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Rose-coloured times

Yesterday was a positively brilliant day filled with the best ever exam results from my students, and the boy had exam success too with a mention in the financial times. Topped off with a fab meal at The Bell with two new friends and neighbours, I have been on cloud nine for the last twenty-four hours.

Good moods do great things, you know.

By request, I’ve posted a little sneak peek here of the new class, Learn Something New Every Day. Remember these are little pages in a small format book, and you’ll realise just how easy it is to achieve an entry every day. {By the way…I know that page includes a little polaroid-style print, but don’t fret—this isn’t something you need! I was just playing with my little instant camera but in the class we explore lots of different ways of getting photos onto your daily pages.}

But because I am in a good mood, I’ve got a free place to give away. You have to comment here to enter. Sometime over this three-day weekend I will put all the names in a jar and draw one to do this course for free. {And I don’t know about you, but when I am shopping, free is my favourite price.} And because I would never want to make something annoying for those of you who signed up straight away {thank you!}, if you comment you will be put in the draw too. If you win, you can choose to give the class to a friend or have a refund of your class fee. It’s all good.

Spread the word!
And have a brilliant weekend.


25 August 2006

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136 Comments for Rose-coloured times

  1. Song Says:

    WOW this looks great – I am so pleased a signed up. I am spreading the word and added a link to the Journal page page of UKS as I think your link may be missed – hope you don’t mind!

  2. Julie S. Says:

    Thanks so much for the sneak peek! Love the simplicity of your pages! I will be signing up for this class!

  3. Tina Says:

    Oh I love sneak peaks,looking forward even more to the class now:-)

  4. Jessica Hood Says:

    How am I just now finding your blog? It’s fabulous!

  5. Leslie Says:

    I’m looking forward to “playing” around in this class :)

  6. Kel Says:

    Hi Shimelle,
    Very excited to see another class from you, and if you are mad enough to run it at the start of term, I guess I am mad enough to take it (teacher here too)! I think I saw you at V – watching Divine Comedy at the 4 Stage…
    Kel x

  7. KimP Says:

    Love this little album! Off to look at the class description…

  8. Staci Says:

    thanks for the sneak peek! I am definitely signing up now…

  9. Linda F. Says:

    Thanks for the peak! I took your Done & Dusted, love it, and still go back to the layouts and techniques to do little albums here and there! Can’t wait for this one!

  10. Aggie Says:

    I’ve been waiting for another class with you!

  11. Rosemary Says:

    I’d love to be able to gift this class to a friend :)

  12. Tami Says:

    I stumbled upon your site via Willow Traders. Sounds super cool!!!

  13. Mary Says:

    I would love a chance to take this class!

  14. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the peek – really looking forward to it now and have just whiled away a whole afternoon ordering loads of goodies to choose from for my supplies off the internet (I live in Germany and there are NO scrapbooking shops anywhere near me! Horror!)
    Would love to win this course for my sister!

  15. Heather in AZ Says:

    I love your pages…they are so bright and cheery!! This class looks awesome. :)

  16. daryl Says:

    I can’t wait to get started…I’ve already ordered all my supplies and I’m sitting and waiting like a good little pupil. BTW Shim…free is my fave price too!

  17. Geri In London,Ontario,Canada Says:

    Hi Thanks for preview, I am wanting to be part of this class alot.. I must say your Pillows are SO Beautiful. Do you teach how to do the pillows too.. I never saw Log Cabin looking so nice.. I love the Cat, too. He is CUTE…

  18. Tiffany Sherman Says:

    YAY! I’ve started getting my supplies together!

  19. Vicky Says:

    Yay, another class to sign up for! Really looking farward to it, loving the sneaky peaks!

  20. Cheryl Says:

    Love your sneak peak! And I’m going to check out your class.

  21. Yanah Says:

    I really would love to take your class, I’ll wait and see if I am the lucky one, if not…
    I’ll sign up anyway!

  22. Lori Says:

    I found your site via Wendy Smedley’s blog—this class looks great!

  23. Robin Says:

    This sounds really interesting and I’m off to look at the class!

    Happy Weekend! :)

  24. Mirjam B Says:

    Just signed up for your class. Looking forward to it!!

