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You Think You Know...

So, so excited for this. A class totally different than anything we’ve done so far. The sort of thing I think about when I get into big dream mode. Except it’s for real.

You Think You Know Me is not a class with a supply list, a set of instructions or a guide for creating something similar to many other participants.

You Think You Know Me is a class that pushes you to create something all your own, while offering inspiration from a range of artists with a variety of styles.

You Think You Know Me is about you.

You Think You Know Me has no right or wrong answers. But it does have a workbook.

You Think You Know Me can include lots of pictures, a few pictures, lots of words or a just a few words.

You Think You Know Me can be a 12×12 scrapbook, a smaller format album, a minibook, a handbound book, a journal or a three-dimensional keepsake.

You Think You Know Me has no deadlines and no stress.

Here’s the deal: *Sign up between now and the 15th of October.

*On the 10th of October (or when you sign up between the 10th and the 15th), you’ll receive an electronic workbook with questions to think about.

*Between the 15th and the 25th of October, you’ll receive 10 idea sheets filled with the work of a team of artists. Each has completed the project in her very own style, from clean and graphic to grungy and hands-on.

*You can create your project at any speed. Work along with the October time frame, or keep the materials and create when it fits your calendar.

*You can listen to audio files to cheer you on throughout your project.

*You can publish your images to the web via a community blog.

*You can chat as much or as little as you want on an opt-in email list for the group.

Sign up now:


More teasers through the week.

01 October 2006

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42 Comments for You Think You Know...

  1. Kelly L Says:

    WOOT!! All paid up and raring to go, sounds like a goodun :)

  2. Kate Says:

    Signed up too…loved the last one. And I promise to try and keep up with the blog this time :)

  3. Sherri S Says:

    Yes!!!! I am signed up for my very first class from Shimelle. I am so excited!!!

  4. Deanna Says:

    Just signed up – finished the ‘Learn Something’ class and totally loved! Can’t wait for this one… thanks Shimelle!!!

  5. Beth Costello Says:

    FUN! Never done an online class before…I can’t wait!

  6. Jennie Says:

    Just signed up too!!! WooHOO am so pleased I looked in before I went home from work today. Its completely mad at work at the moment! I just completed the Learn Something – - – class too – and actually finished the album – but didn’t have a lot of success posting on the blog. Thanks Shimelle – am really looking forward to this – and the Christmas one!

  7. Allison K Says:

    looks like another great class!

  8. pam Says:

    I tried to sign up but had an ‘error’ message with the payment. ?????

  9. Lisa Cohen Says:

    YAAAY! Just signed up. So excited for this to start.

  10. Leslie Says:

    I loved doing the LSNED assignments, even though they taxed my brain to some degree. I’m looking forward to this one.

  11. Angie Pedersen Says:

    You’ve been blogged, sweetling! Can’t wait! ;)

  12. Beshka Says:

    Just signed up. First online class. Hope I can keep up & complete. :)

  13. KimmyS Says:

    Yahooooooo – I have just paid. Can’t wait to get to take part!

  14. Chiara Says:

    so super excited about this.

  15. marion Says:

    this looks wonderful!! i’m such a fan of kristin contes and i’m thrilled to take this class. one problem…i won’t use paypal since our account was breeched not once, but twice! is there any other way of paying?

  16. ArtsyMama Says:

    I am so there. Just signed up. Can’t wait!!!

  17. Leah Says:

    I’ve never done anything like this – I just signed up – so excited!!

  18. Kelly Says:

    all signed up & can’t wait!!!

  19. Michelle Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I took your art journal class and loved it. Excited for this one, too. I’m in !
    Thanks – Michelle

  20. DebF Says:

    I’m in! how excitement!

  21. ScrappyTam Says:

    I’m looking forward to this new class. This time doing the arm twisting for my buds to join. lol! :D

  22. Kate Says:

    Happy Birthday Shimelle

    i am looking forward to this
    x x x

  23. amy Says:

    This will be a first, sounds so fun!!! Can’t wait!

  24. Dani Says:

    I signed up today – haven’t received anything yet but I keep checking because I’m so excited!!!

  25. Jayne Says:

    I have just taken the plunge and signed up after reading soooooo many positive things about the previous courses. I like the idea of no deadlines as I get really busy and things are not fun if you feel you have to have it done in s specific time period. I cannot wait to start!!

  26. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    Yes, yes … I’ll be doing this tooo … my very first Shimelle’s class!!!

  27. Heli Says:

    Its another first….first online course for me!!!!

  28. Jill Says:

    I just signed up for the class. I hope I’m not too late.

  29. Shawn Says:

    Yikes! Is it too late to sign up?? pretty please???

  30. Terri B Says:

    Hey, I’m signed up, when do we get the packet? Just excited to started!! Heard such groovey things about your classes!

  31. Jill Says:

    I want to get the my workbook so bad. Please, pleae send it. Thank you

  32. lia Says:

    I just signed up after hearing about your classes. I’m looking forward to the challenge and fun art time!

  33. Andi Says:

    I jsut signed up too. I’m really looking forward to this class.

  34. Cathy Chenkus Says:

    When are we to receive the materials needed to start this class? Thanks!! Am looking forward to “working” with you!

  35. Julie Says:

    I know it gave a deadline for signing up, but there is still a buy now option. Can I still sign up? I just found this class and think it sounds great.

  36. Kipi Says:

    I know I’m late…can I still get in on this one? :)

  37. emily adams Says:

    I just heard about your class {such good things} and would love to take it…is there still room?

    BTW – I think I met you once before at Bonanza in 2002…I’m Emily {formerly from Magic Scraps}??? hi…

  38. Terri Barton Says:

    I am not sure if I missed the “handouts” or anything else, as I have not yet received a single thing. SOB! Ha ha, just curious if you are running a little behind or what? Thanks

  39. Rene Evans Says:

    I’ve not had the handouts either. I’ve checked the credit card and the money has been paid. Please see the email I sent to you.

  40. Testerzdt Says: