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When I Grow Up...

Ever thought back to what you said you would be when you grew up? Ever think it’s funny that you grew up to be something entirely different? Or exactly the same?

When I Grow Up is an online workshop designed to take you through an exploration of how your perspective has changed: is grown up life really what you thought it would be when you were a child? How have your dreams and priorities changed? How have you gained independence and made choices that give you a life you can now celebrate?

We’ll make a journal in a format of your choice—you’ll see the work of a new team of guest artists who have worked in formats varying from scrapbooks to written journals to altered board books to collage projects. Some are big. Some are small. All are personal. You’ll be telling your story like no one else can tell it.

Beginning on the 2nd of April, you’ll receive 10 prompts to take you through the process. They will be available for you to download in your choice of plain text or illustrated PDF, and offer advice for figuring out how to put your thoughts and images into words that tell a story. The illustrated files will take you through the work of several artists who have taken the challenge and offer you their expertise. They come from different places and different times in their lives, each offering her own unique perspective on how her ideas of growing up have changed. You’ll also be able to listen to an audio message that starts the process and have the option of discussing the project with other participants by email. If you would like to share your work, you’ll have posting access at WrittenDown, a group blog to follow the creations of all the participants.

There will be sneak peeks throughout this week and next, so please stop by for a look and feel free to ask any questions. I hope you’ll join us and tell your story!

Sign up now:

USD $12.00

You can still sign up and receive all the class materials. But please know I will not have reliable internet access between the 6th and 14th of April. If you sign up for this class in that time frame, I will be sure to send you all files on the 15th. You will still be able to complete the class without any problems. Thank you for understanding!


21 March 2007

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130 Comments for When I Grow Up...

  1. Keitha Says:

    Oh wow, this sounds great! Can’t wait to see the sneaks – I’ll be signing up for sure!

  2. Kate {craftykitten} Says:

    lol….but I’m not grown up yet! I’ve still got time to decide what I want to be…haven’t I?!

  3. Eleni Gratsia Says:

    Oooh, sounds very thought provoking … I’ll be gone from the 3rd thru to the 9th, but I have a feeling I’ll be signing up anyway!!! :D

  4. Jen Says:

    Yay – totally excited, I just signed up. Hoping to be done with your other Fiskars mini-books by then. ;)

  5. Nicola K Says:

    Shimelle this sounds fab , but do you need photo’s of when you were small as I don’t have any :( ??

  6. *debbie* Says:

    just signed up. it’s the first time i’ve done one of your classes, can’t wait!


  7. Jill Says:

    I’m so excited!!! Another class. I can’t wait.

  8. Carol Dillon Says:

    Hi! I have been lurking on your blog for a couple of months now and finally did the big step of joining in on a class. Can’t wait!
    Carol (from Aussie) :-)

  9. Kimberly Says:

    Hi – I too have been following your blog for a few months and am very excited to take your class!!

  10. k8scraps Says:

    This is sooooo freaky! I have been thinking so much lately about that very topic….is my life anything like I ever remotely thought it would be! Shimelle, how do you DO that??

  11. Nina Says:

    V excited!

  12. girlfriday Says:

    aha … been waiting for this class. now to find out how to reactivate my paypal account so I can sign up :o)

  13. Raisa Says:

    Hihii! I just signed in, this is my first on-line class! Can’t wait to get started!

    Raisa (from Finland)

  14. nancy Says:

    Yay! I signed up! Can’t wait!

  15. Jennie Says:

    Well – this is just great!! signed up already, so can’t wait to get started!!

  16. Alix Says:

    hi shimelle,

    i’ve finally given in and decided to take a class with you…super exciting! :)


  17. sarah the kiwigirl Says:

    Have signed up sounds a great class can’t wait! (Sarah from New Zealand)

  18. Elisabeth Cassey Says:

    Well I have paid and can’t wait – all very interesting!!

  19. Chrissie Julian Says:

    Have signed up and ready to go

  20. Scrapdolly Says:

    Sounds fab and just what I need for the Easter hoolidays.
    Excited now

  21. vernell Says:

    This looks interesting. I just signed up and can’t wait.

  22. marci lambert Says:

    hmmmmm…sounds positively fascinating!

  23. Ngaire Brown Says:

    Shimelle this class could’nt have come at a better time – just before I turn 30. A chance to journal and think about whether or not I have grown up!

  24. Dianne Says:

    Spring Break and Scrapbooking….cool!!!
    Just the motivation I needed.

  25. Donna Says:

    Ooo can’t wait – I’m all signed up :)

  26. Caroline (CraftyCaz) Says:

    I have just signed up too…first ever Shimelle class for me.

  27. lilith Says:

    I have signed up too. It’s my first online class ever, so can’t wait to get started. :)

  28. Roxi Says:

    Perfect project as I approach my “second adulthood”...yikes, I’m about to turn 50! This will help me say “bring it on, baby!”

  29. valerie Says:

    ooh have signed up can’t wait till monday now

  30. Linda Says:

    This sounds great. I just signed up! I have friends that have taken your classes, and they all love them.

  31. Camilla Says:

    Looking forward to monday – just signed up Have been waiting for a new class to show up :)

  32. Nina Says:

    Tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow – sorry just rather excited!

  33. Karen Compas Says:

    yeah, i am signed up, can’t wait.

  34. sheila Says:

    Just signed up for my first Shimelle class, can’t wait for it to begin now!!

  35. Camilla Says:

    yepp – what time does it start? waiting.

  36. Korina Says:

    I just signed up, I forgot to until just now :O

  37. Jenny Says:

    Signed up too! Can’t wait!

  38. Jill Says:

    has this class started yet?

  39. Claudine Says:

    all signed up and ready to go, can’t wait

  40. mellie Says:

    just signed up hope I am not too late?

  41. Judy Says:

    I just discoved this site and would like to know if I could get the class Places in Her Mind?

    Thank you


  42. sheila Says:

    Can we get hold of the material from any of the previous classes or do we have to wait for them to run again? (do you ever repeat Shimelle?)

  43. Graciela Pinder Says:

    I came across your blog on Alley Edwards site, love what you did with the kit, mines is almost done..:-)I am interested in your online class “When I Grow Up” will you be giving it again it looks like fun?

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  46. Aggie Says:

    Hi, is this class available?

  47. yellowpages Says:

    Wonderful Article thanks!

  48. tapeten Says:

    Yay – totally excited, I just signed up. Hoping to be done with your other Fiskars mini-books by then.

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