  25. Sherry B. Says:

    I been looking foward tothis class! I am excited!

  26. Debby Says:

    This looks like a great class!

  27. Tammy Says:

    My friend Lauren emailed me about this class and it looks like something I’d love to do. So, yes, she twisted my arm oh so very hard and I’m gonna take it.

    Who said peer pressure goes away???? :P

  28. Lauren Says:

    Arm twisting Lauren here! Ok, that’s three people I’ve talked into this class!! I know they’re gonna’ love it!

  29. pmk Says:

    Quick question, on the front of the album I think the words “something new” are stamped onto blue cardstock…what stamps are these? Really shouldn’t be asking for help to shop but I’ll live life on the edge!!

  30. Sally Says:

    I love free too! Love the new site Shim. Fandabbydoodah!

  31. Julie L-B Says:

    I am so excited about this class! I loved D&D!! I can’t wait until next week!!!!!

  32. pat Says:

    I am SO EXCITED to start this workshop..thanks!!!

  33. karen mcgowan Says:

    the class looks great, shimelle – i can’t wait to get started!!

    karen in maine :)

  34. Colleen Says:

    yay! another shimelle class!! i’m definately signing up for this one! it will be my 3rd with you!!

  35. Rachel Says:

    This class sounds like SO much fun!!!

  36. Emily Says:

    I just discovered your site and your class sounds like just the thing Ive been looking for!

  37. Rachel Says:

    Hey Shimelle : )
    Thanks for the sneak peek. Learning something new every day sounds like a cool idea to me.

  38. Rachel Says:

    Hey Shimelle : )
    Thanks for the sneak peek. Learning something new every day sounds like a wonderful idea to me.

  39. Cal Says:

    Wow – what a generous offer.

    Please put me in the jar !!!

  40. Chris Says:

    This looks achievable! Would love to give it a go…will pop back!
    Chris x

  41. Helen Says:

    This looks like a fab class!

  42. Pam Says:

    WOW what a lot of comments you have- I guess free is everyone’s favourite price. Congratulations on your class exam results- I know the difference a good teacher makes.

  43. Jayne Says:

    Shimelle congratulations on your stundents results. Great website, now going to look at the class.


  44. Tamsyn Spooner Says:

    I love taking classes. Just going to look at the details, hope I can fit it in.

  45. Karen Fryar Says:

    I’m excited about the class….I’m off to shop for supplies!

  46. Steph Says:

    This looks fab! Really want to have a go, what a great idea.

  47. Nancy Says:

    This looks great!Going to look at your classes!


  48. Anso Says:

    Love the look of these pages!! So “simple” yet super effective and very “designed” :)

  49. Fayesy Says:

    Can I please be added to the jar??

    Huge Hugs the class looks fab.

    Faye xx

  50. Bev Says:

    So there I was thinking that I wasn’t going to do this class, that I didn’t have time, and I would have to pass it by, and then you show me those pages, and I’m like Hmm….. Maybe I need to find the time. Maybe I could really do a small page every day…. Maybe this is what I need to actually get scrapbooking again…...

  51. Donna Says:

    Never tried a class before, Ooo shall I have a go, lol – so worried I’ll not be able to keep up. Love the sneak peek :)

  52. Julie Ratcliffe Says:

    I’ve never done anything like this online before. Looks really good. Might just treat myself. A little bit of time every day just for me. Yummy.

  53. Rebecca Says:

    This looks like a great class. I’d love the opportunity to take part.

  54. Sue Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I found you because of Cathy Zielske’s brilliant book.. ‘Clean & Simple’.. I think your work is fabulous (I guess everyone does).. and I love pink. Thanks for sharing a piece of you to brighten up the (read: my) world..

  55. Amy Says:

    This sounds like fun! :)

  56. Shell Says:

    Hey, free is my favorite price, too! Seriously, though… this sounds like a lot of fun!

  57. Susan Says:

    Just found your blog from a link at Ali Edwards’s blog. I’m thrilled!

  58. Suzanne Says:

    Love the new girly look site and am going to sign up for one of these, I usually struggle with small spaces so that will be a challenge in itself!

  59. Carrie Says:

    Looks great! Love this idea! Loved the Done & Dusted class and hope you offer the Christmas Journal again this winter!

