Says:

    Hi Shimelle. I am looking forward to a really fun Scrapbooking Day. Happy iNSD to one and all. Liz xx

  16. lemon Says:

    thanks for being so generous Shimelle, have a happy scrapbooking day

  17. marion Says:

    Happy NSD everyone-looking forward to the challenges to come-can’t wait!

  18. Colleen F Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking day , love your advice on getting organized and packed to go somewhere, I need to take the time to do that.

  19. Lucy Says:

    Hey Shimelle! Very excited about NSD as just getting into scrapping again after a period of feeling uninspired, can’t wait for the challenges to get me going! Thanks!


  20. Carolyn Says:

    Happy SD! Thank you for your generous giveaway. I don’t tend to make up kits like that, but my current philosophy is to always look for part used card and paper before cutting into a new sheet. Mainly because my folders of part used are so full that paper is getting lost and crumpled in them!

  21. Emma Says:

    Happy Scrapbook Day!

    I am all set, chores have been done, cats fed. Have sorted stash, made a coffee and pulled up a chair. Let’s scrap!!
    em x

  22. Emma Tandy Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking, Spending the whole day scrapbooking with my Daughter can’t wait well until she destroys everything as she’s only 3 have fun !!

  23. Joy Says:

    Happy iNSD. Hope everyone has fun.

  24. Lisa-Jane Johnson Says:

    We love a giveaway! Thanks for the chance. Looking forward to the challenges.

  25. Rachel B Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking day Shimelle! It’s really useful to see your scrapping ‘thought’ process, I am new to packing for crops and this really helps – I keep packing the kitchen sink!

  26. Mariangeles Says:

    Looking forward to scrap a lot today!

  27. Emma Says:

    My plans for today have been cancelled as I’m feeling a bit poorly; now I’m kind of glad about that! I can scrapbook instead! Happy Scrapbooking Day!

  28. Angela Says:

    Happy Scrappy Day Shimelle & everyone out there. Papers, stash, coffee, sunshine & chocolate……what more could one ask for???

  29. Sue Says:

    WOW! I can tell you that I intend to spend most of the day scrap booking -my teens can feed them selves for today !Happy scrapbook day !

  30. Helen Overton Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day everyone! I’m loving those Studio Calico butterflies right now.

  31. Clair Says:

    Really looking forward to some crafting time this weekend. I want to put some of your sketches to good use! x

  32. wannabe rebel Says:

    OK Looking forward to the first challenge, My entire collection of supplies now fit into two artbin boxes and one RUB box (major clear out ) so I am going to go with whatever the challenge suggests rather than picking specifics for all day.
    Next on my list, get kids started on homework, dispatch husband for an all day outing and then put ironing somewhere that I can successfully ignore it.

  33. jo sowerby Says:

    happy iNSD shimelle, looking forward to some gr8 inspiration in blogland today,
    Jo xxx

  34. Jane Says:

    I love seeing how people organise themselves, looking forward to some fun challenges!

  35. Joanne Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking day – I am off to clear off space on my desk (I knew I should have done this yesterday!) and pick out my supplies I want to use. Enjoy everybody :0)

  36. Shelley Says:

    ooh- I’ll be using up my stash today, as it’s out of control and I have no idea what I have really. So thanks for the motivation and inspiration today Shimelle!

  37. Olivia Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day to you too :)
    Can’t wait to get started on the first challenge!

  38. Jackie Ashton Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day. My boys are at football this afternoon so looking forward to spending the afternoon in my room just creating. Enjoy the day everyone xxx

  39. naomi Says:

    I forgot it was NSD – Happy Scrapping everyone :D

  40. Cindy Carlson Says:

    A very happy Scrapbooking Day to you! What a timely post – I am just now packing for a crop. :) Thanks, Shimelle!

  41. Liz Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! I am trying to build up motivation to actually scrap- it probably would be a good plan to pull out some stuff to start from! :)

  42. Song Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day – no scrapping for me as I have to pick my parents up from the airport – they’ve had a holiday like yours Shimelle but they took it a little slower over 5 months! :)

  43. dogmatix Says:

    happy scrapbooking day….hopefully I will try and squeeze a little play in later…..currently trying to decide what I can fit in the car around the boss’s golf clubs as off on hols tomorrow (am talking stash here…..clothes can just be thrown in lol)

  44. Margaret Anne Clark Says:

    Y’know, I wasn’t excited about NSD until I jumped here !! Gonna tidy up a bit then PLAY !!!!
    Thanks for the motivation and the opportunity !!

  45. Zahra Says:

    This sounds like so much fun! Will definitely join in as much as my newborn and firstborn will allow me to!!!! Happy Scrapbooking Day!