  60. Ellie Says:

    The class look good :)

  61. Nic Says:

    Count me in…...thanks this is going to be great, Scrap every day xx

  62. Cheryl Says:

    Those ‘sneaky peek’ Layouts are fabulous—think I may just have to sign so that I can see all the others :wub:

  63. Ginny Brewster Says:

    What a cute sneak peak, have to think about this one!!!

  64. Rachel Kulak Says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek! I can’t wait for the class!

  65. Sue Says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek, Im off to investigate further

  66. Gretchen Says:

    I love free! I’ll add my name to the list!

  67. Tammy Says:

    That looks so exciting! So glad things are going well for you. :)


  68. rhi Says:

    I’m already signed up, but like the idea of free ;)
    I was mostly commenting to say, I love my mini instax! It makes me smile inside.

  69. Kirsty Says:

    Just seen this on UKS and looks great, never done one of your classes before but I will one day

  70. Lynne Says:

    I promise to be your best student ever!

  71. Laura D Says:

    Wow, I want to win a class!

  72. anna louise bowkis Says:

    love the new look shimeele, and this class looks fab

  73. Sparky Says:

    This looks great – I’m away to sign up!

  74. Dale Anne Says:

    This looks like a FUN class – have just found your blog and enjoyed going thru all your work!!!

  75. Callie Says:

    Looks like so much fun! I love your work and think it would be great to take this online class!

  76. Tami V Says:

    Super cute project! I love the idea of journaling a little every day! I love to scrapbook, but really need to work on my journaling, this would be a great way to start!

  77. Sharyn (Torm) Says:

    humbly adding my name to the pile even tho I totally failed the Christmas journal (never finished) I think about it all the time! does that count? raise my grade? anything? lol

  78. Heather Says:

    Your albums are so cute. It looks like it will be a fun class.

  79. Barbara Says:

    Just signed up. Ive never done anything like this before but it looks great.

  80. petunia Says:

    So excited!! Thanks to Sally R of UKS for the heads up.Thank you for your generosity. Enjoy Reading.

  81. chris Says:

    i love the look of this class, all your classes look great. i am starting a new job first for 10 yrs at a special primary school on the 4th so i wont get time to take part this time i hope you will repeat this class later so i can try to take part then. ps congrats on exams successess (sp)
    love pigglet

  82. Linda Pierce Says:

    Hi Shimelle! Your class sounds fab, if I don’t get the free place, I may well sign up!

  83. lemon Says:

    well after drooling over the cupcakes section i finally signed up…really looking forward to this class

  84. Joy Says:

    Your work is always so original and intriguing.

  85. Tana H Says:

    I’ve heard great things about your site. Can’t wait to take my first class!

  86. kate Says:

    wow this class looks great, my sister took your christmas journal class and i was sooo jealous i hadnt signed up!

  87. Donna Muir Says:

    I’m intrigued and intimdated by on-line classes. I like the look of your pages, simple but with a lot of color and variety – one of the hardest styles for me to pull off! I’m bookmarking you to add to my daily reading. Glad I found you! Donna

  88. Judith Andersen Says:

    Wow! great idea Shim. I’ve signed up for this too.

  89. Lorna Says:

    Found a thread on UKS and had to have a peak, the class looks fab. Might need to sign up later in the week.

  90. chantille haskell Says:


    Love the sound of your course and the look of your LO’s. Am very tempted. Also, glad I’ve discovered your site!


  91. Mindy Says:

    This looks like such a great challenge….wish I wasnt a poor student and could take part…never mind, fingers crossed and I might win the free one..:D

  92. melissa Says:

    Enjoying the sneak peak. Looking forward to your class!

  93. Mel Says:

    I’d love to get a free class! Your works always inspie me! :)

  94. Ronee Says:

    Class sounds great! Can’t wait! :)

  95. Jean Says:

    Ooooh, I’m tempted. Please add me into your jar. Thanks for the generous offer.

  96. Dana Says:

    I just found out about this class tonight…thanks for offering a free class to someone.

  97. Heather Says:

    Looking forward very much to starting the class, sneak peak looks fab! Thank you :D

  98. shirley Says:

    Had to sign up, really looking forward to starting.