  46. Rebecca Says:

    Woo hoo!! Happy Scrapbooking Day to you!!! I am so excited for this! Thanks so much for the fun you have planned! Yay!!!

  47. Andrea Says:

    Yea for Scrapbooking Day! I have friends coming over in an hour, so the fun will begin then! Woohoo!

  48. Madeline Says:

    Happy iNSD to you Shimelle. Hope to get something done in between all my yard work

  49. Amy Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! I’m still quite new to scrapping but love your blog. :)

  50. Jo W Says:

    Happy NSD!!! I’m off to play now!!

  51. Diane C Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day! A cropping we will go!

  52. Sinead Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day Shimelle! Don’t think I’ll be able to participate in the challenges today unfortunately but looking forward to catching up when I get the chance. Have a lovely day:) xx

  53. Gayle Redhead Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day to everybody!!

  54. Natalie Says:

    Hurray for scrapbooking day! I love how you’ve essentially created a big kit for yourself out of your own supplies. I have had that idea in my head for a while now, but I’ve never been brave enough to try it. (Maybe that’s why I had such a hard time packing for crops, haha!) Just out of curiosity, how many layouts did you made out of the list of supplies you gave above? I’d be interested to know! :)

  55. Be(e) Says:

    Happy NSD!! Thanks for your tips on getting started. My process always takes forever.

  56. Alana Says:

    It’s a bit showery here today so I am taking the opportunity to scrap some pages. Hope you have a fun day.

  57. Maria Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day! Hoping to get a chance to work on some things today.

  58. riri Says:

    in my case it will be international scrapbooking day ….. have a happy one shimelle!!! :)

  59. Lise Says:

    Have fun on this special scrapbookingday !

  60. Nicole Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day, Shimelle! Thank you so much for the list of supplies – it’s helpful for a beginning scrapbooker like me to see how you prepare for a day of scrapping. Have a great day!!

  61. Cathy G Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day – now am off to sit in my craft room for the afternoon and knock out some of these challenges :)

  62. Carrie Says:

    Happy NSD! Thanks for the chance and the challenges today!

  63. Katharina Pradel Says:

    HAPPY iNSD lovely Mrs. Shimelle! (;

  64. Shelly Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day…..what a great way to celebrate my birthday. How great it would be if I could win.

  65. furrypig Says:

    I wish I wasn’t out tonight now as I want to join in with all the challenges now!! Happy Scrapbooking day to you Shimelle and to everyone else xxx

  66. Terri Torrez Says:

    I still have supplies left from my Creative Stash Diving so I’m ready to play.

  67. Lynn M Says:

    Happy NSD to everyone. Great ideas for the challenges. I always helps to have a cheerleader.

  68. heather Says:

    love your tips on putting together a kit for NSD or a crop etc sometimes hard to know where to start! happy scarpbooking day

  69. Beth Ann Says:

    It’s just past 9 am EDT and I am ready to start scrapping. Great that your challenges are open for the week! Thanks and have a great Scrapbooking Day!

  70. Connie M Says:

    have a great NSD~get lots done and remember laugh and enjoy yourself!!! nice prize package!!!

  71. Kelly Massman Says:

    Happy NSD to you, too! And, thanks for a chance to win a great prize!!!!!

  72. anneberit Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! Hope to take you up on one of your challenge (or more), thanks for a whole week to finish them up :D

  73. Margie Says:

    Sounds like you have a very fun day planned! Thanks, I hope to check in as much as possible but it is night time here! Thank you!

  74. SharonS Says:

    Happy Scrapping day to Shimelle and all fellow scrappers!!!

  75. TamiV Says:

    Happy NSD! I can’t wait to get started on these challenges! This is such a fun post, I love that you shared so many products and hints to your process! I’ve got my own stash of favorite products ready to go! Here’s to a productive day!

  76. Smeepee Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day Shimelle. I’m so busy today but will try and take part in as many challenges as possible! :)

  77. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the giveaways & the fun challenges today – Happy Scrapbooking Day!

  78. Ali Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day to you! I’m loving your idea of building yourself a sort of kit to work with… I may well have a go at this! :D

  79. jennifer grace Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day Shimelle, I shall try and complete some of your challenges this week. I love NSD, the blog world goes into scrapping frenzy, it’s so fun! x

  80. Steph Says:

    I love give-a-ways…. maybe one day I’ll win one! Happy Scrapbooking Day everyone!

  81. jennybean Says:

    happy NSD!!!

  82. Rinda Says:

    Love this idea. Thanks for the NSD reminder! I will join in when I return from the gym.

  83. Tammy Eberhard Says:

    Looking forward to following along today! Happy iNSD!

  84. Mel Says:

    This sounds so much fun! Happy Scrapbooking Day :) Hoping to pull out some supplies and join in later! xx

  85. Kirsteen Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day everyone! Have a fantastic day whether you are scrapping or living life to scrap :)xx

  86. Jenny A Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! I can’t wait to play!

  87. carrie Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day everyone! No scrapping for us today – sat in traffic on M25 on our way to a birthday party but hoping to follow some of the challenges later in the week!

  88. Barbara Garrett Says:

    I love those travel stamps!

  89. Penny Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day a day of challenges and inspiration sounds fab a week even better keep up the great work

  90. sue Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day

  91. MarieP Says:

    I already have 8 pretty new pages up on my wall and I am feeling pretty good about this year’s iNSD!

  92. Kathy Says:

    Happy NSD, let the scrapping begin!

  93. Carol Says:

    Happy Scrapbook Day! Have a great weekend!

  94. Anna Says:

    Love all the challenges. Thanks!

  95. Gayle P. Says:

    you picked some great supplies to use! i like seeing how you picked what you did!

  96. Julia H Says:

    Have enjoyed catching up with all your posts today :) I’ve been busy today so am going to have my SD tomorrow! Loved the travel photography tips xx

  97. linda Says:

    Wow, so much going on this weekend! Looking forward to scrappy goodness :)

  98. HilaryJ Says:

    Love your choice of supplies.

  99. Candace Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day.

    Finished first 3 challenges and was scrolling down for the LO of the week when I came across this post. Obviously didn’t get up earlier enough today as I missed this one!

    Thanks for the chance to win

  100. Melissa Says:

    I love scrapbooking from a kit, too! I’m in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, and we choose a kit club to “copy” each month from our stashes. It’s helped me a lot with putting my own kits together!

  101. Lizzie Says:

    What a nice start to the day – though I’ve only just got here! I would certainly like a prize (who wouldn’t?), so please count me in!!
    It’s been “family tidy the office” day today here, but tomorrow I get a whole day of scrapping at our Scrap Club’s monthly crop – so tomorrow will have to be my NSD!

  102. Mary M. Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! Now I’ve just got to get off the computer and do some actual scrapping! =P

  103. Jenny Pitcairn Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! Love seeing your process for gathering supplies.

  104. Antoinette Says:

    Had fun reading your posts today. Thanks for sharing :)

  105. Wendy Goodman Says:

    Love your list of starting supplies! Your layouts are lovely!

  106. Ruth Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! Now I just need to find the time to actually sit down and scrap …

  107. Melissa Says:

    What wonderful goodies! Happy NSD to you!

  108. Carrie K Says:

    Im thrilled youre doing this today Shimelle! And even more excited we have all week as I am currently stuck at work…lol

  109. Julie Says:

    What fun – happy scrapbooking day Shimelle.


  110. Melinda King Wilson Says:

    Hi Shimelle! I wish I could be scrapbooking but I have a very important event to attend today . . . my son graduates from college today!

  111. Bunnyfreak Says:

    Love that you choose to limit your supplies.

  112. Kelly Toth Says:

    Wow, just found you from Craft Critique.
    I’ll be back!

  113. tape Says:

    Happy NSD, Shimelle!

  114. Jimjams Says:

    Interesting to read your process … I’ve been playing with home-made kits recently and it does work!

  115. LisaE Says:

    Wow, lots of challenges. Thanks. Happy day!

  116. Jane Says:

    Scrapbooking Day is actually Mother’s Day here in Australia and I can think of no better combination – breakfast in bed, presents and a day to myself crafting!!

  117. S Says:

    Any day scrapbooking is happy scrapbooking day in my book. You’ve got lots of fun goodies there to play with – enjoy!

  118. Jody Says:

    Happy NSD! It’s been fun, hasn’t it?

  119. choon bin wee Says:

    happy scrapbooking day!!!!love the tips that u shared :)

  120. Jamie D Says:

    Happy NSD!

  121. Ann A Says:

    Had a great NSD yesterday. Love the challenges.

  122. Antonia S-H Says:

    Scrapbooking Day was great! Last year, I made (most of) an album in a day at Eclectic Keepsakes taught by you! That was fab! This year I went to a workshop taught by Sandie Vincent, which I also enjoyed.

  123. Ruth Says:

    thanks shimelle, brilliant starting point.

  124. Natalie Elphinstone Says:

    Well this all sounds very exciting! Hope I can find some time to play along!

  125. Jenny B Says:

    Well, I’m supposed to be studying but I’m going to sneek off and do some scrapping this afternoon. It would be rude not to. Thanks for the challenges and extended deadline, very appreciated!