  99. Amanda Says:

    This is just the class i need to get me scrapping for me again, really looking forward to it.

  100. Saraheliza Says:

    Just signed up – really looking forward to this.

  101. Sharon Says:

    I just signed up…can’t wait to start!

  102. Lily Says:

    Love, Love your classes, will definitively sign up for this one!

  103. Jenifer Says:

    I’m just a lurker who would love to be involved in one of your classes. I hope its not to late.

  104. Dawn Says:

    I’d love to squeeze into your jar too!

  105. Helen Says:

    Looking forward to this. I need some inspiration!

  106. Lucy Says:

    Oh no!! Am just about to sign up but I guess I am too late for the freebie…never would have been a bonus. Am looking forward to doing this and actually finishing something that I have started..for once..I am determined to do this every day!!

  107. Marsha Musselman Says:

    Your class sounds FAb and how generous of you to give one away

  108. Kipi Says:

    I read about your website in Cathy Zielske’s book and needed to find some inspiration…can’t wait to get started!

  109. Becky Says:

    I’ve never tried anything like this before. I saw a thread on UKScrappers and have now signed up – I’m soooo excited!

  110. Janice Says:

    It was the cupcakes that sold it to me!

    Looking forward to getting something done on a daily basis!


  111. Jen Says:

    I want the free class…Just because I am poor, live in Top-City, am one of your good friends and want to learn to be just like you when I decide to grow up. :P

  112. Karen Says:

    Hi Shimelle, I’ve just found you via Ali Edwards’ blog. I’d love the chance to take part in your class. Many thanks.

  113. Judi Says:

    Hey, Shim. Really excited about another of your classes. I’m determined to complete it this time as I am determined to complete the Christmas journal this year.

    judi x

  114. margaret Says:

    Please pop me in your jar. I would love to join in

  115. Jackie Williams Says:

    Although I’ve already paid for the class, please place my name in your jar. Thanks. Jackie

  116. Margi Says:

    Hi! Pat Sloan told me about this online class to get me into scrapbooking/journaling!This sounds like a ton of fun!

  117. Regina Says:

    Hi Shimelle. I got your Email about let’s getting started but that was it. Was there supposed to be an attachment?


  118. Michelle H Says:

    I found this site through a friend! I love it! I am looking forward to taking classes with my daughter now! Thanks! Michelle

  119. Carol Says:

    Pat Sloan has posted a sample of her page and it is darling. Me, with no self confidence, feels like I might be able to do this!!! Seems like a lot of fun.

  120. Kris Says:

    Wow, I just found your website because of some friends on another scrapbooking site. This class looks like a lot of fun! I would love to know more about your classes and hopefully one day, take one!

  121. PJ Waldrop Says:

    I miss your wonderful coments from CKU Atlanta, but it looks like you have been busy. I love your little pages.

  122. tracy Says:

    Sounds like a great class. Who couldn’t benefit from learning something new everyday.

  123. Sarah Says:

    This looks like the PERFECT way to jumpstart my creative juices again!! MUCH needed… How cool of you to offer up a free spot or two also!

  124. Cheryl Says:

    ooohh, this looks so interesting!!! a little bit of focus, and a lot of creative inspiration… what a perfect combination!

  125. Marcy Says:

    This looks awesome! I should definately do this!!

  126. sheila Says:

    sounds like fun!

  127. marion Says:

    free is my fav. price, too. however it looks great and if i had known in time… i just found your site via sounds of science. love it.

  128. Lynne Says:

    free rocks for sure.

  129. ArtsyMama Says:

    I am all about a free class. Think of it as a late birthday present. By bday was last week:):)

  130. jill scripps Says:

    sounds like fun!:)

  131. Jeannie Says:

    Please put me in a jar and take me right back out ;)

  132. Kelly L Says:

    this is fantastic, could I be put on the waitlist for the next signups pleeease!?

  133. DebF Says:

    Shimelle, will you be offering this class again, it really looks like something I could really benefit from – so glad I’ve found your site now :)

  134. karen Says:

    Adorable album… can hardly wait to take your classes! Thanks for all your inspirations! :)

  135. Debbie Says:

    This book looks absolutely gorgeous

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