  126. Louise Says:

    Thanks for the giveraway and great challenges too x

  127. pauline Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day! I’ve not been scrapping as such today – catching up on my project 365, but still involves photos so I’m happpy!! x

  128. Carey Bridges Says:

    Happy Scrappin! Thanks for all the great challenges!

  129. Mandy McK Says:

    Lots of lovely inspiration here… Happy iSBD.
    Mandy McK

  130. lou Says:

    Always up for a few challenges and giveaways! I have some photo’s to scrap so I will be crafting tomorrow on my day off work. :)

  131. abbeyviolet Says:

    I’ve so enjoyed the challenges. Thanks so much!

  132. Katy Says:

    That is a very pretty stamp set! I have just come back from Paris so have missed all the NSD fun, but hurrah for new photos to scrapbook, and these challenges will certainly help. :)

  133. Andrea MacDonald Says:

    Unfortunately I’m travelling during NSD so hopefully tonight I will play catch up : )

  134. Julie Jeavons Says:

    Think I have that psychic thing Mel has. Came back from a crop (my first :) :):)) with four LOs which matched soooo many challenges here and at 2 peas. I’ll do a few more this week though – looks like fun.

  135. Kimberly K. Says:

    I just love supplies …almost as much as scrapping itself!

  136. Jen Says:

    Hi and thanks for all the inspiration this weekend, between here, 2peas and a few others I have managed 11 layouts this weekend!! Time to print some more pictures…

  137. alisa beth Says:

    I love a bit of instruction and guidance to help me get organized and focused. Thanks!

  138. rkokes Says:

    would love to win some goodies!

  139. alissa Says:

    looks like you had a great weekend of scrapping, shim!
    i’m just now finding all of your posts! :)
    i wanted to add, i bought that stamps set for the globe, too, and am loving the entire set! :)

  140. Yara Says:

    Wow, 8 layouts! How awesome! Love the supplies you used as a approach for the crop! Maybe I should do that! TFS!

  141. Andie Says:

    I missed Scrapbooking Day this weekend but think I might make this week ‘Scrapbooking week’ to compensate. Thanks for the inspiration.

  142. pidgen Says:

    I was sick on Saturday – ugh! SO I’m super excited that you are letting us “scrap” all week! Really excited to get going! :)

  143. Keri-An Says:

    Happy scrapbooking day/weekend… Unfortunately with all I had on – there was no scrapping done, and will still be none this weekend as we’ll be playing tourists/guides with my partner’s parents who we just can’t wait to see… But, that means a whole week more probably before I pull out my stuff…

  144. click2scrap Says:

    Love the supplies you pulled! I am a heavy paper user, too. :)

  145. kLavu Says:

    ouch..I’m late. so happy belated NSD. I,m interested to join ur challenge. will try all of them :D

  146. kelly Says:

    So. so pleased I haven’t run out of time to join in. I missed most of NSD with family visiting. We ahd a great time but I had the shakes a little from wanting to get on my some scrapping :)

  147. Kathy R Says:

    Had to work during the scrap weekend so glad to be able to still be involved. Thanks! Like your idea for pulling basic supplies together before a crop..will definitely remember that for next time.

  148. Lou Says:

    I have those same H03 stamps and I absolutely LOVE them!

  149. Jen Clark Says:

    I guess I forgot to comment on this one! I did get all of the challenges done, so thank you! ~Jen

  150. Louise Hay Says:

    Happy Scrapbooking Day and setting my homework for this week to try and do all the challenges.. how do you find the time?! can’t wait for more ~ Louise

  151. Manda Says:

    Happy Belated Scrapbooking Day! I was hoping I’d have time on Mother’s Day to do some scrapbooking but I’m still waiting….

  152. Adrienne Says:

    I’m a little late on the Scrapbooking Day challenges but hoping to participate in a few. Thanks for continuing to inspire your readers with great projects!

  153. Ezlie Says:

    thanks for sharing your process. great ‘haul’ of supplies. anxious to see what you make.

  154. Beverley Says:

    Its always interesting to hear how others get themselves organised.

  155. Julie Jeavons Says:

    5 LOs done and I’ve lost count of the number of challenges covered. LOVE that you’ve stretched it to a week. A day is never enough!

  156. rkokes Says:

    thanks for all the great challenges!

  157. Mel Says:

    Couldn’t wait for it all to kick off – I have loved doing the challenges this week.

  158. carrie Says:

    Thanks for all the great Scrapbooking Day challenges! I have been really inspired and actually had a go at a few instead of saying “maybe I’ll do a challenge one day”!

  159. Nicole Says:

    Loved the stories and all the pictures from the trip – really enjoyed the glimpse into all these countries that I’ve never been to!

  160. Diane Says:

    I had some great fun with your challenges, thank you!

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